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Title: West Sussex School Records

This collection consists of the records of approximately 250 schools covering the whole of the county. Almost all are local authority controlled, and almost all the records have been received under the aegis of the County Education Department - in a steady flow of deposits from the 1950's onwards. A few private or independent schools are included, but their material is usually in published or duplicated form rather than original


The tables below give the references for all the schools in the following urban areas:


Bognor Regis




Crawley, Ifield and Worth










E/18 North Bersted, Board/Council School Opened 1879, moved to Laburnum Grove, 1967


Infants moved to new Barton County Infants School in 1973


E/24 South Bersted National c.1815. Rebuilt 1884, enlarged 1893. New premises in Church Lane for juniors 1963, infants 1991


E/24A Northcliffe House Private school moved from Cliftonville, Kent, 1913; closed 1963


E/24B Jubilee School and Infant School Charities (National Schools) Jubilee, for girls, founded 1809, schoolhouse built in High St. 1817. Infants School established 1832 in Dorset Gardens (London Road). Both closed 1870s after opening of Board School


E/24C Lyon Street Board / Council School Established 1872 school Built 1874. Moved to new premises in London Road 1960s as Edward Bryant School


E/24D South Bersted School Board Founded 1871


E/24E Nyewood CofE Opened in Richmond Avenue Sep. 1900, moved to Brent Road 1975


E/24F Bognor Regis Council Junior Mixed. Opened 1938 on same site as Senior Boys (E/24G) & Girls. New buildings in South Way 1958. Renamed the Michael Ayres School 1960


(The infants school on the same site in 1938, opened in new buildings as The Glade County Infants in 1963)


E/24G Bognor Regis Senior Boys Council School opened 1938, Secondary Modern after 1944 Act. Amalgamated 1959 with Senior Girls as the William Fletcher School and in 1967 with Bognor Regis Grammar School as the Bognor Regis Comprehensive School, later (1982) Community College


E/24H Bognor Regis Comprehensive Formed 1967 by amalgamation of William Fletcher School (see E/24G) & Bognor Regis Grammar School. Became Bognor Regis Community College 1982


E/24L Bognor Regis Training College Founded in 1946. Now part of Chichester Institute of Higher Education


E/24M Bognor Regis Technical Institute


E/24N Rose Green County Primary Opened 1951 (formerly Pagham National School E/146)


E/146 Pagham National Opened 1825. Also known as Sefter School. Moved to Raleigh Road, Rose Green, 1951 (see E/24N)


E/81 Felpham & Middleton National Established 1831, rebuilt 1872, moved to new site in 1888. Juniors moved to new school at Pennyfields, 1957, joined by infants 1972-3


See also entries in Related Materials for


Bognor Regis Boys' Grammar, opened 1959, amalgamated 1967 with E/24G


Bognor Regis Senior Girls, 1938, as for E/24G


(School plan & photos in WDC/AR; Governors' Minutes in E/24G/1/1)




E/35 Lancastrian Boys See T.G. Willis Records of Chichester


Opened 1810 Tower Street, moved 1910 Orchard Street (Council School); moved 1951 to present site, Kingsham Farm; merged 1971 with Chichester High School for Boys (see E/35Z). See E/35Y for Lancastrian Girls


E/35A Central School. CofE See T.G. Willis Records of Chichester, pp.280-1


E/35B Blue Gown Girls Charity School established 1710; closed c.1839. See E/35R


E/35C Bishop Otter Practising School For College, see E/35J


E/35D Oliver Whitby (Blue Coat boys) Founded 1702, closed 1950


E/35E Portfield Infants Opened 1872, closed 1933


E/35F St. Pancras Infants Founded 1843, 101 St. Pancras: transferred 1933 to St. James's Infants (see E/35T)


E/35G Elizabeth Johnston Girls Opened 1882, corner of St, Pancras & New Park Road; closed 1933, pupils transferred to Central & Lancastrian


E/35H Girls High School County Grammar School opened 1909


Comprehensive 1972


E/35J Bishop Otter College Opened 1850, closed 1868-73; became women's teacher training college 1873. Now part of Chichester Institute of Higher Education


E/35K Prebendal


E/35L The Chichester School Founded by Lt. Col. Norman Coates


E/35M Central Infants (St. Peter's, Tower Street) CofE built 1870. In 1896 incorporated with Northgate Infants, with Central Schools. Closed 1958


E/35N Boys High School County Secondary School, opened 1928. Merged 1971 with Lancastrian to become Comprehensive


E/35P College of Further Education Opened 1965


E/35Q St. James County Infants Council School, built 1933




E/35R Grey Coat Charity School Charity School, opened 1710, closed c.1839 (see E/35B)


E/35S Northgate Infants CofE, established 1836. Incorporated 1896 with St. Peter's Infants, Tower Street, with Central School. Closed 1910


