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This record is held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

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A. Schedules and Papers concerning the Borough Archives


B. Charters and Constitutions


C. Grant of Arms


D. Admissions of Freemen, elections of officers, oaths of office and the like


1. General


2. Admissions of burgesses


3. Burgess rolls


4. Apprenticeship indentures


5. Disputes concerning burgesship


6. Election of officers


7. Election of councillors


8. Oaths of office, declaration books, etc.


E. Composite books concerning the Borough of Eye generally


F. Borough Court


1. Court rolls


2. Court books


3. Court files


G. Commission of the Peace and Borough Justices


1. Commissions of the Peace


2. Declaration books, Eye Borough Justices


3. Minute books and proceedings


4. General papers and correspondence


5. Informations


6. Convictions


7. Papers of Clerks to the Justices


8. Papers concerning Justices' Clerks' fees and fines


9. Acts and papers belonging to F. Woolnough, Clerk to the Justices


H. Coroners


I. Assembly Books


J. Minute Books


K. Council papers and correspondence (general)


L. Financial records


1. Chamberlains' accounts


2. Treasurers' accounts and vouchers


3. Ledgers


4. Cash books


5. Vouchers


6. Printed statement of accounts


7. Rate books


9. Municipal charities


10. Valuations


M. Town Lands


1. Deeds concerning town lands


2. Leases of town lands


3. Papers concerning the management of the town lands


4. Legal papers


5. General


N. Town Hall and other Borough property


O. Parliamentary elections


1. Registration of electors


2. Papers concerning particular elections


3. Election indentures


4. Disputed elections


5. Acts of Parliament concerning elections


P. Records concerning various local government functions


1. Byelaws


2. Borough boundary


3. Highways


4. Education


5. Nuisances


6. Infectious diseases


7. Dairy orders


8. Weights and measures


9. Local taxation


10. Licensing


11. Police


12. Allotments


13. War Savings


14. Government returns


15. Public Health


16. Sewer Authority


17. Rifle Volunteers


19. Housing


20. Water Supply and waste disposal


Q. Parish of Eye


1. Churchwardens


2. Overseers


3. Tithes


R. Records of Eye Urban Sanitary Authority


S. Records of Eye Burial Board


T. Honour and Manors of Eye and elsewhere, Sheriff's tourn, Thrandeston Fair


U. Petty Sessions records


1. Eye


2. Hartismere


3. Hoxne


V. Hartismere Union


W. Land Tax Assessments


1. Hartismere Division


2. Hoxne Division


X. Literary, social events, etc. in Eye


Y. Other boroughs and parishes


1. Ipswich


2. Cambridge


3. Brome


Z. Miscellaneous

Date: 15th century to 20th century
Held by: Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Eye Borough, Suffolk

Physical description: 26 series

Acc:4192 August 1981


Additional Deposit


Acc. 10,068 February 1992


Additional Deposit


Acc. 6112 August 1981

  • Eye, Suffolk
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