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Summary of contents PAR277/1 Incumbent registers 1840-1980


PAR277/1/2 Baptism registers 1840-1972


PAR277/1/3 Registers of marriages 1873-1980


PAR277/1/4 Registers of Banns 1885-1974


PAR277/1/6 Confirmation registers 1903-1955


PAR277/2 Records relating to registers 1888-1954


PAR277/2/1 Registers of chapels of ease 1888-1954


PAR277/2/2 Notifications of banns of marriages 1929-1930


PAR277/2/3 Other records 1904


PAR277/2/4 Marriage licences 1874-1930


PAR277/3 Service Registers 1875-1967


PAR277/3/1 Registers of Preachers 1875-1967


PAR277/4 Incumbent: buildings 1823-1937


PAR277/4/1 Fabric 1823-1922


PAR277/4/2 Parsonage 1893-1921


PAR277/4/3 Faculties 1882-1937


PAR277/4/4 Fixtures and fittings 1882-1914


PAR277/4/5 Other churches 1871-1894


PAR277/5 Incumbent: licences 1847-1949


PAR277/5/1 Licences relating to pastoral care 1853-1872


PAR277/5/3 Curacy licences 1847-1961


PAR277/5/4 Other licences 1894-1904


PAR277/6 Incumbent: income 1871-1948


PAR277/6/1 Correspondence 1893-1934


PAR277/6/2 Income from pew rents 1872-1874


PAR277/6/3 Income from fees 1888-1948


PAR277/6/4 Advowsons 1895


PAR277/7 Incumbent: other records 1855-1924


PAR277/7/1 Pastoral work 1870-1924


PAR277/7/2 Brighton church reports collected by the Rev John Julius Hannah 1862-1884


PAR277/7/3 Cemetery 1856-1966


PAR277/7/4 Daughter parishes 1871-1916


PAR277/7/5 Boundaries 1872-1906


PAR277/7/6 Histories


PAR277/7/7 Non-parochial matters 1874-1877


PAR277/7/9 Other records 1844-1935


PAR277/9 Churchwardens: Accounts 1873-1943


PAR277/9/1 Churchwardens' ledgers 1888-1962


PAR277/9/2 Brighton Parish Church offertory cash books 1888-1943


PAR277/9/3 Brighton Parish Church cash books 1904-1940


PAR277/9/4 Other accounts 1888-1930


PAR277/10 Churchwardens: property 1902-c1925


PAR277/12 Vestry: Minutes 1951-1969


PAR277/14 Parochial Church Council: minutes 1919-1940


PAR277/14/1 Finance Committee 1919-1940


PAR277/16 PCC: Other records c1938 - c1970


PAR277/16/1 Electoral rolls c1938-c1970


PAR277/21 Tithe records 1871-1921


PAR277/21/1 Income from tithes 1871-1921


PAR277/24 Charities


PAR277/24/2 The Rev H M Wagner's Bequest 1870-1928


PAR277/24/3 Isabel Goldsmid's Invalid Charity 1882-1931


PAR277/24/4 Ollney's Charity 1876


PAR277/24/7 Hadfield's Charity 1916-1930


PAR277/24/8 Beach's Charity 1872-1910


PAR277/24/9 Pieschell's Charity 1873-1875


PAR277/24/10 Maria Cook's Charity 1909


PAR277/24/11 Edward Alexander Smith's trust 1909


PAR277/24/12 Soames' Girls Educational Trust 1890-1916


PAR277/24/13 Other charity papers 1877-1884


PAR277/25 Schools 1870-1967


PAR277/25/1 Brighton School Board 1870-1874


PAR277/25/3 Central National School 1885-1967


PAR277/25/4 St Stephen's school 1890


PAR277/43 Special Committees, church groups and other parish officers c1890-1938


PAR277/43/1 Brighton British Church Advisory Committee 1914-1918


PAR277/43/2 'Funderies' [fundraising] Committee 1922-1927


PAR277/43/3 The General Committee of the Centenary Celebrations 1923-1924


PAR277/43/4 Choir c1890


PAR277/43/5 Brighton Parish Church Society of Amateur Change Ringers c1900


PAR277/43/6 Brighton Parish Church Branch of the Church of England Temperance Society 1907-1917


