Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue N

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Details of Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue N
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue N
Reference: AMSN

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS5851 Probate of will of Walter Bulnor of Lewes St Michael; property north of the town wall; 1486


AMS5852 Order removing Eliza Pearce and children from St Clement Dane Mx to Berwick with settlement examination of her husband John Pearce of the Grenadier Guards, 1838


AMS5853 Journal of John Burgess of Ditchling (1751-1825), glover and baptist minister, 1785-1790, including references to cricket, stoolball, weather, trials, trade, nonconformity and politics; letters from America concerning the Sussex baptist community there, American manners and politics, 1794-1815


AMS5854 Barn and 60a called Groveland in, Hailsham (Russell family), 1727


AMS5855 Herstmonceux copyhold at Bodle Street in Herstmonceux (lord-Harmer-Pursglove-Vine-Veness-Vine-Smith-Nightingale-Croft-James-Jarrett-Hollebone); 1913 mortgage includes Stoneacre, Pebsham and Hole Farms, Bodle Street Field Cottage and cottages at Bodle Street and Bodle Street Green; 1798-1919


AMS5856 Copy settlement examination of John Pollard, born at Preston in 1783 including details of military service with the 35th Foot and a bigamous marriage; 1826


AMS5857 6 Little East Street Lewes (Isted-Durrant-Cooper-Lower-Pettett-Hearnden and Duley-Bowell-Elphick-Comber-Bowell-Eltenton-Wingham-Redman-Briggs-Lancaster-Ewins-Kiteley-ESCC); includes details of development of area, pedigree of Pettett and Duley of Berwick and Lewes and details of the estate of Benjamin Comber, d1836 (copyhold house in Pimlico Brighton, 38-39 Spring Gardens Brighton, house in Little East Street Lewes); 1793-1970


AMS5858 Copies of proceedings in Richard Harmer v Nicholas Pelham 1559, and RH v John Pelham 1561 in the Court of Requests concerning the tenure of Glydwish and 35a in Burwash; mentions building of Glaziers Forge; depositions of Thomas Vanolle, John Swane of Burwash, Roger Holbeam of Heathfield, John Weston of Burwash, John Cobb of Burwash, William Weston, Thomas Akehurst of Heathfield, John Collin of Burwash, Robert Tomkyn of Heathfield, Thomas Fuller of Heathfield; order for arbitration


AMS5859 Osborne House in High Street and another house built upon 26r part of Butt Field Bexhill; mortgage (Christian-Shadwell and Bishop), [1806]-1812


AMS5860 Map of John Pooke's Parsonage Farm, Salehurst by John Pooke, 1714; shows the ruins of Robertsbridge Abbey


AMS5861 Twyfords otherwise Porters Marsh, Pevensey (Broadbridge-Porter-Dunmoll-Ansell-Day), 1485-1755; includes PCC will of John Porter of Battle 1574 (watermills in Brenchley, Lamberhurst and Marden, marsh in Hooe, houses and land in Battle and Hollington, property in Staplehurst); settlement on marriage of John Dunmoll and Ann Porter 1609 (Keepers and Buttsmead, cottage at Pellhill, cottage late part of Cousley Wood, Maplehurst Dores and Shallshare, all in Wadhurst); PCC will of John Dunmoll of Wadhurst 1662; PCC will of Nicholas Dunmoll of Alfriston 1674; settlement by Joseph Dunmoll 1674 (The Vine Wadhurst, Keep Lands, Breadsell in Battle, Adams Marsh Pevensey, 60a near Fairlight Down in Hastings, Kent property; quitclaim of Day estate 1755 (Hadlow in Mayfield, Broadreed in Mayfield)


AMS5862 Court rolls of the manor of Filsham in Beckley, Hastings St Mary Castle, Hollington, Ore, St Leonards and Westfield, 1604, 1624-1645


AMS5863 Court books of the manor of Filsham in Beckley, Hastings St Mary Castle, Hollington, Ore, St Leonards and Westfield with rentals, 1733-1899; memo concerning a temporary booth opposite the Bo-Peep public house, 1765


AMS5864 Entries in Christ Church College, Oxford archives for the Sussex estates of Bayham Abbey at Bullockstown in Withyham, an iron-mill at Bayham, Covehurst and Coveling in Brightling, Lamport in Eastbourne, Kechenham in Etchingham, Cottesford in Heathfield, Tilton in Alciston and Rockland in Wartling, c1525 and 1526-1527 and rentals of the manors of Bayham, Friston, Hailsham, Hellingly and Otham in Hailsham, 1525


