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M380PWK/1 Walker family private papers


M380PWK/1/1 Andrew Barclay Walker, 1892


M380PWK/1/2 Peter Walker ("of Balrazzil"), 1898


M380PWK/1/3 Robert Walker (estate of), (1805-1872)


M380PWK/1/4 David Walker, 1832-1866


M380PWK/1/5 John Walker, 1840


M380PWK/1/6 Misplaced family papers, 1827; 1847-late C19


M380PWK/2 Peter Walker & Son and A B Walker & Co: pre-incorporation (1890) business records, 1849-1889


M380PWK/3 Peter Walker (Warrington) Ltd, 1890-1963; 1970 (formerly Peter Walker (Warrington & Burton) Ltd


Includes legal papers (380PWK/3/1/30-84), Formerly Appendix B and properly records (380PWK/3/4/20-281), formerly Appendix C


M380PWK/4 Walker-Cain Ltd


Formerly Peter Walker (Warrington) and Robert Cain & Sons Ltd


M380PWK/5-23 Subsidiary/related companies (in alphabetical order)


M380PWK/5 Airey's Brewery Ltd, 1907-1955


M380PWK/6 Barrett & Co (Lancashire & Cheshire) Ltd, 1937-1961 (later Minster Minerals)


M380PWK/7 Ellis Warde & Co Ltd, 1897-1955


Formerly Ellis Warde Webster & Co Ltd


M380PWK/8 Empress Brewery Co Ltd, 1895-1955


Formerly Old Trafford Brwery Co


M380PWK/9 George Shaw & Co Ltd, 1866-1955


Formerly Bedford Brewing & Malting Co, Leigh


M380PWK/10 Heeley & Co (Liverpool) Ltd, 1938-1964


M380PWK/11 Joseph Sharman & Sons Ltd, 1920-1955


M380PWK/12 Joshua Tetley & Co Ltd, 1900-1963


M380PWK/13 Northwestern Brewery Investments Trust Ltd, 1931-1955


M380PWK/14 Oldfield Brewery Ltd, 1876-1955


M380PWK/15 Peter Walker (Liverpool & Glasgaw) Ltd, 1923-1964


Formerly Moorfields Investment Co Ltd


M380PWK/16 Peter Walker & Son Property Corporation, 1894-1966


M380PWK/17 Peter Walker & Son Property Corporation No 2, 1905-1926


M380PWK/18 Robert Cain & Sons Ltd, 1907-1920


M380PWK/19 R A Wright Ltd, 1916; 1963


Later Minster Minerals


M380PWK/20 Tetley Walker, 1960-1978


M380PWK/21 Walker Cain Pensions Fund Nominee Ltd, 1936-1964


M380PWK/22 William Tong & Sons Ltd, Bolton, 1897-1937


M380PWK/23 Worsley Brewing Co Ltd, 1897-1955


M380PWK/24 Thomas Ramsden companies, 1964


Formerly Armley Brewery Ltd/Thomas Ramsden & Son Ltd


Introduction to the records


The records were deposited with the Record Office on permanent loan on 22 and 27 July 1992 by Tetley Walker Ltd, The Brewery, Dallam Lane, Warrington WA2 7NU (Record Office ref 1992-15). They were removed from the offices of Peter Walker Ltd in Duke St, Liverpool. They were formerly surveyed in situ by the Business Archives Council for their publication The Brewing Industry: a guide to historical records (1990). Many records were located in addition to this, although at the same time some records originally surveyed had disappeared


The Duke Street premises from which the records were retrieved were the original premises of Peter Walker (Warrington & Burton) Ltd (from 1890). There is a high survival rate for the corporate records of that company and from Walker-Cain, the (later name of the) company formed by merger in 1921 with Robert Cain & Sons (whose records are poorly represented here). In addition there is a small amount of material relating to the pre-1890 Walker companies (Peter Walker & Son, and A B Walker) and to Andrew Barclay Walker and the previous generation of his family


Although some early salaries registers have survived (3/5) there is relatively little personnel information, especially for the Walker-Cain period, for the headquarters offices. Information about tenants and managers of houses can be gleaned from property records - and these predate the 1890 Peter Walker incorporation. Information on licensed premises is extensive although limited on individual houses (see M380PWK/3/4/20-281). The photographic record of houses is particularly good, although some photo albums have clearly been lost


For each company the records are arranged by function according to the following classification scheme. Where no records have survived the category is omitted. Cross-references to records which might fall within two categories are indicated (e.g. property/financial records)


/1 Corporate records (include board and committee minutes) and legal records


/2 Share records


/3 Financial records


/4 Property records


/5 Staff and pension records


/6 Production records


/7 Photographs, pictorial material


/8 Publications


/9 Miscellaneous




Abbreviations are not always used


PW Peter Walker


ABW Andrew Barclay Walker (later Sir ABW Bt)


RW Robert Walker


DW David Walker


PW (W& B) Peter Walker (Warrington & Burton) Ltd


PW (W) Peter Walker (Warrington) Ltd


WC Walker Cain Ltd


RC& S Robert Cain & Sons Ltd

Date: 1827 - 1979
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Appendix A: In-letters of Andrew Barclay Walker (M380PWK/1/8). A manuscript list is available at Liverpool Record Office

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Tetley Walker Ltd, Warrington, brewers

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