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Title: Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Ltd, cutlery manufacturers

This collection contains business records

Date: 1833-1990

The business records of Joseph Elliot and Son (Sheffield) Limited, Cutlery Manufacturer, Sylvester Works, 1 Sylvester Street, Sheffield. S1 4RN have been categorised in the following fashion.


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Subsidiary Companies


Bus 12/11 I. and J. Barber


Bus 12/12 J. Dewsnap Bowler Limited


Bus 12/13 Colquhoun and Cadman Limited


Bus 12/14 Thomas Ellin and Company Limited


Bus 12/15 Lockwood Brothers


Bus 12/16 John Wigfall and Company Limited


Bus 12/17 John Wilson and Company Limited

Held by: Sheffield City Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Ltd, cutlery manufacturers

Physical description: 17 Sub-fonds
Access conditions:

Some records may be subject to a closure period

Custodial history:

In the 1950s Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Limited was contacted regarding its business records by the National Register of Archives. The first stage report was returned and no further enquiry was made regarding archive material as 'most of the records were destroyed during war period.'


In early 2000, the company invited Sheffield Archives to the premises at Sylvester Street, Sheffield, to select any business records considered to be of historical interest. The premises were due to be renovated into student accommodation by the following September. Unfortunately the records were not arranged in any discernable manner and therefore have been arranged according to a schema used to highlight the various functions and activities of a business. Records identified as belonging to a subsidiary company have been listed as such; unidentifiable material has been included in the listing for the parent company with a note to this effect.

  • J Dewsnap Bowler Ltd, cutlery manufacturer of Sheffield
  • I and J Barber, pen and pocket knives manufacturer of Sheffield
  • Colquhoun and Cadman Limited, cutlery manufacturer of Sheffield
  • Thomas Ellin and Company Limited, cutlery manufacturer of Sheffield
  • Lockwood Brothers Limited, cutlery manufacturer of Sheffield
  • John Wigfall and Company Limited, cutlery manufacturer of Sheffield
  • John Wilson and Company Limited, knife, cutlery and steels manufacturer of Sheffield
  • Elliot family, cutlery manufacturers of Sheffield
  • Manufacturing industry
Administrative / biographical background:

Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Limited established as a private limited company in 1927. The company's history however dates back to the Joseph Elliot and Sons business that was founded in 1795 at Hollis Croft, Sheffield. Joseph Elliot was a cutlery manufacturer and made high-class kitchen knives for the Butchers and Catering trades; silver-plated tableware for cookware retailers; pocket knives, floor scrapers and scissors for ironmongers and hardware retailers; as well as silver-plated ware and silver cutlery.


In 1921 Joseph Elliot and Sons was incorporated by Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers Limited. The latter had been incorporated on May 8th 1919 and formed with the sole intention of acquiring five cutlery businesses in Sheffield: Thomas Turner and Company (Sheffield) Limited; Needham, Veall and Tyzack Limited; Joseph Elliot and Sons; Lockwood Brothers Limited; and Southern and Richardson Limited.


Joseph Elliot and Sons continued to trade at Hollis Croft until 1923 following an agreement with Lockwood Brothers Limited to move to Spital Works, Spital Hill, Sheffield. The company remained under the management of Joseph Greaves Elliot and his two sons Joseph Hawksley Elliot and John Gilbert Elliot. On 31st December 1926 the manufacture of cutlery at the Spital Hill Works ceased and the business moved to Granville Works, 1 Sylvester Street, Sheffield.


By 1926 Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers Limited was experiencing some financial difficulties and as a result sold parts of its businesses to Joseph G. Elliot. Joseph subsequently set up a private limited company, on Sep 2nd 1927, called Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Limited. At the same time the original Joseph and Sons Limited company changed its name to Cutlery Agencies Limited.


Joseph and Sons (Sheffield) Limited, with its subsidiaries (see below for a list), was taken over during the early nineteen seventies by J Dewsnap Bowler Limited, Sylvester Works, Sylvester Street, Sheffield.


Other companies associated with the collection


J. Dewsnap Bowler Limited


Sylvester Street, Sheffield (formerly 89 Trippet Lane, Sheffield).


Described as a manufacturer of cutlery materials, at some point in the 1970's this company seems to have acquired Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Limited and its subsidiaries. It is not clear from the collection how this business relationship developed, but it seems that Elliots maintained a degree of autonomy within the arrangement.


Subsidiaries of Joseph Elliot and Sons (Sheffield) Limited include:


I. and J. Barber


Era Works, Sheffield


Manufacturer of superior pen and pocket knives. 'Era' trademark.


Colquhoun and Cadman Limited


Sylvester Street, Sheffield


Manufacturer of Cutlery


Incorporated 16th January 1907


Thomas Ellin and Company Limited


Sylvester Works, Sylvester Street, Sheffield


Established 1784, incorporated 14th January 1907


Manufacturer of high class table cutlery, pen and pocket knives, dirk, bowie, hunting, palette, putty, butchers' and plumbers knives, razors, scissors, spoons, forks etc. 'Vulcan' and 'Cutter' trademarks.


Lockwood Brothers Limited


Spital Hill Works, Sheffield


Established 1767, incorporated 30th June 1891


(Owner of John Sorby and Sons)


'Pampa' and 'I. and H. Sorby' trademarks


John Wigfall and Company Limited


Auckland Works, Eldon Street, Sheffield


Established 1843


Manufacturer of table cutlery of all kinds, shoe, bread and butchers' knives, glaziers', farriers', palette and pruning knives, table and butchers' steels, pen, pocket and sporting knives, razors, scissors, electro-plate spoons and forks, fish carvers etc. 'Bonafide' trademark.


John Wilson and Company Limited


Sycamore Street, Sheffield


Manufacturer of knives (butchers, shoes) as well as general cutlery and steels.


'Four Peppercorns and a diamond' trademark.

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