AMS5865 Copy of the Newick tithe file, 1839


AMS5866 Plan of Coast of Sussex [?by John P Desmaretz and H Foucquet of the Board of Ordnance], with details of harbours and forts at Littlehampton, Newhaven, Seaford and Hastings; shows windmills and ancient fortifications; 1736


AMS5867 35 Western Road Lewes (Tanner-Fold-Mandeville-Baker-Cox-Carter-Wycherley-Brown-Baker-Puttock-Baker-Winchester), 1810-1953; includes the estates of George Cox (stable W of St Nicholas Lane, 3 leasehold houses off Station Street in Lewes St John, 4 St Anne's Crescent, 3 Western Road and a cottage on Paddock Road), and Frank Brown (67, 79 and 81 de Montfort Road, Lewes)


AMS5868 'Air Mosaic' aerial photographs, 1945, 1947, 1950


AMS5869 Vouchers for bills paid by John Pain of Horsebridge in Hellingly, yeoman and nonconformist, including bills for school fees from Richard Lower and John Parris, 1802-1817


AMS5870 Copy lists of ships and sailors at Hastings, Pevensey, Rye and Winchelsea, 1587, and mariners impressed at Hastings and Rye, 1603, from Kent lieutenancy papers


AMS5871 Phillipps Charters for Ockham in Salehurst (Kemp-atte Broke-Etchingham; Bugsell-Pont), including the grant of a right of way from Foxbarn along Ockham Lane (Etchingham-Pont, 1454); 1378-1454


AMS5872 Phillipps Charters for Cowden, Ramshurst and Redlond in Hellingly (Cowden-Cowden), 1352; Heathfield and Hellingly (Wood-Penkhurst-Wood), 1468; Willings at Holebeach in Hellingly (Tomkin-Bodle-Wood), 1481; Lynnex in Westfield (Avery settlement), 1528; release (Andrew-a Weke), 1535; Soundregges in Udimore (Etchingham-Cobb), 1430


AMS5873 Phillipps Charters for Upper Ockham in Salehurst (Pont), 1447; house and six pieces of land in Sedlescombe, 1473


AMS5874 Letter from Anthony Tuttesham to goodman Peirs concerning rent [?for Uckham in Ewhurst] owed to Mr Knight, c1590


AMS5875 Greens Farm, Rotherfield (Hosmer-Pyke-Trayton), 1699-1707


AMS5876 Memoir of Richard Sinnock of Hastings, London, Guildford and Battle, nonconformist shoemaker, 1762-1822


AMS5877 Letters of condolence sent to Mrs Elizabeth Clarke Hannington on death of her mother Mrs Gardner of Islington, 1850


AMS5878 Map of Messrs Jenkin, Buckner and Lord's Yew Tree (formerly Stent) Farm in Northiam and Beckley, 1803


AMS5879 Copy books of Richard Lamb and Richard Bodle, pupils at Mrs Allfree's school at Herstmonceux (including maps of Mrs Bromley's heirs' Woolpack Fields and Mrs Allfree's Harlots, Chapmans and Chickmot in Herstmonceux), 1822; drawing of Martello Tower 70, signal station, other defences and assembly rooms at Seaford by Thomas Graham of Cumberland, 1811; copy map of Spencer Compton's Wilmington Manor by Richard Budgen, 1725


AMS5880 Map of Priory Farm, Hastings, c1750


AMS5881 Plan of the Rev Thomas Frewen's estates at Northiam, Beckley and Brede by John Ashmore, 1779 with additions to show purchases drawn by Edmund and James Parsons in 1832, and John Pinyon in 1837 (photograph), 1779


AMS5882 Glebe terrier of Alfriston, 1676


AMS5883 Survey of Warbleton parsonage house and faculty, 1733


AMS5884 Probate of will of John a Ridge of Iford, yeoman, 1612


AMS5885 48 Windsor Road, Bexhill (Sackville-Goodwin-Stewart-Murrell-Dennett-Goddard-Bishop-Brooks and Gage-Bailey-Riley); includes development of Windsor, Sackville, Station and Victoria Roads; 1882-1957


AMS5886 54 St Anne's Crescent, Lewes (Langridge-Chatfield, Jeffrey and Simmons; Crosskey-Peerless-Currey-Willett-Philcox-Brown-Muir-Kennett-Paisley), 1867-1982


AMS5887 Collecting rental of castleguard and cottage rents in the Rape of Hastings payable to the Duke of Newcastle compiled by Thomas Johnson, 1731-1741


AMS5888 Postcard collection of the Catt family of Hamlins Mill, Hailsham, millers and nonconformists, c1900-c1930


AMS5889 Brighton overseers' ratebook, 1744-1761, abstracts of accounts and inventories of the workhouse, 1745-1760 and of parish documents, 1745-1749


