Catalogue description Courthope family of Whiligh in Ticehurst

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Reference: SAS-CO/1
Title: Courthope family of Whiligh in Ticehurst

This catalogue was made by William Courthope, Somerset Herald, in 1836 from a number of older catalogues as well as the original deeds. At the beginning of the catalogue he wrote:


'Catalogue of Charters in the possession of George Campion Courthope, Esquire, at Wyleigh in the County of Sussex, and which being entrusted to me by his father, George Courthope Esq. decd, for the purpose of collecting from them any information relative to the Pedigree of the Family, were by me, all properly arranged, numbered, & tied up in brown paper parcels, marked & specified in the following Catalogue, a duplicate of which is in my possession


'23 March 1836 William Courthope'


The deeds were deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Trust in January 1956. K. W. Dickins, the Honorary Curator of Deeds, opened the parcels and checked the contents with the catalogue. A typescript of the catalogue was prepared, with his notes on discrepancies, missing items, etc. The deeds were transferred to the East Sussex Record Office in 1982 and accessioned under reference 'SAS/CO'. In 2003, the reference has been changed to 'SAS-CO/1', with the later deposits of the family's archives, previously SAS/COa, b, c and d becoming SAS-CO/2, 3, 4 and 5. Dickins's notes, to the extent they are still relevant, have been assimilated into the body of Courthope's catalogue. A summary of contents has been added


References to the parcels and their numbers have been deleted, as the documents are no longer stored by these numbers. Dates are as given by Courthope who seems to have followed Old Style. Reference in descriptions to immediately preceding deeds have not been edited, so there are many instances of, for example, 'Same to the same', 'the said last mentioned lands' and 'Counterpart' without further explanation


Summary of contents


SAS-CO/1/1-39 Manor of Whiligh in Ticehurst and Wadhurst; 1363-1614


SAS-CO/1/40-54 Manor of Moseham or Mosehams in Wadhurst; 1586-1627


SAS-CO/1/55-75 Lands called Golle, Bordes, Christmasse, Stumblett, Eastbinne Mottesfield, Jakkscroft and Ramgates in Wadhurst; 1398-1491


SAS-CO/1/76-79 Lands at Bucklinghill in Wadhurst; 1580-1592


SAS-CO/1/80-84 Land called Farnerscroft in Wadhurst; 1585-1612


SAS-CO/1/85-111 Wills and inventories; 1436-1744


SAS-CO/1/112-116 Stonegate Farm in Ticehurst; 1624-1738


SAS-CO/1/117-123 Lands held of the Manor of Hammerden in Ticehurst; 1608-1744


SAS-CO/1/124-127 Crouchfield, Shover Garden, Freeland, Valeregh, Churchlands in Ticehurst and Wadhurst; 1483-1611


SAS-CO/1/128-155 Bucklinghill and Bucklingwood in Wadhurst; 1556-1629


SAS-CO/1/156-164 Well Acres in Pembury, Kent; 1651-1750


SAS-CO/1/165-178 East Lymden lands in Ticehurst and Etchingham; 1568-1639


SAS-CO/1/179-206 Lands in Pembury, Tudley, Brenchley and Hadlow, Kent; 1369-1573


SAS-CO/1/207-219 Mychells and Giles in Pembury, Kent; 1567-1674


SAS-CO/1/220-233 Comborne Mill in Goudhurst, Highams, the Hame in Marden and Goudhurst and Grovehurst in Goudhurst, Kent; 1507-1635


SAS-CO/1/234-240 Serenden, Upper and Lower Sprivers in Horsmonden and Brenchley, Kent; 1625-1704


SAS-CO/1/240b-249 Longeaye, Sheepwash, Ayelandsfield, Gunnecroft, Clayland and Le Grottyn in Goudhurst, Gaynes and Junior Highams; 1528-1685


SAS-CO/1/250-266 Land (5½a) in Goudhurst, Kent; 1669-1704


SAS-CO/1/267-274 Messuage and lands in Horsmonden and Brenchley, Kent; 1406-1689


SAS-CO/1/275-283 Welfieldmeade, Wellfield, Mattfield, Holcroft, Prickils, Prickleden and Baklands in Brenchley, Kent; 1451-1571


SAS-CO/1/284-308 Manor of Barnes in Brenchley, Kent; 1571-1775


SAS-CO/1/309-321 Two messuages in Marden, Kent; 1576-1707


SAS-CO/1/322-331 Cheveney and Shernden Wood in Marden, lands in Romney Marsh and Courthopes in Goudhurst, Kent; 1591-1667


