The Holywell collection.

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Details of The Holywell collection.
Title: The Holywell collection.
Reference: Holywell

A collection of documents relating to the Birch Reynardson family of Holywell Hall, and preceding families including the Hatcher family. It includes title deeds, letters and other estate papers relating to properties in Lincolnshire and elsewhere, which date from the 12th to the 20th centuries. There are also letters, commissions and other papers relating to the public business of these families (early families 1562-1570; Hatcher 1611-1678; Birch Reynardson 1707-1811). The papers of Thomas Hatcher and his son John includes material that illustrates their part in the Civil War and their political activity afterwards.


Holywell 1 Deeds: property in Careby, Little Bytham and Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1460-1656


Holywell 2 Hatcher family: wills, inventories, marriage settlements, bonds, etc. 1583-1705


Holywell 3 Deeds: property in Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1548-1765


Holywell 4 Deeds: property in Ashby by Partney, Halton Holegate and Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, etc. 1570-1856


Holywell 5 Deeds: property in Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1562-1640


Holywell 6 Deeds: property at Weston, Moulton and Surfleet, Lincolnshire, the manor of Woodbridge, Suffolk, and Elton, Huntingdonshire. 1580-1749


Holywell 7 Deeds: property at Fulstow, Marshchapel and Wragholme, Lincolnshire. 1587-1694


Holywell 8 Deeds: property at Stallingborough, Lincolnshire. 1592-1675


Holywell 9 Deeds: estate and lands in Cambridgeshire. 1593-1656


Holywell 10 Shrievalty documents: Sir John Hatcher. 1610-1676


Holywell 11 Deeds: property at Holywell, Lincolnshire. 1620-1729


Holywell 12 Deeds: property in Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1626-1739


Holywell 13 Deeds: property at Castle Bytham and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1631-1802


Holywell 14 Deeds: property at Fleet and Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire. 1634-1674


Holywell 15 Deeds: property at Bramcote, Castle Bromwich, Coventry and Birmingham, Warwickshire, and Lichfield, Staffordshire. 1634-1774


Holywell 16 Deeds: property in Alvingham, Winthorpe and in the manor of Stainton in the Hole, Lincolnshire. 1645-1730


Holywell 17 Deeds: property in Little Bytham and Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1646-1772


Holywell 18 Deeds: property in Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1647-1685


Holywell 19 Deeds: various lands in Lincolnshire belonging to the Maddison family. 1672-1727


Holywell 20 Deeds: property in Winthorpe, Wainfleet, Burgh and Thorpe, Lincolnshire. 1683-1722


Holywell 21 Reynardson family probates, settlements, etc. 1684-1749


Holywell 22 Deeds: property in Firsby, Lincolnshire, etc. 1685-1847


Holywell 23 Deeds: property at Thorpe and Croft, Lincolnshire. 1694-1709


Holywell 24 Deeds: property at Carlby, Lincolnshire. 1712-1848


Holywell 25 Documents relating to the will of Frances Reynardson. 1719


Holywell 26 Deeds, etc: property in Sloothby, Lincolnshire, etc. 1709-1839


Holywell 27 Deeds: Manor of Clifton and estates at Mere, Kelham and Harley, Nottinghamshire. 1722-1778


Holywell 28 Deeds: property in Fulstow, Careby, Little Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1724-1755


Holywell 29 Deeds: property in Careby and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1724-1745


Holywell 30 Deeds: property in Careby and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1726-1753


Holywell 31 Deeds: property in Tottenham, Middlesex, Harlow, Essex, and Aunby, Lincolnshire, etc. 1639-1732


Holywell 32 Deeds: property in Careby and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire, etc. 1729-1770


Holywell 33 Deeds: property in Castle Bytham and Holywell, Lincolnshire. 1728-1806


Holywell 34 Documents relating to the estate of Dame Mary Barnardiston and other legacies, etc. 1729-1789


Holywell 35 Deeds: mortgage of a share in a brass and wire works, Bristol, Upper Redbrooke and Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, etc. 1738-1744


