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Details of CO 137/397
Reference: CO 137/397

Letters received from various government offices (departments) and other organisations relating to Jamaica. Correspondents and subjects are as follows: [A number of items, described under 'the insurrection' relate to the Morant Bay 'rebellion'.]

  • Admiralty (passage to Belize of the Bishop of Kingston and a servant, request that Captain Hunt's services be paid for by the colony, disaffection in West Jamaica, disturbances have been quelled, Slip Dock at Kingston Harbour, increase of Naval and Military forces to quell insurrection in East Jamaica , further information on the proceedings to quell the insurrection, the insurrection is completely quelled, two further reports on the insurrection, a report that two Spanish vessels helped quell the insurrection, intelligence respecting the proceedings of certain Naval officers employed in the suppression of the insurrection);
  • Agent (requisitions from Postmaster of Jamaica, requisitions of stationery);
  • Council Office (leaving to operation of Acts 4489, 4490, 4492, 4493 and 4494 of December 1864, leaving to operation of Act 4497 of January 1865, leaving to operation of Acts 4516 and 4517 of January 1865, leaving to operation of Act 4533 of February 1865, leaving to operation of Act 4500 of February 1865);
  • Foreign Office (appointment of A Gregg to be United States Consul at Kingston, report of rebellion in Jamaica, appointment of R G C Hitchens to be Oldenbury Consul at Kingston, Consul General at Havana's report on the insurrection at Jamaica, Spanish vessels used by the Jamaican Government, refusal of the Captain of L'Union to allow the French to deliver despatches, arrival of Spanish vessels at Jamaica, thanks to the Spanish Government, deportation of Haitian refugees);
  • Home Office (St Mary District Prison Act, W Mendez is unknown to Secretary Cardwell, proposed appointment of the Recorder to act as a Commissioner of Enquiry into disturbances, sanctioning of appointment of the Recorder to act as Commissioner of Enquiry);
  • India Office (transfer of Cinchona plants from India to Jamaica);
  • Land Board (payment of expenses to Mr Sawkins for his examination of Phosphates on Sombrero, application of W L Cazneaw for a real estate license in Jamaica);
  • Law Officers (Mrs Gordon's husband);
  • Lord Chamberlain (wearing of civic uniform in Jamaica);
  • Anti-Slavery Society (punishment of larceny, insurrection in Jamaica, requesting the disallowance of the Bill of Indemnity);
  • Office of Commissioners in Lunacy (proposed alterations and improvements as to the Jamaica Lunatic Asylum);
  • General Post Office (increase in money order transactions in Jamaica, the use of Jamaica for making commercial remittances for the United Kingdom, mail service with St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada and Trinidad);
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (transference of Cinchona plants from India to Jamaica);
  • Geological Survey Office (abandonment of the geological survey of Jamaica);
  • Baptist Mission House (arrest of Reverend E Palmer);
  • West India Committee (welfare of Jamaica following the insurrection);
  • Citizens of Canterbury (circumstances of the insurrection);
  • Baptist Church of Eythorne Kent (causes of the insurrection);
  • Inhabitants of Shotley Bridge (causes of the insurrection);
  • Board of Trade (Act 4528 for the winding up of Companies, an Act regarding duty on imported articles and an Act to repeal certain Acts, Act to provide for the construction of a slip dock, construction of the slip dock);
  • Treasury (expenses of Mr Sawkins for his investigation of phosphates at Sombrero, Sinking Fund of the Guaranteed loan, estate of G P A Delatour, half-salary of R Chamberlain, passage of the Bishop of Kingston, repayment of advance from Treasury Chest, statement of services, funds to the Lunatic Asylum, remittance sinking fund of other colonial loans, superannuation and passage allowance of H Laidlaw, cost of the insurrection);
  • War Office (diet of soldiers at penitentiary at Jamaica, disposal of M Brown, disposal of liberated Africans following the disbandment of the corps at St Lucia, volunteer militia, conference of Brevent rank of Colonel on Captain Hunt, artillery supply to Jamaica, conveyance of military lands and buildings at Jamaica, shipment of stores, no plans of military lands and buildings of Jamaica have been received, execution of George William Gordon, measures taken to suppress the insurrection, the right of the Governor to apply to the Governor of another colony for troops without previous communication with the Major General, return to Barbados of troops, report of Major General O'Connor).

Date: 1865
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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