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Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue P

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS5901 Accounts of the executors of Nicholas Swane of Burwash including rent of Jenkins Town in Warbleton, a farm at Tenterden and land at Hailsham, 1679-1693; accounts of Elizabeth Cowper as overseer of her husband John Cowper of Squibbs in Salehurst, 1699-1703; farming accounts of Stephen Love at Squibbs, 1765-1768, and as executor of his father Edward Love of Headcorn, 1767-1769; lists of payments to women for hop-picking [?at Squibbs], 1690-1699; 1679-1769


AMS5902 Deeds of 177 High Street, Lewes (Edmunds-King and Morris-Verrall-Molineux-Jeffery-Hoadley); includes land behind 178 High Street (Harrison and Taylor-Barnes-Plaw-Sergison-King and Morris-Davey, 1705-1826), warehouse and cellar near the property (Kidd-Verrall 1831) and a house in North Court Cliffe (Wickens, Hardyman and Nutley-Verrall, 1806-1830); 1780-1925


AMS5903 Accounts of Richard Ade of Winchelsea mentioning fairs, cricket, innoculation, jury-service, his wedding, French weavers and plays; receipts for sales of tile and stone; accounts for moneylending; 1753-1779


AMS5904 The manor of Ewhurst (Iwood-Hall), 1419; two houses and land in Beckley and Northiam (Russell-Jurden), 1584; marshland at Newchurch in Romney Marsh Kent (Bromfield family), 1623-1636; settlement on the marriage of Barnham Powell and Elizabeth Clitherow: manor of Ewhurst with the court lodge and 420a, Praules and 150a in Ewhurst, Hollands and 40a in Ewhurst, house and land bought from John Muddle in Ewhurst, manors of Bodiam and Broomham, Bodiam Castle and 180a in Bodiam, the manor of Mote, the manor house and 840a in Iden and Peasmarsh, [1674]-1686


AMS5905 Settlement on marriage of Frances Sackville dowager countess of Dorset and Henry Powle of Colne St Aldwin Gloucs: Buckhurst Park and other land in Hartfield and Withyham, [1652]-1679


AMS5906 Map of Richard Porter's Chailey Parsonage by Thomas Pointin, 1724


AMS5907 Map of Thomas Frewen's Brede Place by John Stonestreet, 1731


AMS5908 Map of Ann Davis's Jacobs Farm in Brede, Sedlescombe, Westfield and Udimore by John Bowra, 1777


AMS5909 Court Books of Chalvington, Chiddingly, Michelham Parkgate, Milton, Lullington, Swanborough, Houndean, Wilmington, Sharnfold and Imberhorne Manors, 1606-1925, with a survey of Imberhorne, 1615, rentals of Imberhorne, 1826-1925 and of Chiddingly, 1892


AMS5910 Court books of Lullington and Milton manors, 1769-1785, of Chiddingly, 1824-1937 and of Imberhorne manor, 1794-1937 with a rental of Imberhorne, 1892


AMS5911 Deeds of Dale House, Ticehurst, used as a school 1846-1851 (Pelham-Taylor; Vidler-Jarvis-Noakes-Usherwood-Oldfield-Hankey-Newington-Pitcairn), 1592-1920


AMS5912 William Grimmett's Education Charity, Brighton, including lists of boys, 1754-1977


AMS5913 Saunders Educational Foundation, Uckfield and Buxted, 1827-1956


AMS5914 Pendney, Park Meads and Slomans House in Framfield (Wickersham-Stone), 1625-1730; late Profets and Averys in Hailsham (Susan-Mills-Barton-Everest), with settlements on the marriage of John Everest and Martha Swaine in 1635 and JE and Judith Button in 1638, and details of the manor of Earsham otherwise Hailsham of which it was held, 1538-1720; Wosings in East Hoathly (Arnold-Mittel-Pickering-Pelham), 1635-1712


AMS5915 Maps of the duke of Dorset's Broyle in Ringmer and Framfield by Thomas Jackman, 1764 and of Lord George Germain's Perryhill in Hartfield by John Bowra, 1771


AMS5916 Sale particular of Hedderwick, Fielden Lane, Crowborough, Callaway deceased, 1930, with title from De la Warr-Fielden in 1862


AMS5917 Catts Land near Tyesgate in Maresfield (Buste-Payne; Vigor-Wildish-Lewry-Wood), 1607-1964


AMS5918 Brief for the relief of French Protestants for the parishes of Ringmer, Ashburnham, Crowhurst, Hellingly, West Hoathly, Iford, Newtimber, Patcham, Pevensey, Seaford, Southease, Wartling and Westfield, 1694


AMS5919 Pardon for alienation without licence, Manor of Hyde, Lewes (Amherst), 1646