Holywell 36 Deeds: Manor of Swineshead and Manor of Thorpe, Lincolnshire. 1739


Holywell 37 Deeds: property at Little Bytham, Lincolnshire, etc. 1740-1755


Holywell 38 Deeds: property at Careby and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1743-1746


Holywell 39 Deeds: marriage settlement of Jacob Reynardson and Ann Cust. 1777-1781


Holywell 40 Deeds: property in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, etc. 1770-1848


Holywell 41 Documents relating to the estate of Dame Mary Barnardiston. 1789


Holywell 42 Deeds: Water Newton Manor, Huntingdonshire. 1794


Holywell 43 Deeds: estate at Epsom, Surrey. 1796


Holywell 44 Documents relating to the enclosure of Aunby and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire, and fen drainage, etc. 1726-1805


Holywell 45 Deeds: property in Ashby by Partney and Halton Holegate, Lincolnshire. 1822-1870


Holywell 46 Deeds: property at Essendine, Rutland. 1841


Holywell 47 Valuations of Birch-Reynardson Lindsey estates. 1845


Holywell 48 Deeds: property at Addlethorpe, Firsby, Ashby by Partney and Halton Holegate, Lincolnshire. 1862-1867


Holywell 49 Deeds: property at Irby and Firsby, Lincolnshire, etc. 1731-1838


Holywell 50 Deeds: property at Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire. 1705-1838


Holywell 51 Deeds: property at Thorpe and Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, etc. 1551-1825


Holywell 52 Deeds: property at Little Bytham, Lincolnshire, etc. 1632-1826


Holywell 53 Deeds: property in Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, etc. 1674-1749


Holywell 54 Deeds: property at Aunby and Careby, Lincolnshire, and Essendine, Rutland, etc. 1606-1800


Holywell 55 Deeds etc: property at Barrow on Humber, Lincolnshire. 1789-1878


Holywell 56 'Jemima's Flowers': miscellaneous paintings, drawings, printed works, etc. 1705-c1930


Holywell 57 Deeds: property in Carlby, Lincolnshire, and Essendine, Rutland. 1714-1825


Holywell 58 Deeds: property in Careby, Little Bytham and Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1479-1675


Holywell 59 Deeds: property in Firsby and Irby, Lincolnshire. 1731-1839


Holywell 60 Deeds: property in Carlby, Lincolnshire. 1773-1833


Holywell 61/1 Documents relating to property in Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1704-1763


Holywell 61/2 Deeds: property in Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1647-1765


Holywell 62 Deeds: property in Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire, etc. 1711-1852


Holywell 63 Miscellaneous documents, including deeds relating to property at Worlaby, Lincolnshire. 1626-1875


Holywell 64 Miscellaneous documents, including rentals and surveys, valuations and expense accounts, and documents relating to the manors of Holywell, Careby, Little Bytham, Swineshead and Thorpe, Lincolnshire. 1722-1822


Holywell 65 Reports, etc, relating to charities. 1803-1816


Holywell 66 Deeds: property in Stallingborough, Ingoldmells, Thorpe, Wainfleet, Hogsthorpe Grange, Little Bytham, etc, Lincolnshire. 1592-1769


Holywell 67 Deeds: marriage settlement of William Swymmer and Eleanor Reynardson. 1727


Holywell 68 Deeds: property at Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire, etc. 1729-1772


Holywell 69 Deeds: estates of Dame Mary Barnardiston, including the manor of Holywell, Lincolnshire. 1693-1765


Holywell 70 Deeds including settlements of estates belonging to Dame Mary Barnardiston and the Reynardson family. 1729-1772


Holywell 71 Deeds: property at Careby, Castle Bytham, Little Bytham and East Bytham, Lincolnshire, etc. 1424-1480


Holywell 72 Deeds: property in Moulton, Surfleet, Quadring, Gosberkirk, Gosberton, and elsewhere in Lincolnshire. 1559-1672


Holywell 73 Deeds: property in Careby and Little Bytham, Lincolnshire, etc. 1560-1699


