Catalogue description The Papers of Sir Lawrence Bragg 1890-1971

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Details of W.L. BRAGG
Reference: W.L. BRAGG
Title: The Papers of Sir Lawrence Bragg 1890-1971

The Lawrence Bragg archive at The Royal Institution totals over 40,000 items and includes correspondence, lecture notes, reprints, newspaper cuttings and photographs.


Box 1. Speeches and lectures to 1953


Box 2. Speeches and lectures, 1954-July 1960


Box 3. Speeches and lectures, Sept 1960-1966


Box 4. Speeches and lectures, 1967-1968


Box 5. Speeches and lectures, 1969-1971


Box 6a. Civil Service lectures, 1964-1965


Box 6b. Civil Service lectures, Oct-Dec 1965


Box 6c. Civil Service lectures, 1966


Box 6d. Civil Service lectures, 1966: correspondence


Box 6e. Miscellaneous undated lecture notes, ca.1939-53


Box 7. School lecture notes


Box 7a. The nature of light. 1959


Box 7b. The discovery of useful electricity. 1955


Box 7c. Famous experiments at the R.I. 1970


Box 7d. Properties of matter (diamond).


Box 7e. How we hear, speak and see.


Box 7f. Electrical engineering.


Box 7g. Sea waves. 1966-1967


Box 7h. Magnetism. 1959-1968


Box 8. School lecture notes


Box 8a. Waves and vibrations. 1955-62


Box 8b. Waves and vibrations. Correspondence, 1955-62


Box 9. School lecture notes


Box 9a. Atoms and molecules.


Box 9b. Atoms and molecules. Correspondence, 1956


Box 9c. Properties of matter.


Box 9d. Properties of matter. Correspondence, 1956-59


Box 9e. Electricity and magnetism. 1959


Box 10. Honours and appointments


Box 10a. Correspondence, 1936-1938


Box 10b. Certificates of honours and degrees, with correspondence and papers, 1917-1971


Box 10c. Letters of congratulation on appointment as Director of the National Physical Laboratory, April-June 1937


Box 10d. Letters of congratulation on Knighthood, 1941


Box 10e. Letters of congratulation on appointment as Director of the Royal Institution, May 1953


Box 10f. Correspondence concerning decoration of the Order of Leopold, 1961


Box 10g. Correspondence concerning celebrations to mark 50th anniversary of Nobel Prize, Oct 1965


Box 10h. Letters of congratulations on becoming Companion of Honour, January 1967


Box 10i. Election as Corresponding Member of Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften and congratulations on 80th birthday, 1970


Box 11. CONFIDENTIAL Royal Institution salaries, contracts, and organisation


Box 12. CONFIDENTIAL James Watson's book


Box 13. CONFIDENTIAL Nobel Prizes Closed until 2021


Box 14. CONFIDENTIAL Private correspondence, references and testimonials, Royal Society Fellowships


Box 15. CONFIDENTIAL Retirement, appointments, R.I. internal affairs, Westgate Covenant, salaries


Box 16. Articles, 1955-1962


Box 17. Articles, 1963-1966


Box 18. Articles, 1967-1969


Box 19a. Visits to the U.S.A., 1925-1935


Box 19b. Articles, 1951-58: correspondence


Box 19c. R.I. administrative correspondence, 1962-65


Box 20a. Letters to J.J.Thomson, 1918-19


Box 20b. Report on Faraday film by S.R.Eade, 1932


Box 20c. Diary of visit to South Africa, 1955


Box 20d. Party to celebrate 50th anniversary of Nobel Prize, Oct 1965


Box 20e. Correspondence about R.J.Seeger's paper on Faraday, March 1966


Box 20f. Rutherford Memorial Lecture, 1958 (Neils Bohr)


Box 20g. Bragg Lecture Fund, 1960-1961


Box 21a. Archival tape recording of Lawrence Bragg: correspondence, 1969-1970


Box 21b. Articles, 1967-1968


Box 21c. Article on X-ray crystallography for Scientific American: correspondence, 1965-1971


Box 21d. Atomic Structure of Minerals: correspondence, 1954-1958


Box 21e. Atomic Structure of Minerals: correspondence, 1959-1967


Box 22a. Bragg Symposium: 80th birthday celebrations. Correspondence, 1968-1971


Box 22b. Introduction to Ideas and Discoveries in Physics, correspondence with Philip Gaskell, 1969


Box 22c. The Development of X-ray Analysis: correspondence with Basic Books Inc., 1968-71


