Catalogue description Rental or Survey   Arundell manors: [Lanhern], Treloye, Seynt Columbe, Trembloyth,...

This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

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Reference: AR/2/1339

Rental or Survey


Arundell manors: [Lanhern], Treloye, Seynt Columbe, Trembloyth, Treruvian, Kenell, Tregaryn, Wynnyanton, Carmynowe, [Conertoun], Methsholl, Enyscavyn, Bodewenek, various bits and pieces (largely unidentifiable, headings lost).


[The entry for Conerton was revised on 'Monday 10th Sep', which could mean 1459, 1464, 1470, 1481, 1487, 1492 or 1498. W.M.M. Picken favours 1470, because the German watermark is dated 1469; he says that the names of the tenants accord better with 1470 than with 1481, the next possible date.]


Rental; names of tenements and tenants, rents etc.


Lanhern: (conventionary tenants) Trevelgy (including 'insula cuniculorum'), ...rvena [Trewarvena], Lanvyan, Penpons, Wyndesore, mill (John Nanscouvell), Lanheron doune, Carnanton meadow, Hellenparke.


Treloye: (includes) Hendrewarde, Paule, Hendre Mustell.


Seynt Columbe & Trewynhelek: free tenants and tenants for term of years.


Trembloyth [sic]: (includes) Trevyngonyow, Trevenellys.


Treruvian: (includes) Runeboughton, Gwelequonyam.


Kenell: (includes) Tregonan Pomeria (F.T.).


Tregaryn: renewed 7th Sep, same year.


Wynnyanton: renewed 9th Sep, same year.


Carmynowe (includes) Karyoghall, Roddour & Tilligowe; Treuemeder, Tregeurich and Carleb.


...nertoun [Conertoun]: renewed Monday 10th Sep, same year. Very long list of free tenants; conventionary tenements include demesne of Conertoun, Uppetoun (John Hopkyn, John Clerke, Walter Jemys, William Jak Hervy, formerly Michael Jenkyn).


Methesholl: only 3 conventionary tenants: Martin Raulyn in Methesholl (1 tenure at will, 14s ... yearly); Richard Nansdillyowe in Nansdyllyow (1 tenure at will, 5s ... yearly); and the reeve of Methesholl in Cruk Bras (4s ... yearly).


[E]nyscavyn: renewed 13th Sep, same year.


Bodewenek: renewed 13th Sep, same year. Conventionary tenements include Lanytta. A separate piece rolled in at the foot bears names of tenements [in Bodwenek manor].


[Cornwall estate]


Trevyngonyow [Tregwinyo alias Trevengenow, in St Ervan]


Trevenellys [Trenayles, fields on Tregwinyo]


Lanytta [= Lanet, in Lanivet]

Date: [Date lost] (15th cent.)
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English
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unfit for production.

Administrative / biographical background:

For a copy (c.1582) of an extent [partial?] of Treloye, Bodwannecke and Trurovean, dated 12th May 1460, see AR/2/965, m.2.

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