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Year Exhibited Box No. of Inventories


1553/83 DN/INV1 23


1584 DN/INV2 225


1584 Cons.O.W. 1583(2)


1585/86 No inventories surviving


1587 DN/INV3 143


1588 DN/INV4 172


1589 DN/INV5 212


1590 DN/INV6 & DN/INV7 253


1591 DN/INV8 274


1592 DN/INV9 308


1593 DN/INV10 317


1594 DN/INV11 50


1595 DN/INV12 234


1596 DN/INV13 93


1597 DN/INV14 246


1598 DN/INV15 213


1599 DN/INV16 195


1600 No inventories surviving


1601 DN/INV17 204


1602 DN/INV18 238


1603 DN/INV19 204


1604 No inventories surviving


1605 DN/INV20 66


1606 DN/INV21 195


1607 DN/INV21 1


1608 DN/INV22 135


1609 No inventories surviving


1610 DN/INV23 202


1611 DN/INV24 342


1612 DN/INV25 60


1613 DN/INV26 259


1614 DN/INV27 196


1615; 1616 DN/INV27 181


1617 DN/INV28 174


1618 DN/INV29 298


1619 DN/INV30 236


1620 No inventories surviving


1621 DN/INV31 123


1622; 1623; 1624 No inventories surviving, but see DN/INV26/93


1625 DN/INV32 262


1626 DN/INV33 330


1627 No inventories surviving


1628 DN/INV34 (& see DN/INV54) 181


1629 DN/INV35 248


1630 DN/INV36 282


1631 DN/INV37 (& see DN/INV54) 232


1632 DN/INV38 (& see DN/INV54) 111


1633 DN/INV39 (& see DN/INV54) 290


1634 DN/INV40 (& see DN/INV54) 199


1635 DN/INV41 (& see DN/INV54) 205


1636 DN/INV42 (& see DN/INV54) 197


1637 DN/INV43 & see DN/INV54& 55 172


1638 DN/INV44 (& see DN/INV54) 212


1639 DN/INV45 274


Total of inventories 5662


1640 DN/INV46 (and see DN/INV55) 194


1641 No inventories surviving


1642 DN/INV47 (and see DN/INV55) 179


1643 No inventories surviving


1644 See DN/INV55


1645 No inventories surviving


1646 DN/INV47 130


1647 DN/INV48 (and see DN/INV55) 153


1648 See DN/INV55


1649 See DN/INV55


1650 DN/INV49 81


1651 DN/INV49 35


1652 DN/INV49 (and see DN/INV55) 6


1653 No inventories surviving


1654 No inventories surviving


1655 No inventories surviving


1656 See DN/INV55


1657 See DN/INV54 and DN/INV55


1658 See DN/INV54 and DN/INV61


1659 See DN/INV54 and DN/INV61


1660 See DN/INV54 and DN/INV61


1661 DN/INV49 (and see DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 19


1662 DN/INV50 (and see DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 129


1663 DN/INV50 (and see DN/INV54 and DN/INV55) 137


1664 DN/INV50 and DN/INV51 (and see DN/INV54 and 55) 64


1665 DN/INV51 (and see DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 104


1666 DN/INV52 (and see DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 105


1667 DN/INV52 (and see DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 124


1668 DN/INV53 (and see DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 98


1669 DN/INV53 (and see DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61) 141


1628-1668 DN/INV54 129


1637-1668 DN/INV55 148


1670 DN/INV56 (and see DN/INV61) 142


1671 DN/INV57 (and see DN/INV61) 91


1672 DN/INV57 (and see DN/INV61) 61


1673 DN/INV58 (and see DN/INV61) 76


1674 DN/INV58 (and see DN/INV61) 89


1675 DN/INV59 (and see DN/INV61) 79


1676 DN/INV59 (and see DN/INV61) 86


1677 DN/INV60 (and see DN/INV61) 172


1678 DN/INV60 (and see DN/INV61) 127


1662-1678 DN/INV61 65


1679 DN/INV61 92


1680 DN/INV61 88


1681 DN/INV62 104


1682 DN/INV62 62


1683 DN/INV63 69


1684 DN/INV63 50


1685 DN/INV63 57


1686 DN/INV64 119


1687 DN/INV64 50


Total Inventories 3635


1688 DN/INV65 90


1689 DN/INV65 90


1690 DN/INV65 102


1691 DN/INV65 102


1692 DN/INV66


1693 DN/INV66 143


1694 DN/INV67 113


1695 DN/INV67 113


1696 DN/INV67 113


1697 DN/INV67 103


1698 DN/INV67 103


1699 DN/INV68 74


1700 DN/INV68 82


1701 DN/INV68 82


1701 - 1721 DN/INV69 (D). pp. 214-16 55


1702 DN/INV68 51


1703 DN/INV86


1704 DN/INV69 and DN/INV86 1


1705 - 1707 DN/INV86 and 87


1708 - 1709 DN/INV69 20


1709 - 1710 DN/INV70: see also DN/INV69 275


1710 DN/INV71/72 403


1711 DN/INV71/72 403


1712 DN/INV71/72 403


1713 DN/INV71/72 403


1714 DN/INV71/72 403


1715 DN/INV71/72 1


1716 DN/INV73


1717 DN/INV73 246


1718 DN/INV74


1719 DN/INV74 322


1720 DN/INV74


1721 DN/INV74


1722 DN/INV75 83


1723 DN/INV75 153


1724 DN/INV76 68


1725 DN/INV76 120


1726 DN/INV76 76


1727 DN/INV77 87


1728 DN/INV77 96


1729 DN/INV78 173


1730 DN/INV78 79


1731 DN/INV79 47


1732 DN/INV79 48


1733 DN/INV79 25


1734 DN/INV79 28


1735 DN/INV79 57


1736 DN/INV80 46


1737 DN/INV80 30


1738 DN/INV80 37


1739 DN/INV80 22


1740 DN/INV80 38


1741 DN/INV81 31


1742 DN/INV81 26


1742 - 1763 DN/INV81 98


1742 - 1763 DN/INV82 162


1763 - 1787 DN/INV83 107


1788 - 1849 DN/INV84 53


Unidentified undated or fragmentary DN/INV85 not listed


Total 13168 excluding those in DN/INV86 and DN/INV87

Date: 1553 - 1849



A short explanation of the work done in preserving the inventories and preparing these lists may be helpful.




