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A rate of the yearly charges of the King's army in Ireland.


The Lord Deputy's retinue: a grand captain at 4s. the day, a petty captain 2s., 100 horsemen 9d.; total by the day, 4l. 0s. 12d.; by the month, 113l. 8s.; for 13 months 1 day, i.e. a year, 1,478l. 5s. Mr. Robert Sentleger's retinue same as above. The Master of the Ordance's retinue: a grand captain 4s., a petty captain 2s., 100 hakebuttiers, 50 of them at 9d., and 50 at 8d. Mr. Brereton's retinue: a grand captain 4s., a captain 3s., a petty captain 2s., 150 archers 6d. The Knight Marshal's retinue: a grand captain 4s., 32 horsemen 9d. The Clerk of the Check's retinue: 10 horsemen 9d., his own stipend 12d. The Treasurer's retinue: 40 horsemen 9d., his own stipend 6s. 8d. The Lord Deputy's stipend, a year, 666l. 13s. 4d. The Master of the Ordnance, 2s. 8d. a day. Wages of the army by the year, 7,942l. 6s. 8d. "Besides the extraordinary charges of the King's Majesty's Ordnance, more than cometh out of England, by estimation yearly, 40l.


II. "An estimate of the King's revenues in his Majesty's Realm of Ireland.


From the King's lands yearly, 6,069l. 2s. 7d. The customs of Dublin, Drogheda, Dundalk, Trym, and the Nasse, 319l. 13s. 4d. The feefarms of Dublin and Drogheda, every year, 200l. The petty farms, proffers, and homages yearly, 11l. 5s. 8d. The 20th part of the spirituality yearly, 287l. 2s. 1½d. The King's subsidy spiritual and temporal per annum, 563l. 8s. 3d.--Total 7,450l. 11s. 11½d. Irish.


Annual deductions out of the said revenues. The yearly annuities and "proxes perpetual", 182l. 13s. 9½d. The yearly fees and rewards ordinary of judges and clerks of the King's courts, customers, controllers, constables, soldiers of the King's castle of Dublin, and officers of the county and liberty of Wexford, 1,131l. 12s. 6d.--Total 1,314l. 6s. 3½d. Irish.


Remainder, 6,136l. 5s. 8d. Irish.


Pensions yearly allowed, which, after the decease of the pensioners, shall revert to the King's Majesty."--The pension of the late Lord of Saint John of Jerusalem, 500l. The yearly pensions of the governors and other religious persons of the religious houses lately suppressed, and fees and annuities granted by them to divers persons for term of life, with such other like grants, 759l. 3s. 4d.--Total, 1,259l. 3s. 4d.


Yearly remainder, 4,877l. 2s. 4d. Irish.


Yearly profits uncertain."--The profit of liveries growing to the King. Wards of body and lands. The first fruits of all spiritual promotion. The issues and profits of the Hanaper. The tributes of Irishmen.


Yearly charges uncertain."--"For reparations and buildings to be done upon the King's garrisons." "Divers charges yearly growing, to be concluded by the King's Council by concordatum." For parchment, ink, paper, cloth bags, and locks. "To inquests inquiring for the King, and messengers that serveth the King's process.


III. "Parcels of the King's revenues whereof as yet his Grace taketh little profit, for that therein as yet there is no perfect order taken, and be not charged.


Parcel of the King's Majesty's old inheritance:--the manor of Dungarvan, the manor of Grene Castle and Norne, given to the galloghlaghes; the rent of Ferny; "the manor of Dundrom with Arte Mac Phelum.


Parcel of the late Earl of Kildare's lands:--the castle of Ley; Ardscolle and Inchecoventre; lands in Dungoille; lands called Waringes; lands in the barony of Dundalk, in Castelton by Dundalk; Doncowan Deyn in Killeven; Balregan; Rathskyagh, in co. Louth; the manors of Adare, Crom, Rathannan, Torbeny and Carrickyttill, in lease with the Earl of Desmond for 20l., and not charged.


The abbeys of Inchemore, in Westmethe; Srone, in the Annall; Glascarrick, in the Cavenaghs' country; and Leyse, in O'More's country.


Kiltevan, late at 8l., which the old Countess of Ormond had, and paid but 4l., which was lately appertaining to the late abbey of Ossnay.


The rectories of Killen, Knockbride, Castelreghen, Templeporte, and Cardragh, late of the abbey of Kenlis, in Meath.


All the possessions of religious houses suppressed in cos. Limerick, Cork, Ulster, and Kerry.


The possessions of houses of friars not charged, but such as be sold after the twentieth part.


The subsidies of cos. Wexford and Waterford.


Ballibarrok, lately appertaining to the College of Mayneothe.


Purcelle's lands in Donboyne.


Barenton's place by Trim, lately Burnelle's lands.


Enescortie, waste.


Tege O'Brene's lands in co. Limerick, named Anaroche.


Orig. Dated by Carew, "34 Hen. VIII.

Date: 1542
Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: MS 602, p. 144
Language: English
Physical description: 10 Pages.
Unpublished finding aids:

Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 176.

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