Catalogue description Archive of the Communist Party of Great Britain, London District (LDCP)

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Reference: CP/LON
Title: Archive of the Communist Party of Great Britain, London District (LDCP)

Archives of the London District Communist Party (LDCP):


District Congresses papers CP/LON/CONG


District Committee papers CP/LON/DC


District Secretariat papers CP/LON/SECT


District Secretary's papers CP/LON/SECY


Remnants of the LDCP CP/LON/REM


District correspondence files CP/LON/CORR


District Circulars and other papers CP/LON/CIRC


District Education and Propaganda Departments CP/LON/EDPRP


District finance papers CP/LON/FIN


District Industrial Organisers' papers CP/LON/IND


District Organisers' papers CP/LON/ORG


District Advisory Committee papers:


Transport Advisory CP/LON/ADVT


Women's Advisory CP/LON/ADVW


Cypriot Advisory CP/LON/ADVC


Education Advisory CP/LON/ADVE


Peace/International Advisory CP/LON/ADVP


Youth Advisory CP/LON/ADVY


Pensioners' Advisory CP/LON/ADVP


Irish Advisory CP/LON/ADVIR


Miscellaneous Non-Industrial Advisories CP/LON/ADV


Industrial Advisories CP/LON/ADVI


Student Advisory CP/LON/ADVS


District election materials CP/LON/ELEC


District events and campaigns CP/LON/EVNT


District Subject files:


Housing CP/LON/HOU


International CP/LON/INT




Morning Star CP/LON/STAR






Social Services CP/LON/SOC




London Branches CP/LON/BRA


London Young Communist League CP/LON/YCL

Date: 1921-1991

The archive is organised as indicated in the index. The basic organisation of the records follows that established by the original cataloguer, Jo Stanley, though a great deal of additional material has since been inserted into her original list and the catalogue computerised. It should be remembered that as in any structured but evolving organisation there will be some overlap, e.g. between District Committee and Secretariat or Events and Circulars.


It has not been possible fully to sort the larger files (e.g. into strict date order); they have been kept as they were transferred. In a few cases loose unsorted papers clearly belonging to a particular series have been gathered into 'artificial' files, but most of the archive remains as it would have been when these were working documents. The material in the files is not usually listed in full detail, but a general indication of content given. Inevitably many papers were lost over the years, and most sections contain large gaps.


Numbering within sections has roughly followed a chronological order (sorted by earliest date, then if necessary by last date). This is not totally consistent - a lot of material turned up when a list was already in place - and files frequently covered quite a long time span.

Held by: Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Communist Party of Great Britain, London District, 1920-1991

London District Communist Party, 1920-1991

LDCP, 1920-1991

Egelnick, Max, Communist Party Organiser

Physical description: 34 sub & sub-sub-fonds.
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This material was transferred to the National Museum of Labour History in 1996, to join remain separate from the central archives of the national Communist Party. Many of the London District officials also held prominent roles in the party as a whole, and Congress material in particular often has a national focus. Local issues are also dealt with throughout these records, especially in material created by individual London areas and branches (CP/LON/BRA).

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