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Details of DD/MI/263/1/1-336
Reference: DD/MI/263/1/1-336
Title: Correspondence file

This file relates primarily to lettings of the halls & rooms but other administrative matters are included. Letters are addressed to "the Committee" or to the following :-


G Mundon, cashier


S Baggaley, library secretary


C L Rothera, secretary of class committee


J E Bryan, hon. financial secretary


P Kernan, librarian


R Edmondstone


A T Ashwell


T E Radford.


In addition to straightforward details of bookings, many letters raise other subjects :-


Queries about raised rents; appeals for reduced charges when premises used for charitable purposes or on account of depressed trade situation; competition by entertainers to obtain bookings around Goose Fair time; complaints, etc.


There are often printed letterheads, and telegrams are included. Many letters are endorsed with action taken; some are endorsed with lists of bookings. Correspondents have been listed in order of first occurrence, later or connected items being added to the description at that point. Where name & address only are noted in the list, the letters merely give brief details of booking without indication of purpose, etc. All addresses are in Nottingham unless otherwise specified.


1, 2 Matilda Lees Dods, Castle Place re accounts (2)


3, 288-289 William Copleston, secretary, Nottingham & Notts Band of Hope Union;


re accounts; complaint & printed notice of AGM. (3)


4, 65, 140, 183, 218, 233 Nottingham Philharmonic Society, secretary J K Lees; also


Nottingham Philharmonic Choir, secretary Ben Hack, 31 Beaumont Street, Sneinton, & J. Scrimshaw. (6)


5, 13 Dr Henry Harper, 113 Arkwright Street (2)


6 -(?) Goater, Park Row.


To Arthur, re personal meeting


7, 40, 138 Messrs J & G Poole & manager


F Mayer; various addresses


Circular & letters re Diorama and "Myriorama". (3)


DD/MI/294/2 illustrates poster for Myriorama outside M.I.


8, 18, 20, 24, 25, 234, 236 Mrs Adela Bromley, Stoke near Newark & various addresses; district secretary of C. of E. Central Society for providing homes for waifs & strays.


Letters & printed publicity leaflet. (7)


9 Mrs Shaw, The Populars, Bramcote.


10 N H Pownall, Lenton Hall Gardens.


Protest about "dunning" of members for subscriptions.


11, 15 G S S Vidal, 33 Derby Road.


Farewell address to young men of Nottm to whom he has been speaking by invitation of Bishop (2)


12 R McIntosh Webster, 31 Alberta Terrace, Sherwood Rise.


Sale of work for mission church for Sneinton & other charities.


14 Samuel Watson, secretary of Nottingham & Notts District Licensed Victuallers' Association.


16, 23, 47, 64, 76, 88, 98-100, 102, 132, 135, 153, 176-178, 250, 252, 275, 295-296, 310 W I Baker of Meats & Baker, Isabella Street; also R Richardson, assistant secretary & J B Ashwell, 37 Bentinck Road, & J B Coleman. (2 on paper of Society of Chemical Industry, Nottm. Section) & letter from Mundon.


Men's Sunday Morning Institute; also M.I.(?) committees. (22)


17, 118, 128, 160, 164, 205-208, 286 Andy Merrilees; also C Tutitt(?); various addresses.


"Andy Merrilees' Armour-clad Amazon Female Christys. 12 symmetrical female forms. A Bevy of Beauty". publicity leaflets & letters & reply by G. Mundon. (10)


19, 35-37, 141 Henry E Hunt, Thurland Street, also John R Poyster, 45 Goldsmith Street, and Rev W R Blackett.


Use of hall (mentions of re-flooring) for services during cleaning & painting of Holy Trinity, with printed appeal for funds. (5)


21 G Cohen & Co, Blackpool (La) branch of National Phrenological Institute (see also DD/MI/263/1/255-260).


22, 45, 77, 230 George Bryan of John Bryan & Son, Adcock's Factory, Gamble Street, & 31 Gedling Grove.


Lectures & M.I. committees. (4)


26, 31, 34, 63 Marcus Goldberg, 72 Redcliffe Crescent, Mapperley Road, manager, & Walter Westmorland, Sherwood Street, secretary of Thespian Dramatic Club. (4)


27, 235 John E Bryan, hon. financial secretary (& Borough Accountant) and G Mundon, cashier


Accounts & charges. (2)


28, 66, 125, 261 Cecil Shelton, 25 Castle Road.


