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MAS/1 Brighton and Hove Civic Lodge (5223)


MAS/1/1 Minute books; 1930-1982


MAS/1/2 Signature books; 1930-1979


MAS/1/3 Membership lists; 1930-1949


MAS/2 Burrell Lodge, Brighton (1829)


MAS/2/1 Minute books; 1879-2000


MAS/2/2 General Purposes Committee minutes; 1928-1976


MAS/2/3 Signature books; 1910-2003


MAS/2/4 Declaration books; 1879-1920


MAS/2/5 Other records; 1897-2002


MAS/2/6 Record books; 1879-1971


MAS/2/7 Byelaws; 1912-1971


MAS/2/8 Printed programmes; 1929-1947


MAS/2/9 Minutes of Lodge of Instruction; 1922-1997


MAS/2/10 Minutes of meetings of the Class of Instruction; 1946-1969


MAS/2/11 Minutes of Lodge of Instruction Management Committee; 1961-1991


MAS/2/12 Subscription books; 1891-1903


MAS/2/13 Lodge of Instruction attendance books; 1928-1940


MAS/2/14 Annual statement of accounts; 1978/79 - 1995/96


MAS/3 Wellington Lodge, Rye (341)


MAS/3/1 Minute books; 1823-1982


MAS/3/2 Audit and Permanent General Purposes Committee minutes; 1919-1945


MAS/3/3 Signature books; 1861-1972


MAS/3/4 Declaration books; 1864-1935


MAS/3/5 Membership lists; 1823-1877


MAS/3/6 Byelaws; 1867-1921


MAS/3/7 Membership subscription ledgers; 1814-1930


MAS/3/8 Cash books; 1858-1934


MAS/3/9 Almoner's book; 1878-1906


MAS/4 Sussex Masters' Lodge, Brighton (3672)


MAS/4/1 Minute books; 1912-1957


MAS/4/2 Signature books; 1913-1964


MAS/5 Seaford Lodge, Seaford (2907)


MAS/5/1 Minute books; 1902-1979


MAS/5/2 General Purposes Committee minutes; 1919-1958


MAS/5/3 Signature books; 1902-1969


MAS/5/4 Declaration books; 1902-1949


MAS/5/5 Record books; 1902-1963


MAS/5/6 Membership subscription ledgers; 1902-1955


MAS/5/7 Treasurer's cash books; 1902-1955


MAS/5/8 Record of fees and dues; 1909-1955


MAS/5/9 Membership lists; 1902-1956


MAS/5/10 Bank books; 1902-1918


MAS/6 Tyrian Lodge, Eastbourne (1110)


MAS/6/1 Minute books; 1866-1953


MAS/7 Royal York Lodge, Brighton (315)


MAS/7/1 Minute books; 1822-1971






MAS/7/4 Byelaws; 1824-1884


MAS/7/5 General Purposes Committee minutes; 1903-1959


MAS/7/6 Declaration books; 1889-1949


MAS/7/7 Attendance registers; 1856-1963


MAS/7/8 Treasurer's account books; 1822-1952


MAS/7/9 Secretary's receipt books; 1920-1972


MAS/7/10 Secretary's petty cash book; 1920-1960


MAS/7/11 Other records; 1834-1953


MAS/8 Rottingdean Lodge, Rottingdean (4961)


MAS/8/1 Minute books; 1927-1997


MAS/8/2 Account book; 1927-1945


MAS/8/3 Attendance registers; 1940-1981


MAS/8/4 General Purposes Committee minutes; 1927-1984


MAS/9 Royal Clarence Lodge, Brighton


MAS/9/1 Minute books; 1874-1956


MAS/9/2 Analysis of minutes; 1789-1908


MAS/9/3 Subscription account books; 1813-1956


MAS/9/4 Banquet account book; 1891-1911


MAS/9/5 Secretary's declaration books; 1825-1922


MAS/9/6 Signature books; 1851-1914


MAS/9/7 Byelaws; 1846


MAS/10 St Cuthbert Lodge, Hove (6865)


