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Reference: DD/WM
Title: Williamson and Company of Retford, Solicitors

This collection, received from A.P. Williamson & Co., The Square, Retford, & including documents from 3 earlier Retford solicitors, Bescoby, Marshall & Mee consists chiefly of deeds to properties in the north & east of the county (Retford, Tuxford, Worksop & area), with some items from neighbouring counties. The largest group consists of the papers of the Hunt family of Weston. Personal papers are few, but one might mention one or two letters from Australia among the Foster of E. Retford papers.






DD/WM/1. Hunt of Weston. Notts. & Lincs.


DD/WM/2. Bescoby. Notts. & Lincs.


DD/WM/3. Forshaw (Buckby & Shacklock). Notts.


DD/WM/4. Foster. Notts., Lincs., Lancs. & Australia.


DD/WM/5. Frow. Notts.


DD/WM/6. Nuttall (Housley). Notts.


DD/WM/7. Pennell. Notts.


DD/WM/8. Tattersall. Notts.


Notts. places.


DD/WM/9. Askham. Haslam; Rennie; Bellamy.


DD/WM/10. Blyth.


DD/WM/11. Clarborough. Kippax & others.


DD/WM/12. Clayworth.


DD/WM/13. Egmanton.


DD/WM/14. Hayton. Ramsker.


DD/WM/15. Laneham.


DD/WM/16. Leverton, S.


DD/WM/17. Mattersey.


DD/WM/18. Ollerton.


DD/WM/19. Ordsall.


DD/WM/20. Rampton.


DD/WM/21. Retford, E.


DD/WM/22. Retford, W.


DD/WM/23. Sturton.


DD/WM/24. Treswell.


DD/WM/25. Tuxford. Baines, Pearce, Ellis & others.


DD/WM/26. Walesby.


DD/WM/27. Weston.


DD/WM/28. Worksop.


Other counties.


DD/WM/29. Derbyshire. Clown; Chesterfield & area; Newton on Trent.


DD/WM/30. Lincolnshire. Hardwick; Saxelby; Lincoln; Nettleham.


DD/WM/31. Yorkshire. Doncaster.




DD/WM/32. Notts. Jury lists.


DD/WM/33. Notts. formulary.


DD/WM/34. Notts. Sale catalogues.


DD/WM/35. Hants. & Yorks. sale catalogues.


DD/WM/36. Warton estates, Yorks., Lincs., Mx. & London.


Summary of Contents.






Weston; also Collingham, Grassthorpe, Kersall, Kneesall & Normanton on Trent.


DD/WM/1/1-17 Tompkin-Atkin-Slater-Hunt. Messuage & maltkiln etc. 1735-1828


DD/WM/1/18-23 Atkin-Hunt. Arable. 1781-1782


DD/WM/1/24-25 Harpham-Hunt. Closes. 1849-1855


DD/WM/1/26-34 (Chrispin-)-Harpham-Pinder-Hunt. Messuage etc. 1849-1857


Normanton on Trent.


DD/WM/1/35 Chambers-Hunt. Beastgates. 1723


DD/WM/1/36-39 Cartwright-Hunt. Meadow. 1776


DD/WM/1/40-44 Farmery-Lee-Hunt. Beastgates. 1785-1790


DD/WM/1/45-52 Rimington-Skelton-Hall-Hunt. Beastgates. 1815-1839


DD/WM/1/53-54 Bennett-Hunt. Beastgates. 1848




DD/WM/1/55-56 Thorpe-Hunt. Arable. 1695


DD/WM/1/57-72 Greenwood-Atkin -


Roos - Brandrith-Lesiter-Hunt Arable. 1722-1777


DD/WM/1/73-75 Rees-Hunt. Arable. 1837


Grassthorpe; also Blidworth, Langford & Weston.


DD/WM/1/76-92 Litchfield-Doncaster-Ringrose-Smith-Hunt. Closes. 1801-1863


DD/WM/1/93-104 Litchfield-Doncaster-Billiat-Hunt. 1803-1824


DD/WM/1/105-109 Doncaster-Taylor-Wallace-Hunt. Messuage etc. 1803-1858


DD/WM/1/110-115 Pinder-Heath-Hunt. Beastgates. 1817-1838


Sutton on Trent.