For self & Mrs. Turton; dancing classes & balls; suggests improvements including re-flooring. (4)


29 Thomas Martin, 15 Maples Street.


Requests change (for 1 week) of his boy's half day from library.


30 S Richards


Improvements need before "the congregation" will pay increased rent.


32, 56-62, 172, 273 Major George Carter, Salvation Army, 13 Derby Road; also W S Stitt, W Bramwell Booth & William Booth of London.


Regular services & special events, etc. (10)


33, 200, 202, 212-215, 240 Rev M Baxter, The Blue Ribbon Gospel Army & The Christian Herald, London; also G Camden(?), & C Allen. (8)


38, 133, 137 J K Wright, 29 Bentinck Road, Election agent for Charles Seely. with printed notice to send in expenses (3)


39, 41, 85, 109, 147, 165, 330 Thomas William Casey, also Joseph Hamilton; various addresses.


Hamilton's Diorama & entertainments, letters & programmes. (7)


42-43 Harry Dickenson, at Theatre Royal, Colchester (Ess).


Uncle Tom's Cabin, etc. (2)


44 Wright & Co, Bankers.


Increase of M I overdraft.


46 Samuel A Chettle, 144 Robin Hoods Chase.


Asks permission for W T Perks, Scottish organist, to play organ.


48 John Underwood, at Leicester.


Agent (?) for Rev F G Widdows, ex-monk(?)


49 James Enright, chief clerk, Chief Constable's Office


50,53 Evan Powell, Borough Asylym, Mapperley Hill (2)


51 Thomas William Bush, secretary, General Hospital


52 G Muncaster Howard, clerk to Guardians, all accepting books withdrawn from M.I. library


54, 67, 69, 75, 136, 246 E T Gilmer, Birmingham, also Masonic Hall, Nottm.


Dancing class. (6)


55, 91, 97 J Saywell, 4 Park Street, teacher of phonography.


Shorthand class. (3)


68, 94 E Warburton, 6 Haughton Street.


Soirée for St Mary's senior football club & cricket club (2)


70-71 John H. King, Lenton Board School.


Magic lantern entertainment for Nottm. School Board Cricket Club Committee. (2)


72 -(?)Wass, St James' Place, Granby Street.


Asks for transfer of late father Joseph W's library ticket to daughter Lizzie W.


73, 90 -(?) 13 Maples Street, Forest Side; also Rev J B Nichols.


Noel Street Congregational Church; bazaar etc. (2)


74, 78 G H Perry, Glatton House, Forest Grove, T Mason of Mason & Radford, chemists, 10 Derby Road.


Both re library subs.


79 Mlle. F M Durand, Regent Street.


Acknowledges appointment as French teacher.


80 G H Wallis, Nottm. Castle.


81 P J Cropper.


Apologies for absence (library committee) as is to give evidence before the Football Assoc.


82, 181 S Kimbell. & Haywood Street, Sneinton also Rev A P Woodhouse.


St. Matthias' bazaar. (2)


83-84 A Brogden, Glasgow.


Swiss choir; letters, publicity & programme. (2)


86 Carpenter & Lorraine's Minstrels. (2)


87, 217, 239, 247-248, 263, 281 F G Rowe, 149 Sherwood Street, secretary Tonic Sol-fa Association.


With printed leaflet re meeting (7)


89, 175, 331 Thomas Garratt, 18 Sherwood Street singing classes (3)


92-93, 184, 203 H S Irons, 10 Villa Road, organist of St Andrews & Sacred Harmonic Society.


Recommending George Middleton, S E Heath, E Knight & C Hole to use organ (4)


95, 122 R Inger, coal merchant, 17 Woodborough Road.


re accounts & supply of coal; (2)


96 Rev J B Paton, Congregational Institute, 22 Forest Road West.


101 Lucas Edleston, secretary, Blackburn (La) Exchange.


Asks for details & terms of M I lettings.


103 James Bingham, 39 Long Row


104, 108, 300 Thomas Wilson, Great Grimsby Lincs, also Harry Liston, Pinner (Mx).


H L's entertainment. (3)


105-106, 119-120; 189 Thomas Birrell; various addresses.


Diorama of Scotland & Royal Caledonian Minstrels letters, publicity & programme. (5)


107 Rev Charles Yeld, University School.


110-111, 219 T J West, Liverpool, Theatrical Agent, etc (with his photo).