E/35Q St. James's County Infants Opened 1933, later became Junior School




E/35U Evan Davies Junior


E/35V Special School, West Broyle


E/35W School of Art & Evening Institute


E/35X County Primary Schools (composite Managers' Minute Books)


- Lancastrian Infants


- Chichester Nursery School


- Kingsham County Primary School


- St. James's Infants


- St. James's County Primary (new buildings 1962)


- Jesse Younghusband County Primary (new buildings 1961)


E/35Y Lancastrian Girls For Lancastrian Boys, see E/35


E/35Z Boys' Comprehensive Merger of Lancastrian (E/35) and High School (E/35N) in 1971




VCH, vol. VI, part 3, p 94-5 has a list of Primary and Secondary Schools in the Crawley area with dates of opening


E/60 Crawley & Ifield CofE Founded 1830 at West Green. Divided 1884 into infants & mixed. Closed 1955, transferred to new St. Margaret's CofE (E/60D)


E/60A Worth County Primary Opened 1953, closed 1955, transferred to Three Bridges & Worth Junior Schools


E/60B Robinson Road Founded as Crawley & Ifield British School 1853, became Council School in 1903


E/60C Ifield CofE Established 1843. Closed 1955, transferred to new St. Margaret's CofE (E/60D)


St. Margaret's C of E Founded 1955


Cross reference


No collection from school


E/60E Crawley & Ifield Campus 3 - form entry mixed Grammar School


E/60F St. Wilfrid's R.C. Secondary Modern. Cross reference


No collection from school


E/60G Pound Hill Primary Cross reference


No collection from school


E/60H Crawley College of Further Education


E/60J Furnace Green Robert May County Primary & Junior (later Middle) School. Opened 1964, became Middle School Sept. 1975, closed 1979


*E/60K Crawley East Schools Pound Hill Primary, Northgate Primary, Three Bridges Primary, Tilgate Primary


*E/60L Crawley West Schools Ifield Primary, Langley Green Primary, West Green Primary, Little Deerswood, Jordan Primary, Southgate (until 1962)


*E/60M Crawley South Schools Bishop Bell Primary, Southgate Primary, Furnace Green Primary, Desmond Anderson Primary


E/298 Crawley Down National Mixed School, established 1851


E/516 Worth C of E National Public Elementary School built 1852, enlarged 1894. In 1950 became Controlled Secondary Modern, discontinued 24 July 1953


E/516A Three Bridges Junior Council School


E/516B Milton Mount College for Girls, Worth Park Established 1871 Gravesend as Boarding School & Teacher Training College. Moved 1920 to Worth Park. Closed July 1960 & amalgamated with Wentworth School in Boscombe, renamed Wentworth Milton Mount, serving as an independent grammar school for girls. Old Girls Association, The Miltonian Guild, survives


For Crawley Council & County Primary Schools Managers' Minutes, see E/60B/1/1-6


For Hazelwick County Secondary & Sarah Robinson Co. Sec. Managers' Minutes, 1954-62, see E/60E/1/1-2


* Until 1956, the Crawley School Managers' Board served two council schools. However, with the development of Crawley, and the opening of new schools the number increased to fourteen. Therefore, two management committees were formed to cover Crawley East and Crawley West. Crawley West temporarily included Southgate schools, until the formation of the Crawley South managerial body in 1962


For Crawley Council and County Primary Schools Managers' Minutes (before 1956), see E/60B/1/1-6


For Hazelwick County Secondary and Sarah Robinson County Secondary Managers' Minutes, 1954-62, see E/60E/1/1-2




E/102 School Board & Council


School Managers


E/102A Girls High School Opened 1904 as Pupil Teacher Centre. Became Secondary School for girls 1911; recognised by Board of Education and placed on list of Secondary Schools for grant, 1.8.1922


E/102B St Mark's Originally CofE Boys' School built 1840 in North Street. Taken over 1893 by School Board and became Infants' School


E/102C St. Mary's CofE (Girls)


E/102D East Parade Board School, built 1877, enlarged 1894 for boys, girls and infants. Transferred 1932 with Denne Road Infants to form new school in Clarence Road. Boys transferred 1935 to Denne Road School


E/102E Denne Road Board School, boys and girls. Joined 1932 with East Parade Boys. 1952 boys and girls became Chesworth Boys and Chesworth Girls, who combined in 1955 to become Chessworth County Primary


E/102F Greenways Previously Victory Road Boys and Victory Road Girls, built 1901, combined in 1955 to form Greenways Primary School


E/102G Clarence Road Infants Previously Denne Road Board School (E/102E) and St. Mark's Infants. Transferred to Clarence Road 1932 and known by that name. Renamed 1952 St. Leonard's County Primary School


E/102H Broadbridge Heath Public elementary (mixed) built 1883, now County Primary


E/102J St. John's R.C


E/102K Collyer's Founded 1532 by Richard Collyer, mercer. Rebuilt 1840. Old Premises disposed of 1889 and later became Denne Road Boys (E/102E). New building 1892-3. Boarding establishment closed 1935. Duckering Hall and new buildings opened 1964


