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Captain Hercules Foljambe of Misterton; letters and papers, chiefly re. wrongs allegedly done to him by Sarah Poge, her father Edward Rye, and others.




1. Copy marriage settlement; Geo. Poge of Misterton and Sarah Rye of Aston (Y.).




2. Letter, Sara Poge to "cossen" H.F.




3. Bond.


Sir Rob. Bassett of Omberley (D.) to Godfrey Garrett of Eckington (Db.), esq., for payment of £105. f.5.


4. "A relacion of parte of the wrongs donne unto me ..." addressed by H.F. to Sir Thos. Egerton, Lord Keeper, memo. by latter, "Kepe this, but lett his counsell move in open Courte". Recounts how Sarah Poge tried to "cozen" him into marriage and how his brother and others attacked his house, with account of his 2 unfortunate marriages. f.6.


5. H.F. to Edward Rye, on a proposal by Lord Keeper to refer their differences to arbitration. f.10.


6. Copy letter, Sir Thos. Egerton to Edward Rye; as 5. f.12.


7. Bill in Star Chamber; H.F. v. Rye and others.


Re. attack on house he holds under lease from Sarah Poge, with interrogatories, etc. ff.13-84.


8. Draft award of arbitrators.


E. Rye to convey to H.F. and wife Sara [Poge] for lives, rectory of Misterton and lands late of Geo. Poge, with remainder to latter's children; also to surrender deeds, etc., taken at forcible entry.


H.F. to pay E.R. £50. f.85.


9. Order for E. Rye to appear before Commissioners, or in default to surrender rectory of Misterton; followed by evidence as to award as 8. ff.86, 88-95


10. Copy report on proceedings as 9. f.96.


11. Draft commission to - "to restore Fol. to the presente possession of the saide rectorie and freehold landes ... and likewise to doe him what further good and lawfull favour you maie in respect of the equitie of his cause [and] his longe service done to our late sister in her warrs of dyverse Kingdomes". f.98.


[Rye had obtained a Star Chamber injunction and again ousted H.F.]


12. Star Chamber order for counsel to attend. f.99.


13. Letter, Sir Rob. Swyfte to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, re. award as 8 above. f.101.


14. Sir R. Swyfte to Thos. Chamberlayne of Grays Inn; as 13. f.103, 105.


15. Star Chamber order re. award to H.F. f.107.


16. Bill in Chancery, H.F. v. Sir Rob. Bassett; complains of his not paying annuity of £100 due on deed of 1600 in consideration of advance of £500; H.F. having been imprisoned for 5½ years through this. f.109.


17. Petition of H.F. to James I. for reference to Earl of Arundel and others of his case against Godfrey Plattes to whom on going on foreign service he had assigned his property on trust, and who had forged an absolute conveyance. Recites services abroad under Queen Elizabeth, and that, be 82, he is not likely to live the length of a suit to recover his rights. f.110.


18. Petition as 17; for 200 oaks from Bille and Birkeland; recapitulates services, adds that he saved Earl of Cumberland from drowning, and had spent above £10000 in service. f.112.


19. Notes of money laid out for Sara Poge and children from March 1600. f.113.


20. Note of "money and other things Godfraye Garrate hathe of H.F. and dothe detayne." f.116, 117.


21. Note of "such landes and leases and debtes as shall appeare both by spetialties, bondes and good testimony". f.119. [See also Charters, App 79, 81.]

Date: 1591-1612 (?); 4 Dec. 1591; n.d c.1600; 10 Oct. 1601; 8 Feb. 1601/2; Feb. 1601/2; 19 Feb. 1601/2; 1602; [Lent 1602]; 6 Nov. 1604; 12 Nov. 1604; [1604-5]; 24 April 1605; 24 May 1605; 24 May 1605; 2 July 1612; [1612 ?]; n.d; n.d; n.d; n.d; n.d
Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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