The Newland Manuscripts

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Title: The Newland Manuscripts
Reference: NEWLAND

Papers of the inquisition held at York Castle as to the estate held by Edmund Bunny in Cawood 17th century; assessment for Normanton 1676 with accompanying letters from E Bunny 1728; conveyances to Francis, Richard and Edmund Bunny 1605-1613 and nd; warrants to Edmund Bunny 1585 and Richard Bunny 1603; comptus and recognizances for Richard Bunny mid 16th century; licences of alienation of George Rokebye 1613, Richard Bunny 1580 and Francis Bunny c1654; general lyvery to Richard Bunny 1623; complaints of Richard Bunny c1589-c1592; grants, deed and fine mentioning Jobson, Richard and Bridget Bunny 1546-1586; correspondence, deeds and papers concerning Richard Bunny 1553-1561; "a briefe declaracon" of the accounts by Richard Bunny c1550-c1553; recognizance form concerning Reverend Francis Bunny 1611; 'An admonition concerning the choice of our religion 1598' by F Bunny; deeds relating to the Bunny family and their estates 1389-1679; cases as to Bunny estates 1694.


Report, correspondence and miscellaneous bills and papers concerning an exchange between Sir C E Dodsworth and Mrs Ingram 1875-1877; requisitions and draft conveyances concerning Sir C E Dodsworth 1880-1913; power of attorney from Sir C E S Dodsworth 1877; release and grant to Sir M B S Dodsworth 1913; print of a member of the Dodsworth family 1842; letters testimonial granted by Francis Dodsworth 1796; papers concerning members of the Dodsworth family and their estate, including sale plan and particulars, surrenders and admittances relating to property in Altofts 1757-1945.


Warrant, assignment, bonds, exemplification, conveyances and covenant, deed, receipt and papers concerning John Silvester 1670-1717; lawyer's bill to John Silvester 1694-1695; will of Miss Mary Ireland with note from John Silvester 1712; deeds relating to John Silvester 1722 and Edward Silvester 1724; letter (from Silvester?) 1701; articles of agreement, conveyance, mortgages and releases mentioning Edmund Bunny and Silvester 1673-1697; papers relating to the administration of various parts of the Silvester estates 18th century-early 19th century; gamekeepers appointment in William Silvester's Mexborough estate 1736; will of William Silvester 1741; letter from Edward Silvester nd; articles of agreement between Reverend Edward Silvester and Miss Anna Maria Wentworth 1726; bond with Anne Silvester 1659.


Papers relating to the administration of various parts of the Smith estate, including estate deed book c1740, counterpart leases concerning the Smith estate 1737-1786, estate rentals 1794-1806, including payments to Kexbrough schoolmaster; 18th century-early 19th century; articles on marriage of R D Haliday and Miss Smith 1754; will and letter concerning Sarah Smith 1803 and 1817; papers as to the affairs of Miss Smith 1807 and 1817; admittance concerning Catherine Smith 1746; will of Eliza Smith, spinster 1822; Smith family bonds 1781-1840 and an account regarding a purchase by the Aire and Calder Navigation; surveys, valuations and sale accounts of the Smith estates 1789-1812; deeds relating to the Burdett estates, with endorsement by John Lee as to their forming no part of the Smith title 17th century; accounts relating to John Smith 1746-1753; leases, surrenders, articles of agreement and promissory note of Sir John S Smith, Baronet 1781-1786 concerning Water Haigh Farm and Fleet Mills; articles of agreement mentioning John Wood and John Smith 1736; papers concerning property belonging to John S Smith in Bath 1745-1785; survey of the estates of John Smith nd; lease, release and bonds concerning John S Smith 1776-1787; papers relating to exchange between John Smyth and John S Smith 1776; will of John S Smith 1776; case as to John Smith's will; petition by John S Smith against the Aire and Calder Navigation Bill 1774; petition of John Smith to the Lord Chancellor; schedule, with accompanying deeds, of writings handed to John Smith 1641-1727; notebook containing notes made by John S Smith on a visit to France in 1754, topics mentioned are the royal family, route taken from Paris to the southern provinces and details of travelling expenses; diary 1752-1753, bank book 1781-1786 and estate papers 1764-1781 of John S Smith; draft surrenders and admittance concerning John Smith 1737 and 1745; acts for vesting estate of John S Smith in Trustees nd; five letters to Sir John Smith and Sir Edward Smith mentioning Normanton, Oulton and dog kennels at Newland 1789-1790; miscellaneous papers and deeds concerning Sir E Smith Baronet, Sir C E Smith and John S Smith 1758-1849; correspondence, some concerning E Smith 1814-1829; admittances and details of holdings of Sir Edward Smith concerning the Manors of Altofts and Warmfield cum Heath 1798-1805.