San Francisco Minstrels; with souvenir programme of 1 Apr 1885 (3)


112 S Brittle, St Peter's Chambers


113 H Woolley of Herbert Woolley & Co., lace manufacturers, St Marys Gate.


Private dances, with Mr Spencer.


114-115 - Hayward(?), Castle Gate.


Meeting of Rev G Bishop & Church Sunday School Teachers. (2)


116-117 D W Young, Morley House, Melbourne Street, secretary of meetings on Holiness.


YMCA evangelistic meetings. (2)


121 G Stevenson


Asks permission for a "small board made permanent on the iron rails".


123, 168 Samuel Edward Heath, St Peter's Church Walk, & Grove House, Newstead Grove.


C of E Temperance Mission Choir, & as secretary of Nottm. "Robin" Christmas Dinner Society. (2)


124, 188 T Atyeo, 5 Bilbie Street & Cardiff.


Apologies for absence (library committee) & resignation. (2)


126-127 Alice Marriott, 6 Victoria Avenue, Sneinton Dale.


Dancing class party & publicity. (2)


130 James Harwood, 115 Waterloo Crescent.


131, 142, 244, 258, 298 Thomas Killingley, 1 Park Place, president of the Nottm Bowman-Hart Musical Guild; also W Smith, 28 Uppingham Terrace, George Riggott & Mrs Bowman-Hart, Harrow Music School, 1 Castle Place.


Concert. (5)


134 Miss M Spybey, 64 Dame Agnes Street.


Lost lecture ticket.


139 John H Richards, Town Clerk's Office.


re Freemen's meeting.


143, 186-187, 245 Charles F Hole, 9 Sneinton Dale Villas, organist.


For Sneinton Church Choir & Choral Society; also asks to be put on organ user's list & asks for Wm Ryde his assistant organist to use organ; (4)


201 With letter from William Ryde, 12 Sneinton Dale Villas re organ use. (1)


144 William Rickman, Notts. & Midland Fire Insurance Co Ltd., Portland Chambers, Thurland Street.


Possible insurance.


145, 158 R P Burton at John Truman's, 28 St Mary's Gate. (2)


146, 169-171 Pastor F Bell, 83 Noel Street.


Church of the People, with mentions of Salvation Army (dispute?) (4)


148 John McMeeking, 39 Lower Talbot Street.


Nottm. Scottish Football Club


149 L Wells


Anti Church disestablishment


150, 209 Samuel Stevens, Chief Constable.


Printed circular re Sessions about damage; letter re police assistance (2)


151, 152, 154 J G Lymn, 48 Waldeck Road, Carrington.


Florence L Hickling


Charles M Nevill, 8 Burns Street


All re lost lecture tickets


155 W Percy Payne, Park Valley.


156 John Rogers, 4 Tennyson Street.


Resignation from committee.


157 Blackburn of Blackburn & Houldgate, 104 Arkwright Street.


159, 282 Printed conditions for letting at M.I., 15 Sep. 1882 (2)


161 Reuben Steele, Castle Gate.


Gift to library


162 Samuel Hague, S. Hague's Minstrels, Liverpool.


163, 210, 225 Livermore Bros Court Mistrels, Netherfield House, Netherfield & various addresses (3)


166-167, 242 E Stevenson, The Old Angel (illus.), Stoney Street.


Councillor John Robinson's treat to aged poor. (3)


173-174, 243, 266, 274 Jabez Hack, jun., 31 Beaumont Street, Sneinton, also T Radford, 14 Arboretum Street, manager, Nottm Amateur Operatic Co.


"Maritana"; with request for refund when performance for General Hospital cancelled when stage collapsed. (5)


179 [Miss] S A Webbe, 18 Bromley Place.




180 John Grundy, Park Drive


Charity lecture to send Nottm boy to Earlswood Asylum for Idiots.


182 Benjamin Hurst, 21 Corporation Road, Amalgamated Soc. of Engineers, Machinists, etc.


Concert for out-of-work members


185, 237, 238 Arthur Towers, Stewart Place, Great Alfred Street.


Asks to be put on organ users' list; (2)


With recommendation from H Houseley, 68 Cromwell Street.


190 John Adcock of Henry Farmer Music Warehouse, High Street.


Recommends Mr Keighton, organist of Wesley Chapel, Broad Street, to use organ.


191-198, 228 G W Appleton; various addresses.


