Catalogue description The 'Gaunt' Roll.

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Reference: GLY/1139
Title: The 'Gaunt' Roll.

The contents of the rolls are deeds of the Waleys estates in Sussex and the de Kendale estates in Hertfordshire and Hampshire. The greater proportion of the 117 deeds enrolled relate to Hertfordshire; 15 relate to Hampshire and 17 to Sussex and Kent, and 2 to Luton, Bedfordshire. The arrangement of the deeds is quite haphazard and there is no grouping by county, place or date. Each deed is transcribed in full with dating clause, witnesses and a note of the number, colour, size, type and make-up of the seals. Most have a marginal entry ex to denote examinatur and they bear signs of careful checking. The name of the place concerned in the deed and the dating clause has also been written in the margin in a hand uniform throughout. 'Waleys' has been written beside no. 19, a Waleys settlement.


(See introduction for the connection of these estates.)


See MS. GLY/3469.)


At the bottom of each sheet in the left hand margin is entered a name in the same hand as the sheet, presumably that of the scribe. Not only do differences in the hands distinguish these scribes but they adopt various formulae for the description of the seals. Erd alias Yerd uses Signa or Signatur to introduce this clause; the others use Et sigillatur except Walssh who leaves out the Et. The following signatures appear on the respective folios, a query indicating that the signature is omitted and the folio is ascribed on stylistic grounds


Erd or Yerd. fos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 27, 28, 29.


Barleburgh. fos. 3, 18, 34a.


Grey. fos. 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, ?32, 34b.


Faukes. fo. 8. (closely resembling Grey fo. 6)


Walssh. fos. 11, 15, 17, 25, 26, ?30.


Popeley. fos. 16, ?22.


Rayf. fos. 19, ?20, 21a.


Falk. fos. 31, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, ?21b.


Brok. fos. 23, ?24. (The first is signed Brok but both are very similar to Grey).


The checking and marginalia appear to have been done by Falk. The number of scribes and the lack of arrangement suggest the work was done in a hurry, a group of deeds being given out to each scribe and their completed sheets being stitched onto the rolls as ready.


No original for any of the deeds enrolled in the cartulary has been found among the Glynde archives. In one case, no. 109, the counterpart of the original is preserved. It is inconceivable that all the originals were lost or destroyed after copying, in view of the evidential value of the sealed original and the care with which the Glynde archives have been preserved; taken in conjunction with the evidence of hasty compilation, probably in a London scriveners' office, the most likely purpose of the cartulary was to provide a copy for retention at the time of handing over the original deeds. Since the latest deed in the roll, no. 100 dated 1419 follows shortly after the death of John Waleys on 4 October 1418 and since the disputes which led to the division of the estate followed on from this event, it was probably a stage in the division of the estates. The bulk of the Hertfordshire deeds refer to lands which Nicholas Morley did not obtain by this division and may therefore represent the documents removed from Glynde and handed over to the co-parceners. The application of this explanation to the two other cartulary rolls is not possible, as they contain records still among the archives.


(MS. GLY/1192. The colour of the seals is different from that noted in the cartulary.)


(MS. GLY/13.)


For several reasons a full calender of the cartulary is not attempted in this catalogue, principally because of the space involved and because a critical edition of the volume as a whole, or of the Hertfordshire entries which form the major part of it, may soon be undertaken and meanwhile photo copies of the volume have been supplied to the Hertfordshire County Record Office. A calendar of the Sussex and Kent entries is included here, nothing the folios on which they appear and the number of the deed. The Hampshire deeds refer to the parishes of Shalden (with the manor), Sherfield and Warblington and are of 13th century date.




Fo. 1, no. 2 22 April 1378 [?]. Feoffment (confirmation) of the manor of Thannington, co. Kent, and vill of Newenden in same from John Whitclyfe, vicar of Mayfield, Robert de Ore, John Cokefield and John Preston to Sir William Waleys.


(See note on MS. GLY/1140 (ii) below.)


