Catalogue description Records of Eaton, Smith and Downey, Solicitors, Huddersfield, Incorporating Laycock, Dyson, and Laycock

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Reference: C296
Title: Records of Eaton, Smith and Downey, Solicitors, Huddersfield, Incorporating Laycock, Dyson, and Laycock

With the exception of one volume relating to copy wills the collection comprises the records of clients, mainly over a period of sixty to seventy years before 1930. As such it provides an unusual insight into a town and its immediate surrounding area, and into the activities of many of its families and leading citizens, around the turn of the century.


Allen Family, Huddersfield C296/1 - 3


Joseph Armitage, Almondbury, Huddersfield C296/4 - 5


Miss Marianne Armitage, Honley C296/6


Rev. Thomas Atkinson, Mirfield C296/7 - 10


Maurice Avison, Mirfield C296/11 - 13


John Beaumont And Joseph Beaumont, Dalton, Kirkheaton Includes Abraham Mellor C296/14


John Beaumont, Almondbury, Kirkheaton C296/15 - 19


John Beaumont, Huddersfield And Mrs. Sarah C296/20 - 22


Martha Grove Grady (His Daughter), Ilkley C296/23


Mrs. Martha Beaumont, Huddersfield C296/23


Benson Trust C296/24


Benson Family, Almondbury C296/25 - 26


James Bradbury, Huddersfield C296/27 - 28


John William Brook, Huddersfield C296/29 - 30


Miss Edith Brooke, Huddersfield C296/31


Sir John A. Brooke, Honley C296/32 - 33


Dame Mary Brooke, Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield C296/34


Sir Thomas Brooke, Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield C296/35 - 37


Thomas Brooke (Surveyor), Hartley, Kirkburton C296/38


T. E. Brookes, Loughborough C296/39 - 40


Annie Butler, Mirfield C296/41


John Dyson Butler, Cleckheaton C296/42


James And Mary Ellen Cartwright, Leeds, London C296/43


Jesse Clegg, Huddersfield C296/44


James Cock, Golcar C296/45


J. A. Cowood, Kirkburton C296/46 - 47


Benjamin Crompton, New Wortley, Leeds C296/48


Joshua Crosland, Paddock C296/49 - 50


Mrs. Elsie Maude Crowther, Huddersfield C296/51


Dalton Chemical Works C296/52 - 53


Thomas Darwin, Fartown, Huddersfield C296/54


Thomas Clarke Day, Huddersfield C296/55 - 56


Henry Dewhurst, Huddersfield C296/57


Mrs. Martha Dewhurst, Aspley, Huddersfield C296/58


James Durrans, Kirkburton C296/59 - 60


A. H. Dyson, London C296/61 - 62


George Dyson (Clothier) Netherton, Huddersfield C296/63


George Dyson (Solicitor) Netherton, Huddersfield C296/64 - 66


Dyson Family, Netherton, Huddersfield C296/67


Fred Earnshaw, Dalton, Huddersfield C296/68


Edmund Eastwood, Huddersfield C296/69 - 75


John Eastwood, Kirkburton, Almondbury C296/76


W. L. Dunderdale And B. M. Schofield C296/77


W. W. Fell, Kirkburton C296/77


Miss Mary Emma Fenton, Great Malvern C296/78


Lewis Fenton, Under Bank, Penistone C296/79 - 82


Thomas Firth, Rastrick, Huddersfield C296/83 - 97


Includes Aire And Calder Navigation


Huddersfield And Hew Hay Turnpike Road


Rastrick And Brighouse British School


Rastrick And Brighouse Young Men's Mental Improvement Society


Joseph Fox, Lindley C296/98 - 106


George Carside & Son, Huddersfield C296/107


A. S. Hatch, Bahamas, Formerly Colne Bridge, Huddersfield C296/108


Samuel Wood Haigh, Colne Bridge, Huddersfield C296/109 - 112


Thomas Haigh & Sons, Colne Bridge Mills C296/113


Mrs. N. W. Hands Settlement C296/114


Arthur Gerald Hanson, Marsh, Huddersfield C296/115


Lodge Of Harmony, No. 275, Huddersfield C296/116 - 117


Joseph Hinchliffe, Bradford C296/118


Albert Hirst, Huddersfield C296/119


John Hopkinson, Huddersfield C296/120


Houghton Family, Ireland C296/121 - 123


Huddersfield Banking Co. C296/124 - 131


Huddersfield Sanitary Steam Laundry C296/132


Mrs. Martha Jagger, Huddersfield C296/133


Jere Kaye, Huddersfield C296/134 - 135


Joseph Kaye, Huddersfield C296/136 - 138


William Keighley And Family, Huddersfield C296/139 - 140


George Kirk, Huddersfield C296/141 - 144


Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Laing, Barnes, Surrey C296/145 - 146


Laycock, Dyson, And Laycock, Solicitors, Huddersfield C296/147 - 148


J. C. Laycock, Huddersfield C296/149


John Lancaster's Trust C296/150


Lockwood Family, Brockholes, Honley C296/151


Charles Lockwood & Sons Ltd., Linthwaite C296/152 - 153


George Lockwood, Calverley, Near Bradford C296/154


Includes Association Of Engineering And Shipbuilding Draughtsmen


Huddersfield Engineering Employers' Association And The Engineering And Allied Employers' National Federation


