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Deed to make a Tenant to the Precipe: (i) William Hulton, (ii) Edward Gorst of Preston, gent, & John Gorst of Preston, gent. & (iii) Henry Hulton of Preston, esq. & William Cross of Preston, esq. -- manors of Over Hulton, Farnworth, Rumworth, Kersley, & Longworth, Hulton Park & demesne; messuages in Over Hulton late in the tenure of James Partington, James Horridge, John Middlehirst, Thomas Isherwood, Giles Higson, Thomas Leigh, Thomas Rothwell, James Kearsley, James Howcroft, James Fletcher, Henry Pendlebury, Giles Higson, James Southam, James Higson, John Cooper, Daniel Makinson, Roger Hurst, Jonathan Gregory, Richard Partington, Josiah Howcroft, James Partington, Molly Kearsley, Richard Mason, John Heaton, Elizabeth Potter, widow, James Hurst, John Allen, John Eckersley, Thomas Hampson, Charles Howcroft, William Marsh, Richard Hurst, James Boardman, Thomas Howcroft, Adam Hurst, Thomas Grundy, William Platt John Boardman, Thomas Boardman, Joseph Hurst, Ralph Howcroft, Adam Hurst,..... Worthington, James Hurst, Widow Hurst, Mary Astley, Mary Mather, John Johnson, & James Nuttall, & now in the tenure of Thomas Boardman, Jonathan Boardman, James Boden, Charles Chadwick, George Crowder, Edward Eckersley, Joseph Hamer, Josiah Howcroft, James Hampson, Isaac Hurst, John Heaton, James Hurst, John Hollinsworth, Thomas Heasford, James Hurst, Richard, Hurst, John Irlam, Robert Isherwood, Mary Jones, Thomas Johnson, Edward Kearsley, John Kearsley, Richard Mason, Ann Miller, Jane Marsh, Overseers of the Poor of Over Hulton for 5 cottages in the tenures of William Hurst the elder, Mary Hampson, Robert Nuttall, James Nuttall, James Partington, William Hurst the younger, Martha Hurst, Elizabeth Makinson, John Partington, Henry Pendlebury the younger & elder, Elizabeth Potter, Adam Platt, William Platt, James Partington the elder & younger, John Peers, Peter Rothwell, George Rawlinson, Peter Smith, James Worthington the elder & younger; Hulton water-mill in the tenure of John Cooper; Longworth Hall & lands late in the tenure of John Hampson & now of James Gregory; Longworth water-mill in the tenure of James Gregory; messuages in Longworth late in the tenure of Josiah Taylor, Lawrence Halliwell, James Longworth, Robert Mayall, Nathaniel Haslam, Thomas Halliwell, Thomas Longworth, Ann Crook, Widow, Earnshaw, James Holding, Ann Kershaw, Henry Berry, Samuel Marsden, John Marsden, Sarah Whittle, John Whittle, Sarah Marsden, Nathan Duxbury, John Ward, John Taylor, Thomas Halliwell, Samuel Berry, & John Hampson, & now in the tenure of John Berry, Samuel Berry, Robert Crook, John Duxbury, Benjamin Helme, Solomon Hornby, Alice Holding, Lawrence Halliwell, John Halliwell, William Hornby, James Isherwood, Messrs. Thomas & James Kershaw & John Southern, Thomas Longworth, James Mayall, Robert Mayall, John Mayall, William Marsden, Robert Marsden, Overseers of the Poor of Longworth for cottage in the tenure of Jennett Duxbury, Messrs. Rycroft & Cooke, Robert Simm, John Taylor, elder & younger, Sarah Whittle, John Whittle, & William Ward; messuages in Westhoughton late in the tenure of Thomas Partington, John France, Elijah Crompton, Robert Taylor, Peter Monk, John Hodgkinson, James Chadwick, Benjamin Partington, James Aspinall, Robert Smith, Richard Crompton, Thomas Hurst, William Dootson, Edmund Key, Richard Tonge, Henry Whittle, James Markland, Alexander Tonge, James Bullough, & William Smith, & Now in the tenure of Thomas Aspinall, James Bullough, John Berry, Charles Chadwick, James Chadwick, Mary Crompton, Roger Gregory the elder & younger James Hartley, Thomas Hart, Edmund Kay, Thomas Leigh, James Markland, James Partington, Benjamin Partington, Jeremiah Platt, John Smithills, Thomas Taylor, & William Tonge; Hyde Hall in Denton late in the tenure of Joshua Rylance & now of Robert Costerdine; messuages in Denton late in the tenure of James