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Abstract of the Title of Edward John Morant Gale and Charles Townsend Murdoch, Esqs., to property in Sharnbrook, Riseley and Bletsoe forming Lot 3 at Auction of 4th July 1876 (for Sale Catalogue see X 65/38, dated 6th not 4th July).


a) All property except 3 Acres 11 Poles, no. 56 on sale plan i) Will of Admiral Samuel Cornish of Puttenham, Surrey life interest under will of uncle Sir Samuel Cornish in property in Sharnbrook, Wootton Hoo and Marston Moretaine


Failure of issue of uncle and his sister Margaret King, to trustees Admiral Cornish, Thos. Parry and James King for sale, money to be divided among children of Mary Gambier (all dead) reverts therefore to Admiral Cornish as heir at law deemed real estate and therefore should not be sold under terms of uncle's will left to Admiral Cornish's wife Mary for life. Reversion to Right Honourable James Lord Gambier for life. Reversion after deaths of Mary King, Mary Cornish and James Gambier to eldest son of late brother in law Samuel Gambier deceased


appoints wife, James Lord Gambier, James Simpkinson and Richard Warrington executors of will. made 21 February 1816


ii)Statutory Declaration by Richard Sumner of Puttenham Priory near Guildford, Surrey


uncle Admiral Sir Samuel (nee Pitchford) died 3 April 1816


great uncle Sir Samuel Cornish, Admiral of the Blue died 1770, will made 8 September 1769


only son, died widower, childless


uncle gets Act of Parliament to become Cornish; uncle son of great uncle's sister and Mr. Pitchford - sole heir at law


uncle childless, Mary died 20 February 1825 and sister Margaret Pitchford - married Mr. King, died September 1836 childless


Rev. Charles Samuel Gambier late of Eccleston Sq. died August 1843


(Charles Samuel was eldest son of Samuel Gambier, bother in law of uncle (see will above) 7 June 1855


iii)Will of Charles Samuel Gambier, then late of Harley Street but then of Eccleston Square, Middlesex left to his brother Robert all real estate in Bedfordshire and elsewhere will made 26 July 1848 proved P.C.C. 12 October 1848


iv)Conveyance of legal estate 1) Richard Sumner of Puttenham Bury near Guildford, Surrey Esquire (Trustee under will of S. Cornish) 2)Robert Gambier of Albany Terrace, Regents Park, retired rear Admiral of Royal Navy 3) Germain Lavie of Fredericks Place, City of London Esq (trustee for contingent remainders) recites will of Sir Samuel Cornish Bart (died 1770) left to his mother in law Mary Gambier for life, then to Samuel Pitchford (late Cornish) then to Thomas Parry and James King as Trustees for Contingent Remainders to use of sons of Pitchford, reversion to daughters as tenants in common in entail general.


Ultimate power of estate and money to be distributed between Gambier children (see i) above): estate bought of Philip Boteler will proved P.C.C] 7 November 1770 recites Pitchford enters estate and gets Act of Parliament to change his name [11 Geo III] recites residual personal estate used for purchase from Nathaniel Mason of two closes formerly one called Keeley or Wood Closes (28 Acres) at Keeley End, Wootton AND cottage and cowhouse standing on one of them for £1265 - entailed as above recites deaths of Samuel and Mary Cornish and Samuel Lord Gambier (26 April 1833) Margaret King (nee Pitchford) (September 1836) Charles Samuel Gambier entitled to estate subject to power of sale recites death of C.S. Gambier (27 August 1848)


Thomas Parry (9 April 1816), James King (March 1822 intestate)


King's estates vested in him as Trustees passed to Reverend James Simpkinson and afterwards James King, nephew and heir at law


recites will of James Simpkinson (afterwards James continued King) then of Grove House, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, afterwards of Stanton Park, Stanton upon Arrow, Herefordshire left to Richard Sumner AND John Fletcher and Edward Evans estates vested in him by trust made 11 December 1822 recites Codicil appointing John Dimsdale trustee proved 22 September 1832 recites deaths of James Simpinson (later King) (13 July 1842), John Fletcher (December 1833) E. Evans (September 1852, John Dimsdale (February 1851) so trust estates go to Sumner alone


recites late Conveyance


1) Robert Gambier (vendor) St. Andrew Beauchamp, Lord St.John 3 pieces of land (1 Rood 31 Perches) (1 Rood 22 Perches) & (2 Roods, 24 Perches)


Bone End Field, Bletsoe


AND piece of land called Butler's Bletsoe also sold to Midland Railway Company land in Souldrop and Sharnbrook recites Gambier requesting Sumner for conveyance to him of legal estate in property subject to wills of Sir S. Cornish


all property under will of Sir S. Cornish to be held by Robert Gambier for ever, held in trust by German Lavie for him declaration barring dower. 22 October 1856


b) 3 Acres 2 Roods 11 Poles, No. 56 on sale plan


1) Conveyance


1) Right Honourable St. Andrew Beauchamp St. John, Lord St. John (vendor)