Marriage settlement between Sir Francis Ireland and the daughter of Lord Eure c1625; agreement concerning William Ireland 1654; marriage settlement, with copy, between William Ireland and Mariana Webb 1676; letter to William Ireland 1684; list of Ireland title deeds 1676-1708.


Lists of Earl of Westmorland's copyhold lands in Sharlston 1769; copy act of parliament with attainer of the Earl of Lancaster 1461; lease of the Duke of Norfolk 1705; notes concerning Lord Conyers 16th century; declaration of accounts of Sir Nicholas Strelley early 16th century; Wood articles with James Milnes 1790; release of James Windell, blacksmith of Portsea; accounts of Alexander the Preceptor 1315-1316; correspondence to Thomas Newport c1520; correspondence between J Cockell and Mrs Betty Lamb 1775; papers concerning the executorship of Robert Spink 1728-1832; correspondence concerning Henry Brown 1839-1840; papers of H B Cooke's Trust 1828-1856; plan of fortifications by I Ward 1816; account of debts due from Mr More of Austhorpe Hall nd; letter from John Smyth of Heath concerning game late 18th century; copy decree for ascertaining the copyholds of Mr Freeston 1672; articles on the marriage and will of William Serjeantson 1770 and 1776; appointment of new trustees including those concerning the Clayton family 1834; grants of wardship of Thomas Savile 1611 and Francis Burdett c1638; probate copy of will and administration of Thomas Savile 1589; will of Henry Savile 1568.


Wills and copy wills of the John Freeston, Honourable G C Norton, William Wade, John Watson, Samuel King, Samuel Ramsbottom, James Armstrong, Robert Goodair, Elizabeth Farrer and William Garlick 1594-1875; will and correspondence concerning Henry Dawkins of London and Jamaica 1807-1817; probate will concerning John Lumb of Silcoates 18th century; wills and inventories 1686-1786; will and notes concerning the proving of the will of Thomas Lowkes of Woodhouse 1590-1592.


Printed plan of proposed improvements on the Aire and Calder Navigation 1825-1827; Aire and Calder Navigation Bill 1774; minutes of meeting of the undertakers of Aire and Calder Navigation concerning the sale of Fleet Mills 1777; papers relating to Fleet and Rothwell mills, including soke documents, leases and agreements temp Henry VIII-1745. Presentments at Newland Court 1603-1692; call books for Newland Court 1700-1720; lease and warrant in Newland Court 1799; surrenders in Newland Court 1594-1806; Newland Court verdicts 1585-1629; deputation to steward of Newland Courts nd; Newland Manor Court Rolls 1338-1822 and Court Books 1686-1920; notes from Newland Court rolls temp Henry VIII-1659; Manor of Newland rentals 1608-1824 with accounts of William Dawson 1794-1809; copy of sale particulars and plans (two copies) of Newland Hall and Estate 1859 (one copy of the sale plan is endorsed with the Normanton Inclosure Award numbers; plan of the Manors of Normanton and Newland nd; Newland Hall area plan c1840-1844; plans for buildings at Newland by Thomas Johnson 1807-1808; correspondence concerning the Newland estate 1859-1861; fines of the Manor of Newland 1580 and 1613; case as to the Manor of Newland 1655; case for Counsel for the manors of Newland and Altofts 1912; papers concerning the lease of Newland Hall to R S Milnes 1779-1780; leases of Francis Bunny of Newland c1621-1622; lease of Edmund Peckham with accompanying note by Richard Bunny; articles of agreement concerning Newland 1580; draft notes mentioning Winn holdings of the Manor of Newland 1837; list of deeds and notes, some relating to Newland estate farms 1826-1829; list of Newland deeds from temp. Henry VIII-1695; fee book for the Manor of Newland 1869-1870; papers regarding rents and tenants of the Manor of Newland 1789-c1820; opinion as to the Newland estate succession 1874; preceptory of Newland's 'Great Charter' 1519; statutes of Westminster 1275; inspeximus of grant for Newland 16th century; translations of inspeximus of grant of Newland and Preceptory 14th century and 1621; description of Newland lands nd and copy deed of grant of Alan the Preceptor of land in Normanton 1191 (sic), both with notes made in 1655; off prints of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society publications relating to the Preceptory of Newland; receipts and draft memos as to the Manor of Newland 18th century; papers concerning 'The Battle of Newland' 1787-1788; 'The drawing of 17th century buildings at Newland by Peter Thornes 1966; papers concerning Newland demesne including valuation and lands survey book 1682-1743; Newland Manor papers 1338-1845; Normanton and Newland Inclosure Act 1803-1804; Newland Hall papers concerning marriage settlement 1827; notes on Newland by Francis Bunny 1655; photographic prints, lantern slides and negatives illustrating Newland Hall c1900-1910; will and associated papers of Bridget Bunny of Newland 1597-1602; papers regarding right of road from Newland ford over Welbeck 18th century; licence of alienation of Newland 1547; Newland Manor Call Books 1720-1845 and Wood Book 1830-1832.


