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Reference: ID 406



ID 406/1 Hospital Management Committee


ID 406/1/1 Minutes


ID 406/1/2 Title deeds of properties


ID 406/1/3 Accounts


ID 406/1/4 Maps and Plans


ID 406/1/5 Visitors' Books


ID 406/2 Ipswich Borough General Hospital/Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road Wing and Angelsea Road Wing


ID 406/2/1 House Committee minutes


ID 406/2/2 House visitors' reports


ID 406/2/3 Ipswich Medical Library


ID 406/2/4 Inventories


ID 406/2/5 Operating theatre registers


ID 406/2/6 Admissions books - general


ID 406/2/7 Admissions books - gynaecology and maternity


ID 406/2/8 Ward registers


ID 406/2/9 Registers of patients


ID 406/2/10 Occupational therapy


ID 406/2/11 Staff records


ID 406/2/12 Patient analysis sheets


ID 406/3 Felixstowe Cottage (General) Hospital (see also ID 406/1/2/8)


ID 406/3/1 Accounts


ID 406/4 Patrick Stead Hospital, Halesworth (see also ID 406/1/2/5)


ID 406/4/1 Minutes


ID 406/5 Foxhall Hospital (Formerly Ipswich Sanatorium)


ID 406/5/1 Visitors reports


ID 406/6 Southwold Cottage Hospital (see also ID 406/1/2/10)


ID 406/6/1 Bye laws


ID 406/6/2 Annual reports


ID 406/6/3 Correspondence


ID 406/7 Small Pox Hospital, Foxhall


ID 406/7/1 Correspondence


ID 406/7/2 Registers of operations


ID 406/7/3 Admissions registers


ID 406/8 St Helen's (Formerly Isolation) Hospital, Ipswich


ID 406/8/1 Admission Registers


ID 406/9 Chantry Park Convalescent Hospital


ID 406/9/1 Minutes


ID 406/9/2 Visitors' report


ID 406/9/3 Visitors' book

Date: 1701-1989
Held by: Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Ipswich Group Hospital(s) Management Committee Records

Immediate source of acquisition:

(Accession Nos: 6694, 6695, 6697 & 6698)


Records deposited by the Chief Administrative Officer, East Suffolk Area Health Authority, Foxhall Road, Ipswich.


Acc No 6711, 6723, 6952, 8307, 8640, 10414, 10559, 10594, 10612: ID 406/1/5; 406/2/2, 5-12; 406/7-9

  • Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Health authority
Administrative / biographical background:

Reference numbers in this list indicate that documents have been deposited in the Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch.


N.B. Under the National Health Service Act 1948, Hospital Management Committee was set up to manage all hospitals in the County of East Suffolk, except Lowestoft Hospital, under the official title of "Group 4". However, the Hospital Management Committee Group 4, at its first meeting decided to call this group as "The Ipswich Group Hospital[s] Management Committee". The "Group" comprised of the following hospitals:-


Anglesea Road Wing hospital (formerly East Suffolk & Ipswich hospital)


Heath Road Wing hospital (formerly Ipswich Borough hospital)


Felixstowe General hospital (formerly Felixstowe Cottage hospital)


Bartlett Convalescent hospital (formerly Bartlett Convalescent Home, Felixstowe)


Herman de Stern Convalescent Home, Felixstowe


Chantry Park Convalescent Home, Ipswich


Phyllis Memorial Maternity Home, Melton


Aldeburgh Cottage hospital


Blythburgh hospital (formerly Bulcamp Union House)


Patrick Stead hospital, Halesworth


Eye hospital (formerly Hartismere Union House)


Southwold hospital


Stowmarket hospital (formerly Stow Union House)


St Mary hospital, Tattingstone (formerly Samford Union House)


Ipswich Nursing Home, Lower Brook Street (later on Ipswich Maternity Hospital)


St Helen's (Chest) hospital, Foxhall Road, Ipswich, (formerly Ipswich Isolation Hospital)


Foxhall hospital (formerly Ipswich Sanatorium)


Jane Walker hospital, Nayland


Ipswich Small Pox Hospital, Foxhall Heath, Foxhall.

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