Catalogue description Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of CHRISTOPHER HINTON OM, KBE, FRS, FEng BARON HINTON OF BANKSIDE (1901 - 1983)

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Reference: CSAC 116.7.86
Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of CHRISTOPHER HINTON OM, KBE, FRS, FEng BARON HINTON OF BANKSIDE (1901 - 1983)



CSAC 116.7.86/A.1-CSAC 116.7.86/A.12 Autobiographical writings


CSAC 116.7.86/A.13-CSAC 116.7.86/A.117 Diaries


CSAC 116.7.86/A.118-CSAC 116.7.86/A.133 Biographical articles and material


CSAC 116.7.86/A.134-CSAC 116.7.86/A.221 Career and honours


CSAC 116.7.86/A.222-CSAC 116.7.86/A.226A Family and personal correspondence


CSAC 116.7.86/A.227-CSAC 116.7.86/A.231 Miscellaneous


SECTION B ENERGY CSAC 116.7.86/B.1-CSAC 116.7.86/B.144


CSAC 116.7.86/B.1-CSAC 116.7.86/B.58 Lectures


CSAC 116.7.86/B.59-CSAC 116.7.86/B.141 General correspondence and papers


CSAC 116.7.86/B.142-CSAC 116.7.86/B.144 Background material


SECTION C ENGINEERING CSAC 116.7.86/C.1-CSAC 116.7.86/C.266


CSAC 116.7.86/C.1-CSAC 116.7.86/C.6 American Society of Mechanical Engineers


CSAC 116.7.86/C.7 British Association Co-ordinating Group


CSAC 116.7.86/C.8-CSAC 116.7.86/C.75 Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI)


With an introductory note


CSAC 116.7.86/C.76-CSAC 116.7.86/C.248 Fellowship of Engineering


With an introductory note


CSAC 116.7.86/C.249 Institution of Civil Engineers


CSAC 116.7.86/C.250 Institution of Electrical Engineers


CSAC 116.7.86/C.251-CSAC 116.7.86/C.260 Institution of Mechanical Engineers


CSAC 116.7.86/C.261-CSAC 116.7.86/C.264 National Academy of Engineering


CSAC 116.7.86/C.265, CSAC 116.7.86/C.266 National Academy of Engineering (Mexico)


SECTION D HOUSE OF LORDS CSAC 116.7.86/D.1-CSAC 116.7.86/D.176


Introduction to Section D


CSAC 116.7.86/D.1-CSAC 116.7.86/D.20 General correspondence


CSAC 116.7.86/D.21-CSAC 116.7.86/D.107 European Communities Committee (Sub committee F)


CSAC 116.7.86/D.108-CSAC 116.7.86/D.127 European Communities Committee (Sub committee G)


CSAC 116.7.86/D.128-CSAC 116.7.86/D.142 Select Committees (private Bills)


CSAC 116.7.86/D.143-CSAC 116.7.86/D.172 Speeches in debates


CSAC 116.7.86/D.173-CSAC 116.7.86/D.176 Printed and duplicated material




Introduction to Section E


CSAC 116.7.86/E.1-CSAC 116.7.86/E.7 General correspondence


CSAC 116.7.86/E.8-CSAC 116.7.86/E.10 Development appeal


CSAC 116.7.86/E.11-CSAC 116.7.86/E.14 Appointments


CSAC 116.7.86/E.15 Convocation


CSAC 116.7.86/E.16 University Court


CSAC 116.7.86/E.17-CSAC 116.7.86/E.19 Degree Congregations


CSAC 116.7.86/E.20-CSAC 116.7.86/E.65 Speeches, addresses, writings




CSAC 116.7.86/F.1-CSAC 116.7.86/F.109 Speeches and lectures


With an introductory note


CSAC 116.7.86/F.110-CSAC 116.7.86/F.113 Radio and television


CSAC 116.7.86/F.114-CSAC 116.7.86/F.141 Articles


With an introductory note


CSAC 116.7.86/F.142-CSAC 116.7.86/F.198 Books


CSAC 116.7.86/F.199-CSAC 116.7.86/F.207 Book reviews


CSAC 116.7.86/F.208-CSAC 116.7.86/F.212 Letters to the press


CSAC 116.7.86/F.213-CSAC 116.7.86/F.228 Correspondence with publishers and editors




CSAC 116.7.86/G.1 Electricity Council


CSAC 116.7.86/G.2-CSAC 116.7.86/G.8 Ministry of Transport


With an introductory note


CSAC 116.7.86/G.9-CSAC 116.7.86/G.83 World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)