PAR277/43/7 The Mens' Fellowship 1936-1938


PAR277/43/8 Parish Clerks 1844


PAR277/43/9 Sunday school 1886-c1890


PAR277/43/10 New Crusade [1919]-1929


PAR277/43/11 Parochial War Fund Committee

Date: 1840-1970
Related material:

For faculties for the repair, re-seating and additions to St Peter Brighton, 11 Jul 1874, the erection of a chancel, additions to the nave and other buildings of St Peter Brighton, 30 Apr 1889, contract for the work on St Peter Brighton with Messrs George and Charles Lynn of Brighton, builders, 20 Aug 1889 and copy draft conveyance of churchyard adjoining St Peter Brighton, 31 Dec 1898 see HOW 33/3; for papers concerning the rebuilding of St Peter, 1818-1854 see HOW 37/1-3, 38/20; for minutes of the Building Committee, 1874-1876, see HOW 33/4; for specifications, contracts and papers concerning enlargements to the chancel and nave, and general repairs, 1874-1905, see HOW 33/1-2; for enlargement fund balance sheets, 1888-1905, see HOW 36/6-9; for correspondence and papers concerning new bells, 1913, see HOW 33/5.

Held by: East Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: PAR277
Language: English

Church of England, Brighton St Peter Parish, East Sussex

Immediate source of acquisition:

Deposited by the incumbent and PCC, 4 December 1969 (ACC 1023), 12 May 1978 (ACC 2255), 30 July 1979 (ACC 2442), 13 June 1980 (ACC 2576), 28 August 1980 (ACC 2609), 16 February 1981 (ACC 2665)

  • Brighton, East Sussex
  • Religious institutions
Administrative / biographical background:

The foundation stone of St Peter's Church was laid on 8 May 1824 following Charles Barry's successful bid to design the building. Initial plans show St Peter's was to have a spire but this design never came to fruition, presumably because of the cost it would have incurred. The church seated 1,800 people and the Commissioners for Building New Churches demanded, as a condition of their grants and loans, that a large proportion should be free. The figure was initially set at 1,100, reduced by pressure from the parish to 900 free seats.


St Peter's was opened on 24 January 1828. The first incumbent was the Rev Thomas Cooke (1791-1874), a close friend of Henry Wagner (1792-1870), vicar of Brighton between 1824 and 1870. Following Cooke's retirement in 1872 and Wagner's death two years later, the parish of Brighton was drastically restructured under the new Vicar of Brighton John Hannah (d1888).


Until 1873 the parish church of Brighton was St Nicholas, while the churches serving the newly developing urban districts in the parish were daughter churches or chapels of ease (the registers before 1873, therefore, contain entries of services performed at the various daughter churches, which were returned by the clergy concerned for inclusion in the main series. No indication is given of which church is involved, and this can only be deduced from comparison of the name of the officiating minister with the Rev G Hennessy, Chichester Diocese Clergy Lists (1900) and Crockford's Clerical Directory. Some of the chapels also kept their own series of registers while continuing to make their entries in the main parish series). In 1873 St Peter's church was constituted as the parish church of Brighton, and the parish records and administrative centre were transferred there from St Nicholas. At the same time, many of the former chapels of ease were constituted separate parish churches and began at this date, or in the following decade, to keep their own series of registers, independent of the main series.


The Rev John Hannah was succeeded by his son, the Rev John Julius Hannah (1845-1931) who had been the incumbent of St Nicolas since 1870. He appointed Somers Clarke to design the chapel and chancel which were completed in 1898 and 1906 respectively. These additions to the building were completed by the Rev Hannah's successor as Vicar of Brighton, Canon Benedict George Hoskyns, following Hannah's departure to become Dean of Chichester in 1902.


The Brighton solicitors Howlett and Clarke of Ship Street acted as vestry clerks and large numbers of parish documents can be found in deposits made by the firm at ESRO, both directly and via the Sussex Archaeological Society.

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