Box 22d. Ideas and Discoveries in Physics: correspondence with Longmans Green & Co. Ltd., 1968-1971


Box 23a. B.B.C. correspondence, 1954-1960


Box 23b. Television programme, 50 Years a Winner, 2 Dec 1965: chiefly letters of congratulation


Box 24a. Letters of congratulation from Bragg, 1954-69


Box 24b. Contemporary Physics: correspondence concerning the editorial board and publications


Box 25a. "Cranks": correspondence, 1954-1968


Box 25b. The Crystalline State: correspondence, 1962-71


Box 25c. Czechoslovakian visit, 1969


Box 26a. Disposal of scientific books and journals, 1962-1971


Box 26b. Distribution of reprints, 1967-1969


Box 26c. R.I.'s Library of Science: correspondence with Elsevier Publishing Co., 1966-1971


Box 27a. Field Survey Association: correspondence, 1948-1971


Box 27b. Sound Ranging in the 1914-18 War. Sept 1966


Box 27c. Bubble model film. Correspondence with the Macqueen Film Organisation Ltd and with W.M. Lomer, 1954-1971


Box 28a. Films: general correspondence, 1966-1971


Box 28b. The Nature of Things: film scripts, 1959, and correspondence, 1966-1968


Box 29a. Imperial Defence College: correspondence about scientific lectures, 1965-1968


Box 29b. Institute of Physics and the Physical Society: general correspondence, 1966-1969


Box 29c. Institute of Physics: X-ray analysis group. Correspondence, 1959-1970


Box 29d. International Union of Crystallography: correspondence, 1956-1970


Box 30a. Invitations to dinners etc, declined, 1967-71


Box 30b. Invitations to lecture, 1968-1971


Box 30c. Invitations to lecture/write articles, declined, 1966-1971


Box 31a. Lee-Hemming Fellowship Fund: correspondence, 1967-1968


Box 31b. Lucretian Club: correspondence, 1955-1959


Box 31c. Macqueen Film Organisation Ltd: correspondence about films of school lectures, 1965-1967


Box 31d. Medical Research Council: correspondence, 1966-1970


Box 31e. Miscellaneous correspondence with publishers and societies, 1968-1969


Box 31f. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1969-1971


Box 32a. National Gallery, Honorary Scientific Advisory Committee: papers, 1955-1970


Box 32b. New Knowledge: correspondence about articles for the journal, 1965-1966


Box 32c. "Nice letters to keep", 1963-1968


Box 32d. Nobel Prize: 50th anniversary. Correspondence, 1964-1966


Box 32e. Nobel Prize: awards to Max Perutz, John Kendrew, F.H.C.Crick, James Watson, and Maurice Wilkins, 1962-1963


Box 32f. Nobel meeting at Lindau, 1971: correspondence 1970-1971


Box 32g. Obituaries, 1961-1971


Box 33a. Lists of publications, 1913-1969


Box 33b. Press: correspondence and cuttings, 1955-1968


Box 33c. Requests for reprints, 1958-1964


Box 33d. Research: correspondence, 1953-1971


Box 34a. Reviews, 1947-1970


Box 34b. Royal Institution, 1966-1971


Box 34c. Royal Society, 1962-1971: correspondence


Box 34d. Royal Society Club, 1957-1970


Box 35a. Royal Society Soirées, 1965-1968


Box 35b. Schools Science and Technology Committee, 1969


Box 35c. Solvay Physics Conferences, 1933, 1962-1970


Box 35d. Trinity College, Cambridge: correspondence, 1951-1971


Box 35e. Visitors from overseas, 1954-1962


Box 36. Card index to old files


Box 37A. CONFIDENTIAL Family correspondence, 1888-1915


Box 37B. CONFIDENTIAL Family correspondence, 1915-1941


Box 38a. Appointments: correspondence, 1954-1962


Box 38b. The art of lecturing: correspondence, 1959-60; with articles and reports about preparation of papers, 1939-1956


Box 38c. Requests for articles, 1959-1967


Box 39a. American Association of Physics Teachers: lecture demonstrations, 1962-1963


Box 39b. Adventures in the mind: what is life made of? Saturday Evening Post article; correspondence 1960-1961