E/102L Oxford Road Council School Later, Senior School


E/102N Three-Form Entry Secondary Modern Boys


E/102P Horsham Art School


E/102Q Christ's Hospital


E/102R Trafalgar Road Board School built 1874. Closed 1901 when replaced by Victory Road School (see E/102F)


E/102S Junior Technical School for Building Industry Founded 1943, closed 1958 when majority of pupils transferred to Horsham Secondary Technical School




E/125 Littlehampton Board School (Church Street, East Street and High Street schools)


E/125A Littlehampton National Established c1838, taken over 1878 by School Board


E/125B St. Catherine's R.C


E/125C County Secondary Boys Old buildings in Connaught Road taken over by Littlehampton County Primary School, then at Elm Grove. New buildings 1959, later named Andrew Cairns County Secondary School


E/125D East Street Infants In 1871 part of National School in Church Street. Infants separated 1873. East Street Girls and Infants built 1878. Moved 1940 to new premises in Elm Grove, and 1967 to new Infant School on fields adjacent


E/125E Rosemead Independent Girls School founded 1919. Merged 1995? With Lavant House School near Chichester


E/125F Connaught Junior


No reference Littlehampton County Secondary Girls' School Name changed 1961/2 to Maud Allan Girls' School


E/131 Flora McDonald County Junior School, at Wick (see E/131 Lyminster)


E/125G Littlehampton Elm Grove Council Junior Mixed School Later Connaught Road




See also, Durrington (E/70), Broadwater (E/29) and Heane (E/99)


E/218 Gaisford (Worthing County) High - Girls Began in 1905 in Bedford Row as pupil teacher centre. Taken over by LEA 1909 and became Grammar School. Moved 1914 to South Farm Road as Worthing County High School. Reorganised 1973 into Comprehensive, closed 1982


E/218A Junior Technical


E/218B Roman Catholic St. Joseph's, 1873; transferred 1929 to St. Mary's in Cobden Road


E/218C St. Andrew's Higher Grade, later Secondary Boys, 1897-. (Infants closed 1929.)


E/218D British School (Institute Day School) Montague Street, 1865-1885


E/218E Broadwater Temporary Infants Council School, 1909-. (For other Broadwater schools, see E/29.)


E/218F Christchurch National Began 1855, transferred to School Board 1901, became junior mixed and infants 1926, closed 1942


E/218G Davison School Founded in Chapel Road, 1854, as infants. Now Girls' Secondary School


E/218H St. George's Lyndhurst Road, 1873, taken over by School Board 1900, became junior mixed and infants 1939. Renamed Homefield County Primary 1952, closed 1960 (see also E/218M)


E/218I Sussex Road 1902 boys, girls and infants. Closed 1935 (see also E/218M & T)


E/218J West Tarring National Mixed and infants, 1862. Mixed enlarged 1893, closed 1897. Infants built 1880, enlarged 1894


E/218K Evening Classes Worthing Evening Continuation Classes


E/218L Worthing County High - Boys Secondary School for Boys


E/218M Sussex Road, Secondary Girls Originally department of St. George's (E/218H). In 1902 junior and senior girls moved to Sussex Road after takeover by School Board. New premises, 1958, as Worthing County Secondary School for Girls. Closed 1973, transferred to Durrrington High School


E/218N Holy Trinity 1885 infants, 1891 boys and girls. (Howard Street)


E/218P Worthing School of Arts & Crafts In 1952 became West Sussex College of Arts and Crafts. 1969, West Sussex College of Design


E/218Q Technical Institute


E/218R The Warren Independent Girls School founded by Miss Mary Louisa Bennett. Steyne High School for Girls from 1927, moving soon to Homefield and in 1929 to Warren Road, Durrington


E/218S Downsbrook Partially Hearing Unit, 1962-1976


E/218T West Tarring Secondary 1834 Richmond Road National School. Moved 1902 to Sussex Road. Moved 1941 and called West Tarring Senior Boys. From Sept. 1952 West Tarring County Secondary School for Boys, from 1982 Worthing High School for Boys


E/218U Free School for Boys and National Schools See VCH, vol.VI, pp.80-1, 125-6. For later records see also E/29, E/218F, G & T


E/218W West Tarring County Infants Opened 1909 after closure of E/218J

Date: 17th-20th centuries

The classification scheme adopted for the records of both primary and secondary schools is the following:


E/1. Managers: Minutes


E/2. Managers: Rate books


E/3. Managers: Accounts


E/4. Managers: Bills and receipts


E/5. Managers: Endowments


E/6. Managers: Buildings


E/7. Managers: Correspondence


E/8. Managers: Miscellanea


E/12. Headteacher: Logbooks


E/13 Headteacher: Registers


E/3/1 Headteacher: Pupils' admission registers


E/13/2 Headteacher: Pupils' attendance registers


E/13/3 Headteacher: Summary registers


E/14. Headteacher: Punishment books


E/15. Headteacher: Cash books


E/16. Headteacher: Bills and receipts


E/17. Headteacher: Correspondence


E/18. Headteacher: Visitors books


E/19. Headteacher: Miscellanea

Related material:

The catalogues of many schools include references to other archives groups. The long and close connection with the Church of England means that many items have reached the Record Office via the incumbent and have been catalogued with his parish records. All these items will have a reference prefixed by "Par". The local authority's involvement has produced an accumulation of records relating to sites and buildings, which are held in the West Sussex County Council's archive. Plans are among the records of the County Architect and normally bear the prefix "WDC/AR". Title deeds and related papers have been catalogued in the Add MSS series. There are also smaller numbers of cross references to other West Sussex Record Office collections. In addition there is, of course, much further information (beyond the scope of this catalogue) to be found in the records of the County Education Department and of the County Education Committee and its sub-committees


Some schools are represented in the Record Office only by records in other collections or of other schools. They do not have entries in the main body of this catalogue, but are listed here with references to those other collections or to entries for other schools in this catalogue


BOGNOR REGIS: Senior Girls Council School


Opened in 1938 on the same site as the Junior and Boys Schools. Became Secondary Modern after 1944 Education Act; in 1959 amalgamated with Boys School to become the William Fletcher Secondary School; in 1967 merged with the Grammar School to form part of Bognor Regis Comprehensive School, later Community College


For Governors' Minutes, 1947-1964, see E/24G/1/1


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


WDC/AR16/24/4 Plan of school, 1936. (1 doc.)


WDC/AR17/24/8 Photographs of the newly completed Senior and Junior Schools, c.1938. (4 docs.)


BOGNOR REGIS BOYS GRAMMAR SCHOOL: Opened 1959. Amalgamated with the William Fletcher Secondary School, 1967, to form part of Bognor Regis Comprehensive School, later Community College


For Governors' Minutes, 1959-1964, 1964-1967, see E/24G/1/1 AND E/24H/1/1


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


WDC/AR16/24/5 Plans of school, 1955-1957 (16 docs.)


BOGNOR REGIS: Barton Road County Infants School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


WDC/AR16/24/7 Plans of school, 1971. (2 docs.)


BURGESS HILL: Oakmeads School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


WDC/AR16/282/2 Plans of school fire precautions, 1982. (2 docs.)


CHICHESTER: Special School, West Broyle


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add. Mss. 11085 Plans of school, 1955. (2 docs.)


CHICHESTER: Evan Davies Junior School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add. Mss. 11085 Plan of School, 1963. (1 doc.)


COATES: National School


Although Coates School was a National School, it was effectively a private one run by Lord Leconfield. He provided the building, for most of the schools life was the only subscriber, and he and the estate office staff were the managers. The school was opened in 1875 as a Mixed and Infants School, for the parishes of Barlavington, Burton, Coates and the north part of Bury. It was closed in 1890, reopened as an Infants school only in 1892, and finally closed in 1906


All the records listed below are part of the Petworth house Archives


PHA 5921 Register of Attendance and payments (Girls Dept.) at Coates [National] School. 1875-1876


PHA 5924 Register of Attendance and payments (Boys Dept.) at Coates [National] School. 1875-1876


PHA 6554 Head teachers log book. 1875-1890


PHA 6555 School portfolio, containing Inspectors' reports, examination and grant schedules, annual statements of accounts, and related correspondence. 1875-1897


PHA 6556, 6557 Cash Books (At the front of PHA 6556 is a circular addressed to the ratepayers of Barlavington, Burton and Coates and the north part of Bury, proposing the establishment of the school. 1875-1890, 1892-1903


PHA 5922 Register of Attendance and payments (Girls Dept.) at Coates [National] School. 1876-1877


PHA 5927 Education Department 'New Code of Regulations', printed handbook, property of Coates School. 1879


PHA 5925 Register of Attendance and payments (Boys Dept.). at Coates [National] School. 1879-1880


PHA 5928 The Royal History Reader No III, property of Coates School. 1882


PHA 5929 Stories from English History Simply Told. A Reading Book for Standard III., property of Coates School. 1883


PHA 5923 Register of Attendance and payments (Girls Dept.) at Coates [National] School. 1883-1884


PHA 5926 Register of Attendance and payments (Infants Dept.) at Coates [National] School. 1884-1885


PHA 6558 Bank pass book. 1889-1905


PHA 6559 Cheques, 1 bundle. 1890-1898


PHA 6560, 6562 Correspondence, mainly between the headmistress, the Petworth Estate Office, and the Board of Education, 12 bundles. The later correspondence includes Inspectors' Reports, Annual School Returns, and annual statements of accounts. 1892-1907


