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Title: Archives of the Great Linford and Lathbury estates (Uthwatt and Andrewes families)

Deeds, accounts, and other records relating mainly to the Great Linford and Lathbury estates (Uthwatt and Andrewes families), 13th to 19th centuries.


The present collection includes a quantity of deeds and other documents relating to the nearby Lathbury estate acquired by the Andrewes family in the late sixteenth century, though the two estates were only briefly united in the person of Henry Uthwatt. Details of the descent of both properties can be found in the Victoria County History for Bucks, (vol. IV pp.373-4, 389).


The papers of a later, unrelated, holder of the Lathbury estate, M.D. Mansell (see biographical note on P.91) have also found their way into the collection. Other smaller groups include deeds relating to various out-county properties of Andrewes family and their connections, some estate papers for Prichard London Estate in the Minories, and papers of the Glascott family of Gloucestershire (allied to Uthwatt).

Date: 1303-1922

The arrangement of the deeds of the Great Linford properties purchased by Napier is broadly in accordance with the abstract of title made in connection with the sale to Prichard (see P.5).




D-U/1 Great Linford


D-U/1/1-30 Whole Linford estate: Napier and Uthwatt families. 1632-1823


Properties purchased by Napier (for abstract of title see 1/19/2):


D-U/1/1/31 Messuage and cottage in G.L. 1579-1598


D-U/1/1/32 Great Linford advowson. 1606-1814


D-U/1/1/33 Manor of G.L. alias Walshes. 1454-1678


D-U/1/1/34 Manor of G.L. C16 -1678


D-U/1/1/35 Linford Wood (80a.) and freeboard. 1619-1678


D-U/1/1/36-1/38 Lands in G.L. fields (4½a.) purchased of Ruffhead. 1641, 1659


D-U/1/1/39 Messuage, cottage and yardland; dwelling house and 30a. land in G.L. fields. (Purchased of Gaddesden). 1520-1644


D-U/1/1/40 Cowley's cottage and land (5½a.). 1641-1645


D-U/1/1/41 Messuage and yardland purchased of Cardwell. 1626-1649


D-U/1/1/42 Nether House and Mungeys (Late Thomas Nicholls). 1559-1660


D-U/1/1/43 Messuage, cottage, close (3a.), and 1½ yardlands (48½a.) (Purchased of Thomas Kent). 1652-1654


D-U/1/1/44 Moulsoes Farm (120a.). 1562-1678


D-U/1/1/45 Land in Church Leys (1a.). 1654


D-U/1/1/46 Messuage and land formerly Kent (See 1/43). 1477-1655


D-U/1/1/47 Land in G.L. fields (15a.) purchased of Wethered. 1616-1658


D-U/1/1/48 Agreement and other papers relating to G.L. inclosure, 1659. 1658-1662


D-U/1/1/49-1/58 Purchases and exchanges connected with the inclosure:


D-U/1/1/49 Right of common purchased of Tyms. 1644-1659


D-U/1/1/50 Lands (4½a.) purchased of Knight. 1608-1632


D-U/1/1/51 Lands belonging to the town of Linford. 1542-1686


D-U/1/1/52 Exchange of Shenley Hospital lands (75a.). 1617-1659


D-U/1/1/53 Exchange with Roughead (45a.). 1659


D-U/1/1/54 Exchange with Kent (15a.). 1659


D-U/1/1/55 26a. land in G.L. fields purchased of Ann Hall. 1660-1662


D-U/1/1/56 4 lands in G.L. fields purchased of Uvedale. 1601, 1660


D-U/1/1/57 Lands of Thos. Barker in G.L. 1660


D-U/1/1/58 Messuage, close, and 15a. purchased of Chowne. 1591-1663


D-U/1/1/59 Messuage, close, and 15a. bought of John Kent. 1647-1676


Great Linford


Properties purchased by Prichard:


D-U/1/1/60 Cow common and 5 sheep commons 1635, 1683


D-U/1/1/61 Cottage and pightle (1r.) 1647-1685


Properties purchased by Uthwatt:


D-U/1/1/62 Messuage and 50a. land allotted to Roughead at G.L. inclosure. 1659-1755


D-U/1/1/63 Cottage and close of pasture. 1634-1756


D-U/1/1/64 Property sold to Newport Pagnell Canal Co. (Wharf Inn and land, 80a.) 1815


D-U/1/1/65-1/112 Miscellaneous deeds of small properties in G.L. including messuage and land called Pagotts Place (40a.), 1470, 1571 (1/79-80); messuage and dovecote called Hoggekyns, 1501 (1/83); tenement called Bredons and messuage called Bayworths, 1501 (1/84); messuage called Gardeners and land, 1524-1577 (1/89); messuage and 38a. arable, 1559-1570 (1/94). C.13-1641


D-U/1/1/113-1/117 Estate leases. 1707-1818


D-U/1/1/118 Leases of tithes on Linford estate. 1679, 1786




D-U/1/1/119-1/140 Whole Lathbury estate: Andrewes family 1617-1697


Properties purchased by Andrewes:


D-U/1/1/141 Moiety of manor of Lathbury and lands in Lathbury, etc. (Purchased of Jackman 1592). 1580-1605


D-U/1/1/142-1/144 Small pieces of land in Lathbury. 1593-1594


D-U/1/1/145 Dennys land in Lathbury, Gayhurst, Hanslope and Stoke Goldington. 1596


D-U/1/1/146 Cottage and lands in Lathbury. 1590, 1597


D-U/1/1/147 Messuage and cottage in Lathbury. 1600


D-U/1/1/148 Cottage and 2a. land. 1609


D-U/1/1/149 Lands late Agnes Goodred's in the Little Field and the New Pasture. 1609-1610