Box 39c. Bomb detector: correspondence, 1940-1947


Box 39d. CONFIDENTIAL: A.J.Bradley correspondence, 1938-1963


Box 40a. Broadcasts: correspondence, 1938-1940


Box 40b. Broadcasts: scripts and correspondence, 1947-53


Box 41a. Canadian liaison: correspondence and reports, 1940-Sept 1941


Box 41b. Canadian liaison: correspondence, Oct 1941-Jan 1946


Box 42a. Communicated papers: acknowledgements and correspondence, 1951-1963


Box 42b. Letters of congratulation on appointment as Cavendish Professor of Physics, 1938


Box 42c. Letters of congratulation on appointment as Cavendish Professor of Physics, 1938


Box 43a. The Crystalline State: correspondence with G.Bell & Sons Ltd, 1929


Box 43b. X-rays and Crystal Structure and The Crystalline State. Vols 1-3: correspondence, 1921-1937


Box 43c. Electricity: correspondence, 1934-1937


Box 43d. The Atomic Structure of Minerals, Cornell University Press: correspondence, 1935-1937


Box 44a. English-speaking Union of the Commonwealth: general correspondence, 1954-1968


Box 44b. English-speaking Union of the Commonwealth: correspondence about Universities' Advisory Committee, 1955-1966


Box 44c. P.P.Ewald: correspondence, 1959-1962


Box 44d. Films, The Nature of Things: correspondence with SEDICT, 1957


Box 44e. Funds for physicists: correspondence with Lord Cherwell, 1954-1957


Box 44f. Gemmological Association of Great Britain: correspondence and papers, 1954-1967


Box 45a. Invitations to speak, accepted, 1947-1950


Box 45b. Invitations, 1951-1953


Box 46a. Higher Technical Education Committee (Percy Committee), 1943-1947


Box 46b. Hospital expenses, 1962


Box 46c. I.T.V.: proposed broadcasts, 1959-1964


Box 46d. Institute of Physics: correspondence, 1959-65


Box 47a. Institution of Royal Engineers: Selection Committee for Gold Medal, 1963-1964


Box 47b. International Crystal Structure Tables: correspondence, 1932-1952


Box 47c. Invitations to lecture, 1965-1968


Box 48a. Invitations declined, 1964-1968


Box 48b. R.W.James: obituaries, 1964-1966


Box 48c. Lawes Agricultural Trust: minutes, papers and correspondence, 1953-1965


Box 49a. Lightning conductors: correspondence, 1959


Box 49b. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1942-1945


Box 49c. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1945-1946


Box 50a. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1947-1949


Box 50b. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1950-1954


Box 51a. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1955-1956


Box 51b. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1957-1958


Box 52a. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1959-1961


Box 52b. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1961-1964


Box 53a. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1964-1965


Box 53b. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1965-1966


Box 54a. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1966-1968


Box 54b. Nuffield Science Teaching Project, 1963-1965


Box 54c. Ray Pepinsky: revision of Groth's Chemische Krystallographie, 1957


Box 55a. Pepinsky machine: correspondence, 1950-1951


Box 55b. Pergamon Press: correspondence, 1957-1963


Box 55c. Philosophical Magazine: correspondence, 1941-69


Box 55d. Physical Society: minutes, correspondence, programmes, 1957-1960


Box 55e. Pilkington Commission on Broadcasting: correspondence, 1961


Box 55f. Derek J. da Solla Price: correspondence, 1954-1965


Box 56a. Personal correspondence, 1944-1951


Box 56b. Personal correspondence, 1947-1956


Box 57a. Personal correspondence, 1957-1959


Box 57b. Personal correspondence, 1959-1961


Box 57c. Personal correspondence, 1962-1966


Box 58a. References and testimonials, 1925-1938


Box 58b. References and testimonials, 1938-1946


Box 59a. References and testimonials, 1946-1953


Box 59b. References and testimonials, 1954-1958


Box 59c. J.A.Darbyshire: correspondence, 1932


Box 60a. Reviews, 1933-1937


Box 60b. Reviews, 1937-1946


Box 61a. Royal Institution Appeal, 1966-1968


Box 61b. Royal Institution lectures: correspondence and texts, 1942-1954


Box 62a. R.I. lectures: correspondence, 1938-1946


Box 62b. R.I. lectures: correspondence, 1947-1952


Box 62c. R.I. lectures: texts, 1952-1954


Box 63a. R.I. lectures: notes, 1952-1953


Box 63b. Lectures and speeches: notes, 1950


Box 63c. Royal Photographic Society: correspondence about Lucien Bull, 1955


Box 63d. Royal Society Tercentenary: correspondence, minutes and related papers, 1957-1961