DD/WM/1/116-118 Volckers-Hunt. Beastgate etc. 1839 & 1851


DD/WM/1/119 Esam-Hunt. Beastgates. 1857


Normanton on Trent, Grassthorpe & Weston.


DD/WM/1/120-124 Roper-Hunt. Lands. 1786


Weston, Tuxford, Ossington, Normanton & Sutton on Trent.


DD/WM/1/125-139 Kirkland-Doncaster-Hunt. Leasehold of Chapter of Lincoln. 1831-1856


Norwell; also as Weston above.


DD/WM/1/140-141 Hopkinson - - - - Hunt. 1714; 1869


Scredington; also Gainsborough & Leasingham.


DD/WM/1/142-151 Yorke-Watson-Clarke. Closes. 1735-1802


DD/WM/1/152 Warwick-Clark. Messuages etc. 1781


DD/WM/1/153-162 Brown-Burkitt-Clarke. House & closes. 1838-1864


DD/WM/1/163-168 Wells-Spencer-Clarke. Messuage & closes. 1841-1866




DD/WM/1/169-174 (Turner) -Hunt-Phillips. Houses. 1896-1900


Scredington, Aswarby & Barrowby.


DD/WM/1/175-190 Clarke mortgages & sale to railway. 1866-1894


Scredington; also testamentary.


DD/WM/1/191-203 Clarke wills-Hunt-Sale. 1799-1946


Estate papers.


DD/WM/1/204-210 Maps etc. 19th-20th cent.




DD/WM/1/211-232 Wills & testamentary items. 1703-1931


DD/WM/1/233-246 Hunt-Hunt & Axe; deeds & settlements etc. 1796-1912


DD/WM/1/247-253 Hunt-Axe-Hunt; deeds with mortgages. 1869-1923


Hunt mortgages.


DD/WM/1/254-258 Hunt-Jackson & others. 1858-1922


DD/WM/1/259-263 Hunt-Hurt & others. 1863-1923


DD/WM/1/264-265 Hunt-Mettam-Whittingham. 1884-1913


DD/WM/1/266 Hunt-Daunt-Frost. 1895-1930


DD/WM/1/267-274 Securities to Hunt. 1781-1814


DD/WM/1/275-294 Surveys, rents & taxes etc. 1793-1930


DD/WM/1/295-302 Opinions, insurance & misc. accounts & papers. 1824-1930


DD/WM/1/303-305 Weston; parish affairs. 1736-1790


DD/WM/1/306-307 Hunt connections; account & deed. 1775; 1930






Nottinghamshire; Cottam; also S. Leverton, Rampton & Treswell.


DD/WM/2/1-26 Broomhead; Sampson - Oxley-Futtit-Bescoby.


Taylor - Oxley-Futtit-Bescoby. 1739-1888


Dickinson - Oxley-Futtit-Bescoby.


Messuage & closes.


Lincolnshire; West Ashby.


DD/WM/2/27-50 Calder - Harrison-Clark-Bescoby


Elmhirst - Harrison-Clark-Bescoby 1863-1893


Green Dragon.


FORSHAW (Buckby & Shacklock).


Sutton on Trent; also E. Retford & Newark.


DD/WM/3/1-17 Sikes-Collingham-Fox-Birch-Newboult-Whitlam-Edmonds-Oldham-Shacklock-Buckby (-Forshaw).


Barrell Hill close etc. 1804-1876


Sutton on Trent.


DD/WM/3/18-29 Richmand-Wainwright-Simpson-Pinnington-Atkinson- Atkinson-


Bingham- Atkinson-




Cherry Holt & Barrel Hill closes. 1817-1902




DD/WM/3/30-34 Herrington .... Cougill-Shacklock-Buckby. 2 messuages. 1821-1870


FOSTER. (See also DD/WM/3/19 below).


Deeds & cognate papers.


E. Retford & Clarborough; also Hablesthorpe, N. & S. Leverton, Dunham & Lincs.


DD/WM/4/1-9 Parker-Bryan-Atkinson; Taylor-Moseley-Hall.


(Deeds & wills re. premises later Foster's). 1734-1801


Clarborough; Little Gringley.


DD/WM/4/10-16 Eyre-Foster-Hopkinson. Maltkiln & right of way. Deeds & papers. 1828-1839




DD/WM/4/17 Foster-Hutchinson. Close. 1838


E. Retford.


DD/WM/4/18-33 Corporation-Foster-Cross. Watermill. Leases & papers. 1836-1853


E. Retford.


DD/WM/4/34-39 Foster-Hawksley. Bridgegate & Union St. Messuage, pew & Maltkiln. Deeds & leases. 1827-1889


Dunham. (found with Foster papers.)


