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Marriage settlements, composite deeds, 1639-1842


Wills (Bellott, Grylls, Rodd), 1712-1873


Mortgages, 1838-1871


Valuation of estate, 1853


Abstracts of title, 1722-1855


Schedules of documents, c.1830-1915




Altarnun, 1613-1879


St. Austell, 1801, 1861


Boyton, 1656-1805


St. Cleer, 1681-1709


Egloskerry, 1661-1777


St. Erth lands (Hearle settlements), 1691-c.1880


St. Ewe, 1761-1841


Lewannick, 1608-1899


Linkinhorne, 1634-1848


St. Neot, 1537-c.1880


Northill, 13th cent.-1902


North Petherwin, 1565-1794


Southill, 1694, 1787


South Petherwin, Trewen, 1695-1742


Launceston St. Stephen and St. Thomas, 1653-1810


Whitstone, 1648-1783


Out-county, Devon, 1698-1837




Mining (Altarnun, Gwennap, Linkinhorne, Northill), 1795-1878


Financial papers, 1731-1825


Correspondence, c.1837-1918


Public Undertakings (railways, Saltash floating bridge, Saltash turnpike), 1833-1910




Arbitrations (Cardinham, St. Teath, Plymouth), 1767-1817


Trusteeships, 14th cent.-1847




Militia, 1642-1798


Shrievalty, 1700-1845




Accounts, genealogical papers etc., 1802-1864




Deeds, leases, estate papers (Lanreath, Liskeard, North Petherwin, Pelynt, Penryn, Warleggan), 1544-1721


Personal papers, 1662-1723




Deeds, leases, estate papers (Doddiscombesleigh, Totnes), 1767-1841


General papers (wills, settlements), 1676-1837


Personal papers, 1632-1656




Altarnun, St. Neot, 1785, 1817


Calstock, 1765, 1801


St. Ive, 1796


Launceston, St. Stephen, St. Thomas, 1702-1835


Mawgan-in-Meneage, 1636


North Petherwin, 1665-1823


Pillaton, 1809, 1811


Southill, 1823


South Petherwin, 1758


St. Teath, 1806


Temple, 1800


Trewen, 1822


Composite and general, c.1642-1839




Buckinghamshire, 1720


Devon, 1601-1752


Somerset, 1756


Wills, 1762-1808

Date: 13th Century -1915
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Will of Eliz. Baxter of Northill, 1683 (detailed bequests to Spoures)


Lake's parochial history vol. IV p. 5-11


"Trebartha - the House by the Stream", Bryan Latham


C.R.O.AD.40/1: Notebook of mining accounts of Francis Hearle Rodd, 1811-1829


C.R.O.AD.156: Francis Rashleigh Rodd's shooting diary, 1856-1858


RODD, Richard of Presteigne, Radnor


P.C.C. Sentence (pro confirmatione testamenti)


2 Dec. 1635 (132 Sadler): Exor. v. relict Frideswide, Rich. Rodd and Margt. Rodd alias Price


Will (28 Seager) pr. 30 Apr. 1634 (P.C.C.)


C.R.O.AD 648, additional Rodd Diaries and papers, 1807-1926.

Held by: Archives and Cornish Studies Service (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Rodd family of Trebartha, Northill, Cornwall

Physical description: 1669 Files
Immediate source of acquisition:

Accession 1579. Transferred from Exeter City Library at request of Mrs. E. Mann (née Rodd)

Custodial history:

(Documents were formerly the property of Major E. F. S. Rodd, decd., and were deposited at Exeter City Library by Messrs. May, May and Deacon, 49 Lincolns Inn Fields, London

Administrative / biographical background:

Trebartha in Northill parish was until the end of the fifteenth century owned by a family of that name. Nicholas Trebartha, the last male heir, died in the reign of Henry VII leaving his daughter Anne as sole heiress. She married Thomas Spoure of Misterton in Somerset; he was captain of a troop of horse and had been sent to Cornwall to suppress a rising against the Crown, and there met and married Anne (see Spoure book, FS.3/93/1).


Thomas and Anne's son Thomas, who married Katherine Reskimer, purchased from Sir George Carew the manor of Treveniel in Northill, and lands in Blisland. Thomas' son, another Thomas, married Jane, daughter of John Jackman of Stokeclimsland, and their son Henry married in 1550 Mary Roose of Froxton in Whitstone, which became part of the Spoure estates. Henry purchased additional lands in Northill and sold Misterton, the original seat of the Spoures. The Spoure Book comments:


"Likewise he gott so much Tinn out of the Lamarnes as he gave a thousand pounds a piece to five Daughters, and as I'me informd was the first thousand pound, was ever given to a daughter for a portion by any private gent. of his quality in Cornwall."