CSAC 116.7.86/H.1, CSAC 116.7.86/H.2 Cambridge University Engineers' Association


CSAC 116.7.86/H.3 City University


CSAC 116.7.86/H.4 Dulwich Society


CSAC 116.7.86/H.5 Economic Research Council


CSAC 116.7.86/H.6-CSAC 116.7.86/H.8 European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities


CSAC 116.7.86/H.9 European Nuclear Society


CSAC 116.7.86/H.10-CSAC 116.7.86/H.12 Opportunities for the Disabled


CSAC 116.7.86/H.13-CSAC 116.7.86/H.16 Österreichischer Gewerbeverein


CSAC 116.7.86/H.17 Royal Institution


CSAC 116.7.86/H.18-CSAC 116.7.86/H.41 Royal Society


CSAC 116.7.86/H.42-CSAC 116.7.86/H.161 World Energy Conference


With an introductory note




Introduction to Section CSAC 116.7.86/J


CSAC 116.7.86/J.1-CSAC 116.7.86/J.69 Correspondence with individuals and organisations


CSAC 116.7.86/J.70-CSAC 116.7.86/J.72 Shorter unindexed correspondence


CSAC 116.7.86/J.73-CSAC 116.7.86/J.79 References, appointments, recommendations


CSAC 116.7.86/J.80-CSAC 116.7.86/J.84 Daily carbons




CSAC 116.7.86/K.1-CSAC 116.7.86/K.18 Photograph albums


CSAC 116.7.86/K.19-CSAC 116.7.86/K.29 Loose photographs


CSAC 116.7.86/K.30-CSAC 116.7.86/K.34 Slides


CSAC 116.7.86/K.35 Film


CSAC 116.7.86/K.36 Gramophone records


The collection represents Hinton's selection of the material in his possession. The many requests he received for information on the historical events he had witnessed, notably perhaps the contacts with M.M. Gowing during the preparation of her history of the British atomic energy project and the consequent writing of his own memoirs, had encouraged an interest in history. His service on the Royal Society's Sub-committee on Contemporary Scientific Archives had contributed to his sense of the problems involved in evaluating and sorting the extensive accumulation of paper amassed by distinguished public figures. Accordingly he and his long-time secretary, Phyllis Ellis, conducted regular pruning exercises on his papers. Many of the folders in which the material was received bore dates 'Examined by Lord Hinton', some as early as 1972 but mainly between February 1979 and April 1982; thus, while some material may be missing, what remains is what he deemed of interest. Another feature is his bringing together of documents on a particular topic, with his own title and comments (for example, the grouping of lectures on atomic energy and electricity supply) and his frequent and outspoken manuscript comments on letters, articles or other documents which he received. Attention is drawn to these features in the relevant catalogue entries.


The collection is a substantial one. Although it cannot be said to present a full account of Hinton's life and work, being largely concerned with his later activities it contains important documentation of his earlier career in the form of personal diaries, unpublished autobiographical writings, frequent allusions and reminiscences in correspondence with former colleagues, historians of science and others, not to mention his own comments and assessments written on folders or manuscripts.


The papers are presented in the order shown in the List of Contents. Additional explanatory notes accompany many of the Sections, sub-sections and individual entries in the body of the catalogue. The following paragraphs aim only at drawing attention to matters of particular substance or interest.


Section A (Biographical and autobiographical). In terms of historical interest this section is dominated by Hinton's unpublished autobiography and the 'non-secret' diaries on which it was based. The autobiography entitled 'The Memoirs of Christopher Hinton' (CSAC 116.7.86/A.1-A.8) covers the period from its author's birth to the time of writing (1970) in 29 chapters and was supplemented by a 'Memorandum of Activities from 1970 to 1980' (CSAC 116.7.86/A.9) written in 1981 at the request of M.M. Gowing. The autobiography has been drawn upon in compiling catalogue entries and reference has been made to it in the form 'Memoirs p...'. Hinton's personal diaries survive for the period 1941-1983; it is clear from the autobiography that he kept a diary from 1916-1923 but early diary entries survive only in abstracted from (CSAC 116.7.86/A.13). Much of the remaining material in this section documents (albeit scantily) the events of his career, notably his successive moves to Swindon, Cambridge, ICI, Ministry of Supply, UKAEA and CEGB, and honours received especially the knighthood, life peerage and Order of Merit.


Section B (Energy). This section brings together lectures (selected and arranged by Hinton) on atomic energy and electricity supply and general correspondence and papers on the same topic