SAS-CO/1/332-341 Minchen Court in Shadoxhurst, Kent; 1652-1762


SAS-CO/1/342-379 Farners otherwise Farnetts, Wilcockgibbs, Foxearths, Homefield, Marling, Walland, Dorsetts and Tanseyland in Wadhurst; 1584-1691


SAS-CO/1/380-398 Byrchetts, Northfield, Hobbynsfield, Housecroft, Lurpyks, Bishops, Hillfield and Stubbecroft on the Den of Highams in Goudhurst, Kent; 1548-1600


SAS-CO/1/399-404 Manors of Campsey Blemvill in Suffolk and Lavenham in Essex, lands in Horsemonden and Brenchley; 1422-1642


SAS-CO/1/405-410 Receipts and letters to Alexander Courthope and Peter Courthope, insurance policy, leases from the New River Company, rent rolls for London estate, receipts; 1648-1751


SAS-CO/1/411-420 Manor of Barnes in Brenchley, Kent; 1570-1677


SAS-CO/1/421-458 Liveries of lands, wills, receipts for legacies and other papers relating to the Maplesden family; 1555-1663


SAS-CO/1/459-521 Lands and messuages in Marden belonging to the Maplesden family; 1438-1661


SAS-CO/1/522-534 Highfields in Marden, Kent; 1446-1481


SAS-CO/1/535-541 Messuage and land (4a) on the Den of Elhurst in Marden, Kent; 1525-1626


SAS-CO/1/542-545 Northfield in Marden, Kent; 1494-1502


SAS-CO/1/546-551 Eastcroft, Harryeshawe, the Acre and other lands in Marden, Kent; 1477-1503


SAS-CO/1/552-558 Le Hame in Marden, Kent; 1584-1628


SAS-CO/1/559-593 Werd, Tomregge and Portsale in Marden, messuage and land (5½a) in Goudhurst, Kent; 1564-1668


SAS-CO/1/594-604 Lands in Goudhurst, Kent; 1550-1689


SAS-CO/1/605-606 Heyden Wood in Lamberhurst and Horsmonden, Kent; 1637


SAS-CO/1/607 Number not used


SAS-CO/1/608-615 Lands in Brenchley, Kent; 1430-1659


SAS-CO/1/616-621 Lands in Brenchley, Tudley, Pembury, Yalding, Boughton Monchelsea, Capel, Bidborough, Hadlow and Tunbridge in Kent; 1408-1621


SAS-CO/1/622-625 Lands in Horsmonden, Kent; 1551-1654


SAS-CO/1/626-630 Lands in East Barming, Staplehurst, Eastchurch, Alkham, Thurnham and Hunton in Kent; 1576-1666


SAS-CO/1/631-634 Iron furnace account book, Goudhurst tithe account book, book of prayers and collects and accounts of John Langley of Colchester, merchant, receiver of the Swallow trading with Spain; 1640-1770s


SAS-CO/1/635-637 Letters between Mr Courthope and his agent in London, Mr Tyler, and accounts of the charity school at Horsmonden; 1745-1804


SAS-CO/1/638-708 Papers concerning a messuage in St Katherine Creechurch and a messuage in St Botolph's, London; 1539-1736


SAS-CO/1/709-713 Manor of Blomvills in Haskerton, Suffolk and lands in Wivenhoe and Ardleigh, Essex; 1614-1700


SAS-CO/1/714-718 Letters to Alexander Courthope, contracts between HM Commissioners of Ordnance and George Browne, HM Founder, letters and accounts concerning gun founding, letters and papers relating to the family of Horsemonden; 1570s-1666


SAS-CO/1/719-722 Lands in Goudhurst and Cranbrook, Kent; 1332-1502


SAS-CO/1/723-741 Land called Hopeaye in Goudhurst, Kent; 1453-1491


SAS-CO/1/742-749 Skurles and other lands in Goudhurst, Kent; 1484-1531


SAS-CO/1/750-754 Hopefield in Goudhurst, Kent; 1423-1518


SAS-CO/1/755-768 Pouttesfotesland, Menemede and Brodeaye in Goudhurst, Kent; 1389-1488


SAS-CO/1/769-830 Nedernewmannys, Hornefield, Hothfield otherwise Brewhouse, Colbemcroft, Paysell, Trowborne and Gregorismead in Goudhurst, Kent; 1438-1634


SAS-CO/1/831-868 Potkyns, Muggs Mead and a messuage and land (100a) in Goudhurst, Kent; 1512-1671


