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Details of SC 8/344/E1287
Reference: SC 8/344/E1287
Petitioners: Robert Pomeray, squire, tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; John Ayysshe (Ash), tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; William Floyer, tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; John Peverell, tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; William Aysshe (Ash), tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; Simon Aysshe (Ash), tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; Henry Peryman, tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest; William Rugge, tenant of the prince in Dartmoor Forest.
Name(s): Pomeray; Ayysshe (Ash); Floyer; Peverell; Aysshe (Ash); Aysshe (Ash); Peryman; Rugge, Robert; John; William; John; William; Simon; Henry; William
Addressees: Prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall, earl of Chester
Nature of request: The petitioners complain that whereas at Crockern Tor before Roger Dynham was by virtue of ancient privileges, usages and customs of the [...] enacted, statuted and ordained that if any person that claims any tinwork or any part thereof gives it to a gentleman or other person to have lordship, mastership and maintenance, he, to whom the tinwork is given shall not [...], nor he who gives it, but the tinwork shall remain to those seised of it, and he who gives the tinwork for maintenance shall lose and forfeit £20 whereof £10 shall go to the prince, and £10 to those so aggrieved. The petitioners have long been seised of a tinwork called 'Higher Schutelak' within the jurisdiction of the prince's court of Ashburton according to the custom of the stannary, and Speke has claimed the tinwork, and having made the claim on Friday next after St James's day last and gave part to Fulford and Wanell in maintenance, and by reason of which Speke has lost and forfeited "20 and all his part of the tinwork as appears by a due process and recovery had and passed in the court of Ashburton, a copy of which was exemplified under the seal of the steward there, and which the tenants are prepared to show. Notwithstanding this Fulford, on Saturday 15 December last accompanied by a great number of armed men entered the court of Ashburton, and there by way of maintenance in the presence of diverse notable people, said he would spend £40 in the said matter with Speke and did break the old customs, acts and statutes into right great contempt of the prince's estate [...] and the hurt of the tenants. They request letters to the steward of the court, and to those who will in future be steward there, commanding them to put the recovery had against Speke into execution according to the acts, usages and customs, and that the petitioner may, without any interruption of Fulford and Wanell or any other, peaceably have and enjoy such [...] usages and customs that they may have had and enjoyed.
Nature of endorsement: [None].
Places mentioned: Dartmoor, [Devon]; Devon; Crokentor (Crockern Tor), [Devon]; Ashburton, Devon.
People mentioned: [Edward Plantagenet], prince of Wales; Roger Dynham (Dinham), squire to John, Lord Dinham; John [Dinham], Lord Dynham (Dinham), warden of the stannary in Devon; John Fulford, knight; William Speke, tinner; William Bisshop (Bishop), steward of the tincourt.
Note: The petition is dated to 1481-1482 as the petition refers to events on Friday next after the feast of St James, and to Saturday 15 December. As 15 December falls on a Saturday in 1481, and this petition, like some of those around it, seems to date to c. 1481, it seems very likely that the petition must date to very late 1481, or to 1482.
Date: [1481-1482]
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
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