Box 64a. Royal Society Tercentenary, 1960: programmes, brochures, press cuttings


Box 64b. Solvay Conferences: correspondence, 1959-1961


Box 65a. Field Survey Association (sound ranging): correspondence, minutes, reports, 1919-May 1939


Box 65b. Field Survey Association: correspondence, minutes, reports, June 1939-May 1940


Box 66a. Sound ranging: correspondence and reports 1940-1941


Box 66b. Sound ranging: reports, correspondence, and minutes, 1946


Box 67a. B. B. C.: correspondence about The nature of things, 1959-1960


Box 67b. Fan letters in connection with television series, The nature of things, 1959-1965


Box 67c. Understanding Science: correspondence about the magazine, 1962-1968


Box 67d. London International Youth Science Fortnight and the London Science Club: correspondence, 1964-1968


Box 68. Overseas visits: correspondence and souvenirs


Box 68a. Portugal, 1945


Box 68b. South Africa, 1952


Box 68c. South Africa, 1955


Box 68d. Spain, 1933


Box 68e. Spain, 1957


Box 69. Overseas visits: correspondence and souvenirs


Box 69a. U.S.A. and Canada, 1948


Box 69b. U.S.A., 1950


Box 69c. U.S.A. (proposed), 1963-1966


Box 69d. U.S.A. and Canada, 1966-1967


Box 69e. Australia, 1960


Box 69f. Belgium and Holland, 1945


Box 69g. Canada, 1941


Box 69h. France, 1945


Box 69i. Berlin, November 1937


Box 69j. Cologne, June 1938


Box 69k. Munich, July 1962


Box 69l. Berlin, 1966


Box 69m. Berlin, 1967


Box 69n. Germany, 1965 (proposed) and 1968


Box 69o. India and Ceylon, 1960


Box 69p. India, 1963-1964


Box 69q. New Zealand, 1960


Box 70. Overseas visits: correspondence and souvenirs


Box 70a. Sweden, 1943


Box 70b. Sweden, 1943: report


Box 70c. Sweden, 1947


Box 70d. Switzerland, 1950 and 1952 (proposed)


Box 71. Research notes: bi-refringence


Box 72. Research notes: X-ray optics


Box 73. Research notes and reprints: silicates


Box 74. Notes for lectures, 1927-1936, with some reprints and correspondence


Box 75a. Alloys: notes and correspondence, 1933-1934


Box 75b. Alloys: notes and correspondence, 1933-1935


Box 76. Order-Disorder: notes and reprints, 1930s, with letter from G.Borelius, 1936


Box 77. Research correspondence


Ox 77a. 1919-1920


Box 77b. 1921-1922


Box 77c. 1928-1929


Box 77d. 1930


Box 77e. 1931


Box 77f. 1932


Box 77g. 1933


Box 77h. 1934


Box 77i. 1935


Box 77j. 1936


Box 77k. 1937


Box 77l. 1937-1938


Box 77m. 1938-1939


Box 78. Research correspondence


Box 78a. 1939-1941


Box 78b. 1942-1946


Box 79. Research correspondence


Box 79a. 1947-1950


Box 79b. 1951-1953


Box 80. Desk diaries, 1966-1970


Box 81. Pocket diaries, 1951-1971


Box 82. International Exhibition, Brussels, 1958: pamphlets, catalogue, explanatory and descriptive material, correspondence, 1957-59


Box 83. International Exhibition, Brussels, 1958


Box 83a. British National Days, July 1958


Box 83b. Science Museum: correspondence, 1958-1959


Box 83c. Correspondence with Brussels organisers, 1956-1957


Box 83d. Opening of Exhibition: lists, invitations, correspondence


Box 83e. Exhibits: correspondence, 1958-1959


Box 83f. Advisory Committee: minutes and reports, 1955-1958


Box 83g. British Pavilion: correspondence, minutes, and plans, 1956-1959


Box 83h. Pall Mall Deposit & Forwarding Co.: correspondence, 1957-1959


Box 83i. British Council: correspondence about shipping and disposal of British exhibits, 1956-1959