SAS-CO/1/869-919 Knokkers and Courtesden in Goudhurst, Kent; 1546-1685


SAS-CO/1/920-943 Junior Highams in Goudhurst, Kent and documents relating to the family of Besbeech; 1565-1704


SAS-CO/1/944-972 Queenmeads in Horsemonden, Kent; 1562-1677


SAS-CO/1/973-1058 Messuage and lands at Baynden and other lands in Horsmonden, Kent; 1389-1623


SAS-CO/1/1059-1076 Messuage and land (7a) in Horsmonden, Kent; 1629-1703


SAS-CO/1/1077-1094 Manor of Barnes in Brenchley, Kent; 1548-1695


SAS-CO/1/1095 Number not used


SAS-CO/1/1096-1123b Lower and Upper Sprivers in Horsemonden, Kent; 1431-1760


SAS-CO/1/1124-1141 Hale in Horsemonden, Kent; 1588-1736


SAS-CO/1/1142-1163 Lands on the den of Baynden in Horsmonden, Kent; 1537-1620


SAS-CO/1/1164-1179 Three pieces of land at Garthfords Bridge in Horsmonden, Kent; 1674-1712


SAS-CO/1/1180-1189 Lands in Brenchley and Horsemonden, Kent; 1597-1638


SAS-CO/1/1190-1221 Coolams, Shernden Wood and other lands in Horsmonden, Kent; 1507-1741


SAS-CO/1/1222-1254 Mansion house at Marden, Manors of Winsheate in Marden and Highams in Goudhurst, other lands in Marden, Goudhurst and Staplehurst, Kent; 1623-1699


SAS-CO/1/1255-1287 Gardners and Porters Lodge in Eastbridge and Romney Marsh, Kent; 1543-1639


SAS-CO/1/1288-1307 Tates in Goudhurst, Horsmondens, Lindridgemead, Tanhousefield, Bridgemead, Conycroft, Wellfield, Lorpicks and Eldergates in Goudhurst, Kent; 1673-1689


SAS-CO/1/1308-1309 Six pieces of land in Horsemonden, Kent; 1748


SAS-CO/1/1310-1313 Papers relating to the Meriam family of Horsmonden; 1565-1576


SAS-CO/1/1314-1323 Land in Cranbrook, Kent; 1589-1596


SAS-CO/1/1324-1336 Letters of attorney of Mary Courthope, repairs to road between Ticehurst and Burwash, bond of John Langley, receipts of George Courthope concerning his service in the Civil War, release to Francis Courthope, apprenticeship of John Rivers, receipt to Alexander Courthope, appointment of Edward Courthope as Commissioner of Alienations, award between Sir George Courthope and Sir John Rivers; 1602-1686


SAS-CO/1/1337-1360 Lands in Horsemonden, Goudhurst and Maidstone, Kent; 1477-1672


SAS-CO/1/1361-1364 Cheveney in Marden, Kent; 1629-1666


SAS-CO/1/1365-1368 Longeaye, Shepewash, Ayelandsfield, Gunnecroft, Clayland, Gaynes and Junior Highams in Goudhurst, Kent; 1541-1635


SAS-CO/1/1369-1370 Byrchetts, Northfield, Hollynfield, Housecroft, Lurpykes, Bishops, Hillfield and Stobbecroft on the Den of Highams in Marden, Kent; 1567-1588


SAS-CO/1/1371-1378 Lands in Pembury, Tudely and Brenchley, Kent; 1502-1571


SAS-CO/1/1379-1385 Byrchetts, Northfield, Hobbynsfield, Housecroft, Lurpickes, Bishops, Hillfield and Scobbecroft on the Den of Highams in Marden, Kent; 1484-1592


SAS-CO/1/1386 Eastbinne in Wadhurst; 1416


SAS-CO/1/1387 Mattfield and Wellfield in Brenchley, Kent; 1548


SAS-CO/1/1388 Bucklinghill in Wadhurst; 1593


SAS-CO/1/1389 East Limden in Ticehurst; 1631


SAS-CO/1/1390 Notes of a bill in Chancery concerning the Maplesden family; nd


SAS-CO/1/1391 Messuage and lands in Horsemonden and Brenchley; 1688


SAS-CO/1/1392 Three pieces of land at Garthfords Bridge in Horsmonden, Kent; 1712


SAS-CO/1/1393-1423 Ongleys in Goudhurst, Kent; 1488-1656

Date: 1363-1894
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Courthope family of Whiligh, Ticehurst, Sussex

Physical description: About 1450 items
  • Ticehurst, East Sussex
  • Kent
  • Land tenure
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