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Title: Hunter Papers

Estate and family papers of the Hunter family of Beech Hill, Stratfield Saye, and Mortimer Hill, Stratfield Mortimer




Levant business journal, 1679-1699; Levant out-letter book, 1682/3-1697/8; pledge re sale of silk, 1708.




Beech Hill estate accounts, 1735-1755, 1769-1789, and papers, 1733-1956; papers re Sheepridge and Garstons manors, and other property in Swallowfield, 1635-1944; papers re 24-26 Watling Street, London, 1846-1849; papers re property at Sherfield, Hampshire, 1846; papers re property in Shinfield, 1852-1923; papers re gift of site for Beech Hill parish church and parsonage, 1866-1867; papers re Mortimer Hill estate, 1831, 1852-1917; papers re property in London and Middlesex, 1851-1924; power of attorney re New Zealand affairs, 1865; papers re property in Lambeth, Surrey, 1875-1877; correspondence re Edsossan, Jemtland, Sweden, 1906, and Babington House, Bath, 1907-1910; agreement re Barnston estate, Cheshire, 1909, 1915; agreement re Highfield House, Hindhead, Surrey, 1924; papers re property at Pamber, Hants, 1897, 1903.




Marriage settlements and related papers of Henry and Johanna Hunter, 1681, John Hunter and Elizabeth Lannoy, 1708, James Lannoy and Jane Frederick, 1718-1727, Henry Lannoy Hunter 1 and Eleanor Bosanquet, 1736, Henry Hunter and Mary Sloane, 1769-1824, Henry Lannoy Hunter II and Harriet Boycott, 1801-1828, Henry Lannoy Hunter III and Charlotte O B Codrington, 1833-1896, Henry Lannoy Hunter IV and Anna Carter, 1878-1879, Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter and Janet Fenton, 1841, Sir Claudius Stephen Paul Hunter and Constance Bosanquet, 1851-1911, Charles Roderick Hunter and Agnes Lillie Kennard, 1887-1936, and Edward Richard Meade and Eleanor Eliza Bosanquet, 1850; wills, probates and related papers of James Lannoy, 1719, Elizabeth Biddle, 1742, Mary Mills, 1746, Charles Hunter, 1767, Thomasin Baldwin, 1769, Eleanor Hunter, 1786, Harriot Brocas, 1813-1817, Philippa Sloane, 1830-1832, Henry Lannoy Hunter II, 1844, Harriot Louisa Hunter, 1844-1858, Henry Lannoy Hunter III, 1844-1880, Charlotte Octavia Hunter, 1895-1896, Charlotte Hunter, 1885-1900, Henry Lannoy Hunter IV, 1898-1922, Anna Hunter, 1919-1937, Mary Charlotte Hunter, 1909-1941, Thomas Claude Hunter, 1832, Sophia Countess Mengden, 1840, Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter, 1851-1852, Dame Janet Hunter, 1859-1866, Philip Ibbetson Fenton, 1860-1861, James Fenton, 1861, Sir Claudius Stephen Paul Hunter, 1866-1907, Dame Constance Hunter, 1911-1924, Sir Charles Roderick Hunter, 1890-1924, and Dame Agnes Lillie Hunter, 1888-1907; probate accounts of John Hunter, 1714-1734; papers relating to wills of Charles Barker, 1772, Elizabeth Harrison (1725-6), 1738, Charles Wyatt (1819), 1823-1830, Lord Henry Paulet (1831), 1844, John Hunter (1837) and John Free (1802), 1843, William Wall, 1847-1852, Eliza Bosanquet, 1862-1869, Peter Free (c.1850), 1885-1890, John Cumming (1880), 1911-1925, John Pierse Kennard, 1877-1907, and Patrick Cumming (1812); catalogue of library at Beech Hill House, nd[c.1906-1949], with notes on Hunter, Lannoy and Carter families; assignment of arrears of annuity of Frances Eleanor Henderson of Kentish Town (maintenance from separated husband), 1836; pedigree, c.1876-1878; letter re Codrington family and Chevalier de Rosus, 1864; correspondence re Richard Dechamp Ball of Heckfield, Hampshire, and Mary Pollard Hawker, 1867; bank pass book of Charlotte Octavia Hunter, 1893-1895; power of attorney of Sir Paul Hunter for solicitors to deal with South Carolina and Grenada affairs, 1855; letters from Dame Janet Hunter on Fenton family business, 1858; copy statement of accounts re John Cumming and Antigua House, 1877; assignment of annuity to Maria Hunter, 1823; correspondence re loan to Mr Kebbel, 1862; papers re guarantee of loan to F J W Farquhar of Piccadilly, 1896-1897; inventory of pictures at Mortimer Hill, 1903; papers re Sir Charles Hunter's car, 1906-1908; assignment of canal shares to Mary Fenton, 1837.




Papers re Bealmes manor and dispute over Hartley Dummer, c.1757; decree re houses destroyed in Great Fire of London, 1668; decretal order (Vick vs Lennard) re property in Shinfield and London, 1730; writ of attachment (Hunter vs Kentin) re waste of timber, Beech Hill, 1758; assignment of commissioners in bankruptcy of James Farrer, Edward Arrowsmith and John Carr, 1776.




Bealmes or Beaumys manor, Swallowfield : court rolls, 1588-1631, 1643-1646, estreat roll, 1634-1673, court book, 1684-1858, jury presentments, 1745-1771, quit rentals, 1732-1758, 1783, 1831-1902, rental, 1730-1731, court minutes, 1805, miscellaneous, 1732-1764.


Ringworthy manor Hampshire: court roll, 1600.