AMS5920 Papers of John Gosling of Cross in Hand Waldron, fellmonger and glover, with details of hop-growing, 1739-1762


AMS5921 Land at Walsingham and New Shoreham Roads in Aldrington (Gallard, Stretton and Vaughan-Williams), 1880, with title from 1833


AMS5922 Barham House estate in Waldron and East Hoathly: Skokis in Waldron and East Hoathly (Earle-Dann-Adams), 1713-1715; Hoads in East Hoathly (Streeter-Pierce-Brazier), 1718-1739; Nicholas, Kilmear and Speles in East Hoathly (Benge-Goldsmith), 1722-1756; house and land in East Hoathly (Piper-Paine), 1796; land near Scallowbridge (Sellens-Colgate), 1828; cottage and waste (Carley-parish-Hart), 1812[-1842]; house and land in East Hoathly (Randall-Boys), 1788


AMS5923 Old Claverham Farm, Cottage at Wick Street and 4a in Middle Land Arlington (lease Medley-Attwood), 1791; White House Farm Waldron (legacy receipts Attwood-Fuller), 1793-1797; probate of Betty Boys of Aliston widow 1809 and William Boys of Selmeston 1815; Wayfields and The Corbetts and other marsh at Horseye, Rickney and Chilley in Pevensey (Relfe-Fuller), 1778-1817; Ludlay and Mays Farms in Selmeston (lease Gage-Fuller), 1822; Laughton copyholds called Willards, Olives Acres, Notts otherwise Watts and Newland in Waldron (Attwood-Fuller-Blaker), 1842-1846; manor of Ludlay in Selmeston (Foster-heirs-Rochester), 1654; settlement on marriage of Robert Rochester and Elizabeth Markwick: manor of Ludlay and land in Selmeston and Berwick, 1673; probate of Thomas Ranger of Waldron 1749; probate of John Burges of Buxted 1728 and his widow Elizabeth, 1738; 25a in East Hoathly (Virgo-Weller), 1637; house and 8a called Nicholas, once part of Chapmans, and land called Lilmere and The Speles otherwise Garlands in East Hoathly (Stace als Sheather-Alchorne; Benge-Goldsmith-Piper), 1648, 1722-1764


AMS5924 Transcripts of letters from Ann Alford and her son John Alford to his tutor John Locke at Christ Church Oxford, 1665-1666, 1681


AMS5925 Western/Central Brighton Traders' Association minutes, reports and accounts, 1929-74


AMS5926 Local rolls of assessment 1332 subsidy for the hundreds of Rotherbridge (Petworth, River, Tillington, Ebernoe, Stopham, Sutton, Wollavington, Barlavington and Duncton), Holmstrow (Rodmell, Southease and Meeching), Guestling (Guestling, Icklesham, Pett and Fairlight (sums only) and details of William de Ore's stock), Bexhill, Staple (sums only for Ewhurst, Sedlescombe, Chitcombe and Northiam) and Henhurst (Fontridge, Glottenham, Salehurst and Iridge)


AMS5927 Little Woodberrie (formerly Yew Tree Cottage), Icklesham (Newcastle-Cleve-Champney-Bumpstead-Cloke-Breeds-Newington-Hodgson-Weston-Upjohn-Merricks-Cooper-Bewley-James-Biggs-Thake-Warren-McMillan-Crowe), including cottage, buildings and land at Shellies Green Guestling, 1829 and sale off to Morris, 1884; 1721-1984


AMS5928 Court books of Blatchington Manor in East Blatchington, Eastbourne and Willingdon, 1541-1861, including rental of land at Cokeham and Sompting, 1541; bound in lease [?of Filsham Farm in St Leonards, c1730]


AMS5929 Probate of Richard Tutt of Eastbourne, shepherd, with reference to slavery of beneficiary, 1698