Henry added several rooms to Trebartha house including the great parlour.


The Spoures gradually purchased more land to add to their estates, including the manor of Tolcarne, purchased from John Kekewich of Catchfrench; Coquernell and Trekarnell in Northill; they acquired by marriage with the family of Speccott properties in Devon, including West How manor and land in Pancrasweek, and property in Launcells.


In 1675 Edmund Spoure of Trebartha married Mary, daughter of James Rodd of Oakhay, Stoke Cannon, Devon, and his wife Mary, formerly Bampfylde. Edmund and Mary's son Henry, died young, and their only other child was a daughter, Mary, who inherited the considerable estates which the Spoures had acquired over several generations. It was for Mary that Edmund compiled the "Spoure Book" in 1694.


In 1697 Mary Spoure married Renatus Bellott of Bochym in Cury (marriage settlement = RD/7). The Bellott family had come to Cornwall during the reign of Elizabeth; Bochym had been acquired by the marriage of Francis Bellott with the daughter of Reginald Mohun, who had received the property by grant from Edward VI. Renatus was M.P. for Mitchell in 1702. In 1704 he and Mary had a son, Renatus, but the child died in 1712, and was buried in Northill church. His father died a few years later, the last of his family. Bochym was sold, but some lands were acquired by Mary, in St. Neot and St. Cleer (marriage settlement = RD/7-9).


In about 1720 Mary married for a second time; her husband was Charles Grylls of Court in Lanreath. Their only son George died in infancy, and Charles died in 1728.


The collection contains a number of documents relating to Grylls property in several parishes, including Lanreath, Liskeard and Warleggan. All Charles' lands were left in trust for Mary for her life, after her death to revert to trustees to the use of his kinsman William Grylls of Chaddlehanger, Devon.


Mary, apparently determined to secure an heir for the Spoure fortunes, became engaged to her cousin Francis, son of Bampfylde Rodd of Devon, and in 1728 made a will leaving him all her property (RD/35) "provided he is not already married to, or shall not at any time take to wife, Jane Parker, now living in Covent Garden, London". Before the wedding could take place Mary died of smallpox, and in 1730 Francis Rodd found himself the owner of considerable estates in Cornwall.


The Rodd family came originally from Leominster in Hereford, but by the seventeenth century had moved to Devon, where James Rodd took for his second wife Grace, daughter of Edward Bampfylde of Oakhay, Stoke Cannon. They had one son, Bampfylde Rodd. James' third wife was Mary, daughter of John Bampfylde of Poltamore, Devon; they had seven children, one of whom was the Mary Rodd who in 1675 married Edmund Spoure of Trebartha.


The collection contains some interesting documents relating to James Rodd, including his oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth in 1652 (RD/1576); his appointment as sheriff of Devon in 1669 (RD/1579) and his will of 1676 (RD/1563), which gives details of the family's property in Devon, Hereford and Sussex.


Francis Rodd, born in 1683, was a son of James Rodd's son Bampfylde Rodd by his second wife Bridget (see pedigree). In 1730 Francis married Alice Sandford of Exeter and they moved to Trebartha. The marriage settlement (RD/14, 15) listed the property in Devon which he had inherited from his father, and set up a trust for Alice and her family out of lands in Devon and Cornwall to be purchased with her marriage portion of £1600.


Francis died in 1736 leaving all his property to his son Francis. Until the boy came of age the estate was managed by trustees, including his mother Alice, who purchased considerable amounts of land on his behalf (see will of Francis Rodd, RD/38).


After Francis came of age he continued to extend the family estates by purchasing land in Altarnun, Lewannick, Linkinhorne and Northill, but acquired even more valuable property by his marriage in 1763 to Jane Hearle of Penryn. Their marriage settlement (RD/18) lists in meticulous detail all the lands of the Rodd family; those inherited from Mary Spoure; inherited from Bampfylde Rodd; lands purchased by Francis' father, and by his mother Alice, and lands which he himself had purchased. Jane's property was considerable, including part of the manor of Trelissick in St. Erth and lands in Gwinear, Phillack, Paul, Gwennap, Mabe, Penryn and Stithians (see WH. for additional Hearle documents).