MAS/10/1 Minute books; 1948-1966


MAS/10/2 Lodge of Instruction minutes; 1949-1961


MAS/10/3 General Purposes Committee minutes; 1956-1973


MAS/10/4 Signature book; 1949-1964


MAS/10/5 Correspondence and papers; 1949-1979


MAS/10/6 Other records; 1953


MAS/11 Bexhill Lodge, Bexhill (4898)


MAS/11/1 Minute books; 1927-1989


MAS/11/2 Signature books; 1953-2000


MAS/11/3 Declaration books; 1927-1994


MAS/12 Temple Lodge, Brighton (4962)


MAS/12/1 Minute books; 1927-1977


MAS/12/2 Lodge of Instruction minutes; 1948-1959


MAS/12/3 Signature books; 1927-1982


MAS/12/4 Account books; 1927-1965


MAS/12/5 Treasurer's accounts; 1960-1987


MAS/12/6 Annual returns; 1952-1958


MAS/13 Yarborough Chapter, Brighton (811)


MAS/13/1 Minute books; 1873-1983


MAS/13/2 Signature books; 1973-1984


MAS/14 St Cecilia Lodge, Brighton (1636)


MAS/14/1 Minute books; 1876-1976


MAS/14/2 General Purposes Committee minutes; 1891-1948


MAS/14/3 Attendance registers; 1876-1983


MAS/14/4 Declaration books; 1887-1972


MAS/14/5 Account books; 1877-1922


MAS/14/6 Register of annual returns; 1880-1941


MAS/15 Brighthelmstone Lodge, Brighton (8042)


MAS/15/1 Minute books; 1965-1977


MAS/15/2 Attendance register; 1965-1978


MAS/16 United Lodge of Harmony and Friendship, Lewes (452; formerly 701)


MAS/16/1 Minute books; 1827-1840


MAS/16/2 Byelaws; 1828


MAS/17 Pelham Lodge, Lewes (1303)


MAS/17/1 Minute books; 1870-1991


MAS/17/2 Signature books; 1870-1993


MAS/17/3 Records relating to the history of the lodge; c1970


MAS/18 Servimus Chapter, Brighton (5832)


MAS/18/1 Minutes; 1949-1994


MAS/18/2 Signature books; 1949-1996


MAS/19 Adur Masonic Lodge, Brighton (2187)


MAS/19/1 Minutes; 1887-1986


MAS/19/2 Minutes of the Adur Lodge of Masonic Instruction; 1957-1975


Following an approach from the Wellington Lodge, Rye concerned about the condition of some of their documents, the Provincial Grand Secretary for Sussex was consulted in October 1980, about the possibility of the records of individual lodges being deposited in the County Record Office. The Grand Secretary, United Grand Lodge of England agreed to this, provided that access was restricted to nominees of the Lodge for 100 years. This condition has been accepted


There are some records relating to Freemasons' lodges already in the Record Office, among the Quarter Sessions records (ref. QDS 1). Under legislation passed in 1799 (39 George III c79) certain societies were declared unlawful. Freemasons' lodges were exempted, provided that they deposited annually with the Clerk of the Peace a certificate, which was to include name of lodge, place and time of meeting, and names and descriptions of members. Lists covering the period 1799-1801, 1818, 1834-42, 1844-47, 1856, 1860, 1864-65 have been entered in a register (QDS1/1). These, and later returns up to 1968, can also be found in bundles (QDS1/2). The 1799 legislation was repealed by the Criminal Law Act 1967 (1967 chap 58)

Date: 1813-2003
Held by: East Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Extent: 19 Sub-fonds
  • East Sussex
  • Freemasonry
Conditions of access:

Documents in this catalogue are closed to public inspection for 100 years from the last date in the document

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