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Details of School Records
Title: School Records
Reference: 77/E

Log books already deposited at Central Library before completion of survey (1975). A list of these compiled (1995) from the survey result is in the deposit file. Including, Dinnington Junior (2 vols); Greasbrough Street (1 vol); Kimberworth Higher Standard/Co. Secondary (2 vols); Parkgate/Rawmarsh, various schools (some mixed volumes, total of 16); Log books etc. for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council area schools (78 items); School board minutes 1892-1904 (3 vols); St Ann's Road School, Log books 1920-74 (2 vols); Rotherham Parish Church Schools: Log books; Girls School 1863-89; Infants School 1864-1928 (3 vols); Bramley Brook School Admission register 1874-1907; Bramley and Wickersley Mixed and Infants School Admission register 1911-15; Log books etc. for schools viz: Alma Road, Feoffees Temporary Board, Hollis, Maltby Church of England, Rotherham National, Thorpe Salvin, West Thorpe, Westgate Baptist Chapel Temporary; Swallownest Junior and Infant Schools: Log books 1893-1968 (3 vols); Ferham Infant School: Log book 1894-1947; Swinton Bridge School: Log books 1878-1971 (10 vols); Managers' and Visitors' book 1904-65; Punishment book 1920-66; Dalton Council Infant School Log book 1912-33; Bramley and Wickersley Temporary Provided School Log book 1909-40; Herringthorpe Junior, Middle and Infants School Log book 1931-71; Alma Road Infant School: Log book 1950-71; Maltby Church of England School: Managers' minute book 1975-80; Blackburn Mixed and Infant School: Admission register 1907-49; Brampton Ellis School: Record books of junior and secondary departments, plans, photos, 1870-1985; Brampton charities 1892-1900; Brampton survey and rate book 1840; Rotherham Parish Church Schools: Log book, girls school 1890-1924; Log books received after survey completed 31 Dec 1975 and before main list completed 2 Oct 1986, for which no accession records can be traced (15 vols); Kilnhurst Church of England School: Log books, mixed department 1888-1967 (2 vols); South Grove School Log books, photographs etc; High Greave Road Junior School: Log books 1949-81 (2 vols); Sitwell Infants School: Log book 1974-83; Wath Church of England Junior and Infant School: Log books, infants dept 1891-1940 (3 vols); Log books, junior dept. 1863-1966 (2 vols); Punishment book 1900-37; Managers' and visitors' book 1904-40; Aston Fence Junior and Infant School: Log books, Infants' Dept. 1878-1948 (2 vols); Log books, Junior Department 1877-1960 (3 vols); Swinton Fitzwilliam Infants School: Log books 1863-1941 (4 vols); Maltby Lilly Hall Junior School: Log book 1960-82; Woodsetts School: Log books 1875-1980 (3 vols); Admission register 1951-72; Managers' and visitors' book 1905-38; Schools sales account 1931-35; Firbeck School: Log books 1879-1938 (2 vols); Admission register 1869-1937; Teachers' time book 1918-35; Managers' and visitors' book 1904-38; Wales Junior and Infant School: Log books 1876-1979 (4 vols); Admission register 1955-69; Kimberworth Infant School: Log books 1906-86 (3 vols); Wentworth Church of England (Controlled) School: Admission registers: Infants 1925-38; Boys 1912-43; Girls 1919-66 (inc. Infants from 1938); Junior and Infants Dinnington Junior School admission registers 1874-1914 (2 vols); Wentworth Infants' School: Log books 1862-1938 (3 vols); Admission registers 1873-1925; Wentworth Girls' School: Log books 1891-1932 (3 vols); Admission register 1891-1919; Managers' book 1904-49; Wentworth Boys' School: Log books 1900-43 (2 vols); Admission register 1881-1912; Harley Infants' School: Log book 1875-1916; Admission registers 1875-1916 (2 vols); Rawmarsh Comprehensive School: Log book, boys' school 1931-63; Log books, girls' school 1948-63 (2 vols); Honours books 1931-66 (2 vols); Punishment book 1936-68 (2 vols); Thrybergh Junior School: Log books 1916-79 (3 vols); Honours book 1910-47; Admission registers 1933-71 (5 vols); Rosehill School, Rawmarsh: Log book 1947-79; School photographs (1 box); Anston Park Junior School: Log books 1957-86 (2 vols); Admission registers 1957-74 (2 vols); School fund account book 1975-82; Meadowhall Road School: Log book 1915-60; Wentworth Church of England (Controlled) School: Log book, Wentworth Girls School 1932-43, Junior Mixed and Infants 1943-64 (1 vol); Brinsworth