Witnesses: Richard de Bromhersh, John Turnour, Thomas atte Mote, William Coggar, Richard Condenne, William Cadd', Gilbert Coggar.


Four small red.


Fo. 2, no. 6 20 January 1302/3. Grant of wardship of Thomas de Marynes of Buxted for 20 marks from Sir Richard Waleis to Lord Thomas de Chartham.


No Witnesses. Green seal.


Fo. 3, no. 8 28 September 1407. Lease for 5 years of Moseham in Wadhurst from Sir William Waleys to Robert Harlesey at 20s. p.a.


No Witnesses. Red Seal.


Fo. 4, no. 13 5 September 1350. Feoffment from Sir John Waleys to Richard de la Hamme and W. Joan.


8a. arable land in a field called le Herst in the borgh of Glynde.


(The Wealden equivalent of a tithing or unit of the hundred.)


Witnesses: James Erch, John atte Rede, Robert atte Chambr', Robert atte Forrapple, Henry de Bayhendenne, Robert de Wykedene, Walter atte Wyke, clerk.


Two white seals.


Fo. 6, no. 19 27 April 1406. Bond in £100 from (a) John Waleys s. and heir of Sir William Waleys of Sussex, Richard Jepe, clerk, and William Kymberles to (b) Dom. John Ok, Prior of Lewes and John Leme, Prior of Michelham


To observe the award in arbitration by (b) between John and Sir William [See MS. GLY/1140 (v) below].


No witnesses.


Two green seals. 'Waleys' written in the margin.


Fo. 16, no. 52 30 March 1242. Agreement for the upkeep of mills between (a) William Bardolf and (b) Godfrey Walleis, with feoffment of land.


(a) agrees that (b) may take so much land from his fee of Bercam [Barcombe] next to the quarry [kuarriam] from the mill of Symannesrye to the land of Richard Whithavet, which he holds of (a), for emending ruptures in the river bank. (b) agrees that if ruptures appears in the banks between the land of Richard Withavet and the mill of Mellenc' [Millink in Ringmer] he will emend them with land of his own from the eastern bank. For the land granted by (a), (b) gives in recognition 3½ marks.


Witnesses: William de Moncell', Thomas de Puninges, 'Candino de ablo monasterio,' William de Wisteneston, Warin de Kyngeston, Peter de Wyhney, Peter Middleton, Peter de Molendino, Ralf Ruffe, Adam de Hykeden.


Fo. 17, no. 56 28 May 1299. Grant of dower from Richard le Waleys to Alice, wid. of Thomas de Marines.


Her third of a garden near the mill in the park of Buxted.


No witnesses.


Green seal. French.


Fo. 18, no. 57 24 October 1357. Confirmation from Agnes Bost to Sir John Waleys.


All her lands in Bournyngbexle in Glynde.


Witnesses: Robert de Chamber', Henry de Baynden, Robert de Forapple, Richard Dalham, William Bost, Richard Bost.


Red seal.


Fo. 18, no. 58 27 October 1357. Feoffment from William de Mallyngg to [? John de Waleys].


Lands in Glynde [incomplete, document mutilated by damp].


Fo. 18, no. 59 29 December 1333. Feoffment from Walter le Bost to his dau. Agnes.


A messuage, curtilage and 3r. land in Glynde and in the Borgh of Astone [East Ashton in Ringmer] which the donor brought from Geoffrey le Fecher of Glynde [abuttals given].


Witnesses: Michael de la Rede, John de Bo[st], William Spe[illegible], Robert de Brikeden, Robert F[orrapple?], [ ] Preston, Robert de Mallyng, clerk.


Red seal. [Document damaged and incomplete].


Fo. 18, no. 60 3 January 1377/8. Fragment of a bond.


Given at Canterbury, co. Kent. No witnesses.


Two red seals.


Fo. 23, no. 74 18 June 1340. Feoffment from Sir John Waleys to Juliana, wid. of John de Houne. Consideration 5 marks.