PHA 6563 Annual bundles of bills and vouchers, eight bundles. 1895-1903


PHA 6564 Summary attendance register. 1902-1905


PHA 6566 Papers relating to the 1902 Education Act, including leases of the school, 1 bundle. 1903


PHA 6565 Managers' minute book. 1903-1906


PHA 6567 Attendance Register. 1905-1906


PHA 6568 National Society Catalogue, n.d


CRAWLEY: St. Margarets Church of England School


Founded in 1955


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Par 60/7/8/72 Correspondence relating to the school, 1956-1959. (1 file)


CRAWLEY: Hazelwick County Secondary School


Sarah Robinson County Secondary School


For Governors' Minutes, 1954-1962, see E/60E/1/1-2


CRAWLEY: St. Wilfrids R.C. Secondary Modern School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms.11089 Plans for conversion from "Oakwood" house, 1951, 1952. (5 docs.)


CRAWLEY: Pound Hill Primary School


County Junior and Infants school, opened 1955. From 1957, took on the buildings of the former Worth County Primary School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms. 11089 Plan of Parish Hill Primary School, 1953. (1 doc.)


E/60K/1/1 Crawley East Primary Schools Managers' Minute Book, July 1956 - February 1962. (1 vol.)


E/60K/1/2 Crawley East Primary Schools Managers' Minute Book, April 1962 - June 1970. (1 vol.)


E/60K/1/3 Crawley East Primary Schools Managers' Minute Book, June 1970 - February 1971. (1 vol.)


CUCKFIELD: WARDEN COURT GIRLS' SCHOOL: A private girls' school, at which the depositor's aunt, Miss Whittle, was principal until the school's closure in c.1957. Miss Whittle was formerly Secretary at Tortington Park School, near Arundel. She went into partnership at Warden Court with the maths teacher at Tortington


[See M. Wright, Cuckfield in Old Picture Postcards, plate 65]


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms. 41,249 Daily Order Book, 1900-1933


Add.Ms. 41,250 Roll of Honour, illustrated and compiled by pupils


Add.Ms 42,248 6 May 1905 - 16 November 1925. Visitors Book. (1 pocket book)


Add.Ms 42,249 1930-1933. Oxford Local Exams. Record of Results. Warden Court Girls' School and County Secondary School, Farlington House, The Priory, St. Joseph's Convent, Sunnybrae School, and Trevelyan School. (1 exercise book)


DURRINGTON: Council School


Mixed school, built in 1909


Documents in West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms. 6173 Deeds of 1a. land in Durrington, on the road leading from Salvington to Durrington, for a school site, 1908, with abstract of title reciting from 1874. (9 docs.)


Add.Ms. 6177 Contracts, bonds and plans for alterations and additions to Durrington Junior Mixed and Infants School, Salvington Road, Durrington, and agreement for the employment of a quantity surveyor, 1937, 1946. (3 docs.)


WDC/AR16/70/1 Plans of the school, 1908. (2 docs.)


GRAFFHAM: Graffham Council School


The present Headmistress believes that the Graffham School Records were destroyed in 1913


Documents in West Sussex Record Office collections


WDC/AR16/93/1 Graffham Council School, improvements 1912, 1914. (2 plans)


WDC/AR16/93/2 Graffham Board School, additions 1894 (1 plan)


HEENE: Holt Middle Class [Girls] School


The Lady Burrell Exhibition founded "to assist Daughters of Farmers or Tradesmen, resident for not less than five years in the County of Sussex, to obtain a good Education at some School where the Doctrines of the Church of England are distinctively taught," was bequeathed by Dame Henrietta Katherine Burrell in her will (proved June 1880) for the benefit of the Holt Middle Class [Girl's] School at Heene in Worthing


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms. 11,174,11,175 Bank books of the Holt School Community July 1880 - June 1916, July 1916 - Nov, 1931


Add.Ms. 11,176 Charity Commissioners' Scheme for the Dame Henrietta Burrell Foundation, 16 March 1894


Add.Ms. 11,177 Two copies of printed circular concerning the aims of the Foundation [1894] and 1896


Add.Ms. 11,178 Correspondence relating to Trustees and other officers, and also to the application and investment of funds, 1893 - 1952


Add.Ms. 11,179 Statements of Account, 1912 - 1924, 1936, 1937 (15 items)


Add.Ms. 11,180 Cheque-book stubs for money paid to the beneficiaries of the Foundation, 1906 - 1959


Add.Ms. 11,181 Investment account book of the Holt School Committee, 1920 - 1927


HORSHAM: Forest Secondary Girls School


Forest Secondary Boys School


New buildings were erected in 1958. Formerly named the County Secondary School for Girls, and the County Secondary School for Boys


For Managers' Minutes, see E/102A/1/4 & 5


HORSHAM: Oxford Road Council School


Later became Senior School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


WDC/AR16/102/17 Oxford Road Council School, Plans, 1913 (2 docs.)