Manor Junior School: Log books 1899-1957 (inc. Middle Lane Temporary Board School and Atlas Street Temporary Board School) (4 vols); Admission registers 1935-81 (6 vols); Log book, Canklow, John Brown and Cos. School 1894-1907; Log book, Canklow Temporary Infant School 1897-1902; Anston Brook Junior School: Log books 1880-1950 (6 vols); Admission registers 1933-75 (4 vols); Punishment books 1917-72 (2 vols); Photo of South Anston church c1910; East Dene Junior and Infant School: Log books 1896-1967 (inc. Eastwood View Temporary Board School (4 vols); Admission registers 1901-77 (5 vols); Badsley Moor Junior School: Log book 1929-79; Greasbrough Primary Schools: Log books (Junior and Infants School) 1879-1977 (8 vols); Log books (Church of England School) 1867-1948 (4 vols); Stocks and stores books 1936-51 (4 vols); Sales account books 1936-48 (2 vols); Wath Victoria Junior and Infants School: Log books 1888-1968 (8 vols); Teachers' time book 1907-10; Honours book 1934-68; Log books etc received between 1989-90; Wickersley Comprehensive School: Log book 1940-1962; Honours book 1932-46; Harthill Junior and Infants School: Log books 1878-1955 (8 vols); Kilnhurst Junior and Infants School: Log books 1880-1972 (3 vols); Other records (4 items); Brampton Ellis Church of England Infant School: Log books 1866-1984 (4 vols); Admission registers 1946-76 (2 vols); Maltby Hall Boys' School: Work sheets used in teaching at Maltby Hall Boys' School 1930s; Coleridge Junior and Infants School: Log book 1940-82; Admission registers 1940-78 (7 vols, of which 3 were found to be for Cranworth Road Infant School); Other record books 1940-84 (3 vols); Photographs 1953-77 (34); Brinsworth Whitehill Junior Middle and Infants School Log book 1967-82; Laughton Junior and Infant School: Log books 1931-65 (3 vols); School record 1949-59; Managers' and visitors' book; Spurley Hey School: Log books 1931-91 (3 vols); Admission registers 1931-77 (13 vols); Brampton Ellis Junior School: Log books 1959-81 (2 vols); Swinton Fitzwilliam Infants School: Log book 1944-88; Admission registers 1961-77 (2 vols); Brinsworth Howarth Junior and Infant School: Log book 1973-93; Thurcroft Junior School: Log books: Thurcroft Council Girls 1924-40 with Secondary 1940-64; Thurcroft Council Boys 1935-40 with Junior Mixed 1940-56; Thurcroft Junior Mixed 1957-71; Thurcroft Secondary 1964-70; Admissions register 1977-83; Honours book (unused); Swinton Bridge and Dalton Brook Schools: Swinton Bridge School admission registers 1878- (7 vols); Swinton Bridge School stock and stores book; Dalton Primary School admission registers (4 vols); Thrybergh Infant School: 1. Log books 1905-65 (3 vols); Managers' and Visitors' book 1905-32; Ferham Junior School: Log books: Boys' school 1894-1933; Boys' school 1933-59 and Mixed school 1962-81; Girls' school 1894-1944; Girls' school 1945-59 and Mixed school 1959-62; Bramley Sunnyside Infants School: Log books 1928-78, 1978-86; Admission registers 1928-81 (9 vols); Files on Governors' meetings; File of school plans; Rawmarsh Church of England (Aided) School: Boys' School (formerly Rawmarsh Free Grammar School) Log books; 1871-1940 (Junior Mixed from 1938) (4 vols); Admission registers 1885-1937 (3 vols); Girls' School Log books 1878-1938 (2 vols); Admission registers 1890-1937 (3 vols); Infants' School Log books 1880-1971 (3 vols); Admission registers 1899-1976 (7 vols); Junior Mixed School Log books 1940-76 (2 vols); Admission registers 1938-77 (vols); Managers' and Visitors' books 1904-51 (2 vols); School summaries 1943-46; Bramley and Wickersley Council School: Admission register 1915-31; Kiveton Park Infants School: Log books 1936-1996 (3 vols); Admission registers 1906-1988 (6 vols); Pending admissions register 1969-1978; Aston Lodge School: Log books 1954-97 (2 vols); Aughton Nursery School: Log books 1973-93 (2 vols); Admission registers 1973-89 (2 vols); Maltby Church of England School: Managers' minute book 1905-49; Honours book 1934-62; Log books marked 1975 in staff copy of list.

Date: 1862-1970s
Held by: Rotherham Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
  • Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Creator Names:
  • Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Education Department
Conditions of access:

All material subject to 30 year closure period.

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