A messuage in Glynde which John de Houne held in villeinage.


To hold to Juliana and her heirs in tail, rendering 12d. annually, heriot and relief.


Witnesses: Walter de Prestone, Robert Atte Chaumbre, John le Bost, Robert de Brykeden, Richard atte Bourne, Robert atte Forapple. Red armorial seal. [Text slightly mutilated].


Fo.33, no. 102 25 November 1419. Notification by Richard Jeep, rector of All Saints, Honylane, London and Bartholomew Seman, citizen and goldbeater of London, that on 29 June 1398 they were both present at the manor of Glynde in the country of Sussex when Sir William Waleys I, kt., in their presence together with many others delivered seisin had possession of the manor of Glynde and the manor of Pacchynges (Patching) to John his son, to hold to John Waleys and Joan his wife in tail.


No witnesses. Two red seals.


Fo. 35, no. 108 21 February 1385. Feoffment from Sir William Waleys I, kt., to Juliana, wid. of Robert Cooke of Glynde and John her son.


1 rood and 2 day works of land abutting s. on the lord's lower (subterior) garden and N. on land called Boylyngescrofte.


To hold to Juliana for life, remainder to John in tail, paying 5½d. p.a. Given at Glynde.


Witnesses: Giles Brikedene, John atte Chambre, William Mokyn, Alexander atte Knolle, John Boste.


Two green seals.


Fo. 35, no. 109 21 October 1393. Feoffment from Sir William Waleys I, kt., to Richard Smyth.


A smithy in the vill of Glynde in the middle of a place (platee) leading from the donor's manor towards Lewes on one side [sic] and a way leading from the said manor towards Bedynghame [Beddingham] on the other side.


To hold to Richard and w. Joan in tail. Rendering 2s. p.a. in lieu of all service saving suit of court at the first court after Michaelmas. With remainder to the donor and his heirs. Given at Glynde.


Witnesses: Dom. Nicholas, vicar there [at Glynde], John Mokyn, Henry Dany, John atte Cherche.


Green armorial seal.


Fo. 35, no. 110 28 June 1398. Power of attorney from John son of Sir William Waleys I, kt., to Thomas Boswell and William Amiger [?] to take seisin on his behalf from his father of the manors of Glynde and Pacchynge. Given at London.


Fo. 36, no. 112 17th April 1370. Feoffment from Sir John Waleys I, kt., to John Wyteclive, vicar of Maghefeld [Mayfield], Richard de Goneserch, Gilbert Coggere, John Foghell, Richard Cendenne, William Stonlegh, John atte Forde and Simon Mason.


(So spelt, but probably a scribal error for 'Boneserch,' not impossible palaeo-graphically. A family of de Boneshersh are recorded as living in Bivelham in Mayfield in the 14th century, Sussex Subsidy in 1327, S.R.S., X, p. 219.)


All those lands called Moseham in Wadhurst which Alice wid. of Ralph de Shoswell [Shoyswell] held in dower.


To hold in fee farm rendering annually 3s. 4d.


Witnesses: John Schoswell, William Goner, John Colet, Simon Weneborne, Richard Weneborne, Walter Weneborne, John atte Halle, John Chesman, Richard Schosmyth.


Green armorial seal. Given at Wadeherst [Wadhurst].

Date: Mid 15th century
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: French
Physical condition: 2 papers rolls; This document was found among the Glynde Archives in two sections measuring 22 and 24 feet respectively. Each was made up of paper sheets approximately 17½in. x 11¾in., sewn and pasted onto a parchment backing, which proved to be parts of the stable and household accounts of John of Gaunt. No evidence proved that the two sections of the roll had been sewn together but they are identical in handwriting and make-up and together form a single cartulary. In order to preserve the fragile paper and to read the backing rolls, it was decided to separate the two and the cartulary was bound up in book form at the Bodleian Library in 1955. Each sheet of the roll forms a folio of the bound volume (38 fos. in all) and the division between the two sections after fo. 17 is indicated by a blank sheet.

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