Request a search of closed records within the 1939 Registers

You can search online for electronic images of open records through our partner website, Findmypast.

If you are a Findmypast subscriber, please submit your request via their website.

If the record can be opened, we will send you a full transcription of the information held in the record. You can view the opened record at our partner website after ten working days of notification of a successful request.

We charge a non-refundable fee of £24.35 for a search. This fee covers the search and administration costs.

You need proof that the person is no longer living in order to submit your request to us. We can only accept a copy of an official death certificate (issued by the General Register Office or overseas equivalent) so please ensure you have this documentation before proceeding.

Freedom Of Information requests take up to 20 working days to complete.

Search details

Please provide us with information about the 1939 Register person that you want us to search for. We will use this information to search our systems for the closed record.

Address within the Register. Please note we require the address as of 29 September 1939
(the date the Register was taken) for the person about whom you are enquiring.

Additional information (Enter other relevant information,
for example information about siblings,
occupation, evacuation.) (optional)

Upload evidence of death

The only suitable form of evidence is an official death certificate. If we do not receive this valid proof of death, we will be unable to proceed with a search.

Files supported: .jpg, .png, .gif

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Your research enquiry will not be carried out until payment is received.