Catalogue description Release of all claims under the will of John Morant deceased

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Title: Release of all claims under the will of John Morant deceased

26 June 53 George III, 1813


(i) George Morant of Wherwell, esquire, one of the two surviving children and residuary legatee under the will of John Morant late of Brockenhurst House esquire deceased


(ii) Reverend Lascelles Iremonger of Clatford, clerk and Charles Shard of Lovells House, near Sunning Hill, Berks, esquire, surviving trustees and executors of the will and codicils of John Morant and surviving guardians of (i) and of the other children of John Morant deceased; and Edward Gregory Morant Gale of Upton House, Warks esquire, joint trustee


The estate (to which (i) is entitled to a moiety is detailed in the schedule


Recites will of Edward Morant of Brockenhurst House esquire deceased (20 Aug. 1777) - all premises in Jamaica and GB to trustees on trust for son John in tail male, then to son Edward Gregory Morant


He died 1791


Recites deed 7 June 1792 whereby John Morant limited a jointure for his wife Elizabeth Mary and £10000 as jointure for his wife Elizabeth as portion for his daughters and younger sons


Recites will John Morant (2 Dec. 1791) and 2 codicils - £20,000 to son John when 21, £2000 annuity to wife Elizabeth Mary, and residuary estate to trustees for his sons Edward (since deceased), George and his daughter Jane


He died 2 March 1794, leaving a widow and Edward, George, Jane and Catherine (since deceased) and seised of £76000 £3% consolidated Bank annuities £666-13-4d. £3% reduced annuities and £500 long annuities


His widow died 20 November 1794


By appointment dated 1 February 1798, Lascelles Iremonger and Charles Shard appointed Edward Gregory Morant as joint trustee to replace Elizabeth Mary Morant deceased


Recities that Edward Morant did not bequeathe his personal estate attached to his plantations in jamaica and Lascelles Iremonger and Charles Shard were advised by counsel that it constituted part of his residuary estate and therefore passed to John Morant deceased and became part of his estate; the negroes constiuted real estate and therefore passed to his eldest son; the livestock, working tools and plantation supplies were personality and therefore passed to his younger children


Recites that the usual time of getting in the crop in Jamaica was from January to May and John Morant died in the middle of the crop. Counsel advised that part of the crop was to be settled according to Jamaican law


Recites that the trustees appointed managers of the Jamaica estate and it appeared that the real estate of the late Edward Morant was indebted to the executors of John Morant in £36248-5-6d


Recites that John Morant, eldest son of John Morant deceased became 21 on 27 January 1808 and he subsequently disentailed the estates of his father and grandfather


Recites that John Morant deceased leased a pen and lands in Jamaica for 21 years or lives of Charles Dixon and Clara Elizabeth Dixon in July 1793


Recites that John Morant made no appointment of the sum of £10000 devised to him by Edward Morant so that it became devisable betweenhis daughters and younger sons (i.e. Jane and George Morant) and this has notbeen paid but interest has been paid to the trustees


Recites that John Morant (before his death) entered into various contracts with Percival Lewis esquire for purchasing various properties near Brockenhurst and £8008-10s. was paid out by the executors but the parties changed their minds and suits were presented in Chancery as to the right of John Morant to the premises


Recites Chancery decretal order dated 20 February 1809 whereby it was ordered that the sum of £8008 10s. and the interest paid should be part of the personal estate of John Morant deceased


Recites that the sum of £36248-5-6d. owing from the estate in Jamaica was paid to the trustees


Recites that John Morant deceased was seised of various leasehold and freehold estates at Brockenhurst and in 1800 the guardians of John Morant the infant decided to sell an estate at Sway to raise money to pay off the land tax on the other estates


Recites that Edward Thomas Morant, one of the younger sons of John Morant deceased died 2 September 1809 aged 21 and unmarried; Jane Morant his sister was 21 on 15 December 1809; George Morant his brother was 21 on 14 October last


Recites Release dated 10 April 1810 whereby Jane Morant (in receipt of her share in the trust fund) released the trustees


Recites that the sum of £8008-10s. and interest was not paid by Percival Lewis as directed by the chancery decree and another order


Recites that Percival Lewis by Lease and Release dated 30-31 July 1810 conveyed freehold premises to the trustees as security for payment of the sum of £8008-10s. plus interest and there is £10838-17-4d. now due


Recites that the trustees have paid George Morant his share in the estate

Date: 1813
Held by: Hampshire Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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