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Reference: AMSJ
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue J

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS5642 Minutes, registers of members, flockbook, Southdown Sheep Society, 1891-1980 with a printed history of the Society and breed, 1936


AMS5643 Map of Christopher Mansell's Styants in Newick by James Day, 1739; George Venables Vernon's Newick Park estate by Richard Budgen, 1765; Philadelphia Payne Dyke's Newick estate by Thomas Marchant, 1778; William Sturt's Founthill, Crouchers and Church Farms in Newick by William Figg, c1820; grubbed ground on J H Sclater's Newick Park estate by J Funnell, 1862


AMS5644 Boundary maps of ecclesiastical parishes and site plans of new churches at Brighton, Hove, Hastings, St Leonards, Hollington, Eastbourne, Wadhurst, Tidebrook, Barcombe, Spithurst, Battle, Netherfield, Buxted, High Hurstwood, Withyham; tracing of E facade of the Chapel Royal, Brighton, by Blomfield, 1895; photograph of St Luke Prestonville, Brighton, 1877


AMS5645 Score books of Sussex County Cricket Club, 1858-1931


AMS5646 Survey of timber on Sheffield Park estate, 1820; schedules of deeds relating to the estate of Count Munster in Fletching, c1924; plan of proposed harbour at Newhaven, 1890


AMS5647 Deeds of Barons, Crepe, Sturgisland at Cowbeech and other land in Wartling, 1350-1458


AMS5648 Minutes and score books of East Dean Cricket Club, 1895-1970


AMS5649 Map of Robert Relf's Twits in Mayfield by John Pattenden, 1641


AMS5650 Reminiscences of Kathleen Vinall of Lewes including material on Lewes nonconformity, 1905-1972, pedigrees of the Vinall, Glazebrook and Frank families, 18-20C


AMS5651 Court book of Brighton Michelham and Eastbourne Medsey Manors, 1801-1836


AMS5652 Apprenticeship indenture, Edmund Hughes of Clapham Sy to WB and BT Seabrook of Brighton, surgeons and apothecaries, 1839


AMS5653 Bond, Jones and Read of Lewes to Iden of Ewhurst, 1611


AMS5654 Letters of attorney to recover sums due on bonds, Mercer of Fairlight, 1652


AMS5655 Lease of Shelleys, and Woodcocks and Hartleys Fields in Lewes St Ann and The Paddock in Lewes St Ann and St John (Dalbiac-Hodgkin) 1859


AMS5656 Appointment of trustees, Lewes to Wych Cross and Lewes to Burwash Turnpike, 1821


AMS5657 Deeds of Yew Tree Farm and Shepherds Gate's Hatch, Hartfield, formerly Duddleswell copyhold (Young - Godley - Luck - Elliott - Reade - Wickens - Smith - Hutchinson), 1753-1916


AMS5658 Reports on Harbens Farm, Laughton, 1873-1875


AMS5659 Newly-built house in Sun Street, Lewes, (Hoather-Crunden-Chapman and Lambe), 1816


AMS5660 Rules of Brighton workhouse, 1822


AMS5661 Recipe book of Mary Ann Woodman of Stanner, 1833


AMS5662 Final concord, Salehurst advowson, 1696; probate of Edward West of Brighton, 1826


AMS5663 Lease of Blackham Court and 200a in Withyham, Sackville-Pyke, 1699; copy of court roll, Bexhill, house and 25a at Little Common (Vallance-Burt-Beale-Ashcroft), 1729; draft recovery, Norris estate in Rye, Peasmarsh, Iden and Playden, 1768


AMS5664 Deeds and probates, Bletchinglye in Rotherfield (Pocock-Domeright), 1587-1644


AMS5665 Police Gazette, 1838-1839


AMS5666 East Sussex War Agricultural Executive Committe and the East Sussex Agricultural Executive Committee photographs, files, etc including material on Peacehaven, Friston, Stanmer, Plumpton, Beddingham, Berwick, Cralle, Iwood and Priory Farms Warbleton, Great Knelle Beckley, Gorseland Chelwood Gate, Kirby Farm Telscombe, Castle Farm Camber; 1941-1960