DD/WM/4/40-42 Taylor-Stoakes. Messuage & close. 1825-1850


Wills, trust deeds, securities, sales, accounts & correspondence.


DD/WM/4/43-56 Wills & testamentary papers (including Toynbee). 1838-1872


DD/WM/4/57-70 Trust deeds & papers re. securities. 1838-1889


Deeds & papers re. premises mortgaged to Foster.


DD/WM/4/71-72 Clarborough; Spittle Hill. 1850


DD/WM/4/73-76 Lincolnshire; N. Kyme & Pinchbeck. 1864-1865


DD/WM/4/77-82 Lancashire; Liverpool. 1869-1885


DD/WM/4/83-97 Sale particulars & accounts. 1838-1888


DD/WM/4/98-131 Miscellaneous accounts & papers. (Including re. Angel Inn, E. Retford). 1838-1889




DD/WM/4/132-145 Miscellaneous. 1839; 1882-1888


DD/WM/4/146-162 Re. H.P. Foster; including letters from Australia. 1888-1893




DD/WM/5/1-16 Clarborough, Moorgate; also Mattersey. Hall-Wright-Frow (-Mettham). Messuage etc. 1768-1928


DD/WM/5/17-31 Mattersey Thorpe. Closes. 1827-1881




NUTTALL (Housley).




DD/WM/6/1-35 Camm heirs-Cougill-Walker-Housley. Messuage & Primitive Methodist chapel. 1706-1885


Wellow & Ollerton; also Selston.


Bacon-Woombell - Cougill-Walker-Housley-Nuttall. 1714-1904


Flower - Cougill-Walker-Housley-Nuttall.


DD/WM/6/36-61 Messuage & lands.


Boughton; also Wellow, Ollerton & Ompton.


DD/WM/6/62-71 Howard-Housley-Nuttall. Closes. 1825-1889




DD/WM/7/1-12 Darlton; also N. Collingham. Oldings closes. Calvert-Whitaker-Palmer-Birkett. 1793-1889


Darlton. Oldings closes. 1796-1799


DD/WM/7/13-16 Markham-Birkett.


Darlton & Laneham; also Dunham & Ragnall. 1830-1850


DD/WM/7/17-28 Birkett-Parnell. Closes etc.




DD/WM/7/29-33 (Brown-) Watmough-Parnell. 1858


DD/WM/7/34-53 Fledborough, Woodcoats; also Dunham, Kilvington, Marnham, Newark, Normanton, Normanton on Trent, Skegby, S. Clifton, Spalford, Sturton, Sutton on T. & Upton; Li., Hu. & Y. 1772-1830


Cartwright-Parnell. Hopyards etc.




DD/WM/8/1-2 Clarborough, Little Gringley. 1871


Wilkinson-Lakeland-Tattersall. Close.


DD/WM/8/3-12 Ordsall (Thrumpton); also E. Retford. Hudson-Plant-Bingham-Tattersall. Messuages etc. 1847-1909




(Alphabetically by parish; Notts.)


ASKHAM; also Headon cum Upton & Stokeham.




DD/WM/9/1-15 Various-Ibberson-Mee-North-Haslam. Hopyard etc. 1818-1907


DD/WM/9/16-20 Staniland-Wire-Smith-North-Haslam. Ashholts. 1829-1907




DD/WM/9/21-34 Talbot-Bailey-Millns-Hoole-Rennie. Hawkesley close. 1826-1891


DD/WM/9/35-39 Clarke-White. Closes. 1850-1874


DD/WM/9/40-42 Hutchinson-White. Closes. 1886


DD/WM/9/43-55 White-Rennie-Clarke-various. Closes (as above.) 1888-1920


DD/WM/9/56 Bellamy; will. 1819-20


BLYTH; also Torworth & Ranskill.


DD/WM/10/1 Fox & Brewerton. Messuages etc. 1677


CLARBOROUGH; also Alverton, Blyth, Hayton, S. Clifton, & Y.