Draft cases as to Stanley Ferry 1840 and Altofts School 1844; account book and papers regarding repairs and buildings including Altofts School 1801-1826; preambulation 1815 mentioning Altofts, Warmfield, Heath, Syndale, Normanton and Kirkthorpe; interrogatories as to Altofts Hall and park; plans of land near Altofts Hall 1810-1909; papers concerning Altofts Hall early 18th century; Altofts Hall estate sales papers 1943-1944; letter of attorney regarding Altofts Hall 1676; plan of Altofts c1840-1844; 25 inch Ordnance Survey plan covering Normanton and Altofts 1892 (first edition); translation of grant by Roger le Peytevin of Altofts 1256; copies of court rolls for the Manor of Altofts 1649-1650; admittances of land in Altofts and Warmfield 1676-1874; appointments of gamekeepers at the manors of Altofts and Warmfield 1765 and 1779; draft of the Altofts Inclosure Award; conveyances concerning land in Altofts 1652; will of Sir Martin Frobisher of Altofts 1594; arbitration of the estates of Edmund Frobisher in Altofts 1559; Mr Shillitoe's note as to tithes in Altofts c1700; memorandum concerning the Manor of Altofts nd; poor assessment for Altofts 1713; opinion as to a rent in Altofts 1683; copy valuation of Altofts 1810; papers concerning coal in Altofts and Normanton 1871-1877; sales particulars concerning property in Altofts 1877.


Land Tax papers for Warmfield 1748; Warmfield tithe papers 1825-1832; exemplification of a verdict concerning Warmfield 1681; bonds concerning land in Warmfield 1599-1679; fine of land in Warmfield 1737; will and admittances of Warmfield yeoman 1648-1680; notes on land in Warmfield 1675-1751; measures towards clearing Warmfield commons of illegal cattle 1829; surrenders in Warmfield 1612-1708; list of deeds relating to land in Warmfield 1594-1695.


Attested copy of Normanton Inclosure Award; consent of Magistrates to sale of land under Normanton Inclosure Award; papers relating to the Normanton Inclosure Award 1859; extracts from Torre's Archdeaconry of York as to Normanton Church 1809; vouchers and papers concerning Normanton Church and Normanton Grammar School 1742-1843; deed and admittances concerning Normanton Church Estate 1830-1833; Parish Church of Normanton' by G E Kirk 1934; Normanton Gas Act 1878; Normanton Land Tax assessment for 1774; Normanton terrier 1741; Normanton survey book c1790; book recording exchanges in Normanton fields, with accompanying list, 1738-c1740; plan of land adjoining Normanton Station 1904; plan of land in Normanton c1750; agreement, rule and minutes of meetings of the Normanton and Featherstone Association for the Prosecution of Felons 1832-1887; conveyance of Normanton 1863; articles of agreement concerning property in Normanton 1692; assessment of Normanton 1627; release concerning land in Normanton 1682; deeds and papers relating to lands in Normanton 1671-1746.


Papers, including genealogical notes, concerning Birthwaite 17th century-1822; grant of the common pasture in Birthwaite and Kexbrough c1322; fine as to Birthwaite 1700; receipts mentioning Birthwaite 1590-1635 and 1816; mortgage of the Manor of Birthwaite and other estates 1695-1764.


Receipts for rent charges on Wintersett 1717-1722; petition for reduction of rent in Santingley and Wintersett 1831; grant relating to land in Wintersett 1716; sale plans and particulars for Wintersett and Santingley estates 1846; royal grant of places including Wintersett and Crofton 1573; fines of Wintersett 1649 and 1667; papers as to tithes of Wintersett mainly in 1770s; papers relating to roads, churches, ad quod damnum and the poor concerning Wintersett estate early 18th century.