Joseph Lockwood, Kirkburton C296/155


Eli Mallinson, Linthwaite C296/156 - 157


George Mallinson, Linthwaite C296/158


John Marsden, Huddersfield C296/159


Mentham Scholarship Fund C296/160 - 162


William Milner, Mirfield C296/163 - 165


John S. Myers, Meltham C296/166


John North, Huddersfield C296/150, 167 - 168


Nowell Family, Shelley, Lepton, Almondbury, Farnley Tyas C296/169 - 171


Charles Oates, Liversedge, C296/172


William Pape, Huddersfield, C296/173


Parkin Family, Almondbury C296/174 - 175


Mr. And Mrs. Harry Alfred Payne, Enville, Staffordshire And Great Cumberland Place, London C296/176


Perseverance Mills, Holmfirth C296/177


Pollard Family, Halifax C296/178 - 181


George Thomas Pollard, Lockwood, Huddersfield C296/182 - 184


Major And Mrs. Poyntz, Windsor C296/185 - 186


Priest (Lindley) Ltd., Holly Bank Mills, Lindley C296/187 - 189


Ramsden Cann Co. Ltd., Leopold Wire Works, Brighouse C296/190


Joseph Rayner, Huddersfield And Blundell Sands, Liverpool C296/191 - 192


Samuel Rhodes, Kirkburton C296/193 - 195


Roberts Family, Huddersfield C296/196


Thomas Crawshaw Scarth, Berry Brow, Huddersfield C296/197


B. M. Schofield, Solicitor (Laycock, Dyson And Laycock) C296/198 - 201


Includes Abbey Dairy Farm Ltd., Shepley Carter's Agricultural Ironmongers, Huddersfield


Bentley Shaw, Huddersfield C296/202 - 203


Sir Charles William Sikes, Birkby, Huddersfield C296/204 - 211


William Henry Sikes And Family, Birkby, Huddersfield C296/114, 149


Robert Skilbeck, Huddersfield C296/212 - 214


Sparks Family, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Workington And Cumberland C296/215 - 216


D. E. Stuttard Ltd., Engineers, Mytholmroyd, Near Halifax C296/217


Sutcliffe Family, Huddersfield C296/218 - 219


Walter Sykes C296/220


Henry Taylor, Fartown, Huddersfield C296/221


Turner Family, Huddersfield C296/222


Alfred Turner, Netherthong C296/223 - 225


Waterhouse Family, Lindley C296/226 - 228


West Riding And Humberside Shipbuilding And Employers' Association C296/229 - 230


John Whitacre, Woodhouse, Huddersfield C296/231 - 233


Joseph Whiteley, Huddersfield C296/234


Includes Huddersfield Engineering Employers' Federation


Rev. J. P. Whitworth, Thorner, Leeds C296/235


George Wilson & Sons Ltd., Iron Merchants, Huddersfield C296/235


Photographs, Miscellaneous C296/236


Closes At Newlands, Rastrick C296/237


Charles Denison, Normanton C296/238


Thomas Nelson, Huddersfield C296/238


George Whitehead, Lane, Near Holmbridge C296/238


Miscellaneous Deeds And Documents Including Some Relating to:


Eastwood, Huddersfield; Kaye To Eastwood, North Crosland; Miss S. C. Raistrick, Huddersfield; Thornton To Dawson, Lindley; James Walker, Lindley; William Wilkinson, Huddersfield, Lindley; Wrigley, Netherton, Almondbury C296/239


F. Greenwood, Huddersfield; Mr. And Mrs. Halliwell, Dewsbury; Ben Hanson, Lindley; Julia Harling; A. Hathorn; Hesp And Goodden (Includes Papers retating to Wakefield And Austerlands Turnpike); W. Hornblower; John Humplebee; Rev. Lewis Jones And Family; Rev. R. E. Roberts C296/240


Beaumont Family, Huddersfield; Samuel Booth, Huddersfield; George Lockwood, Calverley, Near Bradford; Robert Skilbeck, Huddersfield C296/241


John Beaumont (Including Papers retating to Wakefield And Austerlands Turnpike); Martha Beaumont; Brooke Family; Thomas Firth (Including Papers retating to Huddersfield (New Hey Turnpike); Houghton Family, Oakwell, Heckmondwike; Whitacre Family C296/242


J. Fox, Lindley, Huddersfield; Jaggers And Martin Families, Huddersfield; Charles William Sikes, Huddersfield. C296/243

Date: 1536-1970
Held by: West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Eaton, Smith and Downey, solicitors

Physical description: c243 files
Access conditions:


Custodial history:

Before deposit in the County Record Office, the records had been stored in tin boxes. On arrival they were reboxed, and each box was then listed.

  • Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire
Administrative / biographical background:

Laycock, Dyson and Laycock, now part of Eaton, Smith and Downey, was established as a firm of solicitors as early as 1866 in Lion Arcade, Huddersfield, as Laycock and Dyson. A year later new premises were found at 48 John William Street. By 1892, the second Laycock had been added as a partner and the firm had moved again, this time to Cloth Hall Street.

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