Box 83. International Exhibition, Brussels, 1958


Box 83j. Exhibits: correspondence, 1957-1958


Box 83k. Exhibits: correspondence, 1957-1958


Box 83l. The Molecule exhibit: correspondence and notes, 1956-1958


Box 83m. British Council: correspondence about expenses, 1956-1958


Box 83n. Exhibition films: correspondence, 1957-1959


Box 83o. The Atom exhibit: correspondence, notes and plans, 1956-1958


Box 83p. The Living Cell exhibit: correspondence and notes, 1956-1957


Box 83q. Draft catalogues


Box 83r. The Crystal exhibit: correspondence and notes, 1956-1958


Box 84. International Exhibition, Brussels, 1958


Box 84a. British exhibits: correspondence, 1956-1958


Box 84b. Miscellaneous papers, 1956-1958


Box 84c. Exhibits: forms and regulations


Box 84d. Exhibits: notes, 1957


Box 84e. D.C.Phillips: accounts, 1956-1958


Box 85. International Exhibition, Brussels, 1958


Box 85a. Exhibits: correspondence, 1956-1958


Box 85b. Exhibits: correspondence, 1956-1958


Box 86. International Exhibition, Brussels, 1958: letters (1914), photographs and papers


Box 87. CLOSED ACCESS Lawrence Bragg's autobiography


Box 88. Royal Institution: administrative files


Box 88a. Open Days, 1960 and 1961


Box 88b. Cornice restoration: correspondence, 1958-59


Box 88c. U.S.A. National Science Foundation: correspondence about schools lectures, 1958


Box 88d. Appeal to electrical firms, 1959


Box 88e. Discourses: applications for tickets, 1962-5


Box 88f. Corporate Subscribers, 1955-1958


Box 88g. Corporate Subscribers, 1955-1959


Box 88h. Corporate Subscriber: resignation, 1958


Box 88i. Covenants and donations, 1955-1964


Box 88j. Library reorganisation, 1958-1960


Box 88k. Appeal to City Companies, 1958-1959


Box 88l. General correspondence, 1954-1960


Box 88m. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: general research correspondence, 1956-1965


Box 88. Royal Institution: administrative files


Box 88n. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: general correspondence, 1954-1965


Box 88o. Davy Faraday Computing Service: correspondence, 1955-1963


Box 88p. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: application for grant from British Empire Cancer Campaign, 1957-1962


Box 88q. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: application for grant from D.S.I.R., 1960


Box 88r. Electrical Research Association: correspondence, 1955


Box 88s. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: finance, 1954-1961


Box 88t. Ronald King: correspondence and papers, 1953-1963


Box 88u. Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory: part-time laboratory assistants, 1958-1959


Box 88v. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: registration of research workers as Ph.D. students, 1956-9


Box 88w. W.A.Coates: correspondence, 1957


Box 88x. Assistant to Professor King: correspondence, 1959-1960


Box 88y. G.D.Kissell: correspondence, 1957-1958


Box 88z. R.I. lecture assistant: correspondence, 1957-1958


Box 88aa. L.Walden, lecture assistant: correspondence, 1957


Box 88ab. H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh: correspondence about visit, 1956-1958


Box 88ac. Special Committee minutes and correspondence, 1955


Box 88ad. Appeal: correspondence, 1956-1959


Box 88ae. Closed circuit television for lecture theatre: correspondence, 1959-1962


Box 88af. Secretary: correspondence, 1958


Box 88ag. Pye lunch: correspondence, 1956-1957


Box 89. Royal Institution: administrative files


Box 89a. Committee of Accounts: minutes, 1954-1956


Box 89b. Development Committee & Building Committee: minutes and papers to December 1963


Box 89c. Davy Faraday Laboratory Committee: minutes, 1956-1960


Box 89d. Managers: minutes and papers, 1958-1959


Box 89e. Managers: minutes and papers, 1960-1961


Box 89f. Managers: minutes and papers, 1962-1964


Box 90. Royal Institution: administrative files


Box 90a. Science for Arts Graduates, 1959


Box 90b. School science lectures: ticket applications, 1959-1961


Box 90c. School science lectures: correspondence with Education Officers, 1954-1963


Box 90d. School science lectures: lists of schools receiving tickets, 1958-1959


Box 90e. School science lectures: astronomy, biology: correspondence, 1957-1958


Box 90f. School science lectures: extension to other centresm, 1957-1958


Box 90g. School science lectures: extension to other centres - Bristol, 1958-1959


Box 90h. School science lectures: extension to other centres - Manchester, 1958


Box 90i. School science lectures: extension to other centres - Newcastle, 1957-1961


Box 90j. School science lectures: extension to other centres - Sheffield, 1959-1960


Box 90k. School science lectures: ticket applications 1961-1964


Box 90l. Afternoon lectures: A.C.Menzies, Optical methods in manufacture and testing, 1956