AMS5890 House on the site of 12-15 Garden Street Southover, Lewes (Smith-Verrall-Grover-Bennett-Friend-Wills-Snashall-Cheal), 1670-1790; 5890/4 includes Giles als Messengers, Twitts Fields and Butts Gardens in Waldron, 1694


AMS5891 Arkcoll family of Lime Park, Herstmonceux, 1714-1900


Settlement on marriage of Thomas Arkcoll and Sarah Stone, 1749: Hogbeans in Herstmonceux and a third of Framfield tithes; Cardes in Herstmonceux (Dan-Arkcoll), 1756; Nunningham Farm in Herstmonceux (Hare Naylor-Arkcoll), 1743-1766 (includes settlement of whole Herstmonceux Castle estate, 1766); Cokings in Herstmonceux (Giles-Adams and Gisborne-Arkcoll), 1767; land at Bowley Level in Hertmonceux (Hare Naylor-Arkcoll), 1780; Herstmonceux copyhold house and 4a called Agates and a house and 18r formerly waste S of Gardner Street - Battle road (Noakes-Arkcoll), 1825; Kingsbrook and Milkingfield in Herstmonceux (Wratten-Arkcoll mortgage), 1828; house and former waste on the road to Herstmonceux Church (Arkcoll-Swaysland-Cornford-Marchant-Arkcoll), 1778-1833; Herstmonceux parish poorhouse at Gardner Street (Guardians-Arkcoll), 1839; Cherry Croft (Hare-Kemp-Gillon, 1762-1845), Brick House Farm (Benbrigg-Montague-Pursglove-Gillon, 1766-1821) and Chilsham Farm (Rosam-Hayley-Gillon, 1775-1821) in Herstmonceux, all bought from W D Gillon by Thomas Arkcoll in 1845; Lime House Herstmonceux (Rosam-Hayley-Gillon-Arkcoll), 1775-1860; Begham in Herstmonceux (Avery-Brook-Langham-Arkcoll), 1765-1852, including Shortleaze in Pevensey, and sale off of land to Lord Ashburnham, 1852; pedigree of Arkcoll, 1751-1900


AMS5892 Transcript of rental of Claverham manor in Arlington and Chiddingly, 1668


AMS5893 Copies of returns of seamen with ages and occasional notes of occupation, family and seafaring experience, for the hundreds of Barcombe (Barcombe, Hamsey and Newick), Battle, Bexhill, Dill (Hellingly), Eastbourne, Fishersgate, Foxearle (Herstmonceux, Wartling, Ashburnham), Holmstrow (Newhaven, Piddinghoe, Southease, Telscombe, Rodmell), Longbridge (Litlington, Wilmington Folkington and Berwick), Ringmer (Middleham, Glynde and Cliffe), Rotherfield, Southover, Streat (Ditchling, Wivelsfield, Streat, Lindfield, Plumpton and Westmeston), Swanborough, Willingdon (Willingdon, Jevington and Birling) and Withyham; and Brightford (Broadwater, Durrington, Worthing, Sompting, Lancing and Heene), East Easewrith, Steyning (Charlton, Southbrook, Bidlington, Washington, Wiston, Annington, Coombs and Bramber) and Tipnoak (Woodmancote and Henfield), 1673


AMS5894 Letters from Jonathan Harmer of Heathfield to his daughter Urania Cornford In New York, mentioning Charles Brooker, a new public house at Cade Street built by George Haffenden and Mr Mannington's charity school; 1842


AMS5895 Villiers, High Street, Burwash (Selby-Blunden), c1750-1916


AMS5896 Antiquarian collection of Henry Towner of Uckfield derived from Medley of Buxted: court book of the Manor of Peakdean in East Dean, Friston, Jevington and Willingdon, 1563-1622; underlease of Eastbourne Parsonage (Peterson-Bishop-Clopton-Smith and Seall als Joiner), 1562; court roll of Sharnden in Mayfield and Wadhurst, 1349-1426, 1547-1555; map of Robert Dingley's Gatehurst Farm in Pett and Fairlight by Stephen Cooper, 1717x1730