AMS5930 Estate of Rev William Peckham Woodward of Maresfield: Mayfield copyhold called Denys and Potmans Croft in Mayfield (Marchant-Peckham), 1727-1730; probate of John Peckham of Arches in Framfield (Claylands in Mayfield, Little Lamphams in Pevensey, Potmans Croft, Marchants, Woodwards and Drays in Mayfield), 1743; probate of William Peckham of Arches in Framfield (Arches, Mount Ephraim and Hawksbridge in Framfield, Bolneys in East Hoathly, Little Lampham in Pevensey and Peaks Farm in Chiddingly and Hellingly), 1771; settlement on marriage of William Woodward and Sarah Peckham: as above and Dapps farm Mayfield, Sichell Brooks in Framfield, land under Uckfield tithe barn, a house at Honey's Green Framfield, Tovies in Worth, land in Ringmer and Balmer in Falmer, 1771; Polt Row Wood in Framfield (Stone-Waghorne-Peckham), including the probate of Sarah Peckham of Buxted, 1755-1776; Framfield copyhold house and land (Calverly-Mason-Woodward) 1781-1783; Framfield copyhold land at Poundsley Green and a cottage at Terrible Down (Durrant-Woodward), 1810; probate of Robert Durrant of Framfield (farms at Sevenoaks, Chevening and Speldhurst; Broomfields Farm Mayfield, Great Streele and Highlands farms Framfield, farm in Buxted, house at Shortbridge in Fletching, cottages in Framfield, farm and millpond in Buxted, Lower Sandhill and Squires in Framfield, Coles Farm at Pounsley in Buxted), 1800; mortgage of Common Coppice in Chiltington and Westmeston, Chaynes, part of Crops Tenement, Gourds and other property in Streat, racing stables in Church Street and North Street Brighton (Shergold-Durrant-Woodward), 1796-1801; schedule of deeds of Arches, Bolneys, Hawksbridge, Old Orchard, Marchants, Woodwards, Drays, Potmans Croft, Lanthorne Farm and Polt Row Wood in Framfield, 1730-1829; Thunders Hill and Ramsbeech in Chiddingly (Curtis-Ellis-Peckham), with deeds of Woodsfall Down, Willetts, Burchens otherwise Beans and The Spot [?in Chiddingly], 1743-1776; letter from William Newton to Eliza Elmes discussing religion, his move to Lewes and his law practice, 1598


AMS5931 Scrapbooks and press-cuttings books of the Rev Walter George Frostick, vicar of St Barnabas Brighton and St Agnes Hove, relating to Anglo-Catholic affairs and the obituaries of local clergy, 1913-62


AMS5932 Naval chart of Newhaven by Christopher Gunman on the royal yacht Ann, showing Newhaven, South Heighton and Seaford, the ferry, a windmill on Rookery Hill Bishopstone and beacons at the harbour mouth; 1676


AMS5933 Apprenticeship of Edward Thomas of Jevington to Jonathan Greenwood of Jevington tailor, 1745


AMS5934 Handbill for the sale of furniture of John Lee late of Piltdown in Fletching, emigrated to America, 1854


AMS5935 Pelham assignment of land and rent in lieu of dower: manor of Bivelham in Mayfield, castleguard rents from certain manors, bondhold rents and the rent of Burnthoth in Burwash, Kingsdown in Burwash, the hundreds of Hawkesborough, Shoyswell and Foxearle, the third presentation to Burwash rectory (Pelham), 1429


AMS5936 Flint Cottage and 1-6 Church Street Willingdon, formerly 3 copyholds of Willingdon, including a police cell (Thomas-Adams-Carter), with sale off to Wedderburn, 1905; 1858-1948


AMS5937 Letter from John Whaley at Rye and Lewes [?to Horace Walpole] describing Canterbury, Dean House Wingham, pictures at Waldeshare, Rye, Winchelsea, Compton Place Eastbourne and a cricket match at Lewes; 1735


AMS5938 Letter from Timothy Hurst of New York to Sir John Bridger at Hamsey discussing land in Morris County, 1783


AMS5939 Newhaven Telegraph issue 97, 1910


AMS5940 Account books with tradesmen of the household of Samuel P Arnold of 6 Brunswick Square Hove, druggist, (Balchin and Nell fruiterers, Boother cured fish and oysters, Clements butcher, Cowley baker, Ellis cheesemonger, Haylar fishmonger, Hemmings grocer, Hogbin biscuitmaker, Hughes poulterer and Unwin tea warehouse), 1861-1865


AMS5941 Receipt for the purchase price of Bolinton and Pebsham [in Bexhill] and Playden (Eu-Treport-Robertsbridge abbey), 1290


AMS5942 House on north side of Shirley Street Hove (Western-Stanford-Gallard-Illman-Golden), 1794-1877; 29 Clarendon Road Hove (Stanford-Gallard-Freeman-Farncombe), 1876-1878; related deeds of property at Nep Town Henfield retained by WSRO


AMS5943 Land on Upper Bedford Street Brighton (Kemp-Mason), [1794]-1831; 7 Sillwood Place Brighton (Sutton-Vidal), 1880; 2 College Road Brighton (Colbran-Copp-Keywood-Stenning-Workman-Surridge-Caulfifeld and Northcott-Brighton Deaf and Dumb Institute-Public Trustee-Sleight), 1849-1921; 9 Lansdowne Place Hove (probate of Samuel Webb), 1844; 1 and 2 Lansdowne Mansions Hove (Haynes-Brighton Hotels Ltd), 1898; 21 Brunswick Terrace Hove (Preston-Spicer-Thacker, Key and Hilton), 1876; settlement on marriage of Lytton H Carter and Mildred Hutchings of Seaford, 1908; Merryfields in Wivelsfield (Delve-Beech-West; Hoather-Mercer-Colvill-Grames-Mitchell), 1602-1825; Warningore copyhold land fronting 84' onto the turnpike at Chailey Common (lord-Corney), 1813; fine of property in Hurstpierpoint and Framfield (Batman, Woolgar, Compton and Hook-Wood), 1772


