Catalogue description KNIGHTS made in Ireland since the King coming to the Crown. Anno 1602.

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Title: KNIGHTS made in Ireland since the King coming to the Crown. Anno 1602.

By my Lord Mountjoy, Lord Deputy: Sir Henry Leagh, the 19th April 1603, Sir Jerman Poole, same day, Sir Edward Blany, 29th May.


By Sir George Carey, Lord Deputy: Sir Ralph Bingly, on Saint James's Day; Sir Thomas Williams, Christchurch, before the sermon; Sir Edmond Fetteplace, Sir Tobie Caufeild, Sir John Terrell, Mayor of Dublin, Christchurch, after the sermon.


Sir Thomas Coats, Sir Fernando Frecleton, Sir George Grymes, Sir Molony O'Carroll, Sir Thomas Ash, Sir William Usher, Sir Richard Boyle, castle of Dublin, same day.


Sir Laurance Esmond, after supper, same day; Sir Richard Wilbraham, 4 Sept., Christchurch; Sir Thomas Roper, 16 Sept., Christchurch; Sir Willm. Windsor, 18 Sept., Christchurch.


Sir Roury O'Donnell, Earl of Tirconell, Sir Francis Rooe, Sir Henry Crofte, Sir Ralpe Cunstable, Sir Richard Newgent, Lord of Delwynn, Sir Ralphe Sydly, Sir James Goghe, Sir John Macnamarragh of Thomond, castle of Dublin, 29th Sept.


Sir William Harpole, Sir Edward Fisher, 2nd Oct., St. Mary's Abbey.


Sir John Jephson, Sir John Davies, 18 Oct., castle of Dublin.


Sir William Brabson, 22 Feb., Rebyn; Sir Francis Kinsmell, March, Rebyn; Sir Ellis Jones, 12 March, Rebyn.


Sir Cormack McBarron O'Neale, 25 Aug.; Sir Thomas FitzWilliams, same day; Sir Christover Bedlowe, 20 Sept.; Sir Thomas Burton, 5th Oct.; Sir Hugh Owen, 13 Oct.; Sir Thomas Huncke, 24 Nov., castle of Dublin; Sir Robert Newgent, 14 Jan., castle of Dublin.


A.D. 1606.--Sir Edmond Welsh, 1 June, Christchurch; Sir William Glynn, 7 June, castle of Dublin; Sir George Shirlock, 28 Nov., castle of Dublin; Sir Edmond FitzGarrold, 1 Dec.; Sir Roger Jones, Sir Thomas Phillips, Sir John More, 24 March, Drogheda.


A.D. 1607.--Sir George Pawlett, 26 June; Sir Donnell O'Cane, 28 June; Sir Thomas Chichester, 10 Aug., Slayne; Sir Robert Jacob, 5 Nov., Christchurch; Sir Thomas Browne, 29 Nov., castle of Dublin; Sir William St. John, 21 Dec., castle of Dublin.


A.D. 1608.--Sir Robert Ridgeway, 6 July, near Dundalke; Sir George Chute, 14 Oct.; Sir Barnard Grinfeild, 5 Nov., Christchurch; Sir Robert Oglethorpe, 6 Jan., castle Dublin; Sir John Elliott, 14 Feb., castle Dublin.


A.D. 1609.--Sir Nicholas White, Sir James Carroll, Sir Robert Piggott, 30 Sept.; Sir William Power, 24 March.


A.D. 1610.--Sir Francis Willoughbie, 30 Oct; Sir Adam Loftus, 22 Jan.; Sir John Bourchier, 24 March.


A.D. 1604.--Sir Josias Bodley, Sir John Onslye, Sir Willm. Tafte, 25 March, Reban; Sir Teige O'Rorke, Sir Donnoghe O'Connor, Sligo; Sir Terloghe McHenry O'Neale, 17 April, Reban; Sir Lyonell Guest, 5 May, Lexlipp; Sir Parr Lane, Sir George Beverly, 8 May, Lexlipp; Sir Richard Grymes, 1 July; Sir Donnell O'Brian and Sir Nicholas Mordante, 1st of July, Lexlipp; Sir Ambrose Foord, 2 Aug.; Sir John Sydney, the 15th Aug.; Sir Bryan McHugh Oge McMauhowne, 27 Aug.; Sir Patrick McArt Moyle, 28 Aug.; Sir Henry Oge O'Neale, Sir Richard Hanserd, 12th Oct; Sir Arthur McGennys, 1 Nov.; Sir Gawen Harvey, 7 Dec.; Sir Christover Newgent, Sir Adam Loftus, 25 Dec., Christchurch.


Sir Arthur Chichester, Lord Deputy, Sir Thomas Rotheram, Sir John Everarde, Sir Dominick Sarsfeild, 10th Feb., castle of Dublin; Sir Charles Calthorpe, 24 March.


A.D. 1605.--Sir Richard Butler, 12 April; Sir Henry Myldmay, 25 May; Sir Francis Slingsbie, Sir Allen Apslye, 5 June, castle Dublin; Sir Robert Newcomen, 9 June; Sir John Bingham, 19 June; Sir Edmond Weyman, 18 July.


A.D. 1611.--Sir Francis Cooke, 6 Oct.; Sir Mathew Carie, Sir Thomas Stafford, same day.


A.D. 1613.--Sir Richard Aldworth, 22 April; Sir Edward Moore, 20 July; Sir Gamaliell Capell, 1 Aug.


A.D. 1614.--Sir John Smyth, 5 Nov.; Sir Rowland Ridgley, same day; Sir Oliver Shortalis, 12 Feb.; Sir Christover Dillon, 21 Feb.


A.D. 1615.--Sir Pierce Butler, 30 April; Sir--- [Blank in MS.] Porter, 11 July; Sir William Cooly, 23 July; Sir Henry Billinge, Sir John Beare, the King's Serjeant, 19 Aug.


A.D. 1616.--Sir Oliver St. Johns, Lord Deputy, Sir Thomas Button, 30 Aug.; Sir Charles Coote, 5 Nov.; Sir Bassill Brooke, Sir John Vaughan, 2 Feb.; Sir Roger O'Shaftnes, 14 Feb.; Sir Beverley Newcomen, 24 March.


A.D. 1617.--Sir John FitzGarrold, 27 April; Sir John Kinsmill, 29 June; Sir George Trevillian, 29 July; Sir Edward Trever, Sir William Cole, 5 Nov.; Sir Thomas Moore, 24 Nov.; Sir William Sarsfeild, 30 Nov.; Sir John Doudall, 24 March.


A.D. 1618.--Sir Christopher Sybthorpe, Sir Garrard Lowther, 3 May; Sir Henry Lea, 19 May; Sir Charles Blunt, Sir Richard Boulton, 4 July; Sir Richard Calveley, 19 July; Sir Thomas Hibbotts, 5 Nov.; Sir Edward Daveis, 21 Feb.; Sir James Blunt, 24 March.



Date: 1618
Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: MS 619, p. 160
Language: English
Physical description: 6 Pages.
Unpublished finding aids:

Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. V, document 206.

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