Indenture between the Lord William of Windsor, the King's Lieutenant, and Jonn McKenemargho, captain of his nation.

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Title: Indenture between the Lord William of Windsor, the King's Lieutenant, and Jonn McKenemargho, captain of his nation.

The latter, humbly seeking the King's peace, promises to observe all things underwritten. He will keep the peace of God and the Church, and especially towards the Bishops of "Laconensis" and Limerick and their clerks, vassals, and subjects, especially Master Thomas O'Brade, allowing them all rights, rents, lands, and possessions, both in spiritual and temporal things. He will restore all the goods, books, ornaments, chalices, and other articles taken from the churches and cities of the diocese of Limerick, and especially from the Monastery of Friars Preachers of the city of Limerick. He will keep the peace towards the King's faithful people, and aid and defend them against all who injure them. If any trespasses be done to the county of Limerick, contrary to this peace, he is bound to make amends within one month; if to the city of Limerick, within fifteen days, or else distraints may be taken. Neither he nor his shall interfere with the demesne lands of the country or castle of Limerick, nor with the weir of the city, but he and his shall permit the citizens and fishermen and other faithful subjects having the custody of the lands of the said weirs from the King to dispose of the fish taken at their pleasure. Also he will permit the citizens of Limerick to cut down timber in his woods in Thomond, for the repair of the same city, and he and his shall permit their men and tenants to cut timber in the said woods, and carry it to the city for sale. He and his shall keep the King's said peace towards the Archbishop of Tuam, Richard Juvenis de Burgh, and their men, and shall stand to the witness of lawful men to be chosen between himself and the said Richard as to the restitution of the lands of the latter.


He promises to keep the peace toward Thadey Sibilochlynn, McKenemargho, and all others who quitted his company in this last war, and adhered to the said Thadey and the English. He grants to the same Thadey all the lands which he promised him before his defection. He takes upon himself and his people Brian McEghykeehfynny, his brother, and the sons of Art. McMahon, and all the men of Clanmegherith and Clandermada, Mor McMachunnys, and also all others of Clanmachunys, whom he holds in stipend, either by lands or meat and drink, or who shall have done damage from his lands to the faithful people, or shall have access after damage done with the same damage to his lands. He promises that neither he nor his, with horses, armour, or cattle, shall come beyond the water of Shynnan to the lands of the English, without the King's special licence, and that he will not aid or defend any man of war of the people and allegiance of the King without the same licence; nor will he permit any of his people to quit his parts in offence of the King's peace or to the detriment of the same war. He shall be bound to make satisfaction to all Englishmen and their subjects for any trespasses to be done by him or his especially by those of Clanmachon, according to the rite of the parts of Thomond, which rite is called "contra Koyncomhogiis;" and he promises to keep the same peace towards McChudh O'Bryen and his subjects, and all others, who rose up against him lately in aid of the royal war.


In token of observance of the premises he, delivered his two sons, Molaghlyn and Sumegha, to the King, and because he also acknowledges that he has offended against the King and his faithful people, he promised to give and faithfully to pay to the King one thousand fat and good cows, by name of an amercement, before Wednesday next before the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. He further granted that he shall be bound to observe the articles in a certain peace made with the Lord Thomas de la Kale. He then took oath to observe the premises; and in case anything be attempted against the said peace by him or his, he submits himself to the jurisdiction of all the prelates of Ireland, especially that of the Archbishops of Cashel and Tuam and the Bishops of "Laonen" and Limerick, who may excommunicate and interdict him without any trial. Dated at Adare, 15 December, 44 Edw. III.


Note, that in these days a good cow was appraised but at 40d., as appears in the Roll where this indenture is enrolled.


Note, that footmen in wars had for their stipend but 2d. a day, and were lodged for 1d. a day.

Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: MS 603, f. 136
Language: Latin
Physical description: 3 Pages.
Physical condition: In a hand of temp. Hen. VIII.

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