AMS5667 Mortgage of house in Hempshares, Brighton, Vine-Buckoll, 1801


AMS5668 Deeds, 59 George Street, Hastings (Jones-Winter-Simmons-Chubb-Avery-Clark-Douglas-Marketis, 1838-1969


AMS5669 Map of Thomas Luxford's Bemsells Farm in Wartling by Giles Burton, 1641


AMS5670 Papers of Rev H T Grace (1788-1871), rector of Jevington and vicar of Westham, 1812-1846; includes purchase of Westham workhouse, 1836, and family settlement, 1836


AMS5671 Recovery, Slaughter-Ogle, Rotherfield, 1673; final concord, Fry family, Rotherfield, 1823; Framfield copyhold estate of John Woodward in Buxted and Framfield, 1840; Framfield enfranchisement to F A Schroeter of house called Street in Farmfield, 1874


AMS5672 Creasey's report on the sanitary condition of Brighton to General Board of Health, 1849


AMS5673 Court roll of Gensing, Guestling and Ore, 1581-82; The Inn near Totheis in Buxted, Puxty-Russell, 1687-1694; institution of John Smith to Newhaven rectory, 1805; writ, Younger and Smith v Weston of the Feathers, Brighton, 1865


AMS5674 House and tallowhouse called Guestling in Burwash (Peene-Austen-Busbridge-Johnson-Noakes-Newington-Honeysett), 1707-1866; house adjoining Guestling and house called Colemans in Burwash (Peene-Furner-Ade-Pilbeam; Westover-Pilbeam; Pilbeam-Weller-Honeysett), 1707-1895; cottage at Gardner Street, Herstmonceux (Hunter-Vine-Peters-Russell-Haffenden), 1779-1828; another cottage formerly a cooper's shop (Wenham-Longhurst-Johnson-Hyland-Cryer-Haffenden), 1787-1829; both cottages (Haffenden-Everest), 1834-1897


AMS5675 Draft description of Newick Place with horticultural details, 1713; list of 98 pictutres at Newick Place by room, 1713; draft covenants for a lease of Newick tithes with objections by Edward Olive, 1714; instructions for management of the Newick estate, 1715


AMS5676 Deeds of 100 High Street, Uckfield (Brissenden-Day-Standen-Hart-Taylor-Shipton-Blaker-Hallett-Marshall-Wood), 1737-1900


AMS5677 Deeds of 81 and 83 Bohemia Road, Hastings (Farncomb-Scrivens-Dicks-Paris-Weatherseed-Woodgate-Ward), 1834-1959


AMS5678 Deeds of 12 Old Humphrey Avenue, Hastings (Ridley-Goodwin-Chapman-Pain), 1863-1951


AMS5679 Deeds of 25 Alma Terrace, St Leonards (Clement-Langridge-Munday-Snashall-Munday-Bedford), 1864-1923


AMS5680 Deeds of Sherrald, the Street, Sedlescombe (Read-Weston-Baker-Watts-Ades-Catt), 1737-1896; Magpie Cottage and another cottage, Sedlescombe (Eldridge-Combe; Hicks-Eldridge-Combe), 1864-1899


AMS5681 Deeds of Courage public houses, 17th-20th centuries


Separately catalogued for A2A


AMS5682 Print of mail coach at the George Hotel, Rye, c1850


AMS5683 Diaries of Caroline Yarde Scobell of Southover with references to Brighton, Bath, Exeter and paper-mills at Bradninch, Devon; 1845-1846


