CRAWFORD'S PRETENDED TITLE to the Island of the Raghlins, 1617. His First Brief. [In Carew's hand.]

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Details of CRAWFORD'S PRETENDED TITLE to the Island of the Raghlins, 1617. His First Brief. [In Carew's hand.]
Title: CRAWFORD'S PRETENDED TITLE to the Island of the Raghlins, 1617. His First Brief. [In Carew's hand.]

The island of Rauchlins, one of the Hebrides or Ebudes Insules, land in Mari Doeucalidonio, hath been by the space of two or three hundred years possessed by the Clan Donald and Uthile, Scots subjects, and now is acclaimed by George Crawford, of Lesnories, by virtue of these rights following, viz.:


By the attainder of John Earl of Rose the island fell unto the Crown.


John Lord of the Isles, being in possession of the said island, and for his misdemeanor forfeited by K. James the Fourth, the said island by a lanes mane became a parcel of the Crown of Scotland through forfaltor.


In anno 1500 King James the 4 passed the island to Adam Reade and his heirs.


Adam Reade died seized of it in anno 1537.


Bernard Reade's son died seized of it in anno 157 Adam Reade, his son, died seized of it, about 1575.


He left 4 daughters in minority.


And as it did lamrie accrest to the Crown so was it lamrie disponit by King James the 3rd for good service to Adam Reade of Stourguerit, as is clear by our first seazinge in 1500. To this Adam his son Barnard is retourit heir and seazit in the said island, by virtue of a precept directed furthe of the Chancellary, as is clear by our seasauge in anno 1537. To Barnard's son Adam is retourit heir and seized by a precept forth of the Chancellary, as may appear by our seizing in anno 1571. And the said island having Iyen in nonentrie four year before Barnard's son was seizit, the sheriff of Terbett has made compt in check of the nonentrie and release of anno 1571, as by an extract of books of responde of that date.


Henry Steward, in the right of his wife, the eldest daughter, claimed the island, anno 1585, in which Agnus McConnell took the same by a deed from the said Henry, and afterwards restored the said island to the above-named Henry.


He was hindered of the possession by a grant made to the Earl of Argile, for the clearing whereof he compounded with the Earl, and also with his wife's sisters, in anno 1606. And in the same year he took the island again by a new grant from the King, since which time he sold his title unto George Craford, of Lesnoris.


That Adam Reade continues in possession of this island till his death, anno 1575 or thereby, and to him in the right of the said island his four daughters succeeded, their being no heirs males, left until about the 1580 year. And at that time Harry Steward of Barskymen having married the oldest, did acclaim the said island in the title of his wife from Agnus McConnell, violent possessor of the same, who fearing his Majesty's miscontentment for his violence and oppression, and being conscious to Barskymen's right, transacted with Barskymen for his right, as is clear by a mutual contract betwixt them, in anno 1585. By virtue of this right Agnus McConnell brinkes that island by the space of divers years and he being dispossessed of did repone the said Barskymen in these his own place again, who ceased not to do all that he possibly could for keeping his right and possession of the said island, but was impeded partly by the violence of Sir Randall, who had intruded himself there, and partly by a gift of the nonentrie of that island, granted in favour of the Earl of Ergile, and so to enteer his wife over to her father, and to transact with the rest of the sisters, and purchase their investements in anno 1606; and by their resignation he himself is infest by a new gift in anno 1606, as may appear by the daughters four seasing and charter under the Great Seal. And the said Harry having thus the full right of that island established in his person did deal with sundry of his friends to obtain his Majesty's favour for being re-possessed therein; and at last dispoint his title thereof to his nephew George Crainford, of Lisnories [who] now humbly petitions to his Majesty for the possession of the said island, as he has the best right and title to the same; which right and title competent to the lands of Barskymen was also established in their persons and in the person of Agnus McConnell having right from them by a possession and receiving of duties from the tenants of that island, as shall be sufficiently proven.



Date: 1617
Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Extent: 2 Pages.
Unpublished Finding Aids:
  • Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. V, document 190.

Former Reference Department: MS 613, p. 9

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