AMS5897 Antiquarian collection of Charles Leeson Prince derived from Medley of Buxted: Barcombe copyhold called Firscroft in Barcombe (Godlif-Farmer), 1577; land in Barcombe (Page, Pelland and Claggett), 1599, 1603; Coneyboro in Barcombe (Raynes settlement), 1666; Barcombe copyholds called Exters and Extelwish (Freeman-Hay), 1668-1699, cottage and land at Barcombe Cross and land at Handley Common (Amoore-Stepney), 1671-1725, Pakins and Kneales (Heasman), 1672-1673, house at Cable Street (Earle), 1674-1728, part of Handley Common (Amoore-Lusher-Wright-Pollington-Ollive), 1688-1713, Weardlands at Cooksbridge (Raynes-Medley), 1688-1690, house late Berries (Holmwood-Wood-Smith-Medley), 1689-1704; list of beef distributed to named poor of Barcombe, 1755; court roll of Brede manor, 1718; copy terriers of Brighton Common Laines, 1739, 1792; rental of the manor of Peakdean in East Dean, Friston, Jevington and Willingdon, 1705; release by mortgagee of Imberhorne copyhold called Plawhatch in East Grinstead (Smith-Staples), 1708; Wovers in Hailsham (Nicholson-Day-Nicholson-Bodle), (includes settlement on marriage of John Bodle and Susannah Crunden including Deadland in Hailsham, 1619) 1551-1619; notes of courts, rentals, warrants and accounts for the manor of Otham in Hailsham, Westham and Arlington, with accounts with the Fryer family, tenants, 16th-18th C; rate for Hailsham Foreign, 1717; rental of the manor of Tarring St Leger otherwise St Clere in Tarring Nevill, 1707; Werdelond, Martinsfield and Brenesfield at Cooksbridge in Hamsey and land in Lewes Westout, subject to an annuity to the poor of Lewes (atte Wethye-Robin-Cook; Ovett-Baker; Pakin-Lewknor; Cook-Mabbe; Wade-Longley; Barnden-Costidell-Longley-Lulham-Rowe-trustees), 1461-1648; house, barn and land in Hamsey (Wigsell-Ridge), 1707; release of covenants, Fiennes-Cromp, former bailiff of Herstmonceux, 1464; tithes of Lewes St Anne (Pellatt family), 1547-1800; Allington copyhold crofts in Lewes St John Without (Wickham-Comber), 1581; manors of Mersham and Pett (Huett-Gunter and Bird), 1665; recovery, [?Grovelye] in Warbleton and Dallington (Ward-Ward), 1623; court rolls Langney manor, 1462-1488; Coldharbour and Sealands in Westham (Parker-Sackville), 1615; writ in Alciston v Seaford concerning the settlement of the Putland family at Lewes QS, 1730; Sussex poll book, 1734, bound in lease of manor of Langney in Westham and Willingdon (Dyke-Thawyer), c1690


AMS5898 House and 60a called Joyce in Brightling (Freeman settlement), 1556; St Andrews Lane Lewes (Gosling-Mason), 1444; four houses and gardens in Lewes (Herbert-Shelley and Hampton), 1568; Wolframsland and Wales at Nutley in Maresfield (Mascot-Bat), 1405; Leggsfield at Camvilshatch in Maresfield (Pilcher-Cavell and Stidolf), 1447; land at Nutley in Maresfield (Bayshe settlement), 1511; Comfeldesmead at Nutley in Maresfield (Bayshe-Colin), 1519; land at Nutley in Maresfield (Levet-Selyard-Infield), 1548; Saxbys otherwise Cockadown in Maresfield and Buxted (Saxby settlement), 1549; lands and tenements in Warbleton (Kingsley-Justice), 1320; tenement called Dodilds and land called Southfield in Wivelsfield (Piper-Mortimer), 1322; Northfifeld and Southfield in Wivelsfield (Peper-Tinker), 1353


AMS5899 Covenant by the abbot of Battle to endow Henry Alard's chantry in Winchelsea church, 1319; order book of Edgar Dawes of Wartling, agent for Imperial Fire Office, covering property in Herstmonceux, Wartling, Hellingly, Pevensey, Dallington, Chalvington, Chiddingly, Selmeston, Hailsham, Bexhill, Eastbourne and Waldron, 1864-1877; Sun policy register for property of William Coney in Herstmonceux, Walter Auger of Wartling [Bellhouse] in Hooe and John Harman in Herstmonceux, 1763


AMS5900 Deeds of Bucksteep Mill, Warbleton (Daw-Avery-Wyatt-Morfey-Gell-Hover-Rapley-Pockney), including two inventories; also mentions Belsants in Wadhurst, Lidham Hill in Guestling, a windmill in Wartling, Little Rabbets and a house called The Orchard at Christians River Warbleton; 1717-1802; schedule of deeds of a house in Ifield (Delves-Jordan-Taylor-Waller-Brown-Wright-Rapley), 1668-1794; Kenmead in Cuckfield (Pockney-Hoper-Kemp and Hannington), 1824-1832

Date: 1319-1982
Held by: East Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Extent: 50 Accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure
Creator Names:
  • East Sussex Record Office
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