Deeds, copy deeds, papers and letters relating to woods at Scissett 17th century-18th century; deeds relating to property and land in Ardsley, Altofts, Billingley, Birthwaite, Burdett estates, Clayton West, Crofton, Cumberworth, Darton, Ecclesfield, Favell estates, Grenoside, High Hoyland, Kexbrough, Kilburn, Lofthouse, Mapplewell, Methley, Monk Bretton, Newcastle, Newland, Normanton, Ouchthorpe, Oulton, Purston Jaglin, Santingley, Skeeby, Stanley, Syndale, Wakefield, Walton, Warmfield, Water Haigh, West Haigh, Westmorland, Whitwood, Wintersett, Woodhouse, Newbiggin Hill, Caistor, Batley, Tong and Elland 1296-1847; extract from survey of New Hall in Kexbrough in 1635; Newton and Barton sale particulars 1822; bond referring to Newton Hall 1565; papers concerning statutes for Wakefield School [16th century]; insurance policy concerning property in Wakefield 1767; deeds and papers relating to houses in Wakefield churchyard 1542-1821; appointment of receiver of the Manor of Wakefield 1582; pleas in action for debt of rent in Wakefield 1658; fine of property in Rothwell and Wakefield parishes; release concerning Wakefield Church 1743; bargain and sale of property in Outwood, Wakefield 1786; Wakefield and Wentworth Canal report nd; papers of the Wakefield and Aberford turnpike trust 1811; Nomina Villarum for Honour of Pontefract and the manors of Wakefield and Bradford 1602; accounts of the receivers of the Honour of Pontefract 1274-1548, with accompanying papers 16th century-1608; rental of the Honour of Pontefract temp Henry VI, with associated papers 1428; Court rolls and papers for the Manors of Wintersett, Santingley, Crofton, West Hardwick and Huntwick 1617-1803; court rolls of the Manor of High Hoyland 14th century-17th century; draft court rolls 1727-1763 (with gaps); verdict rolls 1727-1845; estimate of charges and accounts of the receiver of Court of Augmentations; verdict of Honour of Pontefract Court c1622; order for arbitration of the Court of Wards 17th century; notes on court c1900. Bonds, leases, letters, grants, law case papers and receipted accounts concerning Crofton estates c1482-c1664, mainly 17th century with references to coal mines; order making a road a parish highway in Crofton 1843; leases of Manors of Crofton, Birkwood and Santingley 1703-1712; recovery of Crofton 1675.


Tax assessment returns for West Bretton 1854; orders at meeting of Land Tax Commissions at Pontefract 1707; Land Tax assessments for each township in Staincross 1707 and 1709; house and window tax assessments for Staincross 1710 and 1713.


Exemplification of fine of Nostell 16th century; fine, conveyance and rental concerning Nostell 16th century; fines of Nostell 1568 and 1651; deed of revocation and fine of Sir Cotton Gargrave 1582-c1613; fine of John Hopkinson, John Favell and William Nicholls 1658; notes on fines due 1686-1693.


Conveyance by the Burdett family 1575; conveyance concerning Blackbank estate 1742; conveyances concerning land and property in Crofton 17th century, Warmfield 17th century, Kexbrough 1581-17th century, Preston Jacklin 1709, Chapelthorpe 17th century, Wragby 17th century, Westhardwick 17th century, Darton 17th century-1717, Normanton 17th century-1746, Barnsley 17th century, Clayton 17th century, High Hoyland nd; Monkbretton Priory 1591, Wragby 17th century, Wintersett 17th century, High Hoyland 1665 and Woolley 1580 and 1608.


Minutes of a meeting of the Badworth Hunt 1813 and a list of subscriptions; papers in suits concerning Gregory and Pilkington 1851-1876; insurance proposals of the Sun Fire Office 1766; Prudential Assurance Association, address and tables c1850; petition to parliament concerning Midland Railway nd; bond and authority for Midland Railway 1865 and nd; agreements concerning North Midland Railway 1836-1837; Midland Railway purchase agreement 1874 with accompanying letter 1875; Lake Lock Rail Road papers 1803-1849. Crakehall Inclosure Bill 1833; Game Act 1772; letters and newspaper cuttings mentioning lead mines on Grassington Moor, Aire and Calder Navigation Bill, medical matters and the sale of a coach in London 1770s; Notes as to Mines under local Inclosure Acts.


