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Title: "Old papers" (Murthwaite, Alderson, Scarborough families and miscellaneous)



Bond in £100, 8 June 1636, by Michaell Murthwait of how ... alias haber in Ravinstondaill, yeoman to John Pinder of same parish, yeoman.


Condition: performance of all covenants as specified in indenture of same date.


[Fragile and part missing].




Bond in £40, 23 January 1736/37 by John Murthwait of Rigg-end, Ravenstonedale, yeoman to Agnes Holme of Orton, widow.


Condition: payment of £20 on 23 January next.


Witnesses: John Robinson, Nicholas Wilkinson.




Bond in £100, 16 October 1738, by Richard Murthwait and Anthony Pinder both of Low-lane, Ravenstonedale husbandmen to Elizabeth Murthwait, now wife of John Murthwait of Riggend, Ravenstonedale.


Condition: payment of £4 yearly to Elizabeth Murthwait for life, following death of her husband John.


Witnesses: Anthony Knewstupp, Thomas Knewstupp, Roger Pinder.




Certificate, undated, of John Perkins that John Murthwait died Saturday, 4 January 1745.


Not dated


Receipt, 7 January 1747, of Elizabeth Murthwait, widow for £4 from Richd. Murthwaite of Low Laine, Ravenstonedale due upon bond of 12 [sic] October 1738.


Witnesses: James Dick, John Fothergill.




Receipt, 15 September 1748, of Tho. Alderson for £9 16s. 0½d from Richard and Robert Murthwait, sons of John Murthwait, being second payment and third part of £29 8s. 1¼d. charged on said John Murthwait's sons towards several suits in law concerning minister and meeting-house in Ravenstonedale as first awarded by Revd. Richd. Burn, clerk on 8 March 1747.


Witnesses: John Perkins, James Fawcett.




Account for books: Mas[ter] Murthwaite dr. to Lanc[elot] Wilkinson; settled 11 January 1749/50.




Receipt, 29 May 1773, of Lanc. Wilkinson and Ann Whitehead for £2 10s. from Richd. Murthwaite for half a cattlegate and all tithes upon same in common pasture called Whosper sold and surrendered to him in open court on 23 October 1772.




Account of cash received and paid for Mr Murthwaite 1785-1787, examined 18 May 1787.




Letter, 12 November 1798, from John [?] Walton [covered by seal], No. 4 Millman Place, Bedford Row [London] to Reverend G Murthwaite, AW, Brackley, Northamptonshire re news of Waltons in Bridge Town, Barbadoes, etc. : "The combinations on the continent seem to get such strength, that I think the Great Nation will run themselves down Hill faster than they got up. In all the History of Events in Europe there never was such turn given to affairs as the Victory of the Nile from the Gold Russian to the Dancing Monkies of France have felt the Disa ..." [under seal].




Account of George Murthwait.


Endorsements: financial notes, 1820.




Miscellaneous Murthwaite items in Greek and Latin; "Joshua Murthwaitts paper. Drawn by John Collinson of Crosby Ravenswath" [astronomical]; note of delivery of horse, cattle, ewe, hay, etc. to Richd. Murthwaite in pursuance of deed, undated.


[18th. cent.].


Letter, undated, from Richd. Alderson to friend Richard Bovill, Newbegin about assessment for poor and constable's rates, with postscript about value of Antho. Pinder at his death.


Not dated


Memorandum, 22 March 1741, about mortgage deed of same date by Elizabeth Pinder of Low-lane, Ravenstonedale to Thomas Holme of Longdale, Orton, trustee whereby consideration of £120 is intended as marriage portion out of lands of elizabeth Pinder on intended marriage to Richard Alderson.


Witnesses: Anthony Knewstupp, Thomas Knewstupp, Thomas Fothergill, Anthony Fothergill.




Memorandum, undated, that Richd. Alderson of Ravenstonedale, yeoman has let to John Foster innkeeper at Rigg End, [Ravenstonedale], messuage and tenement at Low Lane, [Ravenstonedale] for 3 years at yearly rent of £15; if Elizabeth, wife of Richd. Alderson chooses to board with John Foster £5 yearly (or in proportion) shall be allowed.


Endorsement: draft articles of agreement 20 August 1757.


[Circa 1757].


Note, undated, of death of Elizabeth Alderson on 7 December 1781 and burial on 9 December.


Not dated


Letter [fragmentary], 28 October 1773, from Matthew Lamb, Banbury, [Oxfordshire] to Miss [Margaret] Sca[rborough] addressed as Peggy and written to in terms of affection.