Sheepridge-cum-Garston manor, Swallowfield: court rolls, 1625-1627, 1671; rentals, 1571, 1644-1648, 1727-1737, 1758; quit rentals, 1624-1631, 1727-1737, 1753-1758, 1831-1901; list of tenants, 1745; jury presentments, 1707-1745; court minutes, 1805; contract for sale, 1748; terrier, c.1748.


Swallowfield manor: court roll, 1656.


Colham in Hillingdon manor, Middlesex: quitrentals, 1761-1786.




Sheriff's quietus rolls, 1743, 1862; appointment of under-sheriff, 1741/2; appointment of H L Hunter as assistant commissary of accounts of British forces at Toulon, 1793; appointments of commissioners for oaths (various counties), 1677; quarter sessions papers re diversion of road at Mortimer Hill, 1852.




Beech Hill estate, 1709, c.1710, 1740; small estate near Mortimer Brook, Beech Hill, 1771; OS map of Shinfield, 1911.




Certificate of behaviour of George Miller re pews in Swallowfield church, c.1625.




Beech Hill house, 1722-1740; other property in Beech Hill, 1674-1896; and property in Burghfield, 1744-1824; Hurst, 1744-1745; Reading, 1742-1745; Shinfield, 1566-1909; Spencers Wood, 1642-1911; Stratfield Mortimer, 1588-1912; Sulhamstead Abbots, 1744-1745; Sulhamstead Bannister, 1744-1832; and Swallowfield, 1340-1935 (all in Berkshire); Hardwick and Weedon, Buckinghamshire, 1337; Barking, Eastham and Westham, Essex, 1811; Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, 1625; Heckfield, 1604; Pamber, 1732/3-1824; Selborne, 1750; Sherfield upon Loddon, 1583-1896; Southampton, 1838-1850; Stratfield Saye, 1651-1824; Tunworth, 1588-1752 (all in Hampshire); London, 1608-1949; Chelsea, 1919; Hackney or Upper Clapton, 1765-1855; Mayfair, 1892; Pimlico, 1896-1912; St George, 1766-1773; St Martin in the fields, 1818-1857; St Pancras, 1823; Stepney, 1819; Wapping, 1760-1819; Whitechapel, 1819 (all in Middlesex); Meeres Ashby, Northamptonshire, 1704; Bridgsell and Yeffley, Oxfordshire, 1723; Church Cowley, Littlemore and Temple Cowley, 1723-1726; Madeley, Staffordshire, 1631; and Fennysutton and Nywenham, Wiltshire, 1324.




Manorial document bags, 18 cent; Act of Parliament re wills, 1852; memorandum re parish councils' duties re rights of way etc, 1895; papers relating to Cherry-Garrard family of Denford and Hertfordshire, 1910-1924, inc letters from Apsley Cherry-Garrard on Captain Scott's expedition to the Antarctic.

Date: 1324-1958
Held by: Royal Berkshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Hunter family of Berkshire

Physical description: 13 vols, 258 bdls, 120 docs, 48 rolls, 2 items
Immediate source of acquisition:

Deposited in April 1949 (acc. 142), in May 1952 (acc. 516), in January 1972 (acc. 1704), in April 1972 (acc. 1733), in October 1998 (acc. 6314).


Acc. 142 B1-3 ; E1-4 ; F1-10 ; L1-5 ; M1-55,62 ; O1-4 ; P1-2 ; Q1 ; T1-33


Acc. 516 M56-60 ; T34


Acc. 1704 C1 ; F11, 14, 21-25, 28-30 ; P3 ; T39-40, 44, 45 (pt), 50, 51 (pt), 53 (pt); Z1-2


Acc. 1733 E5-8 ; F12-13, 15-20, 26-27, 31-35 ; M61 ; T35-38, 41-43, 45 (pt), 46-49, 51 (pt), 52, 53 (pt), 54-59


Acc. 6314 E9-96 ; F36-136 ; M63-64 ; O5-6 ; P4 ; T60-102 ; Z3-11

  • Garrard, Apsley, Cherry-, 1886-1956, of Berkshire
  • Cherry-Garrard, Apsley, 1886-1956, of Berkshire
  • Beech Hill, Stratfield Saye, Berkshire
  • Stratfield Saye, Berkshire
  • Mortimer Hill, Stratfield Mortimer, Bershire
  • Mortimer Hill, Stratfield Mortimer, Hampshire
Administrative / biographical background:

The Hunter family were merchants in London and abroad in the seventeenth century. In the 1740s Henry Lannoy Hunter (the first of four of the name) purchased the Beech Hill estate in the Berkshire portion of Stratfield Saye. The senior line of the family remained here until 1949, when Mary Charlotte Hunter, only surviving child of the fourth Henry Lannoy Hunter (d.1909) gave the house to the British Red Cross, and made over most of the remaining estate to relatives of her mother's family.


A junior branch of the family is also strongly represented in the collection, namely the descendants of Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter. Sir Claudius was Lord Mayor of London, 1811-12, and was created a baronet in 1812. His estate was at Mortimer Hill, Stratfield Mortimer. This branch of the family was particularly closely connected to the Bosanquet family (which shared a Huguenot origin with the Lannoys) as appended pedigrees of the Hunter, Bosanquet, Cumming and Fenton families will show. The baronetal line died out in 1924, the last baronet's only son having predeceased him.


An anomaly among the Hunter papers is correspondence (mainly of solicitors) relating to the Cherry-Garrard family (Z5-11). It appears likely that these papers were mixed up with those of the Hunters at the offices of the solicitor shared by both families, from which this accession originated.

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