Francis and Jane had five children, Francis Hearle, John Tremayne, Edward, Jane and Harriet. Jane predeceased her husband and in 1784 Francis married Ann, daughter of William Sandford of Somerset. A new settlement (RD/19) was drawn up. The marriage was childless, Ann dying in 1807, Francis in 1812. The estates were inherited by Francis' eldest son Francis Hearle Rodd, who in 1795 had married Mary Ann Coryton (marriage settlement RD/24).


Francis Hearle Rodd continued to purchase property in Northill and Linkinhorne, but his marriage was childless, and the rev. Edward Rodd became his brother's heir. He was rector of St. Just-in-Roseland, and in 1805 married Harriet, daughter of Charles Rashleigh of Duporth in St. Austell (settlement = RD/28). They had a large family; the eldest son, Francis, married Mary Rashleigh, and their son Francis Rashleigh Rodd married Julia Graves Sawle in 1882.


By 1939 his nephew Major Edward Francis Stanhope Rodd had inherited Trebartha; he was succeeded by four daughters.


In 1940 Major Rodd deposited the family documents at the City Library in Exeter; although almost the entire collection relates to Cornwall, there was at that time no County Record Office in Cornwall. In 1971 Major Rodd's daughter, Mrs. E. Mann of Bowerchalke, Salisbury, requested the Exeter City Library to transfer the Rodd documents to the Cornwall Record Office, and the transfer was completed in January 1972. The present catalogue was compiled between March and October 1974.


Mrs. Mann and her three sisters retained the original "Spoure Book". The diaries of Francis Rodd, Francis Hearle Rodd, Rev. Edward Rodd and Col. Francis Rodd were given to the Record Office (A.D.360) by Mr. Bryan Latham who had purchased Trebartha in 1940.


A number of account books which had formed part of the family archives were lost when Exeter City Library was bombed in 1942.






Boyton - Dunn's tenement


St. Cleer - Smallacombe (leasehold - 1708 St. Aubyn lease assigned to Renatus Bellott)


Egloskerry - South Tregear


St. Neot - Manor of Trenay or Fawton (Grylls) Gillhouse


Northill - Trekernell, Trewortha, Tolcarne, Treveniel, Trebartha, Stenaford, Kingbear, Bowda, Lamaren, Bathpool, Ryland, Tremalla, Coquernell, Tregear


Launceston - Trelake, Bewes' tenement, Barriball close


Whitstone - Manor of Forkeston




Lewannick - Coombeshead tenement (purchased from Chas. Wadge; 1791 exchanged with Archer for part of Lamalla)




Brixham - Southdon


Totnes - Bromborough


PURCHASES BY ALICE RODD (m. Francis R. 1730, d. 1770)


Altarnun - Newton (from Nich. and Phil. Evens, 1739)


2/3 parts White's and Tinner's tenements, Trebullum (from Peter Wadge, 1737; £466-13-4)


1/3 part Trebullum (from Wadge)


Trevage Parks, Plash, Wood and mills, Strayer park, Pound park, Dennebol (from Peter Wadge, 1756; £1040)


Jean Kittow's house and fields, part of Trewint (from Truscott Wadge and mortgagee, 1736; £143-10-0)


Lewannick - 1/3 part of messuage, part of Polyphant manor (from Jn. Coombe)


North Petherwin - Weston (from Jas. Doble of Whitstone)


South Petherwin and Trewen - Hicks' mill tenement (from Jn. French, 1733)




Altarnun - 1/3 part of 2 messuages in Trebullum (from Jn. Bellew, 1775) Trevage House (from Rob. Martyn, 1775)


Jasper's Tenement, Trebullum (from Humphry Lawrence and Margt. Michell, 1776; £121)


Pline Park and lands at Trebullum (from Wm. Newcombe, 1810) Stacey's tenement (from Jas. Venning, 1810)


Bligh's Trenilk with lands at Trevage (from Rich. Coumbe and others, 1801)


Scantlebury's tenement (from Rich. Coumbe, 1808)


Lewannick - Upton (from Welsh and Wadge, 1762; £1150)


Trevage Wood tenement (from Jn. Sleep and Rich. Wadge, 1765; £45)


Walter's tenement, Trevadlock (from Rich. Stacey's legatees, 1780; £285)


Cornew's tenement, Trevadlock (from Jn. Hodge, 1775; £150)


Lamalla (exchanged with Edw. Archer for Coombeshead tenement, 1791)


Linkinhorne - Manor of Rillaton Pengelly (purchased from Philip Rashleigh, 1783; £2887-10-0)


