Catalogue descriptionSupreme Court of Judicature: High Court of Justice, Chancery Division: Action Papers

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Details of J 84
Reference: J 84
Title: Supreme Court of Judicature: High Court of Justice, Chancery Division: Action Papers

These action papers were assembled following the recommendation of the Committee on Legal Records (Cmnd 3084) published in 1966. The dossiers transferred up to 1984 contain all the documents in the case apart from certain papers of a confidential character. Transfers after 1984 contain both confidential and non-confidential dossiers.

Date: 1873-1990
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Court of Chancery, 1875

Supreme Court of Judicature, Chancery Division, 1875-

Physical description: 649 files and volumes
Access conditions: Subject to 30 year closure
Selection and destruction information: The report of the Committee on Legal Records recommended that from 1968 three categories of Chancery records be kept: 'H' cases: marked by masters as of interest to historians'L' cases: marked as likely to extend so long as to require the retention of documents for 25 years after proceedings end'S' cases: a random sample of 2% of cases. A dossier was made up in two parts to accommodate two categories of documents: (a) confidential, closed for 100 years(b) open after 30 years. Part A contains master's notes, confidential statements, reports and correspondence; part B the originating process, orders, pleadings, general affidavits, depositions and master's certificates, with other documents filed with them. Where all the documents are confidential there is no part B. Where there is nothing confidential there is no part A and the master's notes are in part B..

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