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Details of AM 1-1639
Reference: AM 1-1639
Title: Athorpe Muniments

Manorial records relating to:


Dinnington: Suit rolls (4 small books), court rolls (58 papers), 1721-1894, chief rents, 1738-1782; steward's correspondence, notes on title, boundaries, etc., 1745-1802 (2 bundles).


Owsthorpe (East Riding of Yorkshire):


Pains laid, 1619-1626 (5 papers).


Southfleet (Kent): Steward's summons, 1738.


Parish records relating to:


Dinnington: Accounts, letters, relating to church rebuilding, and plans, 1785-1790; survey and valuation (copy), 1808.


Title Deeds relating to:


Athorpe Estate: Howden (East Riding of Yorkshire) with Asselby, Belby, Kilpin, Thorpe, 1459-1831 (515); prebend and tithes of Howden, 1583-1739 (26); Latham, 1609-1676 (7), Holme on Spalding Moor, 1558-1770 (14), Owsthorpe, 1607-1811 (6), (all East Riding of Yorkshire); Richmond (North Riding of Yorkshire), 1617-1769 (19); Dinnington, 1477-1848 (180), Fountains, 1602-1613, (West Riding of Yorkshire) (48); Nottingham, 1605-1795 (20), Basford (Nottinghamshire), 1726-1792 (3); Barrowby (Lincolnshire), 1625-1732 (25); prebend of Longparish (Hampshire), 1725-1759 (6).


Carver Estates: Morthen, 1335-1801 (102), Morthen tithes, 1633-1764 (37), Hordron in Penistone, 1667-1825 (27).


Wills, settlements of the Athorpes and Carvers (60).


Estate papers:


Surveys, valuations: Athorpe estates, 1807-1808 (1 book); Basford, 1789; Belby, Thorpe, 1778, 1812 (2 books); Gildingwells, 1806; Morthen, 1760, 1765 (2 books).


Inventories: Whiston vicarage house, 1756; Morthen Hall, 1809 (1 book). Accounts: mineral account (lead), 1767-1771 (3 papers); accounts of trustees under Marmaduke Carver's will, 1756-1767 (1 book); East Riding estate, 1819-1820 (small book); Morthen estates-timber sold, 1824-1825 (notebook); Eckington tithes, 1745 (1 book); cattle book, 1814-1823 (1 book).


Enclosure papers: Dinnington, 1778, Wallingfen, 1779 - accounts and agreements (notebook); Wallingfen drainage-plan, letters, agreements, 1756-1799; case and notes, 1806-1812.


Personal papers:


Bills of costs in cases about the burgesses of the borough of Carmarthen, 1752-1764 (large bundle).


Lawyer's account book, 1725-1729, letters, etc. of Henry Athorpe of the Crown Office, 1765-1769; personal account book, 1754-1772


Personal cash account book of Thomas Athorpe, 1796-1803.


Dispute of Dr. John Griffiths and the Marquis of Rockingham: letters, release, 1748-1749.


Dr. John Griffiths' papers relating to the rectories of Prestwich (Lancashire), 1752-1756, and Mapperley (Nottinghamshire), 1726-1754.


John Carver's ordination papers and certificates admitting him to rectories of Whiston and Treeton, 1764-1765.


Bills, accounts, etc. of Robert Athorpe, 1762-1799.


Pedigree: Brown of Morthen.

Date: 1259-1823
Held by: Rotherham Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Athorpe family of Thorpe Hall

Physical description: 31 boxes
  • Thorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Dinnington, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Morthen, Whiston, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Owsthorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire
Administrative / biographical background:

The Thorpe branch of the family died out in the 18th century and the property descended to the Dinnington branch (originally Blanshard). In 1820 the estates descended to John Carver Middleton, who took the name of Athorpe, and whose family estates lay at Morthen, Whiston (West Riding of Yorkshire). The collection consists of deeds of the Athorpes, Carvers and others, and of some family papers. Records relating to the activities of Col. Robert Athorpe (died 1806) as Justice of the Peace and Colonel of Militia are, unfortunately, only conspicuous by their absence.

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