DD/WM/11/1-26 Garlicke-Harrison-Tayler-Holmes-Bankes-Calvart-Hurst-Fox-Archer-Allen-Holmes. Messuages etc. 1638-1716


DD/WM/11/27 Kirke & others - Holmes. Messuages etc. 1712


DD/WM/11/28-34 Holmes-Dixon-Kippax. Close etc. 1788-1795


DD/WM/11/35-40 Thorp - Otter-Kirke-Haworth 1722-1759


Millns - Otter-Kirke-Haworth


Bollam Flats.


DD/WM/11/41-42 Rose-Hayworth. Closes. 1758


DD/WM/11/43-48 Haworth-Kippax. Close. 1785-1787


DD/WM/11/49-57 Haworth-Rollitt-Kippax. Bollam Flats. 1787-1801


DD/WM/11/58-60 Devonshire-Kippax (-Nervall). Closes. 1814-1855


DD/WM/11/61-62 Hutchinson-Kippax. Close 1821


DD/WM/11/63-64 Storrs-Kippax. 1832


DD/WM/11/65 Gace mortgage-Kippax. 1814


DD/WM/11/66-69 Tayler-Kippax & Ashmore-Baxter. Arable. 1649-1673


DD/WM/11/70-73 Walker-Kippax-Baxter. Messuage etc. 1647-1676


DD/WM/11/74 Label found with above. "W.D. Stone deceased. Old deeds."




DD/WM/11/75-76 Jessoppe-Otter-Brunts. Messuage etc. 1616-1672


DD/WM/11/77-80 Copeland - Atkin. Cottage etc. 1668-1699


Gandy - Atkin.


DD/WM/11/81 Rose-Moody. Messuage. 1695


CLAYWORTH, also Clarborough, E. Retford & Wiseton.


DD/WM/12/1 Walker & others - Johnson & others. Manor etc. 1699




DD/WM/13/1 Gill lands; partition. 1614


HAYTON; also Clarborough, Laneham & N. Wheatley.




DD/WM/14/1-9 Bett-Cobb-Mellers-Ogle-Gilbert-Holberry. Close. 1748-1789


DD/WM/14/10-12 Snelson - Holberry.


Atkinson - Holberry. Messuage etc. 1780-1786


DD/WM/14/13-16 Holberry-Ramsker. Closes etc. 1805-1837


DD/WM/14/17-24 Cobb-House-Ramsker. Messuage etc. 1754-1856


DD/WM/14/25 Beeley-Ramsker. Close. 1837


DD/WM/14/26-31 Barber-Ramsker. Closes. 1843


DD/WM/14/32-35 Chambers-Ramsker. Close. 1855


DD/WM/14/36-37 Smith & Peck-Ramsker. Close. 1866


DD/WM/14/38-39 Ramsker & Stephenson. Mortgages. 1880-1896




DD/WM/15/1 Batchelour-Mastin. Cottage. 1712


DD/WM/15/2-29 Pinder-Warriner-(Fisher-) Newton-(Terry). Messuage & closes etc. (cp. also DD/CL/117 etc.). 1802-1854




DD/WM/16/1 Johnson-trustees. Site for Methodist chapel. 1807


MATTERSEY. 1773-1882


DD/WM/17/1-16 Acklom-Morley-Shacklock - Hodgkinson-Cartwright.


Wainwright - Hodgkinson-Cartwright.


Messuages etc.


OLLERTON; also Mansfield & Wellow. 1780-1842


DD/WM/18/1-29 Barthrop - Holt-Ogle-Hall-Ogle.


Barthrop - Moss.


Messuages & pew etc.


ORDSALL; also Clarborough.


DD/WM/19/1 Mason-Barker; 1726


DD/WM/19/2-21 Parker - Ridway-Roberts-Foster-Cottam-Fowe-Simpson-Morgan. 1790-1905


Chappell - Ridgway-Roberts-Foster-Cottam-Fowe-Simpson-Morgan.


Kennels close (formerly hopyard).


(See also DD/WM/19/4/1 etc. above.)


DD/WM/19/22 Dawson mortgage - Watkins & Hase. 1846




DD/WM/20/1 Marshall. 1830


E. RETFORD; also Clarborough & Ordsall.




DD/WM/21/1-2 Spencer-Mellish. Messuages. 1741


DD/WM/21/3-16 Johnson-Whitham-Hewitt-Hartshorne-Sugden. Messuage etc. 1783-1811


DD/WM/21/17-33 Swan Inn etc.