Add.Ms.6199 Deeds of site of Oxford Road School, Horsham. Abstract of title recites from 1886. 1908-1913. (13 docs.)


HORSHAM: Three Form Entry Secondary Modern Boys School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms.11,091 Plan of proposed Three Form Entry Secondary Modern School for 450 Boys. 1911. (1 doc.)


HORSHAM: Christ's Hospital


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


MP815 List of Christ's Hospital Archives at Guildhall Library, London


HORSHAM: Trafalgar Rd. Board School


Built in 1874 and closed in 1901 when it was replaced by the Victory Rd. School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms.19866 1900. Abstract of title from 1879 of Horsham School Board to school premises in Trafalgar Road, Horsham, with plan


LANCING: Lancing County Primary Schools


North Lancing County Infants (and Junior) School


Built in 1913. Enlarged in 1932


For Minute Books, see E/118/1/1-4


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


WDC/AR17/118/7 Photograph of North Lancing Infants School, Mill Road, n.d. [1950-1960]. (1 doc.)


LANCING: Boundstone Secondary School


For Managers' Minutes, see E/170H/1/1-2


LANCING: Irene Avenue County Primary School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


WDC/AR16/118/1 Plans of the school, 1934. (5)


WDC/AR16/118/2 Plan of a caretaker's cottage, 1935. (1)


LANCING: Nursery School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Add.Ms.11,093 Lancing: Nursery school drawing, 1947. (1 doc.)


LITTLEHAMPTON: Littlehampton County Secondary School: Girls School


School changed its name to the Maud Allan Girl's School in 1961/2


For Managers' Minutes, see 125C/1/1


M.P.719 Album of photographs of Littlehampton Secondary School for Girls, presented by Evan T. Davies in 1951.(1 vol.)


130A LURGASHALL: Roundhurst C. of E. School


Dedicated by the Bishop of Chichester on the 24th November, 1874


Closed on the 31st March, 1923


There were two C.E Schools in the parish, Lurgashall National and Roundhurst, and to some extent their administration by managers was united. Apparently these are the only surviving records


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office collections


Par 130/25/8 Plan of Roundhurst School, n.d. [1874]


Par 130/25/9 List of contributions and donations towards a fence at Roundhurst School, 1881. (1.f.)


Par 130/25/10 Inventory of gifts to Roundhurst School, nd. (1.f.)


Par 130/25/11 Correspondence with the Revd. G.H. Milner concerning the use of Roundhurst School buildings by evacuees, and repairs to the school, December 1941 - June 1942. (3 items)


Par 130/25/12 Roundhurst School Log Book, 1875-1914


Pp.1-471 Log Book of Roundhurst School, March 1875 - May 1914


Pp.472-499 Notes on lessons, 1901-1896


Par 130/25/13 Roundhurst School Log Book, May 1914-March 1923. (pp.1-139)


NORTHCHAPEL: Church of England School, later Council School


Public Elementary School, mixed, built in 1835. The School became a Council School and moved to a new building erected by the County Council in 1916


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.MS.6268 Deeds of land at Northchapel bought in 1914 as a site for a Council School. Abstract of title recites from 1897. (3 docs.) 1914


Par 142/25/1 Management committee minute book, 1881-1901. Last page contains a minute of a parish meeting concerning the church bells, 1886. (1 vol.)


Par 142/25/2 School voucher book, 1881-1885, with minutes of two management committee meetings, 1896. (1 vol.)


Par 142/25/3 Correspondence relating to appointment of teachers, 1884-1916. Letters include resignation of H.F. Simmons, and appointment of Arthur J. Ridgwell, 1884; of Miss Constance Oakley as assistant Mistress, 1897; of Miss Annie Mary Newman, 1910; and a full correspondence with West Sussex Education Committee concerning the appointment of Miss Minnie Jeans, 1914; letters in 1915 highlighted difficulty of obtaining head teachers during the 1st World War. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/4 Papers relating to H.M. and Diocesan Inspectors' reports, general matters of school attendance, grants, and to the selection by West Sussex Education Committee of the school for instructions in woodwork in connection with the Underwood Industry, 1894-1914


Par 142/25/5 Returns, claims for and notifications of grants following Inspectors' reports, 1895-1913. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/6 Papers relating to discipline, non-attendance, curriculum, etc. 1897-1915


Included are: comprehensive report on the state of the school by the master, A.J. Ridgwell, 1897; Board of Education circular concerning church attendance in school hours, 1904; further correspondence on the Underwood Industry [See Par 142/25/4]; and the "Memorandum on the Principles and Methods of Rural Education" endorsed by West Sussex and Chichester Joint Education Committee, 1911. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/7 Minutes of Committee of Managers, 1901-1903 (1 vol.)


