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Archives of the Earls and Dukes of Bridgewater with estates in Brackley Kings Sutton, Syresham and Crowfield, Wollaston, Tyldesley and Worsley and Pemberton (Lancashire) and Stetchworth (Cambridgeshire).


Mainly deeds and estate papers with copies of documents relating to the title of the estate of the Earls of Derby. Court rolls for Brackley 1571-1609, 1695-1882, Woodford Halse and Maidford 1561-1703, Halse 1564-1660, Spratton 1564-1732 and Kings Sutton Hundred 1561-1660. Account rolls for the Derby estates 1535-1594. 17thC. rentals, legal papers and estate correspondence. Papers on common rights in Crowfield and Syresham 1622 & 1664-1669. 17thC. Brackley Borough records including letters and papers on re-establishing corporation rights, borough administration, revenue and markets and fairs. Borough court rolls 1553-1571, 1686-1688 and mayor's account 1588/89. Papers on Brackley elections 1695-1836 and mason's contract for the Town Hall 1704. Account books and papers on the Bridgwater canal 1759-1806. 17th/18thC. Lancs. estate leases, Worsley apprenticeship indentures 1844-1902 and 19thC. colliery papers. 18th/19thC. rentals, 18thC. estate accounts and vouchers, 20thC. estate papers. Accounts for Bridgewater Trust and businesses.


Correspondence of Lord Francis Egerton 1837-1856.

Date: 1300 - 1943

Section I : Muniments of Title


(A) Early seventeenth century copies of documents concerning tenure of the estate 1086 - 1485


(B) Two documents relating to Farthinghoe 1462


(C) Documents concerning tenure of the estate by the Lords Stanley and Strange Earls of Derby 1489-1595


(D) Documents concerning the Stanley-Egerton settlement 1598-1623


(E) Documents concerning incumbrances on the estate 1556-1619


(1) Lease to Edward Onley


(2) Lease to George Peckham


(3) Lease to John Yardley


(4) Other incumbrances


(F) Documents concerning Egerton settlements 1646-1673


Section II : Manorial, Hundredal and Borough Documents


(A) Court rolls and files, and connected documents 1552-1661


(B) Accounts, rentals, and connected documents 1535-1690


(1) Account rolls for various Stanley estates 1535-1594


(2) Accounts and rentals for Brackley and Halse, and King's Sutton hundred


(i) Brackley & Halse manor with Syresham Hatch 1591-1669


(ii) Brackley borough 1612-1672


(iii) Brackley town lands 1650, 1656 and later.


(iv) King's Sutton hundred 1612-1669


(v) Lands in Halse 1612-1647


(vi) Woods 1640-1646


(3) Stray rental for Gaddesden 1666


(4) Receipts, etc.


(i) Rents and other income 1663-1669


(ii) Bills and receipts for supplies 1629? 1659? 1668-9, 1689?


(iii) Quit rents due to Magdalen College 1662-1669


(iv) Fees for keeping courts 1666-1668


(v) Sheriff's yield 1604-1669


(vi) Other items 1610, 1613


(C) Surveys, particulars, etc. 1590-1654


(D) Leases, etc. 1611-1686


(E) Lawsuits, etc. 1619-1668


(1) Strays in Syresham


(2) Cottage in Spratton


(3) Strays in Evenley


(4) Freeboard, waste and trees in Wetley's Wood


(5) Common in Crowfield


(6) Tithes in Halse


(7) Brackley church rate


(F) Documents concerning Brackley borough 1535-1536, 1554, 1615-1688


(i) Brackley corporation and charter 1616-1688


(ii) Borough administration 1622-1665


(iii) Borough revenue 1649-1685


(iv) Markets and Fairs 1554-1671


(G) General correspondence with agents 1604-1688.


Section III : Miscellaneous strays


(A) Family : Pedigree c.1598


(B) Documents connected with official business 1599, 1628-1642


(C) Two stray documents concerning Magdalene College, Cambridge 1619 and 1624


Section IV : Miscellaneous Estate Papers, Deeds and Correspondence


Miscellaneous Brackley estate documents 1621-59


Halse manor 1450-1546


Halse and Brackley rectory and tithes 1520-1746


Documents relating to Bridgewater House, London 1667-1715


181 title deeds and papers of an estate in and near Tyldesley 1300-1, 1520, 1565-1810


Miscellaneous Lancashire documents 1799-1828


Other miscellaneous documents 1585-1719


Stamp, Salt and Wine Commissions 1742-92


Copy of Salford borough charter and several Brereton family documents c. 1577-85


List of Worsley title deeds with abstracts of those of 1457 to 1655


Counsel's opinion on Sir William Egerton's marriage settlement and surveys of the Worsley estate so settled


Worsley and Pemberton estate leases and assignments 1653-1795


Leases (counterparts) by John, Earl of Bridgewater


Leases (counterparts) by Sir W. Egerton KB


Leases (counterparts) by Scroop, Earl of Bridgewater


Leases (counterparts) by Francis, Duke of Bridgewater


Leases (counterparts) - Middle Hulton


Leases (counterparts) - Bedford and other named locations


Leases (counterparts) by James, Earl of Barrymore


Leases (counterparts) by Lady Penelope Cholmondeley


Coal mine leases 1790-1841


Miscellaneous leases, lists, &c. 1735-1855


Canal account books, valuations &c. 1759-1806


Miscellaneous canal documents 1720-1871


Maps of India and America 1775-82


Bundles of correspondence 1835-56

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(The personal papers and papers for the Wollaston estate are now largely in The Huntington Library in California)

Held by: Northamptonshire Archives Service, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Egerton family of Brackley, Northamptonshire

Physical description: 1516 Documents & 78 Boxes
Immediate source of acquisition:

Accession 1954/13

  • Brackley Borough Brackley, Northamptonshire
  • Brereton family, Barons Brereton
  • Brackley, Northamptonshire
  • Tyldesley, Lancashire
  • Worsley, Lancashire
  • Pemberton, Lancashire
  • Local Government
  • Transport Infrastructure
Administrative / biographical background:

Thomas Egerton, Lord Chancellor 1603-1617 had been made Viscount Brackley in 1616. It was however his son John, the 1st Earl of Bridgewater, who inherited the Brackley estate from his father in law the Earl of Derby in 1594. The estate had been granted to his family in 1489. The manor house is today Winchester House School but it was never a major residence of the family. The Earls and later Dukes of Bridgewater actually had their principal seat at Ashridge in Hertfordshire. One of the Dukes built the Town Hall.

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