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Reference: 21131
Title: Bristol Education Committee

Records of Bristol Education Committee, Bristol School Board, local School Boards and Committees, Bristol schools, institutions of further, adult and higher education and Bristol Education Committee Labour Group

Date: 1792-2000
Held by: Bristol Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Bristol Education Committee, Bristol

Physical description: 2227 files
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Files 21131/SC/BEN/M/1, SC/BIR/L/5/2, SC/BIT/A/1/2-3 and L/1/1-2, SC/MTFIS/A/1/4, Adm/1/1, Adm/2/3-4, F/1, L/1/4-7, M/1/1-2 and M/2/1-3, SC/CON/L/1/3-4, AH/1-6, GOV/1-2, M/1-3, R/1, St/1 and PM/1, SC/GRB/L/2/2, GRW/A/1/2-3, M/1/2-5, M/2/1, Pup/2/1, St/1/1, St/2/1 and St/3/1-3, SC/HEM/A/1/1-4, L/1, M/1/1-5, M/2/1-2 and Co/1, SC/MYW/Adm/1/1-7, Co/1/1, Co/2/1, M/1/1-11, M/2/1-2, St/2/1 and X/1, SC/PAS/L/4/1-3, SC/PEP/A/1/1-4, A/2/1, Adm/1/2-4, AH/1/1, Co/1/3-4, Co/2/1-2, HE/1/1, HE/2/2, HsE/2/3-4, L/1, M/1/1-9, M/2/1-6, R/1/2, R/1/4-5, St/1 and St/3, SC/PEN/L/1/1, SC/POP/L/1-3, SC/REH/AH/1/1-6, AH/2/1-6, AH/3/1-6 and L/1/1, SC/SHI/M/1/1-3, M/2/1-2 and Co/1/1-2, and SC/SHJ/M/1/1-4, 2/1-2 and Co/1/1-2, are closed until 31 years old.


Files 21131/SC/HEM/St/1/1 and SC/MYW/St/1/1 are closed until 51 years old.


Files 21131/SC/ABH/Pup/1, SC/AVL/Pun/1, SC/MTFIS/Pup/1/2m SC/CON/Pun/1, SC/FIL/A/3/1, SC/GRW/Pun/1/1-6, Pun/2/1, Pun/3/1, Pup/1/1 and Pup/3/1, SC/HEM/A/2/1-2, Pun/1/1 and Pup/1/1, SC/MYW/Pun/1/1, SC/PAS/Pun/1/1, SC/PEP/Pup/1/1, SC/StLB/Pup/1, SC/VIC/Pun/1/1-2 and SC/WOT/Pup/1/1, are closed until 76 years old.

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  • Local educational bodies
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