2) Robert Gambier (purchaser)


3) Germain Lavie (trustee)


2 pieces of land (3 Acres 3 Roods 11 Poles) part of 2 fields called the Lays, Bletsoe


abs. N., N.W., N.E. & S.W. by lands of 2)


S. & S.E. by rest of the Lays owned by 1)


(marked on plan in original deed)


liability of 1) to maintain fence between the 2 properties)


Consideration £145 paid by 2) to 1) 11 April 1850


c) all the property


1)Mortgage in £834 15s. 0d. and interest


i) Robert Gambier of Gordon Square, Middlesex, Retired Admiral (mortgagor)


2) Edward George Hore, Commander in Royal Navy and Edward John Morant Gale of 2 Sheffield Gardens, Kensington and Frederick Morant Gale of Upham, Hants. Esq. (mortgagees)


freehold property in Sharnbrook, cottages and buildings belonging to 1) in Sharnbrook, Souldrop, Bletsoe and Riseley list on schedule on pages 9 and 10 listed alphabetically by occupant and description of property and extent (for detailed analysis of each field see PC Sharnbrook 9/10 & 11) 30 October 1861


ii) Further Charge in £920 13s. 6d.


1) Robert Gambier


2) Mortgagees in i) above


property except 3 pieces of land covered by deed 1) R . Gambier, 2) Wm. Thos. Denby, 21 September 1871


iii)Deed of Family Settlement


1) R. Gambier (settlor)


2) Edw. John M. Gale of 69 Dyke Road, Brighton Charles Townsend Murdoch, of 1 Pall Mall East, Middlesex, Banker (Trustees for daughters of 1)


3) Reverend Charles Gore Gambier of Sherborne, Dorset. Clerk (only son of 1)


4) Thomas Wm. Denby (Trustee) ref to mortgages above recites Marriage Settlement


1) Chas. G.G. Gambier (marrying party)


2) Elizabeth Oakley Reid (marrying party)


3) R. Gambier


4) Wm. Reid Esq., Colonel in HM's Army


5) Reverend Henry John Bolland, Clerk (since deceased) Edw. George Hore, E-J.M. Gale, F.M. Gale (Trustees) within 2 calendar months after 3)'s death (interest at % till done)


3) covenants to pay 1) £300 p.a. for life. On his death to 2), then to 5) on behalf of their children. 9 January 1849


refers to negotiations with Sharnbrook School Board for purchase of House, School, playground and garden (see CCE/SB 35) and land adjoining


recites Robert Gambier of advanced age, intended to make a family settlement - annuities for daughters


all property lying in Sharnbrook etc.


property not described not part of this Abstract


freehold in Great Britain and Ireland held by 4) as trustee to:


2) to receive £300 p.a. rent charge (under Marriage Settlement of 1849)


AND to receive further £800 p.a.


property to be held to use of 3) during lifetime of 1) remainder to 2) for 500 years from death of 1) for 3 daughters of 1) Rose Jannetta Jemima £200;


Adeline Jane Pitt Gambier £200 and Georgiana Mary Player Bousfield £100


Remainder to use of 3) his heirs and assigns for ever


Trustees to raise £6000 (under deed of 6 January 1849) power of trustee to exchange/convey above property without need of applying to Chancery


power of 3) to appoint trustees


22 September 1871


v) deaths of E.G. Hore (22 September 1871) and Robert Gambier (20 January 1872)


vi)Declaration of Trust


1) Edward John Morant Gale and Charles Townsend Murdoch


2) Charles Gore Gambier


3) E.J.M. Gale and Frederick M. Gale of Langharne, Carmarthenshire, Esq.


Barclay Field of Hill Street, Berkeley Square, Middlesex Esq.


Charles Calmady Dent of Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey, Captain


recites £6000 not yet raised but interest paid


2) to hold property for sole use of 3) and no other purpose 1873


vii)Transfer of Mortgage


1) E. Jn. M. Gale and F.M. Gale (old mortgagees)


2) Barclay Field and Chas. Calmady Dent (trustees for 3)


3) E.J.M. Gale, F.M. Gale, B. Field and C.C. Dent


(new mortgagees)


principal sums of £834 15s. and £920 13s.6d. still unpaid but interest paid


all properties covered by deeds of 30 October 1861and 21 September 1871 except 3 pieces of land granted 21 February 1870 and except piece of land in Sharnbrook with school, house, and Master's House and offices and buildings built on it AND piece of land adj. (1 Acre) conveyed by deed of 1873 to School Board of Sharnbrook to be held by 2) to use of 3) subject to equities of redemption 20 October 1873


made by Lucas and Son of 50 Fenchurch Street EC 1876

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