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The deposited records of Fuller, Smith, and Turner appear mainly to have originated in a solicitors' office, probably that of Frere and Forster of New Square, later of Lincolns Inn Fields, who acted for the Brewery from 1829 (as Frere, Goodchild, and Cholmely from 1856). Apart from a series of ledgers, 1832-1945 (1/6), and correspondence and case papers relating to changes in partnership between 1829 and 1842 (1/2, 3), the bulk of documents concerns properties, mostly licensed premises, belonging to the Brewery. There are series of title deeds and leases, but the greater part consists of solicitor's drafts and correspondence. There is little relating to the management of the Brewery itself, and the process of brewing, though there is a series of inventories made in connection with changes of partnership, 1782-1845 (1/4)


Among the records are two groups of note relating to the private affairs of partners A bundle of title deeds to property in what is now Golden Square, Piccadilly, 1675-1842, which was a private estate belonging to John Fuller, cover the first development of the area (2/2/1-32). There is also a series of letters from Western Australia to Douglas Thompson, whose son, Douglas, was among the earliest settlers in 1829. He was drowned not long after his arrival, and the letters concern his father's attempts to gain possession of his allocation of land in Swan River (1/2/2159-2182)

Date: 1654 - 1946

Most of the documents had been arranged in a series of numbered bundles of mid nineteenth century and later date, with signs of at least one earlier numbering scheme. The main number series appears to relate to a storage arrangement, presumably in the solicitor's office, but the series was so incomplete that a coherent reconstruction was impossible.


The collection is arranged as follows:


ACC/0891/01 Records of the partnerships, and Brewery management:


ACC/0891/01/01 Articles of partnership, 1822-1846 (001-004);


ACC/0891/01/02 Records of partnerships previous to the first partnership of Fuller, Smith, and Turner, 1808-1851 (0001-2182);


ACC/0891/01/03 Records of the partnerships of Fuller, Smith, and Turner, 1822-1923 (001-341);


ACC/0891/01/04 Valuations of the Griffin Brewery made in connection with changes of partnership, 1782-1845 (001-008);


ACC/0891/01/05 Litigation, 1715-1901 (001-915);


ACC/0891/01/06 Ledgers, 1832-1945 (001-027).


ACC/0891/02 Records of the Brewery estates:


ACC/0891/02/01 Title deeds, 1654-1899 (001-463);


ACC/0891/02/02 Title deeds of a private estate of John Bird Fuller, 1675-1842 (001-032);


ACC/0891/02/03 Leases, 1791-1907 (001-272);


ACC/0891/02/04 Documents relating to mortgages, 1715-1861 (001-146);


ACC/0891/02/05 Series of numbered bundles of documents, mainly drafts and correspondence relating to the Brewery estates, 1695-1829 (001-809);


ACC/0891/02/06 Documents, mainly drafts and correspondence, relating to the Brewery estates, 1669-1944 (0001-2475);


ACC/0891/02/07 Schedules of deeds, 1791-1902 (001-006);


ACC/0891/02/08 Abstracts of title, 1671-1907 (001-042);


ACC/0891/02/09 Sales particulars, 1807-1934 (001-061);


ACC/0891/02/10 Plans, 1840-1903 (001-015);


ACC/0891/02/11 Insurance policies, 1868-1945 (001-186);


ACC/0891/02/12 Documents relating to licences, 1892-1946 (001-277).


ACC/0891/03 Other matters:


ACC/0891/03/01 Miscellaneous, 1830-1903 (001-080);


ACC/0891/03/02 Printed items, 1803-1946 (001-012).

Held by: London Metropolitan Archives: City of London, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Fuller, Smith and Turner, 1846-, brewers

Physical description: 8353 documents
Administrative / biographical background:

The partnership of Fuller, Smith, and Turner at the Griffin Brewery (first recorded by that name in 1816 (1/4/2) dates from 10 November 1846 when John Bird Fuller, then owner of the Brewery, entered into a partnership with Henry Smith and John Turner of Romford, brewers (1/1/4). The Fullers were not brewers by trade, but their interest in the Brewery dates from 1829 when John Fuller, father of John Bird, and Philip Western Wood, invested in third shares in the Brewery with Douglas Thompson, one of the previous owners. Wood died in 1832, and Thompson was finally bought out by Fuller in 1842 (1/1/3).


The early history of the Brewery, so far as these records are concerned, begins in 1699 when Thomas Mawson of Chiswick, brewer, was admitted to two cottages, a granary, orchard garden, and curtilage abutting on the road leading to Bedford House on a conditional surrender by Thomas Warren which was made absolute in 1704, when the property was described as a messuage and brewhouse (2/1/73, 74). Remaining in the Mawson family the Brewery passed to Matthias Mawson, Bishop of Ely and benefactor of Ely Cathedral and Kings College Cambridge. On his death in 1770 his estates were inherited by his niece Amy, wife of Charles Purvis of Darsham, Suffolk, (2/1/10). The Brewery, with other properties in Chiswick, was sold by her son Charles in 1791, and bought by John Thompson of Chiswick, brewer (2/1/117), passing, on his death in 1808, to his sons Douglas and Henry. They became partners in 1822 (1/1/1), but neither the partnership nor the Brewery prospered, and when their partnership was dissolved in 1829 financial difficulties were acute.

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