Printed sale particulars of Bowes Hill nd and Cundall estate 1821; sale papers concerning Dodworth Green 1844; papers concerning the Manor of Rothwell; papers regarding the rectory of Ingoldmells 1801; papers relating to allotments on Woodhouse Moor nd; statement of tithes mentioning Drake 1818-1820; deed of trust as to Hodgson estate 1786; deed of exchange relating to lands in Walton and Wintersee 1784; bond concerning land at Newbiggin Hill 1662; papers relating to a Lincolnshire mortgage 1831; mortgage of Nether Haigh 1689; agreement concerning the wastes and commons of Darton 1680; rental of Burdett estates 1560; depositions concerning Fleet, Rothwell and Methley 1671-1701; discharge of rent charges on Santingley 1717; papers relating to poor rate appeal 1807, including brief, notices and poor for Cumberworth, Sissett wood and farm landlord's account book and vouchers 1795-1805; bond concerning two Purston men 1670; deed by Cotton Gargrave 1583; letters patent of reversion of Nostell 1604; leases concerning property in Wintersett 16th century-1816, Ecclesfield 1734-1747, Normanton 1706-1805, Syndale 1736, Newland 1560-1811, Altofts 1764-1812, Haigh 1490, Barnsley 1725-1726, Warmfield 1736-1811, Kexbrough 1763-1806, Santingley 1777-1823, Methley 1718-1773, Horbury 1706, Halifax 1750, Scissett 1774-1791, Grenoside 1774, Cawcroft Wood 1767, Whitley 1774, Woodhouse 1764, Birthwaite 1715-1822, Wragby 1648-1649, West Ardsley 1719-1720, Foulby 1648-1649, Crofton 1648-1649, Darton c1682, many mentioning John Smith and his executors; conveyance, lease, release and bond of Malkin House and estate 1672-1700; three deeds, lease, release and bond concerning Croft House and estate 1676-1695; estate leases 1721-1791; assessment of the Wapentake of Agbrigg and Morley 16th century; survey of Mexborough 1697; bonds as to lands in Graveships of Alverthorpe and Thornes 1659 and 1686; draft surrender of Silkstone coal at Lofthouse 1902; articles of agreement concerning the Manor of High Hoyland 1676; plan of Birkwood Common; Maude's exchange papers 1771; estimate of monies due to garrison and workmen at Berwick, Holy Island and Farne Island c1553; case as to exemption of Woodhouse Moor from tithes 1810; correspondence concerning enfranchisement of Lofthouse property 1921; list of lands and state of cultivation of Sharlston, Normanton, Hotheroyd, Carlton and Cudworth nd; papers and plans regarding Wintersett, Santingley, Crofton, Birkwood and Birthwaite 1716-1846; account of Urchfront tithes 1811; constabulary assessment for Purston Jaglin 1719; receipt 1738; fee farm rent receipts 1612-1735; receipt for annuity payment 1787; note as to measurement of land 19th century; bond for performance of surrender 1737 and 1743; bonds for tuition 1722-1738; administration bonds 1710-1754; draft surrenders 1685-1743; copy admittance 1684 and opinion of Counsel thereon 1724; draft papers including surrenders and admittances 1685-1910; admittances and drafts 1830-1910; description of boundary 1815 and notice of preambulation 1815; rentals 1608-1738 (few years only); two bags of seal fragments; lawyer's account 1829-1832; lawyer's bill 1840; account for dinner 1791; cheques and counterfoils 1847-1849; accounts 1683-1687; account for seeds 1832; two promissory notes and short lists of names 1783-1785; sheriff's warrant early 18th century; seizure warrants 1737; royal warrant concerning rebels 1597; affidavit 1872; list of persons sworn nd; letters of attorney 1769; list of jurors c1781; appointments of stewards 1886 and 1902; note of oath of an executor; precept to Bailiff 1822 and 1824; confirmation to hospitallers by Henry VIII 1519 (this copy 1621); inspeximus of 1519 confirmation; opinions of Counsel 1822-1832; papers as to enfranchisements 1871-1888; list of estates mortgaged and in jointure nd; agreement of exchange 1724; grant of administration 1689; visitation articles 1772; names of freeholders and copyholders on Manor 1749; newspaper postages for 1857.

Date: 1256-1966
Held by: John Goodchild Collection, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
  • Bunny family of Yorkshire
  • Silvester family of Yorkshire
  • Smith family of Yorkshire
  • Dodsworth family of Yorkshire
  • Newland with Woodhouse Moor, Normanton, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Altofts, Normanton, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Normanton, West Riding of Yorkshire
Creator Names:
  • Goodchild, John, fl 20th century, historian
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