AMS5684 Bond, Back of Battle to Mascall, 1679; house and fields called Broadfield and Towntye at Crouch in Playden, Pende-Cheesman, 1523; house and 4a called Frayes at Flackley in Peasmarsh, Sampson-Shepherd, 1570; vouchers for Adrian Spray's farm in Peasmarsh with a letter from AS, 1691-1692; fragment of chancery petition on the will of James Smith of Rye, c1850; bond, Brewer of Southover and others to Freeman, 1670


AMS5685 Lower family pedigree, 1822


AMS5686 Court roll of Crowham Manor, Westfield, 1327-1375


AMS5687 Rental of Robertsbridge Manor, 1895-1898; copies of Hammerden court roll for Boarders in Ticehurst, 1624-1682


AMS5688 Photograph of G W Osborn JP of Uplands, Heathfield, c1890


AMS5689 Kingsland in Salehurst and Littlecourtham in Etchingham, Harmer's feoffees-Basden, 1451-1473; house and land at Sesele den in Hawkhurst, Cheesman, Wenar and Chittenden families, 1488-1534


AMS5690 Notarial instrument of Henry de Colcestre of London concerning an appeal in a cause against Paulin and Marchant of Rye for the tithes of Leasam in Rye, 1336


AMS5691 Bodiam, Ewhurst and Mote Manors and the Powell estate in Bodiam, Ewhurst, Iden and Peasmarsh, 1626-1910: court book (Ewhurst and Mote to 1712 only), 1703-1910; estate accounts, 1663-1685; maps of the tenements of the manor of Bodiam in Bodiam, Penhurst, Battle, Ewhurst, Salehurst and Beckley by Thomas Russell, 1671; tenders for farm of Bodiam demesnes, 1626; chancery answer of Thomas Sackville to Nathaniel Powell's bill with reference to the iron industry, 1674; barn and 28a in Bodiam (Mannington-Mander) 1662; valuation of Bodiam Castle and manor and Broomham manor, 1623


AMS5692 Burghurst manor court book, 1587-1594 with survey, 1539; collector's notebook, Ashburnham and Mayfield manors, 1804-1816; rental of Ashburnham, Broomham, Broomham Parkgate, Broomham Alfreys, Burwash, Burghurst, Cowden, Dallington, Hasleden, Hastings, Ittington, Netherfield, Rockland and Wartling manors with composite index, 1850; rental of manor of Whatlington, c1400; draft bill of costs concerning an action Webster v Webster for the removal of the roof of the court hall, Battle, 1797; map of the manor of Bodiam tenements in Penhurst and Wartling by Thomas Russell, 1671; copy rental of Pashley manor in Ticehurst, 1517; probate of John Jeffery of Ashford, house in Hooe, 1618; annotations by Sylvan Harmer of Heathfield concerning building work, 1790s


AMS5693 Photograph of a map of Thomas Hay's Glyndebourne in Glynde and Ringmer by George Picknoll, 1768


AMS5694 Rules of Rottingdean Friendly Society, 1889


AMS5695 Tenement and garden in Rye, Broughton-Sharp-Benett, 1546; demesne lease, manor of Harley in Hollington, Hemling-Pope, 1557


AMS5696 Deed, Church Cottage, Catsfield, 1598-1946


AMS5697 Deeds, 77-78 North Road, Brighton (Kemp-Smith-Hilder-Thorncroft-Howard-Gower), 1771-1920


AMS5698 Copies of court roll, Bemsells in Herstmonceux (Dacre-Levett; Delve-Gilmore; Putland-Baker and Mott-Diplock), 1526-1731; fee-farm rent from Isfield and Ringmer manors, Sackville, 1673


AMS5699 Bankruptcy of John Luck of Rotherfield, ironmaster: two farms and a forge in Frant and Rotherfield, commissioners-Weller, 1644-1651


AMS5700 Land (8a) on the E side of St James Street, Southover, Lewes (Sackville-Curteis-Poole-Verrall; Knatchbull-Harman-Willett-Verrall); includes other property in Southover; 1721-1879

Date: 1327-1980
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office

Physical description: 59 Accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure

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