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Reference: DD\PO/4

Deeds and cognate documents relating to properties in various parishes:


Leases for small terms of Brislington (Busleton, Buslington, etc.) rectory, 1705-42(3).


Deeds concerning Queen Charlton, 1670(1), 1847-73(2).


Miscellaneous documents relating to 'Clarelewe alias Clarcombe' tenement in Chelwood, Pensford, and Publow, 1541-97(10), 1612-33(2), including a copy of the Will of John Acourt of Glaston[bury], 1612, whereby he devises the tenement and other property to Nicholas Mabson of Glastonbury. Miscellaneous deeds relating to various properties in Chelwood, 1606-63(13). Orders, with small plans, of exchange (under the seal of the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales) of small properties in Chelwood, 1871-75(2).


Miscellaneous deeds relating to Sir Anthony Hungerford of Down Ampney (co. Gloucs.), knight (1546, 1550), the park of Compton Dando (1557), John Hungerford junior of Burton Hill (co.Wilts.), gent, (1568), tucking mills called Woodborowges (1570), grist mills called Woodborrowes (1597), and generally to a variety of properties in Compton Dando, 1546-97(7), 1660(1). Leases for small terms, 1710-26(2) and a Mortgage, 1747, affecting Week Farm in Compton Dando. Lease, 1748, and conditions of and contract for sale of Compton Dando parsonage, 1816; and miscellaneous documents relating to the Compton Dando Church Estate (a charitable trust), 1818(1), 1878-1910(8). An original bundle of documents relating to various properties in Compton Dando, 1771-1879(36); including the following Wills: (a) Thomas Bince of Compton Dando, carpenter, 1779 (proved Wells 1781; probate copy), whereby he devises parts of his estates in Compton Dando and Woollard in Compton Dando to his sons John and James, his daughters Betty (wife of Isaac Poynting), Mary Bince, and Sarah (wife of William Wooley), and his granddaughters Mary and Betty Poynter, and makes several bequests to his wife Mary; (b) James Bince of Compton Dando, gent., 1823 (proved Wells 1824; office copy), whereby he devises his estates to his wife Angel Pointing Bince; and (c) Angel Pointing Holbrook, wife of John Holbrook of Compton Dando, yeoman, 1841 (admon. Wells 1845; office copy), whereby she devises most of her estate to her son Thomas Bince, and the burial ground attached to the Methodist Chapel at the Tucking Mills in Compton Dando to the Trustees of the Chapel, and makes bequests to her daughter Tryphena Bince, her son James Bince, and her granddaughters Augusta and Laura. Miscellaneous documents concerning Compton Dando, 1778-1909(10). Orders, with small plans, of exchange (under the seal of the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales), concerning Compton Dando, 1857, 1873, and Compton Dando and Marksbury, 1874.


Loose documents relating to miscellaneous properties in Farmborough, 1742-54(7), 1800-65(5), including the Will of John Parfett of Compton Dando, yeoman, 1743 (proved Wells 1746), whereby he devises his estates (including lands in Farmborough) to be shared equally between his wife Sarah, and his children Christopher, Mary, Susanna, James, John, and Joseph Parfett. Ten original bundles of documents concerning miscellaneous properties in Farmborough; 1732-1837(19), including the Wills of (a) Alexander Adams of Houndstreet in Marksbury, gent., 1771 (proved 1771; extract only), whereby he devises the residue of his estates to his son Alexander; (b) Alexander Adams of Belton [in Stanton Drew], clerk, 1789 (proved Wells 1789; extract only), whereby he devises his estates to his son Alexander; (c) Alexander Adams of Belton [Belluton], esq., 1810 (proved P.C.C. 1812), appointing executors; and (d) George Kelson of Farmborough, gent., 1823 (proved Doctors Commons 1825; office copy), whereby he makes bequests to his wife Sarah, and devises his estates in Farmborough upon various trusts affecting his children Hester (wife of John Parsons Drury), Mary Ann Boulter, and Thomas, John, Frances, and Elizabeth Kelson, and his grandson George Kelson Drury; 1767-1867(36), including the Will of William Salmon of Marksbury, gent., 1770 (proved Wells 1777), whereby he devises his estates on trusts affecting his wife Elizabeth, and his children Harry and Mary; 1767-1884(27); 1850-67(16) concerning Barrow Hill Farm; 1853-67(6); 1857-70(5), including an order of exchange, with small plan, 1857; 1864-73(3); 1866(3); 1869(4); and 1869-77(2).


Miscellaneous documents relating to various properties in Marksbury, 1660-84(2), 1702-1878(6), including leases for small terms of the 'new stables' in Houndstreet, 1702-31(3), and a grant of an annuity from the mansion house called Houndstreet Great House with appurtenances, 1733. An original bundle of Assignments of beast leazes and other rights in Houndstreet and Nailers Commons, 1743-16(5).


Leases for small terms of Nyland decoy pool (described in 1770 as in the manor of Cheddar), with the liberty of taking fowl, etc., 1677(1), 1711-70(4). An original bundle of miscellaneous documents relating to various properties in Nyland with Badcombe, 1822-83(5). An original bundle including deeds and a sale catalogue relating to Wedmore and Nyland with Badcombe, 1846(7), and to Monk Moor in Nyland with Badcombe, 1847(7). Sale notice of properties in Wedmore and Nyland with Badcombe, 1853, giving field names, acreages, and abuttals.


Loose documents relating to various properties in Publow (Woollard), 1695(1), Publow, 1799(1), and Pensford, 1804-73(6). Two original bundles of documents relating to various properties in Publow, 1807-72(20) and 1846(10).


Deeds concerning Stanton Drew, 1876(2), and Timsbury, 1640(1), 1725-54(7), a messuage called 'Wellington Demeasnes' in Wellington, 1697(1), the parsonage barns and tithes of Wellington and [West] Buckland, 1663(1), and the advowson of the churches of Wellington and West Buckland, 1765(1).


Single deeds of Bristol (SS. Philip and Jacob), 1663, South Brent and Burnham (manor of South Brent Huish), 1709, Burnham (Huish), 1741, Chew Magna, 1653, Langford Budville, 1651, and Wick St. Lawrence, 1700.


Probate copy of the Will of Edward Tottenham the elder of Draycott in Cheddar, yeoman, 1702 (codicil 1702; proved Wells 1703 whereby he devises his real estate in Forgham (in Badgworth) and Badcombe to his son John, and makes several bequests to his son Edward and nephew Edward Tottenham of Wexford in Ireland, his wife Sarah, and daughter Elizabeth, and others, and to the poor of Cheddar and Rodney Stoke.

Date: 1541-1910
Held by: Somerset Heritage Centre, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Extent: 334 docts.
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