The system originally adopted in the Registry was to start a new file for the inventories exhibited in each ecclesiastical year (commencing 26th March). The file was begun with a quantity of blank sheets used for preparing an alphabetical index as the file grew and held together by a tag or thong: behind these were placed the inventories, which were given a consecutive number as they were exhibited. Each inventory bears (or should bear) a short endorsement showing when and by whom it was exhibited. These endorsements are in Latin, always abbreviated, and often very brief. While the full endorsement is never found at length, all endorsements take their origin from some such formula as follows, though they may not include all the information: -


Exhibitum fuit huiusmodi Inventarium = die


mensis = Anno Domini = stilo Anglicano in registrum


Curie Consistorialis Episcopalis Norwicensis per




executorem testamenti ultimi


administratorem bonorum iurium et creditorum in nomine


procuratorio X Y executoris etc. administratoris etc.


C D defuncti pro vero et pleno


Inventario emnium et singulorum bonorum iurium et creditorum que ad manus dicti executoris/administratoris pervenerunt sub protestacone de addendo alia bona iura et credita que imposterum ad manus dicti executoris/administratoris pervenerint quod si etc.


The inventory is usually signed at the foot by some or all of the apprizers and also in some instances by the person exhibiting it.


In the course of time many bundles had become dispersed owing to the breaking of the thongs and many individual inventories had become so fragile that it was impossible to refer to them on the original file without damage to them or to other inventories on the file.


Accordingly all loose inventories and broken files were first sorted and boxed by the year of exhibition. Next the original file was reconstituted so far as possible by the use of the original indexes where available, the original numbering and the notes of the dates of exhibition. This was remarkably successful and very few inventories remained unplaced, mostly where the heading, which contains the name of the deceased, was missing. Finally in order to prevent further damage to the individual inventories they were removed from the original files individually folded and tied in bundles of 50 following the procedure instituted by Mr. F. W. Steer F.S.A. who had previously dealt with several bundles. The original numbering and arrangement has been preserved and some original files which were in good condition have been left untouched to show the original system. A small amount of repair work has also been done.


In preparing the lists the spelling of the surname as given in the heading of the inventory has throughout been preserved but Christian names and place names have mostly been modernised. There may be up to four variants of the surname: in the heading; in the endorsement; in the personal representative's signature; and finally in the index.


The references in brackets after the entry of an inventory eg. (12 Knightes) are to the will in the appropriate register of wills proved in the Norwich Consistory Court. These references have been furnished by inspection of the Will Indexes printed by the Norfolk Record Society and not from the original documents; they are therefore in some cases conjectural owing to differences in spelling. The absence of a will reference is not conclusive that there is no corresponding will: the entry of the will may not have been recognised under a different spelling. Clearly however there will not be a will for every inventory since many were exhibited on the death of the deceased intestate. Where the information in the will index supplements that given on the inventory e.g. in stating the occupation or identifying the place more precisely the addtional information is included in these lists but where the two conflict the information derived form the inventory is given precedence.


The first volume of lists has been taken down to 1603 to correspond with the volume of Will Indexes which ends at the same point.


Many inventories have previously been listed by other workers - Mr. F. W. Steer, Rev. J. F. Williams and Mr. Ryden Harris, to name the principal ones. Their lists have again been checked in preparing these lists: for any errors therefore - and errors are inevitable in a task of this magnitude - I am responsible.




There appears to have been no change in the practice in the Registry in the period 1604-1639, though the endorsements stating when the inventories were exhibited are less detailed and at times omitted. References will be found in the list of boxes to boxes DN/INV54 and DN/INV55; these contain bundles of inventories of mixed years.


Again these lists incorporate the results of previous workers in this field and those results have again been checked by me.


1640 - 1687


There are three boxes DN/INV54, DN/INV55 and DN/INV61, which contain inventories of mixed years. However, the bundles have been endorsed as if they were normal yearly bundles. Some of the inventories in these bundles are duplicates of those appearing in the normal bundles and these mixed bundles need more examination in order to discover precisely why they were formed.


In the lists of the contents of these boxes the year of exhibition is stated against each inventory unless the entry also refers to the original will and the inventory was exhibited in the year of probate. If the date of exhibition is not endorsed the date given is the date of the inventory. Endorsements of the date of exhibition are much more sketchy than in earlier years, particularly in the middle of the period covered by this volume.


This volume includes the latest lists in point of date made by other workers and I have checked their work before including it.




This completes the listing of inventories filed as such in the Diocesan Archives. There are others among the Court files in later years though not many.


They have been listed in the same manner as in previous years but as the Wills have not been indexed, references to them have for the most part had to be omitted.


The attribution of the County i.e. Norfolk, Suffolk or at times Cambridgeshire in general follows that given in the Inventory but is often patently wrong.


It is my only regret that I could not produce alphabetical lists but the work involved would be beyond accomplishment in the time I could give to it.

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Language: English

Church of England, Diocese of Norwich, Norfolk

Physical description: 127 files
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DN/INV69D was received by Norfolk Record Record office in 1963. All other files were received on an unknown date.

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