Middleton-White-Manton-Clayton-Brumby-Cottam. (See also Hunt of Weston- re. mortgage). 1769-1823




DD/WM/21/34-36 Bellamy-Ridgell. Messuages. 1721-1734




DD/WM/21/37-48 Rose-Bingley-Fisher. Messuage etc. 1818-1803


DD/WM/21/49 Walker-Tomlinson. Messuage & factory. 1824




DD/WM/21/50 Baker will. 1753


DD/WM/21/51 Sutton mortgage. 1811


DD/WM/21/52 Retford Cinema & Motors Co. Articles. 1925




DD/WM/22/1 Larte & others - Kirke. Arable. 1632




DD/WM/23/1-3 Creswell-Chambers-Wright. Close. 1829-1884




DD/WM/24/1 Quibell will. 1723


TUXFORD; also Normanton on Trent.


Baines & Pearce.


DD/WM/25/1-31 Greensmith-Taylor-Oldham-Hardy-Stanniland-Hunt-Brown-Shelton-Hewitt- Cowlishaw-Baines. Messuage etc. (See also Hunt of Weston). 1730-1853


DD/WM/25/32-37 Burton-Dexter-Cotton-Baines. Messuage etc., Egmanton St. 1812-1869


DD/WM/25/38-48 Unwin-Rawson-Blenkhorne-Johnson-Pearce. Snape close. 1811-1888


DD/WM/25/49-118 Baines-Pearce & Pearce deeds & papers, with copy wills of Watmough, Ellis, Martin & Whitington. 1888-1924




DD/WM/25/119-124 (Hardy-) Walters-Wilson-Buxton-Ellis. Cottages, Egmanton St. 1786-1812


DD/WM/25/125-128 Read-Ellis. (Normanton on Trent). 1781-1837


Reindeer Inn.


DD/WM/25/129-137 Clayton-Herrington-Laughton-Taylor. 1791-1874


Gas Works.


DD/WM/25/138-147 Gas Co.-Moore. 1896




DD/WM/25/148 Sellers recovery. 1742


DD/WM/25/149 Taylor will. 1799




DD/WM/26/1 Harrison-Wombell. Messuage. 1774




DD/WM/27/1-25 Horner-Slater-Gibson-Johnson. 1718-1816


Windmill. (See also Hunt of Weston above, re. mortgage).


WORKSOP; also Sheffield Yorks.




DD/WM/28/1-10 Hyde-Bannister-(Worksop & Retford Brewery Co.) Coney, later Park St. 1807-1935


DD/WM/28/11-18 Taylor-Bannister. 1855-1925


Gateford Rd.


DD/WM/28/19-22 Mill St. Purcell-Rawson (-Pepper) (cp. also Hunt of Weston above). 1905-1925


DD/WM/28/23-37 Radford & Low Town.


Wood-Leevers-Holliday - Marsh. 1731-1891


Norfolk - Marsh.




DD/WM/29/1 Clown. Skinner will. 1802


DD/WM/29/2 Chesterfield, Hasland, Ashover, Brampton. Hopkinson. (Rooth's trust). 1887


DD/WM/29/3 Newton on Trent. Skelton. 1917




DD/WM/30/1-4 Hardwick & Saxelby. Micklethwaite-Wetherall. Manor etc. 1670-1682


DD/WM/30/5 Lincoln, Nettleham & Hardwick. Ayscough will. 1716




Doncaster; Fisher Gate etc.


DD/WM/31/1-14 Robinson & others. Ridgill-Littlewood. 1819-1865




DD/WM/32/1 Notts.; Sheriffs' Jury lists. 1820-1823


DD/WM/33/1-2 (Notts.) Formulary. c. 1810


DD/WM/34/1-11 Notts.; Sale catalogues. 1888-1938


Ranskill, Ordsall, E. Retford, Morton & Ranby area, Clarborough, Cromwell, Eaton, Blyth & Rufford.


DD/WM/35/1-4 Hants. & Yorks. Sale catalogues. 1892-1935


DD/WM/36/1 Yorks, Lincs, Middlesex & London.


Warton estates Act. 1775

Date: 1614-1935
Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Williamson and Company, Retford, solicitors

Physical description: 5 Sub fonds
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Records are open for consultation unless otherwise indicated

Immediate source of acquisition:

Acc 201 was deposited by Messrs AP Williamson and Co. on 1st February 1955

  • Land tenure
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