Notice to quit, 5 October 1795 George Scarborough to William Fothergill to leave farm and lands at Bleaflat in Ravenstonedale on 26 April next on pain of double rent.




Notice to quit, 30 September 1811: Thos. Scarborough to Wm. Winder to leave farm and lands at High Lane in Ravenstonedale at mid-April and 12 May next on pain of double rent.




Notice to quit, 1 October 1816: Thos. Scarborough to Nancy Winder to leave farm and lands at High Lane in Ravenstonedale on 1 April and 12 May next on pain of double rent.




Note, undated of persons to be invited to funeral of Mary Scarborough.


Not dated


Agreement [part only], undated, between Robert Fawcett and Thomas Fawcett [re letting of premises] and building and repairing of houses, and walls betwixt Weasdale Beck and Nethergarths, [Ravenstonedale].


Witnesses: James Fawcett, Anthony Pinder, Tho. Waller.


[17th. cent.].


Grant, 20 December 1698, by John Fawcett of the Howkeld, Ravenstonedale, husbandman to Thomas Fawcett, son and Margarett Fawcett daughter, both of Ravenstonedale, of all goods and chattels whatsoever in return for their maintaining them for remainder of lives.


Witnesses: Richard Robinson, Will. Green.




Confirmation, 6 April 1705, by JP's of removal order of William Waller, Christopher his son, Mary his daughter, and two other young children from Kirkby Stephen to Ravenstonedale.




Inventory, 30 May 1724, of goods and chattels of Margaret Fothergill of the Moss in Ravenstonedale spinster, taken by Thomas Robinson, John Haistwhittle, Richard Fawcett and Richard Law.




Mortgage, 23 November 1741, by Joseph Hanson of Wandall, Ravenstonedale, yeoman to Mrs Jane Hartley of Kirkby Stephen, spinster.


Premises: all that messuage and tenement at Wandal, held of Robert Lowther, esq. under yearly fine rent of 4s. 2d.


Consideration: £60 repayable in 3 years time with interest at 11d. per pound yearly.


Witnesses: Anne Hartley, Elizabeth Johnson, Michael Roe.




[Conveyance: part only], 1749, by John Fawcett of Bleaflat, Ravenstonedale to John Richardson of Wharton Dikes, Kirkby Stephen.


Premises: [not named on fragment] in Ravenstonedale held of James Lowther, esq. of yearly rent of 14s. [?].


Consideration: £275 received on 22 October 1749.


Witness: [not subscribed - document may be unexecuted].




Letter, 17 August 1773, from D B Richd. Simpson to Monsieur Walter at L'Hotel de York, The Jacob, Paris sending two pin cushions as presents to his lady companions.




Probate, 8 March 1796, of will of John Lawrence of Cowme or Colme in South Lordland, Dent, Yorkshire WR, husbandman, made 7 May 1795.


Bequests:- to daughter Ann wife of Thomas Barker of Bolton in or by Bolland, [ ] cordwainer, £100 (including £7 7s. advanced to her and husband some time previously) on condition they give widow of testator satisfactory security for annuity of £3 for her life;


- to wife also one bedstead, bed and bedclothes for life, and then same to son Christopher Lawrence.


Executor (and residuary legatee): Christopher Lawrence, son.


Witnesses: Margaret Burton, Chrisr. Walker.


[Probate certificate missing].




Notice to quit, 3 September 1801: John Perkins to Joseph Shaw to leave Shoregill, Mallerstang on or before 26 April next.




Petition, undated, of Thom[a]s Fothergill of Newbegin to Sir James Lowther, bart., lord of manor of Ravenstonedale requesting that one cattlegate in common inclosed pasture called Whasper, being part of messuage in Newbegin Angle held by petitioner, may be severed from rest of messuage and tenement.


[Circa 1800].


Warrant, 6 March 1813, of Lanct. Bellas, JP, to constables of Ravenstonedale to provide 14 sufficient carriages with one horse to each and able men to drive same to remove arms, clothes and accoutrements of Aberdeenshire Militia (under command of Colonel Aboyne) on their march from Kirkby Stephen to Sedbergh on way to Liverpool.




Verse re Appleby at election time.


[Pro-Brougham and anti-Lowther].




Miscellaneous items (2) including:- character sketch of G M "in Imitation of the Style of his favorite Author Dr J -. ".


Not dated

Date: 1636-1818
Held by: Cumbria Archive Centre, Kendal, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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