Box 90m. Afternoon lectures: R.H.Macmillan, Automatic control, 1955


Box 90n. Ticket applications from teachers' training colleges, 1959-1962


Box 90o. School science lectures, sponsors: Goldsmiths' Company, 1958-1960


Box 90p. School science lectures: correspondence with Science Museum, 1954-1957


Box 90q. School science lectures: sponsors, 1958-1959


Box 90r. School science lectures, sponsors: Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1958


Box 90s. Science teachers: vacation courses, 1955-57


Box 90t. School Speech Days: invitations to speak, accepted, 1955-1964


Box 90u. School Speech Days: invitations to speak, declined, 1954-1965


Box 90v. Land experiments on colour vision, 1961


Box 90w. IPEX lecture, 26 July 1963


Box 90x. Afternoon lectures: correspondence, 1953-56


Box 90y. British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education: meeting, 31 May 1961


Box 90z. Admiralty course at R.I., 1957


Box 90aa. G.E.C. educational booklets


Box 90. Royal Institution: administrative files


Box 90ab. School science: Ministry of Education correspondence, 1954-1959


Box 90ac. Science teachers: refresher courses, 1955-58


Box 91. Royal Institution: administrative files


Box 91a. Christmas lectures, 1954: Sir Frank Whittle


Box 91b. Christmas lectures, 1955: H.W.Melville


Box 91c. Christmas lectures, 1956: H.Baines


Box 91d. Christmas lectures, 1957-58: Julian Huxley and James Fisher


Box 91e. Christmas lectures, 1958-59: International Geophysical Year


Box 91f. Christmas lectures, 1959-60: T.E.Allibone


Box 91g. Christmas lectures, 1961-62: Lawrence Bragg


Box 91h. Christmas lectures, 1962-63: R.E.D.Bishop


Box 91i. Christmas lectures on electricity, 1961-62


Box 91j. Corporate subscribers


Box 91k. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: personnel


Box 91l. National Research Development Corporation, 1955-1960


Box 91m. Nuffield Foundation, 1954-1962


Box 91n. Personnel: general correspondence, 1954-1962


Box 91o. Recruitment of personnel for protein work, 1960


Box 91p. Examination of poliomyelitis virus by Dr Klug, 1958


Box 91q. Research Fund, 1953-1963


Box 91r. Davy Faraday Research Laboratory: salaries


Box 91s. Carbon dating, 1954-1957


Box 91t. Colloquium on proteins, 1960


Box 92. Reprints, 1919-1970


Box 93. R.I.Friday Evening Discourses: correspondence with lecturers, 1954-1967


Ninety three boxes of material have been catalogued. Each box is sub-divided into files, which are given an alphabetical reference; most papers have been given an individual reference relating to box, file and item: 1a/1 etc. Most papers have been catalogued individually but some boxes have been listed by file not item, as the content was of a routine nature; for example, the files relating to the Brussels Exhibition (Boxes 82-86). Newspaper cuttings, photographs and a large collection of glass slides have not yet been catalogued. Some recent additions have been made to the archive and these await cataloguing. A name index to the catalogue is in preparation.

Held by: Royal Institution of Great Britain, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Bragg, Sir, William Lawrence, knight, 1890-1971, physicist and scientist

Physical description: 93 boxes
Access conditions:

The archive is open to researchers by appointment and written application should be made to the Librarian, The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1X 4BS


Box 13 CONFIDENTIAL Nobel Prizes is closed until 2021


Items W.L. BRAGG/34B/130 and W.L. BRAGG/34B/131 are closed

Administrative / biographical background:

31 March 1890 W.L. Bragg born in Adelaide


1901-1905 attended St Peter's College, Adelaide


1905-1908 Adelaide University: 1st class honours in mathematics


1909-1914 Cambridge University: Trinity College


Part I: 1910 - 1st class honours in mathematics


Part II: 1911 - 1st class honours in physics


1914-1918 War service: sound-ranging: awarded M.C.


1915 Nobel Prize for Physics (with W.H. Bragg)


1919 Cambridge


1919-1937 Langworthy Professor of Physics, Manchester University


May 1921 Fellow of the Royal Society


December 1921 married Alice Hopkinson


1937-1938 Director, National Physical Laboratory


1938-1953 Cavendish Chair of Experimental Physics, Cambridge


January 1941 Knighthood


1953-1966 Fullerian Professor and Director, Royal Institution


1967 Companion of Honour


1 July 1971 died at Waldringfield, Suffolk

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