Truro Cathedral Muniments

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Details of Truro Cathedral Muniments
Title: Truro Cathedral Muniments
Reference: TCM

TCM/1 - 12 "Chapter Muniments, Archbishop Temple's collection 1875-1883" (original file)


TCM/13-16 Correspondence 1878-1893


TCM/17-20 Photographs, artefacts and Benson "relics"


TCM/21-36 "Chapter Muniments, vol. C, Archbishop Benson's collected notes and papers"


(Original file)


TCM/37-44 "Diocesan Conferences 1877-1882"


(Benson's original file)


TCM/45-51 Notes and letters, 1876-1884


TCM/52 Finance committee minutes, 1878-1905


TCM/53 Executive committee minutes, 1878-1885


TCM/54,55 Benson papers, various


TCM/56 Cathedral committee minutes 1877-1893


TCM/57 Acts of Parliament (Cathedral) 1876-1930


TCM/58-60 Benson's sermons and notes, 1851, 1870s


TCM/61-108 "Chapter Muniments, Archbishop Benson's collection, archaeology and history of Cornwall 1877-1883"


(Original file)


TCM/109-114 Newspapers, taken from "Chapter Muniments, vol. B" file


(See also TCM/186 et seq.)


TCM/115-117 Papers and correspondence (canonries), 1876-1882


(Taken from "Chancellor of Truro Cathedral" deed box)


TCM/118-144 Benson MSS from Phillpotts Library, 1861-1896


TCM/145-151 Benson's diaries, 1871-1896


TCM/152-156 Papers relating to Cornish Bishopric, 1869-1877


TCM/157 "Chapter Muniments, Archbishop Benson's collection, Laying the Foundation Stone 1879-1880"


(Original file)


TCM/158-175 Correspondence, photographs and papers, building of Cathedral, 1880-1887


TCM/176-185 Architects' proposals for design of Cathedral, 1878-1888


TCM/186-217 "Chapter Muniments, Volume B, Draft Statutes, Bishop Benson's drafts and notes and other documents"


(Original file: see also TCM/109-114)


TCM/218-238 Correspondence, reports, Statutes, subscription lists, 1877-1925


TCM/239 St. Marys parish account book 1879-1899


TCM/240 Building fund subscription book 1887


TCM/241 "Index to muniments"


TCM/242 Missionary Studentship Association minutes 1856-1932


TCM/243-251 Files, papers and correspondence, various, 1877-1926


TCM/252 Diaries of Clerk of Works, 1880, 1881


TCM/253-302 Papers, correspondence, photographs, building of Cathedral 1880-1902


TCM/302 Diary of clerk of works 1882-1887


TCM/303-316 Photographs, newspaper cuttings, correspondence 1872-1887


TCM/317 Reports and papers, orders in Council etc., 1870s, 1880s


(From file "Muniments vol. C")


TCM/318-346 Correspondence, Cathedral Commission papers, endowments, plans, 1879-1883


TCM/347-368 "Chapter Muniments vol. A, 1879-1896"


(Original file)


TCM/369-396 "Chapter Muniments vol. 1, 1880-1890"


(Original file")


TCM/397-408 Photographs, prints, newspaper cuttings, 1881-1934


TCM/409-429 Plans, contracts, papers relating to building of Cathedral, 1881-1951


TCM/430-434 Building Committee minutes 1886-1931


TCM/435-437 Executive committee minutes 1885-1904


TCM/438 Opening Ceremonies Committee minutes, 1887-1903


TCM/439 Western Towers account book 1908-1911


(TCM/440-459 not used)


TCM/460-463 Posters, newspaper cuttings, photographs, Cathedral and school, bishops, etc., 1878-1947


TCM/464, 465 Truro Diocesan Choral Union record books 1888-1914


TCM/466-468 Contracts, estimates, correspondence, Cathedral building, 1925-43


TCM/469-509 Benson notes, sermons and papers 1852-1887


TCM/510-516 Endowments, funds and synods, 1877-1931


TCM/517-523 Correspondence, orders of service, singing rules, (very mixed) 1902-1973


TCM/524 General Chapter minutes 1898-1899


TCM/525 Executive Committee minutes 1901-1904


TCM/526 Lay Assistants Guild minutes 1889-1940


TCM/527-584 Miscellaneous papers: appointments, endowments, services, reports and letters (statuary, windows, memorials repairs and alterations 1877-1935


TCM/585 General Chapter committee minutes 1897-1918


TCM/586-674 Very mixed papers, including ordinations, subscriptions, windows, election of proctor, canonries, legacies, western towers, school playing field, lay readers, orders of service, Chapter House etc.


TCM/675/1-7 Service books 1885-1944


TCM/676-692 Building fund papers, specifications, letters, 1890-1910


TCM/693-695 Printed books, various


TCM/696-708 Diocesan and Cathedral administration, various papers (Canonries, archdeaconries, ordinands), 1880-1949


TCM/709-782 Papers concerning donations, building, dedication of Cathedral, furnishings and fittings, environs, rights of way, statues, organ etc. 1878-1920


TCM/783 Cathedral committee minutes 1894-1908


TCM/784-798 Correspondence and reports, maintenance and repair, Cathedral and precinct, 1894-1926


TCM/799-827 Papers relating to western towers, 1907-1910


TCM/828-871 Papers relating to Cathedral school and Trewinnard Court, 1907-1914


TCM/872-892 Early papers relating to subscriptions, foundation stone ceremony, building accounts 1877-1889


TCM/893 Treasurer's accounts 1881-1901


TCM/894-897 Consecration of Cathedral 1887


TCM/898-1018 Endowments, appeals for funds, orders of service, appointments, memorials, 1881-1932


TCM/1019-1-117 Benson's books


TCM/1020-1054 "Cathedral Muniments, documents for reference, vol. I" (original file)


TCM/1055-1071 "Chapter Muniments 1891-1897" (original file)


TCM/1072-1084 "Chapter Muniments vol. III 1899-1903" (original file)


TCM/1085 Mr. Hull's detailed list


TCM/1086-1104 Associated papers, booklets and offprints; exhibition catalogues.

Date: 1794-1994
Held by: Cornwall Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Extent: 4 sub-fonds
  • Benson, Edward White, 1829-1896, archbishop of Canterbury
Creator Names:
  • Church of England, Truro Cathedral, Cornwall
Immediate Source Of Acquisition:
  • Accession 3371


    Truro Cathedral Muniments deposited during and since 1975

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