AMS5944 Deeds of Deudneys Farm, Herstmonceux 1723-1846: map of Charles Deudney's Clinches, Jefferys and Adams Hole by William Allfree, 1813; Herstmonceux copyhold called Waynes Brook (Gard-Message-Gilbert-Deudney-Scutt), 1771-1834); Collins Croft (Naylor-Butler-Wagner-Scutt), 1708-1834; Herstmonceux copyholds called Kingsbrook and Milkingfields (Wratten-Scutt), 1758-1846; Herstmonceux copyhold called Squirrel Cottage (Akehurst-Weekes-Richardson-Scutt); includes two houses near Magham Down; 1763-1846; Mables Bartons and Ponts Bartons (Alchorne-Edwards-Hunnisett-Pocock-Friend-Parris-Scutt), 1723-1846, including marsh called Blackwells at White Dyke in Hailsham and Pevensey (Ince-Holman-Hunnisett), 1780, and a cottage retained by Thomas Friend on sale to Parris, 1819; probate of Joseph Pattenden of Wartling leaving a freehold house and marshland called part of the forty acres in Herstmonceux, 1784


AMS5945 Site of house in East Brighton (Kemp-Thunder-Whichelo, [1789]-1799; 1-3 Grafton St and 44 Upper St James St, Brighton (Smith-Palmer-Leany-Walker-Scrase; Lambert-Davis; Sutton), 1818-1889; Stocklands in Ewhurst (Nicholas-Coleman-Sharpe-Daws), 1771-1880; Whorne Field in Ewhurst (Bishop-Nicholas), with details of whole Bishop estate in Sedlescombe, Whatlington, Udimore, Battle, Burwash and Brightling, and Hawkhurst in Kent, 1786-1804; 46 (later 48) Brunswick Square Hove (Scutt-Lambert-Izzard-Thornton), with detailed particulars, 1807-1870; 20 and 22 York Road Hove (Goldsmid-Dunhill), 1851-1880; Kents and Rickmans Farms in Hurstpierpoint, copyhold of Hurstpierpoint manor, (Venn-Coulstock-Raven-Dodson), 1780-1899


AMS5946 Printed tithe apportionment, Burwash, annotated with rating values and details of hop-growing, 1842-1860; lease of Easthaw near Savages Mill in Framfield (Parke-Bran), 1761


AMS5947 Vouchers of the Westgate family of Firzeley and Markstakes Farms in Barcombe and Chailey, 1841-1897; ornamental penwork label for W H Adlam's log of HMS Highflyer, c1860; posters for underwood sales on the Balneath estate at the Five Bells and Swan inns, Chailey, 1850, 1852; particulars of sale, Ades estate Chailey, 1933; tenancy agreement, Allington House in Lewes St John Without (Woodman-Fayle), 1921; account of Wells and Co of Plumpton to E Fayle for alterations, 1921; particulars of sale of the contents of Castlegate House, Lewes (F Frankfort Moore) and Malling House, Lewes, 1923; particulars of sale of the contents of Lewes House (E P Warren), 1929


AMS5948 Transcript of the Hastings borough charter of 1686 by Thomas Lovell Crouch, 1788, with forms of oaths for officers, 1725


AMS5949 Records of the Blackboys Equitable Association including names of members and those relieved, 1831-1944


AMS5950 Tompsett family of The Deans, Piddinghoe: will of John Tompsett of Hastings, 1827; farming accounts including wages with mention of fairs, Shergolds in Telscombe and Hoath Down Farm Piddinghoe, 1831-1848, 1846-1871; measurements of Balmer Farm Falmer, 1858; deeds of a cottage at Bishopstone, copyhold of Bishopstone manor (Stone-Wilson-Tompsett-Pelham), 1790-1841; cottage at Winton in Alfriston, copyhold of Berwick (Shepher-Pettit-Wilson-Tompsett-Gage), 1776-1858; blacksmith's shop at Swines Pit Newhaven, copyhold of Meeching (Knight-Wilson-Tompsett-Ashby), 1815-1839; house at The Street, South Heighton (Hersell-Towner-Archer-Washer), 1683-1830

Date: 1290-1984
Held by: East Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office

Physical description: 50 Accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure

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