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Records of Cookham Rural District Council




COUNCIL MINUTES: Council 1895-1968 (24 vols); council and all committees, 1968-1974 (10 vols); index (M-Z only) to RDC minutes 1968-1974 (1 vol)


COMMITTEE MINUTES: Commons C., 1899-1909 (1 vol), Finance C., 1901-1938, Finance and General Purposes C. 1938-1968 (10 vols); Highways and General Purposes C.,1908-1910, Roads C.,1910-1930 2 vols); Health and Sanitary C.,1910-1934, Special Sanitary C. for Bray and Cookham, 1921-1939, (3 vols); Plans C., 1914-1934 (2 vols) Housing C., 1919-1934, Health and Housing C., 1934-1968 (15 vols); Rating and Valuation C., 1926-1950, Rating C., 1950-1967, Civil Defence C., 1949-1965 (7 vols); Town Planning C., 1929-1934, Plans and Town Planning C., 1934-1968 (14 vols); General Purposes C., 1929-1938, including Air Raid Precautions Sub-C., 1938-1939 (1 vol); Economies C.,1931, Rights of Way C., 1934-1939 (1 vol); Electric Lines, Cables, etc.C., 1931-1934 (1 vol); Special Drainage C., 1937-1938 (1 vol); Fire Protection C., 1938-1942, Miscellaneous Cs., 1941-1956 (2 vols); Staffing C., 1941-1967, Executive and Staffing C., 1967-1968 (3 vols); Main Drainage C., 1946-1963 (1 vol); Emergency C., 1950, Law C., 1962-1963 (1 vol); Public Works C., 1963-1964 (1 vol); Public Health C., 1964-1968 (1 vol)


MISCELLANEOUS: Model Standing Orders for Boards of Guardians, 1900 (1 pamphlet); plans of Beenham Farm House, nd. [?18th c.], (1 doc)




Rating and valuation records: rate books, 1896-1955 (24 vols); valuation Lists, 1872-1933 (6 vols, 1 bdl); ledger, 1927-1932 (1 vol)

Date: 1872 - 1974

Classification Scheme for Clerk's Department Records


Ca Council minutes and agendas


Cb Committee minutes and agendas


Cc Reports of Chief Officers to Council and Committee


Cd Miscellaneous Council and Committee Papers


Ce Byelaws, licences and statutory notices


Cf Records relating to financial matters


Ch Records relating to housing matters


Cp Records relating to planning matters


Cr Registers (miscellaneous)


Ct Title deeds and property records


Cz Miscellaneous records

Held by: Royal Berkshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Cookham Rural District Council

Physical description: 7 series
Access conditions:

Records containing personal information about named individuals are closed for a period of 50 years from the last entry in the record.


Records in this collection subject to 50-year closure are


Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, 1946-1959 (during which period they contain also minutes of the Staffing sub-committee).


Minutes of the Housing Committee.


Minutes of the Staff Committee.


Records naming individuals but containing less personal information are closed for a period of 30 years from the last entry in the record.


Records in this collection subject to 30-year closure are Rating and valuation records

Immediate source of acquisition:

Schedule of Accessions


Acc. 1891 : RD/C/Ca1/1-23


RD/C/Cb1/1; 2/1-10; 3/1,2; 4/1-3; 5/1,2; 6/1-15; 7/1-7; 8/1-14; 9/1; 10/1; 11/1; 12/1; 13/1,2; 14/1-3; 15/1; 16/1; 17/; 18/1


RD/C/Cz1/1; 2/1


Acc. 1924 : RD/C/FR1/1-16; 2/1-4; 3/1-11; 4/1


Acc. 3655 : RD/C/Ca1/24-35; 2/1

  • Cookham, Berkshire
  • Local government
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