Par 142/25/8 Copy of the Education Act, 1902, and of Board of Education's Final Order made under section 11 of the Act, 1903. (2 pamphlets)


Par 142/25/9 Accounts, receipted bills, sales accounts with West Sussex Education Committee, etc., 1902-1914. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/10 Correspondence concerning improvements to the school and its future management, 1903-1916. Early letters relate to the forming of a new Diocesan Board of Education following the Education Act, 1902. The bulk of the correspondence, between the Rev. G.F. Bright, The Diocesan Board of Education, West Sussex Education Committee, the Board of Education and Lord Leconfield, deals with the lack of money to carry out required improvements and with the resulting controversy about whether the school should be handed over to the county. Letters in 1915 refer to the billeting of troops in the school. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/11 Papers concerning the appointment and pay of cleaners, 1904-1914. In particular, letters relate to the payment of Mrs.Kate Newman, head of a firm of builders etc., who was responsible for overseeing the cleaners. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/12 Correspondence relating to health, 1904-1915. Letters cover closure of the school, epidemics of whooping-cough and diphtheria, individual cases of disabled children, and include copies of the 1907 regulation for medical inspection and of relevant sections of the Children Act, 1908. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/13 Papers relating to teachers' salaries, 1904-1915. These include West Sussex County Councils' salary scales, 1908, and individual teachers' salary agreements. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/14 Letters relating to the illness of the head teacher, Arthur J. Ridgwell, up to his death, 1905-1915. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/15 Papers concerning grants, taxation, and wartime billeting by the military authorities, 1910-1915. Include letter from West Sussex Education Committee concerning warning road signs near the school and advising the managers to apply to the Royal Automobile Club, 1910. (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/16 Plan of Free School and Playground in the Parish of Northchapel Sussex, 1849. [for details see maps catalogue III]


Par 142/25/17 Annual statements of income and expenditure, 1897-1899 (3 docs.)


Par 142/25/18 Managers Minute Book. May 1903 - September 1947


pp.63,64 last meeting of managers of Northchapel Church of England School, March 1916


p.64 children assemble after Easter Holidays at the new building erected by the County Council, 1916


p.66 first meeting of managers of Northchapel Council School, September 1916. (1 vol.; 162pp.)


Par 142/25/19 Visitors Book, July 1903 - November 1910 (3 ff.)


Par 142/25/20 Agreements for tenancy of cottage known as School Cottage, 1916, 1948. (2 docs.) Par 142/25/21 Accounts of the Trustees of the Old School and School House, 1926-1955 (1 vol.)


Par 142/25/22 Correspondence papers and plan concerning Old School and School House. Includes rules governing use of the Old School, 1928. 1926-1954 (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/23 Papers and specifications relating to alterations, repairs and redecoration of the Old School and School House. Includes plan of Old School, 1945. 1927-1957 (1 bdl.)


Par 142/25/24 Agreement for employment of Mrs Alice Prince as school cleaner, 1945 (1 doc.)


Par 142/25/25 Correspondence mostly from W.S.C.C. concerning the Council School, 1947-1952


Par 142/25/26 Duplicate Agreement for the use of the Old School for school canteen, public library and maternity and child welfare purposes; 1954 (1 doc.)


SELSEY: Selsey Council Infants School


Built in 1905


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.6293 Deeds of Selsey Infants School, 1843-1904. (15 docs.)


WDC/AR16/166/1 Plan of school, n.d. (4 docs.)


WDC/AR16/166/2 Plans of proposed extensions, 1937. (1 doc.)


SELSEY: The Manhood, Selsey Senior School


New Buildings erected in 1964


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


CC831 [missing] Photograph of classroom at Selsey Senior School, n.d. [1964]. (1 doc.)


NEW SHOREHAM: Junior and Infant Primary School


Built in Buckingham Road and opened in 1958


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.11,100 Plans, n.d. c.1958. (2 docs.)


NEW SHOREHAM: County Infants, Three Form Entry School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.11,100 Plans, 1961. (2 docs.)


NEW SHOREHAM: Ham Road School


A Board school (mixed and infants) erected in 1875


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.6296 Deeds of Ham Road School. Abstract of title recites from 1814 and 1874. Plan. (20 docs.). 1872-1946


NEW SHOREHAM: New Shoreham Protestant Grammar School, later Shoreham Grammar School. Founded in 1842


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.31,146 Arithmetic exercise book of H[ipkin] J. Welch, at the New Shoreham Protestant Grammar School. Headmaster W.H. Harper, n.d. [1850's]


Add.Ms.31,147 Arithmetic and land surveying excercise book of Hipkin J. Welch, at the New Shoreham Protestant Grammar School. Inclosed is a plan of the school playground, surveyed by Hipkin J. Welch, 9 June 1859, n.d. [1850's]


SHOREHAM: Kings Manor County Secondary Girls School


Before 1958 the school was known as the Southwick County Secondary Girls School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


For Minute Books see E/170H/1/1-2


MP722 Programme for the opening of Southwick and Shoreham Senior Girls' School, 1935. (1 doc.)