Great Lanhargy (purchased from Chas. Rashleigh, 1808; £2409-7-0)


Northill - Advowson (from Arthur Trevillian, 1777)


Bastreet (from Edw. Archer, 1790; £250)


Battens and Burgess meadow (from Jn. Tyeth, 1803; £1050)


Bonds Walls Mills (from Arscott, 1804; £1400)


Churchtown (from Foott, 1811; £200)


Fuidge (from Wm. Jasper of St. Cleer, 1781)


Landreyne (from Duchy, 1799; £2030)


Stenaford, with part of Brendon, Trevadlock, in Lewannick, (from Wm. Colling, 1806; £1050)


Manor of Tremollet (from Philip Rashleigh, 1783)


Moiety of Tresellern (from Wm. Darley, 1778; £150)


Homer and Easter Waylands, part of manor of Sheviock, (from Reginald Pole Carew, 1800; £1069)


Wevill's tenement (from Edward Archer, 1792; £90)


Southill - Fursdon (from Phil. Rashleigh as part of manor of Rillaton Pengelly and Tremollet, 1783)




Jane Hearle's share of Hearle lands:


¼ part of moiety of manor of Trelissick in St. Erth


¼ part of moiety of Deveral, Nanketho, Trenawin in Gwinear


Treave or Trerieff Craze in Phillack


Bojewyan, Chyrose in St. Just-in-Penwith


Kemiell barton in Paul


Bodreverran and Leha in St. Erth


Carharrack veor, vean and mill, and Cassacan, in Gwennap


Halvossow in Mabe


Premises in Penryn


Gwealandevas in Stithians


Also Hay in Ladock


Treworder in Egloshayle




Altarnun - Dryworks tenement and Tresibbet (from Jn. Wallis of Bodmin, 1828; £1200)


Codda and half of Tolborough (from lord St. Germans and Mr. West, c.1830)


Skilton's or Wilton's parks and Piper's tenement in churchtown; Susan Chastie's tenement, and shop, part of Grylls' tenement in Trewint (from representatives of Chris. Edgcombe, decd., 1833; £990)


Adam's tenement in Great Trewint (from Jn. Carpenter, Hender's mortgagee, 1833; £590)


Lewannick - Division of commons, 1831


Linkinhorne - Burndowns and East Pengelly (exchanged with Foott for Northparks field, 1814)


Clampit tenements (from Budge and mortgagee, 1817; £1136)


Coombe, with Long and Middle Park and Boveway (from Wm. Barrett and mortgagee, 1828; £400)


East Lanhargy (from Gregory Soper and mortgagee, 1831; £525)


St. Neot - Tody Park (from G. W. F. Gregor, 1830; £150)


St. Luke's Chapel tenement (from Thos. Stephens, 1833; £40)


Northill - Addacroft (from mortgagees of Peter family, 1825)


Lewarne (from Arscott, 1817; £700)


Ryland (from representatives of Jn. Barrett, 1817; £600)


Uphill, Downhill, Ridgwood, Bathpool, Tresellyn (from Craddock and Peter, 1806, 1823)




Linkinhorne - Foott's Pengelly (? from Foott, 1839; £2100)


Manor of Treffries (from Nich. Foott, 1839; £4100)


Northill - Treswell (from mortgagees of Foot, 1841; £3835)




Altarnun - Trenilk (from representatives of Chris. Edgcombe, ?1841)


Morecomeford or Smith's land, with Churchtown tenement and Addacroft in Northill, and Hill and Carkeet in St. Cleer (from Arthur Peter of Northill, 1859; £100)


Palmer's Bridge turnpike house (from turnpike trustees, 1874)


Lewannick - Brendon in Trevadlock (from Jn. Foott, 1824; £300)


Higher and Lower Wheaton mill fields, Dillabole marsh, Long Slade, Fursland, all Trevadlock (from Rich. Dawe, 1840)


Knighton (from Rich. Luskey, 1843; £290)


Plasha Cross toll house (from turnpike trustees, 1874)


Northill - East Berriow (from Hen. Swete Archer, 1864; £2200)


Bowda (from Sam. Peter and Rich. Hocken, 1845; £750)


East and West Calstock (from representatives of Bryant, 1848; £3150)


Penhole, Trughill and Trevorsdon (from Rich. Rowe, 1847; £8027)


Way Cross poor houses, Higher Cross field, part of East Berriow (from Jn. Budge, 1875; £250)




Lewannick - East Trevadlock or Pellow's tenement (from representatives of Dorothy Doble, 1899)

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