D-U/1/1/150 Common of pasture. 1611


D-U/1/1/151 4 parcels of meadow (4a.) in the Raye meadow. 1615, 1622


D-U/1/1/152 Cottage and lands (11a.) 1618


D-U/1/1/153 Messuage, cottage and land (35a.) in Lathbury and Gayhurst. 1618


D-U/1/1/154 Messuages and lands (c.187a. total) purchased of Rd. Brown. 1657


D-U/1/1/155 Lands (4a.) in Gayhurst and Lathbury [sold to Digby] 1665


D-U/1/1/156 The Raye Meadow (30a.); Bunsty Wood (30a.); rushes in river Ouse and fishery there; the New Pasture (13a.); new ploughed ground and meadow (77a.); the Cottagers Ground, etc., (96a.); messuages and pightles [purchased of Bourchier, Boyse and Farewell]. 1695


D-U/1/1/157 Miscellaneous final concords. 1541-1624


D-U/1/1/158 Estate leases. 1607-1693


Buckingham (Andrewes estate)


D-U/1/1/159-1/170 Naste Meadow (15a.) with the parsonage barn and yard and tithes within the prebend end of Buckingham; close and land in the Port field (12½a.); land in Gawcott Middle field (10a); Woolpack Inn and 4 messuages in Boreton Hold, Buckingham (168-169). 1697-1766


Beachampton (Andrewes estate)


D-U/1/1/171 Furzen Field (200a.) 1605-1622




D-U/1/1/172 ½a. in Langford meadow. 1625


Newport Pagnell


D-U/1/1/173 6a.3r. arable and 1r. meadow in the Port fields and meadows of N.P.; 1a. arable in GL. 1640


D-U/1/1/174 Lands formerly Hall 1683


Sherington, etc.


D-U/1/1/175 Messuage, cottage and lands (55a.) 1687


Bradwell, Crawley, Emberton, Filgrave, etc.


D-U/1/1/176-1/186 Miscellaneous small properties; also lease of manor of Woolstone, 1315 (1/186). 1303-1596


Out County


D-U/1/1/187-1/191 Northamptonshire. Great Billings, Northampton, Passenham, etc.: miscellaneous properties (Andrewes family). 1606-1691


D-U/1/1/192 Bedfordshire and Kent. Manor of Covington Fee and other lands in Beds. and in Plumstead, Kent. 1665


D-U/1/1/193-1/197 Hertfordshire. Various parishes. 1562-1714


D-U/1/1/198-1/224 Wiltshire. Andrewes estate in Bishops Canning, Devizes, etc., deriving from Drew family. 1530-1692


D-U/1/1/225-1/236 Kent. New Romney, etc.: Andrewes and others. 1375-1635


D-U/1/1/238-1/239 Essex. Great Leighs and White Notley. 1473-1620


D-U/1/1/246 Somerset. Symes family estate in Compton Norton. 1716, 1742


D-U/1/1/241-1/242 Not identified.


D-U/1/1/243-1/251 Deeds, etc., relating to personal estate (majority for Andrewes family). 1602-1794


D-U/1/1/252-1/262 Testamentary documents. 1569-1863


D-U/1/1/263 Miscellaneous bonds. 1564-1673




Manor of Great Linford


D-U/2/1-10 Court rolls. 1571-1810


D-U/2/11-17 Rentals, etc. 1491-2, 1647-1810


Manors of Newport Pagnell, Great Linford and Little Linford.


D-U/2/18-19 Surveys. 1541-1542




D-U/3/1-43 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence relating mainly to the Great Linford estate [Includes some papers re. estate of Sir Wm. Prichard in the Minories, C.17 (3/4)] 1603-1922




D-U/4/1-26 Linford estate accounts, various (books and papers). 1678-1888


D-U/4/21 Account book of Minories estate. 1743-1754




Papers relating to estate lawsuits, etc. 1605-1922




6/1-10 Miscellaneous official items. 1561-1721








8/1-6 Overseers' accounts, 1677-1701, and papers, etc. 1677-1912


8/7 Account book of parish charity 1731-1895




Papers and correspondence of M.D. Mansell of Lathbury House (see biographical note on p.91). 1797-1822


9/1-9 Personal and family correspondence 1795-1822


9/10-38 Estate and financial papers, including papers relating to banking transactions and to the affaires of the Grand Junction Canal Co. (9/16). 1798-1822


9/39-48 Bills and vouchers 1794-1822


9/49-54 Official papers as Commissioner for French emigrants [few], and as officer in the Bucks, yeomanry; also some relating to magistracy matters, etc. 1796-1822




Correspondence and other miscellaneous papers relating to the Glascott family of Rodborough, Gloucestershire. 1781-1861



Held by: Buckinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Uthwatt family of Great Linford, Buckinghamshire

Andrewes family of Great Linford, Buckinghamshire

Andrewes family of Lathbury, Buckinghamshire

Physical description: 24 series
Immediate source of acquisition:

AR. 6/63


AR. 51/64

  • Great Linford, Buckinghamshire
Administrative / biographical background:

The Uthwatt family came into possession of the Great Linford estate through the marriage of John Uthwatt and Mary Prichard, sister of Sir William Prichard who purchased the property from Sir Richard Napier in 1668. Following the death without issue of Henry Uthwatt in 1757, the estate eventually passed under the terms of his will to a distant cousin, the Rev. Henry Uthwatt Andrewes, who changed his name to Uthwatt in order to fulfill the conditions of inheriting.

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