SLINDON: St. Richard's Roman Catholic School


Built in 1870 for 40 children


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


WDC/AR16/175/1 Plan of St. Richard's School, 1918. (1 doc.)


SLINFOLD: Rowhook National School, built in 1874 - though there appears to have been an earlier school built in 1856. It appears to have closed around 1904


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Par 176/25/21 Correspondence relating to the uniting of Slinfold, Rudgwick and Warnham for educational purposes and to the building of Rowhook School to prevent this, 1872-1874. (11 docs.)


Par 176/25/22 Minute Book, 1873 - April 1877. (1 vol.)


Par 176/25/23 Minute Book, 1878 - 1904. (1 vol.)


Par 176/25/24 Deed of conveyance of school site and copy, 1874, 1957. (2 docs.)


Par 176/25/28 Plan and elevations for proposed school by Gordon M. Hills, architect, 1873. (2 docs.)


WEST STOKE: Public Elementary School


Mixed. Open in 1866 and closed in the 1920's


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Par 186/25/1 A letter from the Board of Education to the Local Education Authority concerning improvements to School buildings and a request to consider building a new School as otherwise recognition of the old Primary School will be withdrawn. 12th December 1910. (3pp.)


Par 186/25/2 West Stoke school managers minute book, June 1903 - January 1922 (1 vol.)


GOODWOOD MS.1375 Letters relating to West Stoke School, 1894-1907 and n.d


GOODWOOD MS.1376 Letters relating to West Stoke School, 1901. (2 docs.)


SULLINGTON: National School


The School was closed in 1921


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Par 190/9/4 Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence concerning Sullington Church, school and the School Cottages, 1914-1945. (1 bdl.)


Par 190/25/1 Log Book, 1869-1875


Par 190/25/2 Log Book, 1875-1889


Par 190/25/3 Account Book, 1875-1903. An abstract of each year's account is given at the back of the volume. This volume also contains the Parish Room Account, 1921-1923, the school having closed in 1920. [see also Par 190/9/4]


Par 190/25/4 Pass Book, Messrs. Henty (later Lloyds Bank Ltd.) in account with Sullington School, 1893-1921. [see also Par 190/10/1, 2 and Par 190/9/4]


See also Add.Mss.13243 and 13244/3


WEST TARRING: Rectory Road Senior Boys Elementary School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.6346 Deeds of Rectory Road Senior Boys Elementary School, West Tarring. Abstracts of title recite from dates bewteen 1875 and 1926. (26 docs.) 1899-1954


Add.Ms.6347 Contract and bond for the erection of the Senior Boys Elementary School, Rectory Road, West Tarring. Includes bill of quantities and plans. (1 vol.) 1939


TARRING ACADEMY: Private Fee Paying School


Documents in other West Sussex Record Office Collections


Add.Ms.36773 Manuscript writing book of Charles New, 21 December 1803 (6ff.)


WASHINGTON: Public elementary, Church of England School


Tape recorded extracts of Admission Registers and Log Books, 1867-1931, compiled by Tony Jenner, Warren Hill Lodge, Washington, from original documents retained by the Headteacher, 1993


(4 cassettes) WSRO OH 91

Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

West Sussex County Council, Education Department

Physical description: Extent of collection: approximately 650 boxes
Access conditions:

To control access to personal information about individuals, a 30 year closure rule has been adopted for minute books, logbooks, admission registers and a few other items. This means that volumes containing material less than 30 years old will not be made available to readers visiting the Record Office.

  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex
  • Educational administration
Administrative / biographical background:

Most of the schools are elementary (Infants, Primary or Junior) with the majority founded in the middle or late 19th century. A few date back to the earlier years of the century, and a handful to the previous. In a county firmly attached to the Established Church, the majority were founded as National or Church of England schools. Between the 1870 and 1902 Education Acts about 20 Board Schools appear, often taking over from failing voluntaries. In the 20th century, the Local Education Authority takes on an increasingly important rôle.


The core of their records derives from the Revised Code of 1862, producing series of logbooks and pupil admission registers (backed up, of course, by managers' minute books). With the 20th century, a wider diversity appears, reflecting study topics, pupil activities and school organisations.


Secondary schools are thinly represented in an almost entirely rural county. Historic endowed grammar schools at Chichester, Horsham, Midhurst, and Steyning, provide the oldest material in the collection. The nineteenth century reflects the emergence of independent schools such as the Woodard foundations at Lancing, Ardingly and Hurstpierpoint (whose true archives are held within their institution) - and smaller, and usually short-lived, institutions such as Lancing Grammar School. The other secondary schools are established after 1918 Education Act - initially selective, but, with the passing of the 1944 Act, broadening to include Secondary Moderns and Comprehensives. The records of the secondary schools are more diverse than the primaries. Logbooks are rare; but admissions are reasonably well documented. There is, however, a greater quantity and variety of records covering pupil and school activities.

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