Holywell 74 Wills and probates: Reynardson family and Richard Knibbs. 1661-1814


Holywell 75 Roll of sheriffs. 1710-1711


Holywell 76 Accounts of the sheriff of Lincoln. 1611-1612


Holywell 77 Documents relating to the enclosure of Swineshead and Holland Fen, Lincolnshire. 1767-1773


Holywell 78 Rentals: manors of Careby and Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1634-1684


Holywell 79 Rentals: estates in Holywell and Lindsey, Lincolnshire. 1844-1849


Holywell 80 Accounts of the sheriff of Lincoln. 1677


Holywell 81 Accounts of the sheriff of Lincoln. 1611


Holywell 82 Household accounts of the Hatcher family. 1658-1678


Holywell 83 Speeches, ballads, verses, and items of topical interest. c1691-c1728


Holywell 84 Reynardson family papers, including wills, deeds, etc. 1685-1797


Holywell 85 Deeds: Hogsthorpe Manor and Grange, Lincolnshire, etc. 1670-1769


Holywell 86 Deeds and correspondence: Knipe family settlements. 1794


Holywell 87 Deeds: property in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, etc. c1160-1443


Holywell 88 Deeds: property in Careby, Witham, Little Bytham and Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire. 1317-1606


Holywell 89 Deeds: property in Cambridge and King's Lynn, Norfolk. c1200-1468


Holywell 90 Deeds: property in Little Bytham, East Bytham, Castle Bytham and Careby, Lincolnshire. 1408-1554


Holywell 91 Deeds: property in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, etc. 1579-1694


Holywell 92 Bonds, receipts, etc: Hatcher family. 1427-1683


Holywell 93 Documents relating to the Civil War and the Hatcher family, etc. 1642-1666


Holywell 94 Rentals, surveys and allotments: Fulstow, Gosberton and Surfleet, Lincolnshire. c1560-1640


Holywell 95 Deeds: Manor of Knowle, Warwickshire. 1657-1668


Holywell 96 Miscellaneous documents, including accounts for Kirton Skirbeck Elloe. 1454-1610


Holywell 97 Correspondence relating to the Hatcher family's involvement in politics, and other documents. 1590-c1720


Holywell 98 Documents relating to the Farnaby trust, etc. 1795-1796


Holywell 99 Miscellaneous documents. 1562-1862


Holywell 100 Documents relating to land and window tax in Lincolnshire. 1695-1757


Holywell 101 Deeds: property in Careby, Lincolnshire. c1225-1480


Holywell 102 Deeds, etc: property in Bytham, East Bytham, Castle Bytham, Careby and Carleby, Lincolnshire. c1277-1740


Holywell 103 Maps and plans of estates. c1760-c1840


Holywell 104 Appointments of Jacob Reynardson and Thomas Birch to official posts. 1714-1811


Holywell 105 Miscellaneous documents, including legal papers, deeds, plans, etc. 1429-1841


Holywell 106 Catalogues and printed material. c1837-1894


Holywell 107 Deeds, etc: Ashby by Partney, Lincolnshire.


Holywell 108 Deeds: property in Herefordshire. 1653-1731


Holywell 109 Miscellaneous documents, including deeds relating to property in a number of Lincolnshire parishes. 1564-1830


Holywell 110 Miscellaneous documents relating to the Reynardson family. 1730-1894


Holywell 111 Miscellaneous documents, including rentals, receipts, correspondence, etc. 1624-1797

Date: c1160-c1930
Held by: Lincolnshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Extent: 55 boxes.
Custodial history:

The collection was deposited with Lindsey County Council in 1934 by Mrs A I Fane, lady of manor of Holywell and granddaughter of Cahrles Birch Reynardson. It was later transferred to Lincolnshire Archives.

  • Lincolnshire
Creator Names:
  • Birch Reynardson family of Holywell, Lincolnshire
  • Hatcher family of Holywell, Lincolnshire
  • Reynardson, Birch, family of Holywell, Lincolnshire
Conditions of access:

No access restrictions, unless otherwise stated.

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