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Indenture at Drogheda, 26th July 1535, 27 Henry VIII., between Sir William Skeffington, Deputy, and the Lord Conacius O'Neyll, chief of his nation.


(1.) O'Neyll will be faithful and obedient to the King, whose Deputies will maintain and support O'Neyll.


(2.) The Deputies shall have in the King's peace and war all Irishmen whom the Lord Deputy now being and the Deputy last in office has and had.


(3.) O'Neyll shall have restitution of all goods taken from him or any of his friends or servants, from the time when peace was made by Gillaspik McDonyll on his part, at Maynothe, by any men being of the peace of the King or the Lord Deputy.


(4.) For any matters of discord or displeasure, or any injuries done by any adherents or neighbours of the said Conacius, who now are or shall be of the King's peace, the Lord Deputy will not seek remedy or restitution from O'Neyll; but it shall be lawful for the Lord Deputy to take hostages for restitution.


(5.) If he be required by the Deputy to serve in any voyage or journey, he will do so.


(6.) In case of violation of any part of this peace, the said Deputy now being, the Lord Chancellor, the Lords O'Donyll and O'Rayly, and Gillaspike McDonyll shall reform the same.


(7.) All damages and injuries to be referred to the judgment and final determination of the same arbitrators.


(8.) If any person under the dominion of O'Neyll shall come amongst the King's subjects and there offend against the English laws, it shall be lawful to punish the offender according to those laws; or [if, while] committing an offence, any of his people happen to be wounded or killed, no amends, exaction, or redemption, "quæ vulgariter dicitur 'asault,'" shall be exacted, but he shall be reputed guilty of his own death or damage. In case any of the King's subjects commit an offence deserving of death within O'Neyll's dominion, O'Neyll will cause him to be taken and sent to the arbitrators above named, and they shall send him to the nearest prison of the King, where he shall be dealt with according to the quality of his crime by the King's laws.


(9.) O'Neyll shall have his accustomed stipend.


(10.) Englishmen and all of the parts of the English shall have free ingress and regress in the country of O'Neyll, and all coming from his country with merchandise and other necessaries shall have free ingress and regress amongst the English.


(11.) No person of his country shall have refections or expenses called "coyne, lyverye, coydeis, emciones, vulgariter nuncupatæ kennaghtes, vel talia poculenta," amongst the English; and none of the English or of the parts of the English shall have the like in his country.


(12.) No animals, cows, or other cattle of the country of O'Neyll shall have pasture or housing amongst the English, like as no animals shall have pasture in O'Neyll's country.


(13.) In all controversies between O'Neyll and Lord McGwyyr, they shall stand to the arbitration of the said Lord McGwyre and McGyllaspike McDownyll; and the Lord McGwyre shall be umpire (finitor pacis), if they shall not agree.


(14.) In all controversies between O'Neyll and Nelan Connelagh O'Neyll, they shall stand to the arbitration of the Lord Deputy, Rose, daughter of the Lord O'Donyll, wife of the said Nelan, and of Henry, son of Shan or John O'Neyll.


(15.) In all causes between O'Neyll and Nelan Magnus O'Neyll, they shall stand to the arbitration of the Lord Deputy, Lord O'Downyll, and Lord McGuyer.


(16.) O'Neill, Lord McQwyre, Nelan Connulagh O'Neill, Nelan Magnus, [and] Gylhaspike McDownill, took a corporal oath to observe all the above articles. If any one of them should infringe them, all the others will be against him, with the Lord Deputy for his correction.


Witnesses: Lord O'Donyll; MacGwyer; Nelan Connulagh; Nelan Magnus McMaghan; Gylhaspike McDonyll; Arthur McGwenos; and many others.


Signed: Wyllm. Skeffington; J. Barnewall, Chancellor; J. Rawson, Prior of Kyllmaynam; William Brabason; Patrick Fynglas, Justice.


Original, Endorsed.

Date: 26 July 1535
Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Language: Latin
Extent: 3 Pages.
Unpublished Finding Aids:
  • Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 56.

Former Reference Department: MS 603, p. 128
Related Material:
  • State Papers II. 257.

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