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Reference: CO 318/259

Correspondence, Original - Secretary of State: Correspondence from Emigration Commissioners relating to the West Indies. Subjects covered are as follows: reference to memorandum from West India Committee on Indian immigration; immigrant bounties in lieu of return passage payments; proposed modification of the Chinese convention of 1866; Acts relating to immigration passed by Grenada Legislature; reference to various migrant ships which sail from Calcutta to British Guiana, Jamaica, and Trinidad, includes statistics of those onboard with proportion of females; reports on immigrants in St Vincent for six months ending 30 June 1870; Trinidad Ordinances relating to female immigrants and for raising funds for immigration purposes; request of planters of Nevis for introduction of Indian immigrants; emigration of British subjects to Argentine Confederation; sanitary improvements of Indian immigrant ships: report from Government of Bombay on suggestions of Mr Bakewell, the Health Officer of Shipping in Trinidad; condition and treatment of Indian and Chinese immigrants in British Guiana; Antigua Act to regulate carriage of passengers; report of immigration agent of British Guiana for six months ending 30 June 1869; report on Chinese immigrants at Honduras; St Vincent legislation on immigration funds; mortality of Indian immigrants in British Guiana; report of Mr White, Surgeon Superintendent of the ship Alnwick Castle; reports on Indian immigrants in St Lucia; references to resumption of Indian immigration to Grenada; number of immigrants in British Guiana receiving bounty and amount paid to them; reference to immigrant ships Asima, India, St Hilda, and Devonshire, which sailed for British Guiana; includes various information including figures of those onboard, with proportion of females, and cases of ill-treatment and abuse; return of number of immigrants and liberated Africans introduced into the British West India colonies and Mauritius from 1843 to 1856 and from January 1857 to end 1869; also a return of numbers who have returned; reports relating to mortality on board Indian migrant ships Sophia Joakim and Shand; despatch from Netherlands consul relating to Chinese emigration from Canton to Surinam; reference to report from immigration agent of Grenada for the year ending 31 December 1869; reference to immigrant ships Shand, Sophia Joakim, Howrah, Clive, British Monarch, and Forfarshire, which sailed for British Guiana; includes various information including numbers of those onboard, with proportion of females, health conditions, and reference to mortalities; ordinance for extending the time for feeding of indentured migrants; annual report of immigration agent; letter from Des Voeux on condition, treatment, and alleged discontent of Indian and Chinese immigrants in British Guiana; proportion of females to males on Indian migrant ships; legal protection afforded to female Indian immigrants in British Guiana in reference to Trinidad Ordinance; report on ill-treatment of some Indian immigrants on the Argyle Estate in St Vincent; application from principal planters in St Vincent for introduction of 400 Indian immigrants; abstract of replies on workings of the Indian immigrant system in Trinidad; financial position of the Emigration Fee Funds of British and French colonies which have Indian migration; Earl Granville's instructions for immigration equal to 300 adults to migrate to St Vincent; subject of limitation of period for emigrants leaving Calcutta to 15 February; emigration to Argentine Republic and insecurity of life there; Act passed by Tobago legislature for encouraging emigration from Barbados to Tobago; emigration scheme proposed to Argentine government by Emigrant and Colonists Aid Corporation; reference to migrant ship Ascot, which sailed from Calcutta for British Guiana, includes numbers of those onboard, and reference to their health; legislation and inspection of vessels; Act of Nevis Legislature for regulating rights and duties of masters and servants; St Kitts legislation on remission of portion of tax for immigration purposes; Trinidad Ordinance relating to immigration; application from Mr Anderson, the emigration agent for Jamaica at Calcutta relating to gratuity payments; immigration returns for British Guiana, Jamaica, Grenada, St Vincent; instructions to ships surgeons relating to contagious fever; Ordinance of British Guiana Legislature on indenture fees; list from Governor Rawson showing that number of immigrants required in Grenada is 318; practicality of obtaining Chinese labourers for West Indian colonies without intervention of 'native' collecting agents and capitulation fees; British Honduras proclamation authorising migration of labourers from Jamaica, Barbados, St Kitts, Nevis, and the Bahamas; Brazilian decree relating to Asian labour migration; clothing and other articles for Indian labourers at request of British Guiana government; remuneration for Mr Warner, Emigration Agent at Calcutta, for despatching ship Imperative Engine to St Vincent; migration to Argentine Republic and the Emigrant and Colonists' Aid Corporation; murder of Indian women in British Guiana by their 'reputed husbands'; returns relating to Indian migration to French colonies; Grenada legislation relating to fees for female indentured immigrants; immigration returns from India Office relating to Calcutta; emigration from Barbados to Tobago and St Lucia; St Vincent legislation relating to female immigrants; 'insurrection' among Chinese labourers in Lima, Peru; discrepancy in Indian migrant charter parties used for voyage from and to India; request from Mr Anderson, Immigration Agent for Jamaica at Calcutta, for permission to sell bills in open market return passage of Indians from Trinidad, St Lucia and St Vincent; clothing for return migrants from St Lucia; attempts to procure statistics relating to mortality of Indians in their own country.

Date: 1870
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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