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Title: The Dayrell Manuscripts

Deeds, correspondence and other papers, relating mainly to the Dayrell family of Lillingstone Dayrell and to Rev. J.T.A. Reed (c.1758-1830) and his descendants, 14th to 19th century.


This small collection (it occupies six small boxes) is miscellaneous in character consisting mainly of personal papers of various members of the Dayrell family and their relations. Only a few stray estate documents are included. The estate records proper presumably went to Edmund Francis Dayrell, who inherited the manor on the death of Richard Dayrell (1779-1841) without issue.


The largest single group of papers in the collection is formed by the correspondence of the Rev. J.L. Dayrell and Rev. John Brewster of Durham which covers the years from 1779 until the former's death in 1832 and contains many comments on current events. Dayrell's letters to Brewster were apparently returned to his descendants by Elizabeth Brewster of Whitby in 1885 [see 43/6]

Date: 1363-1897



D 22/1/1-12 Deeds and papers, concerning Knight family estates in Leones, Faunts and Elyunden, Kent. 1363-1670


D 22/2 Grant of lands in parishes of Stone and Darenth, Kent. 1547


D 22/3 General pardon for Timothy Lowe of Bromley, Kent. 1604


D 22/4/1-3 Deeds of Knight family estates in Grafton, Hartwell, Northamptonshire. 1627-1681


D 22/5/1-3 Deeds and papers concerning other Knight family estates in Hartwell, Northamptonshire. 1678-1792


D 22/6/1-4 Deeds and papers concerning lands in Margaret Roothing, Essex. 1640-1668


D 22/7/1-3 Deeds concerning property in St. James, Westminster. 1693-1786




D 22/8/1-3 Will of Paul Dayrell (d.1491) 1491


D 22/9/1-3 Papers concerning Sir Thomas Dayrell (d.1617) including a survey of the manor of Lillingstone Dayrell, 1611. 1611


D 22/10 Particulars of estate of Peter Dayrell (d.1667) 1646


D 22/11 Summons of Edmund Dayrell's foot soldiers 1695


D 22/12/1-2 Correspondence of Rev. Thomas Dayrell (d.1729), including a letter from Browne Willis. 1708-1729


D 22/13/1-13 Letters from Elizabeth Turnor (nee Ferne) to her cousin Mrs. Frances Dayrell in London 1719-1721


D 22/14/1-2 Letters from Diana Turnor of Arlington Street to Mrs. Frances Dayrell in London 1719-1720


D 22/15/1-2 Letters from Dy Ferne in Bath to Mrs. Frances Dayrell in London c1720


D 22/16/1-7 Letters from Isabella Ferne of Derby to Mrs. Frances Dayrell in London c1720


D 22/17/1-5 Correspondence and papers concerning Edmund Turnor and William Dayrell, woollendraper, of London 1720


D 22/18/1-26 Letters from Robert Ferne of Derbyshire to William Dayrell, woollendraper, of London; marriage settlement of William and Frances Dayrell, 1723 1720-1723


D 22/19/1-4 Miscellaneous Ferne family papers 1720-c1743


D 22/20/1-12 Papers of Henry St.George Dayrell Trelawny (1705-1776) 1735-1776


D 22/21/1-8 Papers of Rev. Richard Dayrell, D.D., (d.1767), including a survey of the manor of Lillingstone Dayrell [20/5], C18th. c1755-1762


D 22/22/1-11 Papers of Richard Dayrell (1743-1800) 1767-1788


D 22/23/1-3 Papers of Henry Dayrell, R.N. (c.1752-1823) 1803-1823


D 22/24/1-77 Letters to Rev. John Langham Dayrell (1758-1832) from Rev. John Brewster of Durham. 1779-1831


D 22/25/1-153 Letters to Rev. John Brewster (1753-1842) from Rev. J.L. Dayrell; various letters about his last illness. 1786-1833


D 22/26/1-11 Correspondence from various writers to Rev. J.L. Dayrell 1779-1816


D 22/27/1-4 Letters from Frances Ann Langham of Clifton, Glos., to her cousin, Rev. J.L. Dayrell 1793-1808


D 22/28/1-3 Letters from Phillis Langham of Clifton, Glos., to her cousin, Rev. J.L. Dayrell 1813-1817


D 22/29/1-6 Papers concerning Miss Maria Langham of Northampton, Rev. J.L. Dayrell, and his widow 1792-1843


D 22/30/1-5 Papers of Richard Dayrell, R.N., (d.1841) 1822-1830


D 22/31/1-5 Papers concerning various members of the Miller family of Buckingham 1817-c1835


D 22/32/1-2 Extracts re Dayrell pedigree, from various sources. ND




D 22/33/1-17 Documents relating to clerical appointments held by Rev. John Theodore Archibald Reed (c.1758-1830); and about work on cowpox vaccination. 1782-1831


D 22/34 Letter from Rev. Thomas Scott of Wappenham to Mrs. Reed 1833


D 22/35/1-7 Deeds and papers concerning Rev. George Varenne Reed (1816-1886) and Dax family affairs 1831-1897


D 22/36/1-9 Documents relating to clerical appointments held by Rev. G.V. Reed. 1832-1854


D 22/37/1-11 Correspondence about clerical appointments held by Rev. G.V. Reed. 1841-1877


D 22/38/1-5 Papers concerning appointment of Rev. G.V. Reed as Rural Dean of West Dartford. 1872-1883


D 22/39/1-5 Letters from Charles Darwin (1809-1882), author of Origin of Species, to Rev. G.V. Reed. 1857-1860


D 22/40/1-11 Personal papers of Rev. G.V. Reed. 1828-1854


D 22/41/1-4 Letters to Mrs. G.V. Reed upon death of her husband. 1886-1887


D 22/42/1-6 Miscellaneous papers concerning the Reed family. 1833-1885


D 22/43/1-6 Bundle of letters concerning Brewster. Hussey and Reed families. 1720-1885


D 22/44/1-7 MISCELLANEOUS 1520-1756




D 22/45/1-11 Letters from William Pitt, Hester Pitt, and others, concerning Dayrell and Reed families. 1744-1831

Held by: Buckinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Dayrell family of Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckinghamshire

Physical description: 24 series
Immediate source of acquisition:

AR. 39/53, refs 1-44; AR. 16/55, refs 45/1-11

Administrative / biographical background:

The Dayrell family was one of the most ancient in Buckinghamshire. Their family seat was at Lillingstone Dayrell, where a Richard Dayrell was living as long ago as the twelfth century. Over the years many of the family were lords of the manor or rectors there.


The papers here listed appear to have descended via the male heirs to Henry Dayrell (c 1752-1823), and from his brother, Rev. John Langham Dayrell (1758-1832) to John's nephew and executor the above Richard, and thence to Richard's eldest sister Anna Maria, who married Rev. J.T.A. Reed. Papers of both the Dayrells and of J.T.A. Reed then passed to Rev George Varenne Reed (1816-1886) who accumulated further material. The papers of Henry St.George Dayrell Trelawney (1705-1776), who died intestate, probably came through Richard Dayrell. Explanatory pedigrees are given after this introduction.

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