Catalogue description Rental or Survey   Carmynowe, Wynyantoun, Kenell, Tregarn, Trembleyth, Treloy, Lanhern,...

This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

Details of AR/2/1337/1
Reference: AR/2/1337/1

Rental or Survey


Carmynowe, Wynyantoun, Kenell, Tregarn, Trembleyth, Treloy, Lanhern, St Columb, Conartoun, Lanhaddroun, Rescasa, Trembleyth, Boswenek, Enyscavyn, Truruvyan, [Methsholl] (1: Carmynowe, Wynyantoun)


(1: 1459, 1460)


Extent of manors.


Carmynowe: Monday 17th Dec 1459 (Monday before St Thomas Apostle, 38 Hen VI), by oath of William Payoun, William Treghar and Simon Kentrevek.


[Free tenants]


Heir of Warin Lercedekne holds Redalan, Huthnans, Karioghall, Ruddor, Treneer and Tilligowe and 1/2 knight's fee for homage and fealty and scutage for every service.


Heir of Richard Sergeaux, knight, holds 1 acre Cornish in Treueglos, 3 acres in Treuemeder, 1 acre in Tregenryth, 1 ferling in Carleb in knight's service for homage and fealty.


John Petyt Predannek holds 1 acre Cornish in Tregedyll in socage for homage and fealty with suit of court every 3 weeks, paying 12d at All [Saints] and Sts Philip and James.


Heir of Ralph Ter [?] holds 2 parts of Gurlyn and 1/2 of Trevolyhan ... which were formerly in free marriage with Margery daughter of Carmynow.


Heir of Reginald Godrevy, 3 acres at Grous for homage and fealty, and suit of court every 3 weeks, paying 5s yearly at four chief dates. Ralph Reskymer, 1/2 acre Cornish in Rosm..dro for homage and fealty, paying 20d at 4 chief dates.


James Nanfan, 1 acre [?] Cornish in Polgr..en in socage for homage and fealty, suit of court every 3 weeks, 6s yearly.


Heir of Pascoe Cotha, ... plot ... Helstonburgh; 6s yearly at four chief terms.


(Conventionary tenants)


Lammargh; Bronywyk Wartha, Bronywyk Wolles; Hendre, Chynythyn, Kyllyancreth; John Cleys Mottry, in Cleys and in Olensy; Richard Sweyn, in Chiwarloo; Treworlyn (at Chiwarloo); Nanspyan; Gome; Hendredodda; Chynals; Beauripper; Hee; Morreb loo; Polscovornogowe and Cleys Meen; lower and upper mills; demesne of Carmenowe (farmer, 'firmarius', Peter Gerveys, with Bronnov; acquittance of rent (bishop of Exeter, John Pedyt for Crous lord of Lucyes for Rosmordro).


Wynyantoun: Tuesday 8th Jan 1460 (Tuesday before St Hilary, 38 Hen VI).


(Free tenants)


Ralph Reskymer, 2 acres Cornish in Tregowres, Hengeyther and Cornhough.


Heir of Richard Sergeaux, knight, 1 acre Cornish in Trerys, 1/2 acre Cornish in Trenans Bian, 1/2 acre Cornish in Treseys.


Heir of William le Brit, 1 acre Cornish in Bossym and Pentyr.


Heir of William Erysy, 1/2 acre Cornish in Trenowoen [margin, later: Trevenwoen alias Trnowne (sic)]; Thomas Massely, 3 ferlings in Hendre; heir of Henry de Hendre, 1 ferling in Hendre; heir of Henry Tresprysonn [sic], 1/2 acre Cornish in Trespryson; Henry Bodrugan, 1/2 acre Cornish in Erysy; heir of Thomas de Tregadreth, in Tregadreth mur, Tregadreth Bian, Trerys and Nansplough for 2 acres and 1 ferling.


1 acre Cornish in Seyntsewana falls by hereditary right to Matthew de Seynt Sewana, bondman.


(Conventionary tenants)


(John Nensy in) Toll; Gonensy Cok; Gonensy Pye; Trenewith; Roos; Nynsy; Wynyanton; also various casual profits, namely custody of marriage, scutage, aids, escheats, heriots, wreck of sea and strays, of the Hundred of Kirriar.


[Carminow; Winnington]


Tilligowe [= Treliggo, in Breage]


Trenewith [= Trenoweth in Gunwalloe, presumably]


Endorsed [18th century] 'Methsole cut off from the within & sent to Lord Arundell to London: Feby 1771.' [n.b. The manor of Mitchell was sold in 1775, AR/2/1196; the first membrane of the piece cut off is now at Gloucester Record Office, D421/A2/25, but the second is yet to be found.]

Date: 1451-64
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical condition: Over 32 ft long.

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