Fogg, John Crook, Joseph Allenson, Joshua Rylance, Isaac Ridley, William Fidler, Richard Rowland, Samuel Williamson, & William Beswick, & now in the tenure of Joshua Allenson, William Bromilow's executors, Robert Bridgehouse, Robert Costerdine, John Crabtree, William Fidler, Nathan Fidler, John Fletcher, Samuel Hopwood, Gabriel Lupton, Overseers of the Poor of Denton for cottage in the tenure of Ann Holland, John Seddon, Samuel Williamson, George Wright, & Thomas Whitehead; messuages in Harpurhey late in the tenure of Joseph Radford, Samuel Barlow, James Boardman the elder & younger, Thomas Ogden, John Radford, & the Overseers of the Poor of Harpurhey, & now in the tenure of Robert Andrew, Thomas Andrew, Richard Ogden, Jonas Ogden, Samuel Ogden, the Overseers for a cottage in the tenure of George Redford, Mary Redford, & Samuel Taylor; messuages in Rumworth late in the tenure of John Heaton, Elizabeth Potter, widow, John Carlisle, John Haworth, James Barlow, Abraham Partington, William Boardman, Overseers of the Poor of Rumworth, John Fletcher, Giles Barlow, James Marsh, Arthur Halliwell, Christopher Roscow, Christopher Halliwell & Josiah Barlow, & now in the tenure of Henry Blundell, esq., James Barlow, William Boardman, Joseph Barlow, John Carlisle, William Green, John Howarth, Jeremiah Halliwell, Joseph Halliwell, Robert Halliwell, James Halliwell, William Horrocks, James Hampson, John Lowton, Isaac Lowton, Elizabeth Potter, William Platt, John Smith, & George Seddon; messuages in Farnworth late in the tenure of Thomas Hart, John Gerrard, Widow Partington, Thomas Sixsmith, & Lawrence Taylor, & now in the tenure of John Atkinson, Richard Chadwick, John Crompton, Betty Gerratd, Richard Gaskell, George Grundy Mr. James Heywood, William Hurst, George Littlewood, James Moet, Richard Nelson, John Nightingale, Overseers of the Poor of Farnworth, Benjamin Rawson, Thomas Sixsmith, John Scholfield, John Smethurst, John Sharples, Daniel Taylor, Edmund Turner, William Tonge, Joseph Welch, & James Wood; right of herbage on plots enclosed from Farnworth & Kersley Common; messuages in Kersley late in the tenure of William Walker, Richard Hardman, Thomas Jackson, Thomas Aspinall, & Abraham Rawsthorne, & now in the tenure of Thomas Aspinall, John Crompton, Benjamin Coke, Jonathan Dorning, John Holker, Isaac Isherwood, George Johnson, Thomas Jackson, James Lever, James Lord, Samuel Ogden, Thomas Ratcliffe, Samuel Ratcliffe, Abraham Rostherne, & James Tonge -- recites mortgage of 2 Jun. 1809 W.H. to William Brakell of Preston, gent. of Hyde Hall, Denton, for £4000; mortgage of 2 Dec. 1812 for further £1000; mortgage of 6 Nov. 1813 to John Worsley of Manchester, dyer, of messuage in Denton late called Crooke's Tenement & now Denton Grange, in the tenure of Samuel Williamson, & closes called the Moorfield, Moor Close, Orchard, Barn Field, Long Field, Burton Nook, Garden at Nook, Croft at Nook (now added to Long Field), Old Meadow at Nook, Further & Nearer Cockshutt, Cockshutt Meadow, Wheat Field, Rushy Croft, Little Field, & Star Close (30a3r5p), & closes in Denton (formerly part of Fidler's Tenement) called the Warth, Long Field, Meadow, & Beeley Meadow (7a2r21p), & closes called the Lane Field, the Rough or Bog, Barnfield, Meadow, Harrison Field, & Hardy Field (11a2rllp), closes (formerly part of Rowland's Tenement) called the Little Acre, Coach Field, Round Field, Long Field, Barn Field, Little Field, & Meadow (13a3r23p); closes (formerly part of Williamson's Tenement) called the Fair House, Meadow & Orchard, (3a37p); closes (formerly part of Beswick's Tenement) called Further Fair House, Meadow, & Garden (3alr38p); & aclose called the Banks (2r30p), for £3000. Witn: R.H. Shuttleworth, John Jaques, J. Marsh, Thomas Birchall, Thomas Lythgoe. (Copy)

Date: 11 Nov. 1813
Held by: Lancashire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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