Max O'Rell entertainment. (9)


199, 211 Howitt & Son, Steam Printing Works & Stationery Manufactory, 16 Clumber Street.


Estimates for printing. (2)


204 Richard Ingleman, East Bridgford.




220, 229 Rev G Edgcombe, St Peter's Rectory, Standard Hill. (2)


221-222, 231 C Gerring, 15 Melbourne Street (3)


223-224 Chillingham Hunt, Basingstoke (Ha).


Entertainment, with printed testimonials. (2)


216, 226, 311-329 Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co., Liverpool, & agent J T Pink, St Alban's Chambers, Long Row.


Insurance, some with reference to performances by Nottm Amateur Operatic Soc. (q.v.). (21)


227 E C Morris, 64 Sherwood Street.


Carrington Congregational Mission


232 S Moore, Mapperley Road.


Clash of dates with Sir Arthur Sullivan's concert.


241 G Field, Manchester.


re organ.


249 T W Harris, 95 Gawthorne Street.


251 George F Yorke, The Park.


253 J White, Oldknow Street.


Protests at removal of son by policeman from lecture for alleged disturbance.


254 Alexander McCook Weir, MD, Woodborough Road.


Protests at problems of admission.


255-260 Louis Cohen, Brighton Suss & Herr Gustavus Cohen.


Letters & illustrated publicity material on phrenology, mental training, etc, etc.


"I do not utter a single sentence calculated to shock the most refined mind". Commends M I for their fastidiousness as to whom halls are let. (6)


See also 263/1/21


262 William Yates, medical electrician & galvanist, 5 Lower Talbot Street.


264 Henry E Matthews & George E Rowe.


Fancy dress ball for Gordon Boys' Home.


265 -(?) Monahan, 83 Blue Bell Hill.


Asks for refund of deposit; bazaar not held "owing to the severe depression of trade".


267-268, 276 Henry G D Ashley, Gas Engineer, 36 Derby Road.


Trade exhibition; with bankruptcy statement of affairs; (reasons for bankruptcy include loss with respect to exhibition). (3)


269 Rev T B B Ferris, St Matthew's Vicarage.




270, 292 Rev T F Boultbee, St Mark's Vicarage.




271-272, 278 David Smith, 25 Sherwin Street.


Nottingham Tabernacle Band of Hope, with printed leaflet re Festival. (3)


277, 291, 308 Rev T E Cleworth (vicar of St Thomas'), 16 Burns Street (& Bromley House Library) & T W Windley, Hon secretaries, General Church Mission. (3)


279 Joseph Taylor of John Taylor & Sons, Midland Foundry, Queen's Road;


Gives address of Miss L Silverton in Clapham, London.


See also 263/1/304.


280 Mrs Pollard, All Saints Street.


Rent reduction for pupils' concert.


Endorsed list of other applicants for rent reduction.


283-284 S F Houseley, Ivy House, Bramcote.


Royal Academy exam. (2)


287 H E Boulter, 39 High Street, Ramsgate (K).


Information wanted to help founding of Mechanics Institute in Ramsgate.


290 Kate E Farmer, 15 Clipstone Avenue.


Concert for St Paul's church.


293 - Moss, 2 Goldsmith Square.


re member's ticket.


294 Wm. Jones, 10 Waterloo Road.


Lost lecture ticket.


297 M Dixon, 29a Woodborough Road.


299 J O Gallimore, 47 Dryden Street.


Nottm. Amateur Gymnastic Club.


301-302 Rev W V Jackson of St Stephen's Sneinton.


With letter from Mundon. (2)


303 B Daubney, Timber Merchant, Queen's Road.


re library subs. of Miss Daubney.


304 Lottie Silverton, London.


See also 263/1/279.


305-306 William Hugh, High Pavement Day Schools.


Concert for Teachers' Orphan Institution, with printed publicity leaflet. (2)


307 Edwin Clarke, Gedling.


re library subs.


309 H & F Tarratt, Auctioneers, Leicester.


re account.


332 J Johnson, Devonport Devon.


Evangelistic services of Gypsy Smith.


333 Mrs Cartwright (dancing teacher).


334-335 J Burns, Spiritual Institution, London.


Letter, programme & publicity re "Facts & Phenomena of Spiritualism"; spirit photos & manifestations; vocalists; use of Oxy-Hydrogen


Lime-light. (2)


336 John H Gower, Trent College.


Organ recital

Date: Apr 1885-Mar 1886
Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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